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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and Anne Davies.


Tonight ` a budget bombshell for the elderly and disabled in Derbyshire.


Thousands of some of the most vulnerable people who receive


council care in their own home are told they will no longer be eligible


to receive it. Also tonight, our plans for a new


HS2 station at Toton heading for the buffers?


Plus, this is one of two more care homes for the elderly in


Nottinghamshire that have had their county council contract suspended


because of inadequate levels of care.


And a teenage pianist who has caught the eye of a world`famous rock star.


Good evening. Thousands of elderly and disabled


adults look set to lose the council`funded support which helps


them live in their own homes. And thousands of others face having to


pay more for the service. It's all part of a raft of cuts announced by


Derbyshire County Council today. The authority needs to save ?157 million


over the next four years. More now from our reporter, Simon Hare, who's


at the council's headquarters in Matlock. Good evening. What's being


suggested? We knew that Derbyshire county council was facing some very


big cuts and today we got some details about exactly what will be


affected. Adult social care, looking after the elderly and disabled


people facing some of the biggest cuts. We are 0


people facing some of the biggest cuts. We are told 2700 people who


currently qualify for Council subsidised care in their own home


will no longer be eligible to receive it. And around 7000 people


who pay towards their care, they will have to pay more. The authority


says it needs to save around ?57 million in this area towards the


total figure of ?157 million worth of cuts over the next four years.


And the counsellor in charge of adult social care here 0


And the counsellor in charge of adult social care here in Derbyshire


had admitted to me earlier that she has had sleepless nights over these


proposals. It is really hard. The people that will be impacted are the


elderly that are receiving care at home. Also people with learning


disabilities and physical disabilities who get support paid


for by the county council so it is an incredibly difficult decision to


contemplate, never mind go through with. Other savings will see the


elderly having to contribute towards the cost of their transport to day


centres. Older and younger disabled children will have to pay towards


the cost of their school transport and the council also considering


ending its contract to the charity called Home Start which helps around


200 families in the 0 called Home Start which helps around


200 families in the area. These are all proposals at the moment and the


council will be launching a consultation later this month and a


special dedicated helpline for people to ring and get more


information but the authority also warning that it will have to


announce for major cuts next week and it has defended decision today


to increase the salary of its 3000 lowest paid workers. Thank you.


Still to come ` should Leicester's old town become car`free? Yards from


where the body of King Richard was found, a modern`day battle is


brewing. When plans for HS2 were announced


last year, the news put Toton on the map. It was revealed that Toton `


between Nottingham and Derby ` would be home to the new high`speed


railway station serving the region. But tonight, there's a question over


the whole project. A Government minister says plans for housing near


the site could scupper the station. The warning came as MPs debated the


economic benefits of high`speed rail. Let's find out more from our


John Hess, who's at Westminster for us. So this housing plan is a


problem for HS2? Good evening. Yes, and 0 0 0


problem for HS2? Good evening. Yes, and I think what it brings into


doubt is whether Toton Sidings will remain as HS2's preferred location


for as East Midlands station. And here is why. The backdrop to


today's debate on HS2 is about a new pledge to limit the construction


costs of the ?43 billion project. The new chairman of HS2, Sir David


Higgins, says he'll deliver the new high`speed track more cheaply, by


building the line more quickly. And with a new generation of specially


trained construction engineers for the job. But the proposed housing


development at Toton was today seized upon by MPs on opposite sides


of the HS2 debate. That was at Westminster today. As an East


Midlands 0 Westminster today. As an East


Midlands MP, I can point to other example is of help HS2 could act as


a spur to investment. A recent report found that the element in the


ED that `` immediate vicinity could build 650`800s defy the and support


up to 1500 admonitions of jobs. One Leicestershire Tory said the


decision will add to the HS2 cost and that's another reason he claims


the Prime Minister should scrap the entire project. I think he will when


Labour ditch it before the next general election and Ed Balls in


charge of making the decision, it is like leaving a vampire in charge of


a blood bank. We've had snow on the line and


leaves on the line, but could plans for 500 homes near the line really


scupper HS2 at Toton Sidings? Here's Mike O'Sullivan.


