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This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, a pensioner's agonising wait for an ambulance.


Pat Lindsay was in severe pain for five hours. She says it was the


longest night of her life. If this is to pay for parents and


their luxuries, it is most definitely appropriate there is a


cap. Plus the wrong kind of rubbish.


How contaminated loads ruin our recycling efforts. And could Kevin


Phillips helped fire the Foxes into the Premier league?


This would be my fifth out of the championship into the Premier league


and another fantastic chapter in my career. But there is a long way to


go. Good evening. Welcome to Friday's


programme. First tonight, it was a low priority case but it left an


East Midlands woman waiting for an ambulance in agony, for hours.


Pat Lindsay says her five hour wait for an ambulance was the longest and


most painful night of her life. Bosses have defended the service


saying there were emergencies to deal with but have apologised for


the distress. How is your knee? A bit better. Much


of Pat's pain has gone but the memory of waiting for an ambulance


this week will take longer to fade. I've never had pain like that. I've


had children, a gall bladder, operations but never anything like


that. Vinnie went like a football. She was literally in tears with


pain. According to the amulet service, it took five hours for a


crew to get her home. I thought they have forgotten about us. It is


difficult to believe that this is what happens. I felt like it had


been days. I know it wasn't but that's what it felt like to be, laid


here. An act of hours GP on Monday night visited and requested the


ambulance. The head of the service told me they were very busy in the


early hours of Tuesday. We are very sorry that Mrs Lindsay had the


experience she did with us. Clearly, in this case, her call was


categorised as what is called a GP urgent case, which means an ample


and will be dispatched within four hours. It was not classed as a


life`threatening emergency. At that time, we were dealing with a lot of


life`threatening emergencies. Ever since the downgrading of the


accident and emergency unit at Newark, there has been huge


sensitivity over how long ambulances take to get to patients. The major a


and E units are all more than 20 miles away. Lincoln County,


Kingsmill Hospital and the Queens medical in Nottingham. I know there


are a lot of people trying to improve health care in this part of


the East Midlands but I don't see it getting any better. In fact, I see


it getting worse. She spent three nights at Kingsmill. Tests were


inconclusive. Rob's here now. We keep hearing


about delays when will things get better.


There is huge pressure on the Ambulance Service to improve


response times. The care, when Pat got it, she said was superb. It was


just the weight. The service has been called to a high risk summit


and at NHS England to demonstrate what improvements it is putting in


place. They are putting more staff into the control room to prioritise


calls better. Last year, they promised a dash a sell`off of


ambulance stations. Has that happened?


The Chief Executive has told East Midlands today that that is on hold


still. They may scale back some of those proposals, we don't know yet.


They are not expecting to hit their response times, their annual target,


the end of this year. But she insists that things are improving.


It is work in progress. Two major landmarks in Leicester will soon be


disappearing. The City Council's headquarters on


New Walk will be demolished later this year with 1,100 staff being


relocated. Elsewhere in the city, work to pull down the Belgrave


Flyover will start as soon as next month.


Take a good look because these two towering office blocks right in the


heart of our bustling city will soon be coming down. At the moment, they


are home to Leicester City Council but this 1970s development has been


labelled structurally unsound. It means finding a new home for 1100


council workers and it will leave this prime plot of land completely


empty. I think they should replace those buildings with a leisure


complex which holds concerts and things like that. Certainly, good


quality office accommodation and also something to support the


evening economy, like restaurants and so on. I would like to see


something more green and anything has got to be better than this. Work


to demolish the towers will start this summer. Whether they are


brought down floor by floor or destroyed in one big explosion,


Leicester City mayor admits it will not be cheap. We are talking about


the cost of summer between 3.5 main pounds and formally hands. That is a


significant sum but it is investment. Its investment in an


important site in the city and it is one that will bring many times that


time `` amount of investments which will bring jobs to our economy.


Demolition will start as soon as next month. It is up to residents to


decide if they want the short option, a nine week option, or with


less disruption to traffic, work that will go on for 14 weeks. There


is a warning, both options involve noisy demolition up until midnight.


The idea though, to link the Golden mile back`up with the rest of the


city. Coming up: in sport, an exclusive


interview with Nottingham Forest owner Fawaz Al Hasawi.


And your weekend weather with Anna. If you have outdoor plans this


weekend, I can tell you when this rain is set to arrive. But I also


have good news. The sun is set to shine. I will tell you when, later.


Next tonight: it's been revealed that more than a thousand households


in the East Midlands were claiming more than ?500 a week in benefits


before a government cap was introduced.


Opinion polls reveal that the benefit cap is the most popular


policy ever devised. Sarah Teale joins us in the studio with more.


The government introduced the benefit cap last July to try to


encourage people back to work and to cut the welfare bill. It means


couples, with or without children, and lone parent households are


limited to a maximum claim of ?500 a week in benefits. And single people


with no children can receive a maximum of ?350. More than 33,000


households have been affected by the benefits cap. And new figures reveal


that a total of 1,278 households in the East Midlands have seen their


benefits cut because of the policy. According to a survey three quarters


of the public support the benefit cap. With 70% saying people affected


should find jobs, work more hours or move to a cheaper property. So is a


maximum of ?500 a week the right way forward? I asked people in


Nottingham what they thought. That is more than I get a week and I have


to pay all of my bills out of that. So, yes, sad `` ?500 seems a lot to


me. That would work fine in London but the further north you go, it


doesn't make sense. Do you think ?500 a week is enough to live on?


