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This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight ` more traffic chaos after a second major water main burst in


Leicestershire. The ASICs flooded again just weeks after another pipe


burst. We will take a look at how many jobs the widening of the A453


has made. Turbines on a farmer's doorstep. It has been frustrating,


really. Three years and we are not a lot forward. And tackling students


stress, apparently this is part of the


Good evening and welcome to Thursday's programme. First `


emergency repair work is continuing tonight after a major water pipe


burst in Leicestershire. It's the second time in three weeks that a


mains has burst. And, although there's been little disruption for


customers, it's caused misery for thousands of motorists. Our reporter


Helen Astle is at the scene in Hathern tonight. Helen, what's the


latest? Good 0 Hathern tonight. Helen, what's the


latest? Good evening. Work is being carried out here and it is set to


continue through the night. You can see the floodlights are up and heavy


machinery in place. You can see that part of the central reservation has


been removed so workers can get to that damaged hype which burst at


11:30pm last night. For the locals here it has been a day of


difference, it has been unusually quiet. For commuters, it has been


chaotic. Normally one of the busiest villages in Leicestershire became a


cul`de`sac today. Millions of litres of water closed the A6, one of the


main route into Loughborough. You may have noticed the temperature


dropping to zero at night and then rising to nine degrees in the day.


The water table has gone up and it has caused the ground to move. The


pipe that has burst is an old mains, it is cast`iron so it does


not take too kindly to the ground moving. One house has flooded and it


has been misery for motorists. A gentleman came out and his house was


under two feet of water then. It took an hour to take my daughter out


this morning. It took my husband four times as long to get to work.


Everyone has had to go through Shepshed. Everybody was over one


hour late. Work has being carried out during the day. It is not the


first time a major pipe has burst. Three weeks ago, a few miles down


the road, on the A6 at Kegworth, another burst pipe. An unlucky


coincidence or is the company not investing enough in ageing


infrastructure? We have over 47,000 kilometres of clean water pipes in


our network that we have to prioritise and assess. We spent ?1.3


million a day on the network. There is some good news for motorists.


Severn Trent Water are hoping to have this road partially reopen,


down to one lane. That will be in time for rush`hour tomorrow. Work to


get things back to normal is set to continue until next week. Helen,


thank you. It looks cold out there tonight. Freezing. Still to come on


East Midlands Today ` remembering Charlotte. Two years ago gifted


University of Derby student Charlotte Blackman was killed by a


cliff fall in Dorset ` today another student received an award in her


memory. Work to widen the heavily congested A453 has been taking place


for a year now. From the very start it was predicted that when it's


completed the project would provide a huge boost to the region's


economy. Today though, it's claimed that the process has already started


` with the creation of hundreds of local jobs. Sarah Teale has been out


to take a look at progress and joins us in the studio now. Sarah ` so a


big economic bonus already? Well, indeed there is and figures have


been released to us today to demonstrate just how much the road


widening scheme is benefitting business here. 0


widening scheme is benefitting business here. Just to recap: Work


to widen the seven mile section of the A453 between the M1 junction 24


in Leicestershire and the A52 in Nottinghamshire is costing a total


of 150 million pounds. It's a lot of money but some of that cost is being


pumped back into the East Midlands economy. So far a total of 409


people have worked on the project and 60 per cent of those are from


this region. In addition ?21.5 million of orders, for material and


services, have been placed with sub`contractors based within 50


miles of the A453. So benefits already being felt and that's just


one year into the project. Today, the Transport Secretary Patrick


McLoughlin visited the site to see for himself how it's going.