Precious to local campaigners and others ` these fields 41 hectares


formed part of the only remaining green belt in Toton. Now Broxtowe


Council has removed that protection, which means that houses could be


built here. There's already a plan for 500. Campaigners say that this


area should be used for jobs, not homes. And that means that the


argument could be scuppered. I don't think we need extra houses, we need


something that will bring jobs to the area. We haven't got the


infrastructure to support another 500 or more houses. When Toton


Sidings are transformed into a shiny HS2 station, it could attract huge


inward investment to the area. But a third of the site could go to


housing. A lost opportunity, say campaigners. Creating housing for


commuters to go to jobs out of the region. Weakening the economic case


for Toton but strenthening Derby's bid for the HS2 station. But surely


it would make more sense to have this whole area declared for jobs


and employment? The people in those jobs have to live somewhere. Houses


near the jobs are ideal. The council says its Hs2 working


group will now be looking at how many jobs can be brought to the


site. Joining me now is the MP Anna


Soubry, who's Broxtowe constituency includes Toton. Why do you worry


that the HS2 station for Toton Sidings is scuppered? I was at last


night's meeting and I listen to the debate in absolute dismay


because... This is the council meeting that decided a minimum of


500 houses and it is correct, our current and projected cannot support


that but what they also failed to grasp is that this minimum of 500, I


think it Israeli damaging for the prospect of Toton being the East


Midlands hub and that is what people want. To be clear, people in Toton


and Stableford and other parts of my constituency and greater Nottingham


see the real positive benefit of a hub in the East Midlands at Toton.


The last thing you want is 500 houses or more in the next couple of


years. The new chairman of HS2 is talking about cutting costs, could


you maybe persuaded to move that East Midlands hub from Toton to


Derby? I hope not and I hope the council understand that because they


are not silly, they know the benefits that HS2 will bring to the


area as indeed it 0 benefits that HS2 will bring to the


area as indeed it would bring to Toton and greater Nottingham if we


have it. I very much hope that it does not happen but I really do


think that the borough council and the labour and Lib Dem councillors


have sold people out. Now it is a minimum of 500. They cannot be


trusted on this. 0 minimum of 500. They cannot be


trusted on this. Could that East Midlands hub be moving to Derby?


Watch this space. From Downing Street this evening, the Prime


Minister is said to be firmly committed to HS2.


Meanwhile the biggest single housing development 0 0


Meanwhile the biggest single housing development ever seen in


Leicestershire can now go ahead after winning final approval. This


farmland in Lubbesthorpe will have more than 4,000 homes as well as


three schools, health and leisure centres built on it. Planning


permission had already been given but now the developers and Blaby


District Council have reached a legal agreement securing the ?40


million needed before work could begin. I am a little disappointed. I


cannot say it was unexpected but it has been a long while coming and you


begin to wonder and hope that maybe the development will not happen so


it is a shame that we have heard the news today. Still to come, standing


tall, we have a Leicester Riders contingent here. The BBL Cup is


theirs for the second year in a row, coach Rob Paternostro and Anthony


Rowe join us in the studio to reflect on their stunning victory


over Newcastle Eagles. Two more care homes for the elderly


have had their contracts with Nottinghamshire County Council


suspended after concerns were raised about the quality of care they


offer. In response to these and other contract suspensions, a task


force has now been set up. It'll provide specialist advice and


support, and help to improve standards.


At Burkitt Care Home in West Bridgford, a recent Care Quality


Commision inspection witnessed staff ignoring a resident who repeatedly


asked for a drink. The inspection also identified other shortcomings.


We found that people are not being treated with dignity and respect at


all times. I also found that at that time, they were issues with


cleanliness and maintenance of the home.


