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That's all from us. It's goodbye from me. And on BBC


This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, on film ` the moment a teenager was shot dead.


How early intervention can help save secondary schools. Hopefully it will


give them a successful career when they are older. How air force pilots


are taking part in a distant war, flying drones from here in the


region. It really is rocket science. I out with the first children in


Europe whose science lessons are seriously taking off.


Good evening. Welcome to Wednesday's programme. First tonight ` A court's


heard that gang warfare led to the shooting dead of a teenager in


Nottingham. The jury was shown CCTV footage of


the moment Malakai McKenzie was killed by a gunman in a pub car


park. Today a man who it's claimed fled to Bermuda denied murder and


attempted murder. Mike O'Sullivan has this report. It was gang


warfare, said the prosecution at Nottingham Crown Court and that is


what led to a teenager being shot dead. This was the aftermath of the


killing. 19`year`old Malakai MacKenzie died when he was shot in


the early hours as he sat in a car in a pub car park in Nottingham on


April 2012. 0 in a pub car park in Nottingham on


April 2012. Today the CCTV footage capturing the moment he was killed


were shown to a jury in a murder trial. The CCTV played in court


shows four hooded men coming into the car park. They circle around it


and one goes to the side of a parked car. He fires inside killing Malakai


MacKenzie. Then the four men ran off. The prosecution say one of


those men was chef Kia Robinson. He went on trial today and denies


murdering Malakai MacKenzie and one count of attempted murder. He later


fled to Bermuda. They say was the culmination of two rival gangs from


the base that area. This man, fired the shots and is now serving life


after being convicted of murdering Malakai MacKenzie last year. There


have been several previous fights between the gangs including one


incident when Cameron was stabbed at a probation office. Mr Robinson's


trial could last for a month or more.


Next, how early learning could help save Nottingham's failing secondary


schools. It's just one idea being discussed at a national conference


being held here in the East Midlands.


It comes exactly one month after six of Nottingham's schools were put


into special measures. Eleanor Garnier reports. VO is just three


years old and he is busy showing his little sister what he gets up to at


this early learning programme at Brock Stoke's children's centre in


Nottinghamshire. They might only be toddlers but the


aim of this early work to raise children's aspirations and encourage


enthusiasm for learning. It is very important because it is the base of


their 0 important because it is the base of


their future. 0 0 important because it is the base of


their future. Everything they are doing here, they will take to


primary school and it will give them a successful career. It is vital.


Early intervention is one of the key themes at this national education


conference being held here in Nottingham. Schools in the region


have been under the spotlight recently. Derby's Al`Madinah Free


Schools labelled dysfunctional by inspectors and six secondary schools


here in Nottingham have been put in special members `` special measures


by Ofsted. One of the keynote speakers, the Shadow Education


Secretary, Tristam Hunt. Maximum is facing particular challenges. A lot


of good work has been done here on early intervention. It is a big


problem. There is problems of parenting, potential leadership, all


sorts of issues which come together. No single person is at fault but


what is good in Nottingham is people getting together to solve these


problems. Nottingham is not alone. Eight years ago, Lester was facing


similar problems. I know the parents and young people in Nottingham will


be worried and I say to them, have confidence, look at how Lester has


transformed. I have every confidence that Nottingham will do the same for


their residents as we have been able to achieve in Leicester. Parents are


convinced that early learning will help their children's futures but


education professionals are clear. These programmes are only part of


the solution to improving Nottingham's secondary schools.


Meanwhile the man behind plans for a new free school in Nottingham says


he hopes it'll become a model for outstanding education. The Central


Nottingham Free School aims to open on Hounds Gate in September next


year. It's promising strong links with local companies, a promise


welcomed by the local Chamber of Commerce. It also wants a 46 week


school year and will offer childcare from seven in the morning until


seven in the evening. Six weeks holidays is enough and it


is enough for the general population. The curriculum will be


enriched, will be stimulating and challenging and will give pupils a


time to make sense of what they are learning and apply it at a more


paced rate instead of cramming something into a shorter working


year. Plans to pedestrianise part of


Leicester city centre have been temporarily withdrawn. It's after


concerns were raised by a planning inspector. The proposals involve


removing cars from the old town part of the city, close to where Richard


III body was found. A public inquiry started yesterday to consider


objections but the hearing was brought to a close this morning.