Motorists have been waiting decades for this. The widening of the most


heavily congested road in the region. The ?150 million scheme will


create a dual carriageway along the seven mile section of the A453,


allowing motorist a smooth and safer journey, and boosting the local


economy in the process. The Transport Secretary toured the site


today and heard first`hand how it is creating jobs and giving work to


local businesses. It is good news for the 0


local businesses. It is good news for the the East Midlands. It is


part of our investment in infrastructure across the region. It


is a ?150 million scheme with 400 people being employed within the


locality so it is very important to create Nottingham `` to create a


link between Nottingham and the M1. This man's firm has been recruited


to clear vegetation along the route. This will enable us to increase our


turnover twice. It means we have increased our staff levels by three


and means we can go and buy bigger equipment. It has been brilliant for


us and ultimately, it is what we need to give us access to the


motorway and out of the city. Once the whole road is open, it is


predicted to boost the economy by ?540 million. Well, for the 30,000


motorists who use the A453 every day, there's more good news. Work is


progressing well on schedule. And the whole project is due to be


completed in early summer 2015. Thank you, Sarah. A head teacher


from Nottingham selected by the government to help improve education


standards across the country has been taken out of post at her own


school. St Edmund Campion Catholic Primary is an academy which means it


isn't under the control of the local authority. Parents dropping their


children off this morning told us they're frustrated at not being told


more about why Dorothy Longley is no longer in her job. The Trust which


runs the school says an acting head teacher has been appointed and


children will still get the best of education. Scientists from the


University of Leicester have successfully treated a rare form of


blood 0 successfully treated a rare form of


blood cancer. In a research study, the team used a skin cancer drug to


treat a patient with Hairy Cell Leukaemia. It cleared the malignant


cells from the patient's blood and led to a complete clinical recovery


in just days. The research was published today. It involved


clinicians and scientists working side`by`side. It's been revealed


that tens of thousands of pounds worth of ancient Egyptian jewellery


were stolen from a museum in Leicester. Thieves stole items


including a gold shell pendant which is almost 4,000 years old and two


gold bracelets dating from 300BC. The items were taken from display


cabinets in New Walk Museum's Egypt display. Leicester City Council say


security has been improved after the theft which happened in May 2012.


The 0 theft which happened in May 2012.


The details have just been released following a Freedom of Information


Act request. A farmer is accusing the Government of double standards


on green energy. Craig Barks has been trying to get permission to put


up modest`sized wind turbines on his farm in Derbyshire for four years.


Twice now the Government's planning inspectorate has turned down his


appeals. Yet the same inspectorate has allowed the building of four


giant turbines within sight of his property. James Roberson reports.


With its idyllic location, Craig Barks wants to develop his small


farm for visitors. Apart from a few solar panels, there is no permanent


power supply and he relies on a generator. Even fuel for that costs


a lot. He would like to put up to wind turbines to give him free


energy. For years on, he is wrestling with the planning process.


It is the logical way to go for a new farm business. This is where I


want to come up with a scheme that works for everyone. A few miles away


for turbines have sprung up. Craig's appeal for more modest


turbines have been rejected again by the same body that approved the


construction of these giants. Craig's view says there is an


inconsistency in the planning approach. They allow these huge


turbines but won't allow smaller turbine on his farm. It seems like


the goalposts are continually moving. I have been planning this


for three 0 moving. I have been planning this


for three years and throughout this time, the government are giving


mixed messages which does not help local authorities or local people to


know what they are doing. The planning Inspectorate have said...


They remain impartial when deciding on an appeal and they also consider


the guidance at that time. Craig is working with the council in the hope


that between them they can get his turbine plan is approved. Rob is


from Renewal UK. There does seem to be double standards here? It does


show that the planning process is a hit and miss affair and what we need


is a streamlined tanning process where people know, more or less,


what the outcome will be if they put in a 0


what the outcome will be if they put in a decent 0 0


what the outcome will be if they put in a decent application. What we see


at the moment is a decent application being turned down, like


Craig's the rules are very strange. You have to prove, even if you put


up a tiny turbine, that it cannot be seen from 30 kilometres away. That


is ridiculous and that needs to be reformed so we can encourage people


like Craig to generate their own electricity. How come that those


great big turbines, which can be seen 30 kilometres away... In that


case, you have to make an argument that this is going to create carbon


free electricity which will not pollute the air with fossil fuels.