Burkitt Care Home is run by the Elder group. The group also runs


Eton Park Home at Cograve. Concerns over care at both homes have led


Nottinghamshire County Council to suspend their contracts at them. For


Eton Park, it is the second time it has had its county council contract


suspended in two years. It means county council and NHS


health care commissioners will not place residents at Burkitt or Eton


Park until care standards have improved. What we want to do is to


give a very clear and strong message that we are not continuing to fund


services in those homes that are persistently failing to make good


quality care. Elder Homes say they are now working


with organisations to raise care standards, have retrained or changed


staff, and have extensive redevelopment plans under way. They


told us: Meanwhile, Nottinghamshire County


Council now has a task force to help homes that are struggling to excel


to emulate the practices of the best homes.


I visit 0 homes.


I visit many 0 homes.


I visit many residential homes and see really good quality care and I


want all the residential care for older people to be of that standard.


A man from Leicester has pleaded guilty to murdering his mother.


Katrina Wardle's body was found in her home on Ottawa Road in St


Matthew's in July last year after a message was posted on Facebook


saying that Mark Howe had stabbed her. 21`year`old Howe has been


sentenced to life with a minimum of 21 years in prison.


Staff 0 21 years in prison.


Staff at a Leicester college say they've been left with no option but


to go out on strike. Unions claim around 60 out of a total of 80


teachers at Gateway Sixth Form College have been taking industrial


action. It's the first in a series of walk`outs in a dispute about a


rise in the number of teaching observation sessions.


More than ?2 million was spent in one year on locum doctors at


Leicester's A department. The figures for 2012 contrasted with


just ?350,000 spent three years earlier at the Leicester Royal


Infirmary. Nationally, spending on temporary staff in casualty units


has risen by 60% in three years to more than ?80 million a year. The


Government says it's creating extra training places to tackle staff


shortages. A row has broken out over plans to


pedestrianise Leicester's old town. The city council wants to revamp the


area around historic St Martin's near the place where Richard III's


body was discovered. But many people are opposed to the scheme and now a


Government inspector has been brought in.


A well established restaurant in the city centre, The Case has been in


business for more than 20 years. It will be directly affected by plans


to pedestrianise the area and manager David Hartshorn says that


will be bad for business. Car parking is essential to this area


and it is to everybody. Take John Lewis, which has been in the city


for five years. We would 0 Lewis, which has been in the city


for five years. We would not have that without a massive car park


bolted onto the side so likewise, we need our parking just as much if not


more. But the city council disagrees. It


says extending pedestrian`friendly routes to Greyfriars, St Martin's


and Hotel Street will greatly benefit the area and businesses


alike. The independent shops are the lifeblood of Leicester, they are


what makes shopping here different, why is the City Council not


listening to the traders? We are listening, we believe that what we


are doing will significantly improve their trade. It is in the vicinity


of the richer the third visitor centre and we anticipate more


visitors and they will need high`quality pedestrian areas to


walk through, it is a great opportunity for businesses and we


want to work with them. An independent inspector has spent the


day sitting here listening to the arguments both for and against


pedestrianisation. Once he has heard all that evidence, he will then


write up his report and give it to the city council. If that report


does recommend pedestrianisation, then 0


does recommend pedestrianisation, then it will still need to go to the


Secretary of State who will make the final decision.


After a stressful commute by bike into the city, what could be better


than a 0 into the city, what could be better


than a restorative session of physiotherapy and a meal and all


while their bike is being repaired? Those are just three of the services


that will soon be available at a brand`new cyclists centre under


construction in the centre of Derby. A fine morning for a bike ride


through Derby. But for Simon, managing director of Bennett 's


department store in the city centre, he is as comfortable in his cycling


gear as he is in a suit. And his eagerness for life on two wheels


does not stop there, he has teamed up with the City Council to convert


a former warehouse behind the store into a brand`new cycling super hub.