80% of people who've responded to Nottinghamshire County Council's


budget consultation have rejected a 5% increase in council tax. The


Labour`run 0 5% increase in council tax. The


Labour`run authority is consulting on how much it should raise council


tax by in the next financial year. It will be the first increase in


four years. 45% of people have so far opted for the smallest proposed


rise of 1.99%. Still to come ` a culture change in


the countryside. Why more farmers are turning to


tourism and embracing localism. In sports, we are looking ahead to


what is going to be a huge night of European action for the Tigers.


Next tonight: Air force pilots have been telling us how they're fighting


a distant war, from a base right here in the East Midlands.


They're flying unmanned drones above Afghanistan, by remote control. But


it's extremely controversial as our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy


Ball, reports. Tom is piloting missions over Afghanistan but Canon


`` but can still commute into work at Leicestershire. They are


providing vital surveillance to protect troops on the ground but


they are armed with laser`guided bombs and missiles and sometimes the


crew have to open fire. It is the same task that we did before but now


I am doing it sat on the ground rather than in the aircraft. At the


end of the day, you are going home to your family, you are not having


time to recondition yourself after being in a war zone. That must be


difficult to deal with. The supervision is there to people can


have a break between military and domestic life. Our supervisors are


aware of the issues with that. These are the control stations where they


are flying drones over Afghanistan. They are such a game changer because


they can go deep into enemy territory without risking lives. The


drone pilots have to follow strict is roles of engagement in the same


as flying a 0 is roles of engagement in the same


as flying a jet. The project has been highly controversial. It has


been the subject of an anti`war campaign. Some argue drones are


counter`productive and are creating M I believe they help to save


lives. The lives of our troops, the lives of our NATO allies `` Allies


and the lives of Afghan civilians. Some worry this is reducing war to a


video game where real people are getting killed. You have real troops


on the ground. They like to have this stuff above the head because


they know it helps to protect them. Soldiers from the region have been


using smaller drones on these operations. This footage was filmed


in Afghanistan by the reconnaissance force. We couldn't get out of the


compound. We flew this out and find out where the enemy contact aware.


It saves lives. They can pick up ie de's. Afghan estate in ``


Afghanistan operations are winding down but these drones are here to


stay. Jeremy was talking to the defence


minister, Mark for once was. Developers behind ambitious plans


for a new Robin Hood`themed tourist attraction in Nottinghamshire have


been given an ultimatum by the County Council. They now have just


over two months to prove exactly how they're going to fund it.


If they can't, they risk being kicked off the 0


If they can't, they risk being kicked off the project. With that in


mind, the Council's already drawing up alternative plans to replace the


existing Sherwood Forest visitor centre. To tell us more, Simon Hare


joins us from the centre now. Good evening. We are at Edwin Stowe,


home of the existing Sherwood Forest visitor centre. That site is going


to be returned to natural woodland so there are plans for an


alternative attraction on a nearby site. That will be called Discover


Robin Hood. A ?30 million flagship tourist attraction including things


like medieval re`enactments and providing work for around 100 local


people. Those plans were first announced 15 months ago but so far


no confirmation yet of whether funding for it is coming from. Now


the county council has told the private developers that they have to


meet a deadline at the end of March to prove how they are going to pay


for it. Just in case it doesn't come off, the authority have drawn up


plans for an alternative attraction and it is a move that has been


welcomed by representatives of the local community here. We have to


have a reasonable attraction. It doesn't have to be all singing, all


dancing but it has to be worthy of the name Robin Hood. The developers


behind it say they are committed to delivering that Robin Hood themed


attraction and they are extremely confident of meeting the council's


deadline. Thank you very much. Women aged over 50 are being urged


by doctors not to skip their smear tests. The latest figures reveal


take`up has been falling in the East Midlands.