The greater amount of energy that the turbines will generate is the


justification for having them there. Do you think Craig has a chance? I


think he does. 0 Do you think Craig has a chance? I


think he does. If he can contact the National Farmers Union, they have a


help line dedicated to this. 70% of farmers are relying on renewable


energy to support their income. Thank you very much. Still to come `


could a bit of petting help stressed out students? Apparently so. The


University of Leicester today laid on goats, ducks and other animals


for its anxious undergraduates to stroke. A man from Nottingham has


struck up an unusual relationship with one of the world's most


notorious terror suspects. Rory Green wrote to Khalid Sheik Mohammed


` who's facing trial and a possible death sentence for the 9/11 attacks


on the World Trade Centre. Now Rory's received a reply and says he


wants to find out more. Carolyn Moses reports. They are the


unlikeliest of pen pals. One is a 25`year`old care worker from


Nottingham and the other is the alleged mastermind of 9/11. Captured


in 0 alleged mastermind of 9/11. Captured


in 2003, he is being held at Lantana Mo Bay. A committed Christian, he


wrote to him to see whether he had regrets. He did not expect a 27 page


reply. I am just Rory from Nottingham! The reply, which came


via his lawyers, was largely a religious debate. At one point he


appears to show remorse for his actions. Rory is not so sure. He is


not repenting of those acts but he is repenting of lying, cheating and


things like that. He is in a dark, lonely place. He is wise in his


approach so here's an interesting character. Being a terror suspect's


pen pal has now sparked worldwide interest in Rory, with interview


requests from as far away as Russia. Rory says he is going to write


again, keeping up the conversation as long as he can. I want to get to


know him I want to know how he became a Muslim and how he got


there. Stuff like that. It is genuine stuff, I want is to be real.


He is not some famous guy, he is a human being like you and I.


An award has been presented for the first time in memory of a young


woman tragically killed when part of a cliff face fell on her. Charlotte


Blackman, from Heanor in Derbyshire, was just 22. Last year her parents


posthumously collected her first class honours degree from the


University of Derby. As Simon Hare reports, they're now rewarding


similar academic excellence. With first`class honours... An award for


all`round academic excellence in memory of a much loved former


student. Charlotte Blackman had just completed her studies at the


University of Derby school of education when she was killed by


Alain slipped on the Dorset coast in 2012. I did not know her, she was in


the year above, but I was aware of what happens. It was a shock for


everybody. `` a landslip on the Dorset coast. It is keeping


Charlotte's name alive. She was always on a computer. She was


passionate about education? Yes. She planned to work with children with


autism. Charlotte was such a fantastic student in all respects.


The way she worked with all of her colleagues and her fellow student.


They just wanted to honour someone of the same ilk and who could bring


the same sort of qualities to the university. Shocked, absolutely


shocked. I am touched by the sentiments that is attached to this


award. It will now be continually awarded to the highest achieving


student from the University's school of education, just like Charlotte


herself. And there was also a very famous author collecting an honorary


degree from the University of Derby today. Derbyshire`born Hilary Mantel


was made an Honorary 0 today. Derbyshire`born Hilary Mantel


was made an Honorary Doctor of Letters. She has twice won the


prestigious Man Booker Prize for literature. The university has been


trying to mark her achievements with its own award for the past three


years. Unfortunately, it illness prevented me coming when it was


first offered so I am absolutely delighted to be catching up with the


University today, and I am very pleased that they have been patient


with me. Alerted author, you probably have lots of letters after


your name. Not your first degree, is it? It is not but there is something


special about coming back to the county of your birth. Now for the


sport. Leicester City have confirmed that an option has been triggered in


the contract of captain Wes Morgan, extending his current deal with the


club to June next year. The club say they've 0


club to June next year. The club say they've also opened discussions with


the player's representatives to extend his stay beyond this date.


Wes who is 29, has made 97 appearances for City since joining


the club from Nottingham Forest two years ago. It's good news for fans


because Wes is popular figure at the King Power Stadium and a key part of


their promotion push. It's unlikely we'll see any more signings at Derby


County during this January transfer window. Head coach Steve McClaren


says he's happy with his squad. That's despite a losing start to the


year including last week's heavy defeat at Leicester. They're now


looking to bounce back against Brighton on Saturday as Kirsty


Edwards reports. There has been a real buzz around this place. Steve


McClaren's rain 0 real buzz around this place. Steve


McClaren's rain has seen fans being treated too great trouble and great


results, but it has been far from a happy new Year so far. January has


seen three games and three defeats, albeit one of those was against


Premier League's Chelsea. Saturday's game here is a real test


of Derby's character. Every game is a test. The players were challenged


and they have had opportunities, and they have generally taken them. This


is football, ups and downs, and it is how you react after defeats, as


individuals and as a team, as well as a club. 0


individuals and as a team, as well as a club. You won the management of


the month awards. We talked about the curse of the award. My theory is


that you had one hell of a month to get the award, which we did, and it


is the law of averages that you cannot continue that. Derby's


players have been working hard to get back to winning ways on Saturday


but they will come against a bright inside to our six in their league.


`` a bright inside who are sick in their league. `` a Brighton side. We


get frustrated easily and we must not do that, we must stay positive.