Cycle commuters and visitors to Derby city centre need something to


store their bikes. We are doing a project which provides free,


indoor, secure cycle parking for anybody riding into Derby city


centre. The warehouse is currently being converted with old waste


substances being taken out so that a brand`new interior can go in. This


includes secure parking downstairs for bikes and then an accessory


shop, repair service and eight bistro on the next four up. The


scheme is being backed with ?200,000 of council funds. I think it is


great because we will build a business out of 0


great because we will build a business out of the back of it. We


are supporting it in two ways. It is a win`win situation and four Derby,


it comes as the fact we are opening a velodrome later this year. Back,


the top floor will have showers and even a physiotherapy service. We are


trying 0 even a physiotherapy service. We are


trying to make cycling as accessible as possible. Encouraging people onto


bikes. The people are new to bikes, they might develop niggling faults


and we have got somebody able to get them back on their bike again. It


should create about ten jobs and see some Derby bicycle companies


relocating there and be open for business in May.


I wonder if they would mind if you pop it in if you did not have a


bike. No, you need a bicycle. Time now for the sport. And breaking


football news. It has been busy, our big guests on the way but first,


last night we told you that Nottingham Forest were close to


agreeing a deal to keep hold of Jack Hobbs, the defender and today it


seems to have happened. Forest chairman has said he has agreed a


deal for the defender with the chairman of 0 0


deal for the defender with the chairman of Hull City. Jack Hobbs


arrived in a season on loan from Hull. Social media received an


update today say there is no official details from the club yet.


There is a definite departure to mention at Derby County. Midfielder


Kalifa Cisse hasn't made the impact everyone hoped and has been


released. Rugby, and Leicester Tigers are


being linked to the Gloucester fly half Freddy Burns. It's been


confirmed he's 0 half Freddy Burns. It's been


confirmed he's leaving his club at the end of the season and he's being


touted as a possible replacement for the France`bound Toby Flood. But


Tigers head coach Tony says they will take their time is over


decisions. We get linked with lots of players so we know that it is


common 0 of players so we know that it is


common knowledge that Tony is leaving so we need to replace him.


Freddie will be one of the guys that will come into that bracket. Along


with other guys. We need to make sure they are the right fit when


they come in and Freddie is a quality English player and we always


like to have them here. So time to meet our special guests.


At the weekend, the Leicester Riders basketball team picked up where


they'd left off last season ` winning trophies. They won the BBL


Cup for the second year running, after looking like the Newcastle


Eagles had them completely beaten. Coach 0 0


Eagles had them completely beaten. Coach Rob Paternostro and forward


Anthony Rowe are here. Amazing stuff, guys, but you made it hard on


yourselves. Let's look back. Newcastle going 11 points clear just


a few minutes to go, talk us through what happened next. For us, Drew got


hot, he hit a few shots from behind the line but I don't think we ever


thought that we were done, I think part of the allure of this group is


that we play for the full 40 minutes and once we got going, our


confidence and our belief was there. Drew Sullivan described you as "just


too stupid" to know when to give up. He is relentless and he keeps going,


and 0 He is relentless and he keeps going,


and trust is a big word we have in one another and we kept going. You


still had to defend, but we will look at this, the moment of victory


after this hard defence. How does it feel to win it? That was a big shot,


but here, the final defensive play, will holding onto the lead and they


made a great defensive switch and absolutely jubilation from us. We're


really do 0 absolutely jubilation from us. We're


really do work hard and to win with a group of guys like that is super


special. Last season, Anthony, which is due to win more, can you go on


and win more this season? Yellow matter I will not break any promises


today but we accept the challenge and that is what we live for.