A study by the charity Cancer Research UK says women who fail to


attend a screening after their 50th birthday are six times more likely


to end up with cervical cancer. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons


is here. Rob, tell us more about these figures on take up. Women aged


25 to 64 are invited for regular smears. Screening can pick up early


cell changes that can lead to cancer if left 0


cell changes that can lead to cancer if left alone. The latest concern is


about the over 50's where take up has been falling for years. In that


age group across the East Midlands one in five women didn't attend a


smear test last year. They are sad to say 4000 lives in


England. Rates of cancer have halved since screaming was `` screaming was


brought him back in 1998. Older women are at risk and experts want


more people to attend the screening. It does get uncomfortable for people


after the change of life which is about 50. That is the reason why


women stop coming if they have been coming regularly. Another reason is


when they get into their late 50s, they haven't had a new partner for a


long time and are not active any more and perhaps don't realise that


it is still necessary because they might have caught the virus that


causes the cancer, whether they were young and it sits there. As they get


older, their immune system weakens and it can resurface. At the Royal


Derby Hospital, the specialist says a third of newly diagnosed cases are


in the early 50s anti`fears any falloff in the uptake of smears will


mean more cases been detected late. Out of every 14 smears, only one of


them is abnormal and that one abnormal smear represents


precancerous changes that can be treated very effectively and very


easily before reaching the stages of survival cancer. Almost all cases of


cervical cancer are caused by the Human Papiloma Virus. In future,


cases are likely to come down as HPV vaccine is routinely offered to 12


and 13`year`olds these days. Still to come ` Anna's been working


on your weather forecast. After a mild day today, it is hard to


believe that this time last year we were talking about sledging and


snowman. Not to night. It is mostly about the rain. I will tell you more


later. Growing numbers of farmers in our


region are turning to tourism to help their businesses survive. With


farming incomes falling, a quarter of farmers are now offering farm


holidays and selling their own produce.


Tourism experts also believe the recent horse meat scandal means


people want to see exactly where their food comes from, and how it's


made. James Roberson reports from


Derbyshire. Matlock Meadows Farm is anything but traditional. Can I get


you anything else? Josh serves coffees to customers and they can


also meet the animals with the farmer. The forms still has its milk


heard that rabbits, sheep and chickens are an added attraction.


The biggest draw is Mandy's farm made ice cream. With farmers


struggling for the price they get their milk, it was do something or


die. We wanted to add value to the milk. We felt the ice cream would be


the best thing for us. We are in a good location in tourist. We thought


it would appeal to the local community. In the summer, I bring my


next`door neighbour's children, my relatives from Australia. They love


coming to see the animals and the people who run it. The farm now


fully accessible. They have invested in 0


fully accessible. They have invested in an ice cream trike for weddings


and next, a classroom. We are intending to do school visits. We


want to show children the full cycle from the cow to the milk and ice


cream. Local tourism experts say it is not surprising farmers who raise


live stock for meat also making changes. They see whether animals


are reared from farm to fork. Now they are starting to taste success


and hope ice cream will secure their day `` Derry in the future. `` dairy


in the future. Time now for the sport.


First Leicester City have completed the signing of former England


striker Kevin Phillips on a contract until the end of the season. The


prolific 40`year`old goal scorer seen here playing for Blackpool,


helped Crystal Palace get promotion to the Premier League last season.


It's another well known forward to add to table topping Leicester's


impressive strike force. But it's not just Leicester's goal


scorers attracting attention. Young talented defender, Liam Moore, is


hot property but the club say he's not for sale. It comes after reports


today linking him with a move to a Premier League club. Strong


performances from Moore, have seen him win the Football League's Young


Player of the Month award and gain an England Under 21 call`up. Today


there's been speculation Leicester have rejected a ?2 million bid for


him from Fulham. Onto rugby and Leicester Tigers are


gearing up for a huge night of European rugby this weekend. A sell


out crowd will see them take on the might of Ulster on Saturday as both


sides battle it out for a home tie in the Heineken Cup quarter finals.