We must react and come back. The key thing is to give a performance on


Saturday because when we have concentrated on that, we have


usually not 0 concentrated on that, we have


usually not results. `` usually not results. Onto cricket because


Nottinghamshire have announced pre tax profits of nearly half a million


pounds for the past year. The club's turnover is up to over 12 million


pounds off the back of a sold out Ashes series last summer and some


healthy domestic gates too. Another Nottinghamshire success story last


season was one day captain and batsman James Taylor. And as English


cricket limps away from Ashes humiliation and makes its first


tentative steps to a fresh start, Taylor looks set to be part of the


next generation. Angela Rafferty reports. He may be small, but since


joining Notts, he has made a big impact, and now he is hoping to do


the same for England. Many believed he deserved a chance with the Ashes


squad in Australia. I would have loved to have been part of the


squad, but it was not meant to be. Now I have to stay apart of this


squad. He has just returned from Australia when he saw the Ashes


disaster first`hand, and caught up with the squad there. They are as


positive as they can be. It was not the ideal result but now they are


into another series so who knows? Hopefully, they can win that series.


While England try to pride, Taylor hopes to aim his stake into future


clubs. He hopes to gain a hugely successful season. It is an exciting


time and to be asked to captain the side is a great honour. I am looking


forward to it, it will be a great honour. Snooker and Leicester's Mark


Selby faces John Higgins in the quarter finals of the Masters


Snooker at London's Alexandra Palace this evening. In ice hockey the


Nottingham Panthers are in South Wales to face the Cardiff Devils


tonight. Defenceman Brent Henley and net minder Craig Kowalski could both


return after long injuries. And last night we told you about a public


meeting in the town of Hinckley in Leicestershire. Non league fans are


planning to build a new community football club after Hinckley United


folded last year. Well they've now chosen the name, Hinckley AFC.


Inspired! Now... How do you de`stress? Perhaps a nice country


walk or even a deep tissue massage? Chocolate for me! It seems neither


of those are good enough for some students in the East Midlands who


are feeling the pressure of looming exams. Eleanor Garnier's been


finding out the latest solution to tackling stress! You might not


believe it but this is the University of Leicester. The student


campus is, I 0 University of Leicester. The student


campus is, I guess, somewhere to expect the unexpected, but a zoo?


Students get stressed out during their exam time so we thought we


would bring a farm to 0 their exam time so we thought we


would bring a farm to campus. I think it is a great idea. More dogs


and cats would be amazing! I am loving this chicken, it is adorable!


My emotions are all over the place. I have had in weeks and weeks of


work, no contact with the outside world, so this is brilliant, a good


way of letting off steam and relaxing. A lot of people are having


exams and are very nervous but a lot of people have animals at home so


this is a good way to help you relax and let off steam, and calmed down


from the exams. I am enjoying it and they are very soft, but other than


that, I am still very stressed, I am not 0


that, I am still very stressed, I am not going to lie to you! A duck, a


sheep, a chicken and a pony. They have it all here. Perhaps this is


the key to reducing stress in all our offices. I wondered why there


was a small arc being loaded into the newsroom this evening! `` ark.


Now for the weather. We did not fare too badly today. The showers arrived


earlier and they are staying with us for some time, in fact, right


through the weekend. Tomorrow will be bright spells and scattered


showers. There will be some bright weather tomorrow, though. You can


get out and about with your camera. Here is a 0


get out and about with your camera. Here is a familiar sight,


low`pressure sitting to the west of us and that will keep that unsettled


at the moment. A south`westerly breeze is driving through the


showers at the moment, and although they lose intensity over the next


few hours, we do have a scattering of showers overnight. With the


breeze, damages are holding up and we are looking at lows of six


degrees. If you live in the Peak District, it may get down to one or


two degrees, but it should stay frost free. Tomorrow we will have a


scattering of showers with one or two bright spells in between. Those


spells well fade away and there will be some bright weather tomorrow,


although it will stay fairly cloudy with highs of eight degrees. Further


ahead to the weekend, you can see the low`pressure sitting with us


down to the West. Saturday starts off with this area of rain with us.


Hopefully, it will pull away through the day so there should be dry


weather as we go into the afternoon. Maybe just a few showers


around. It stays unsettled and on sat day night, temperatures will


drop and freezing fog is possible. Rain around on Sunday and widespread


frost on Monday. Temperatures lower over the weekend with the unsettled


theme of showers and rain. Never mind, it is the winter! I suppose


so! We are back at PM or another date! Lucky boy! I will see you


tomorrow. `` 10pm.


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