Everybody who is part of this organisation, we want this challenge


and we want to do the best we can. How do you build on this in a


broader sense? You are selling out all the time with the crowds, how do


you build on this? Up and down the country, we have been close to a


sell out wherever we play. It is not just a regional thing that is


happening here, but for us it is continuing to pass 0


happening here, but for us it is continuing to pass the word of mouth


on the street to let people know where we are at. But the excitement


is huge in Leicester now and everybody was to talk to me about


basketball. Especially the Riders. You were supposed to bring in the


Trophy today, what happened there is Jim `` what happened there? Elinor


Barker I can say it was a logistical problem but it is in a safe place.


Can you do as a spin live on the screen.


We got a bit out of them there! Is brilliant. It's likely makes up


for the fact he forgot the trophy. `` it slightly.


It's not everyone who catches the eye of top music judges, but that's


what's happened to one Nottingham schoolgirl. 0


what's happened to one Nottingham schoolgirl. Isata Kanneh`Mason is


about to be plunged into the national spotlight, reaching the


piano finals of the BBC Young Musician of the Year competition.


And, as Carolyn Moses reports, she's also won over one of the world's


most famous rock stars. She's still a teenager but already


Isata achieved more than many musicians. Not only has she been


short listed for one of the country's top accolades, the


17`year`old's played alongside a legend. Isata's shared the stage


with none other than Sir Elton John. He used to go to the same music


school I go to now, so they put the Ford for it and I found myself doing


a documentary with Elton John! It was released Gary, I had to play the


piano for in and I had to go to Los Angeles to play Violetta in his


band. `` to play by Ola `` play the violin.


And now Elton's backing her. He was so impressed he's offered to pay her


fees at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music. I am really


grateful for his help and really happy.


It's a far cry from the everyday life as a sixth former at


Nottingham's Trinity School. But her friends there say her growing


success is well deserved. To be able to play with such a legend. It is


inspirational at this young age and she is really inspirational and


modest. It makes you feel that your achievement is worthless! But it is


very good for her. Even her home life's harmonious.


This is the way she, her brothers and sister get on ` in a chamber


music band. Now with the BBC's Young Musician of the Year competition


looming, Isata admits there's everything to play for. It is really


nerve wracking but I am normally OK once I get on stage and start


playing. I normally forget about everything else.


What a wonderful, wonderful pianist she is. It makes my creepy Crawley


looked a bit sad. Now, a look at the weather.


Some lovely winter sunshine in the past couple of days and it has sent


you all at snapping. Some beautiful pictures sent in. Keep them coming


in, thank you to Ian for that. You normally get two choices at this


time 0 0 normally get two choices at this


time of year, cold and sunny, or cloudy and mild. We have had plenty


of the former in the past few days but we are moving on to the latter,


all changed now. Much more clout but it is turning more mild.


Temperatures into double figures. `` much more cloud. The cloud is


thickening up and it feels like Groundhog Day. It is a wet end to


the day, that cloud will be with us throughout the night and it will be


on and off. The winds will pick up towards the end of the night and we


will see some hill fog across the tops of the Peak District but the


temperatures, look at them. They will be starting to rise, at around


seven Celsius by 0 will be starting to rise, at around


seven Celsius by Dawn. The rain then moves away fairly swiftly. There


will be a few showers moving in across southern parts of


Leicestershire moving in behind that but generally most places will stay


dry but we will keep the cloud. So quite 0


dry but we will keep the cloud. So quite a dismal day in terms of


sunshine. The winds are starting to come in from a southerly direction


so it is a much milder feel the temperatures getting into double


figures, ten or 11 Celsius. Yet again, a weather front moving in for


tomorrow evening and this one moves through quite quickly. We have got


low pressure in charge for the end of the week and that. It out towards


the West but it means a mix of sunshine and showers for Thursday


and Friday but staying on the mild feel.


Here on down to some! Let's stay positive! It is important to be


positive. We will see you at 10:25pm. Good night for now.


Telling you about the stories and digging deep to uncover the stories


that are important to you. On BBC Radio Leicester. All very well


saying you will do it, but Nottinghamshire is still waiting.


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