It's important because the top European sides are so hard to beat


on the road. Kirsty Edwards reports. When the players step out onto the


pitch, the atmosphere is going to be electric. Make no mistake, this is


going to be a huge game. It makes a big difference and the


crowd are always tremendous. Knowing they will be there, we see it as a


fortress and I don't think they realise how important they are to us


in helping us get the results. It will be nice to reward them for all


the times they stand by us. We have had some times where we haven't


performed well in stock we can reward them with a home


quarterfinal. What is the competition for places like? It was


pretty tasty out there. You can tell it 0


pretty tasty out there. You can tell it is a big game. There is the added


extra and they are trying harder. This is why it is so big. You can


imagine the reception they got as they arrived for their quarterfinal


last year away at Toulon. They do make it pretty intimidating. It is


quite an interesting place to go and play. It was advantage for them that


he and if we win this weekend, it will be our turn to play at home


this year. A way to go yet but what will it mean to win this


competition? We have a great opportunity this weekend. The


history of the European cup is huge and something we want to be a part


of and make our own piece of history.


Cricket and six Nottinghamshire players have been named in England's


provisional squad for the World Twenty20. Along with captain Stuart


Broad are Alex Hales, Michael Lumb, Samit Patel, Harry Gurney and James


Taylor. I love Twenty20. It is an


opportunity to show what you can do and express yourself. It will be a


dream come true. Like it would be to anyone to play in a World Cup, it


would Staying in Nottingham with the Notts


County Ladies who are building a strong squad for the start of the


Women's Premier League in April. There's been a new signing today and


there's more to come. This afternoon Scottish International defender


Rachel Corsie put pen to paper on a one year deal. She is 24 and joins


from Glasgow City. Rachel is a qualified accountant but says the


move allows her to give up the day job and become a full time


professional. It is something that is really exciting for me. I have


moved from Glasgow. I felt it was an opportunity to progress my own game


and be part of something really special. And finally from me, AFC


Hinckley and Hinckley Nomads are amongst the names being considered


for a possible new football club in the town. Fans are campaigning to


form a new community team after Hinckley United in Leicestershire


was wound up last year. Tonight they are to hold a public meeting to


decide the name of the new club and to decide what colours the kit could


be. I like pink leafing mix `` I like


Hinckley Phoenix. Next, the children whose classes


really are rocket science. University space experts are working


with young pupils to bring their science lessons to life.


Jo Healey's been to Bramcote Hills Primary in Nottingham, the first


school in Europe to be working on building a satellite.


I love space because you get to be weightless and there is black holes.


It is amazing to think there is so much beyond our earth. I love space


because there is lots of different planets that you need to explore.


Betis sort them. How do you harness all that energy and interest to make


science lessons interesting? With funding from the European Space


Agency, we have put together a number of experiments designed at


creating a satellite. As a group, they decide what material they would


recommend to the space agency as the better material for building a


satellite. I chose Steele because it is magnetic. Aluminium. The question


they were asked to find out and encouraged them to have fun with


science which is what it is all about. It is the first school to


roll it out across this country and Europe and beyond. I need to learn


more about this so I can make my own satellite. When he does, it will be


out of this world. And ``. I reckon he will do it. The weather has been


very mild for January, hasn't it? This is your weather picture. This


was yesterday just before sunset. Thank you to mark for sending this


picture in. Let a scarcity back 12 months. This time last year, our


lowest temperatures were down to minus four Celsius. No real sign of


any snow in the forecast at the moment. Back to tonight, here is the


cold front that is going to push its way through over the next few hours


bringing us some rain. At the moment, it is patchy in nature but


as we head towards the end of the evening, it starts to become heavy


and intense for a time. It will clear way to the west and behind it


is a dry end to the night. A minimum night`time temperature of five


Celsius. Some bright spells around first thing tomorrow morning. One of


two showers around but as we go into the afternoon, the showers become


more frequent and heavy in nature on Thursday. We are only looking at a


top temperature of a Celsius. Not as mild as what we have had today. ``


top temperature of eight Celsius. The weekends, Saturday is looking


particularly wet. The rain will clear away to give us a decent day


on Sunday. I think five seems pretty cold. That


is it from us. Amy will be here with our late


bulletin. Goodbye.


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