No, I don't think it is. Not in Great Britain no more. It needs to


be more than that. My concern is about ?800. It's difficult for


people to exist on benefits. That's my experience as a social worker in


the past. There has to be a cap because there has to be some


reality. To have a blanket approach is going to be wrong because that


will be detrimental to some families. If it is to pay for


parents and their luxuries, it is most definitely appropriate that


there is a cap. Unfortunately, we all have to do without our


luxuries. If we work full time, which I do, and I know lots of my


friends do, but I've have moments where have not been able to afford


things and something 's got to give. I think it is considering when you


see families who've got everything and have done nothing to win it. ``


slightly disconcerting. So that's some of the views of the


public. What about the politicians? We can hear now from Iain Duncan


Smith at the launch of the cap last July. And then from Nottingham North


MP Graham Allen who says he doesn't think it's fair at all.


People on welfare, who are not in work, apart from exemptions such as


those who are disabled, they should actually not be earning more than


average earnings netted out after tax. That's fair to taxpayers, who


are themselves often struggling. I don't think this is fair at all. It


is trying to scapegoat a section of the community. It's a tiny number of


people. Most people on benefits are either benefits or the disabled.


It's estimated that the policy is saving taxpayers ?2 million a week.


And by the time of next year's General Election that could add up


to savings of ?225 million. There's been major travel disruption


today, on both the roads and rail. One of the busiest roads in the


region, the A453, had to be shut for several hours this afternoon after a


section of gas main was damaged in Clifton. Meanwhile trains to and


from London were suspended this morning after damage to overhead


power cables. Some trains are now running but East Midlands Trains


says a full service won't resume until tomorrow.


The country's first ever secure college for young criminals is to be


built in Leicestershire. Ministers say the ?85 million fortified school


will open next to the Glen Parva Youth Offenders Institution in three


years time. It'll cater for more than 300 boys aged between 12 and


17, using education to try to cut re`offending. Prison reform


campaigners say the money would be better spent supporting teenagers in


the community. A man who groomed teenage boys


online before abusing them, has been jailed for 15 years. Derby Crown


Court heard 24`year`old Nicholas Geddes contacted a 13`year`old from


Long Eaton via social websites. He later met him at a hotel and abused


him. Another of his victims was a 15`year`old from the same town.


Geddes, from Ellesmere Port also faced charges relating to four other


boys. Business leaders in the region today


warned that an increase in the minimum wage to ?7 an hour could


cost jobs. The government's looking at an increase after getting a


report from the Low Pay Commission. But a senior councillor who's paying


his staff what's called the living wage says higher pay would boost the


economy. Michael runs a hospitality company


in Nottingham. It employs 7000 staff on the minimum wage. He says a


potential increase from ?6 31 to ?7 an hour is too much, too soon and


would hurt businesses like his. What we would have to do with any


increase in cost is passed that on to our customers which in turn could


mean that customers are going to look up the prices and go elsewhere.


The Chancellor, seen here on a visit to a Derbyshire company last year,


says he would be in favour of an above inflation rise in the minimum


wage, saying the economy can now afford it. In Leicester, the City


Council is already paying 1100 members of staff what is called the


living wage. It is ?7 and 65 per hour. This council says small


businesses can now import `` afford an increase. It recognises the


rising cost of living. It would increase morale and I'm confident it


would be accused `` boost to the local economy. It has to be balanced


against the need to protect employment as well. The more


expensive we make labour the fewer jobs we are able to provide. The low


pay commission is due to make a recommendation on this year 's


increase in the next few weeks. It needs government approval and would


come into effect in October. Three armed robbers who threatened


staff at a Nottinghamshire DIY store with nights have been jailed for a


total of 25 years. It happened at this store last July. The masked men


forced their way inside before demanding cash from the safe. Today,


the men from Mansfield were given jail sentences of between six and


nine years. Police say they had inflicted on measurable step ``


stress on the staff. A teaching union is calling for more


cash for Nottingham schools after the Government described several of


them as failing. Six secondary schools, including three academies,


were placed in special measures by Ofted last month. At an Education


Conference in the city this week ministers compared them unfavourably


with those in London. Now the NASUWT says local schools should be given


the same funding as those in the capital.


Nearly a fifth of all the recyclable household rubbish in one of our


cities can't be processed, because it's contaminated. Officers in


Nottingham say the reason's simple, people are putting the wrong things


in their bins. By contrast, Derby and Leicester


councils have much more successful recycling rates. James Roberson's


been looking at the dos and don'ts of recycling.


Mountains of waste, rivers of it and best practice demands that nowadays,


councils try to recycle as much of it as they can. While Nottingham


City Council tackles its recyclable waste as seriously as any other


council, it is finding it has having a recurring problem. People keep


putting their recycling in plastic bags. If they take that to the bin,


they will split that bang... They could help us. This simple mistake


plus contamination of recycling with things like nappies, foil and crisp


packets actually means complete loads of waste cannot be recycled.


Currently, of all Nottingham pass mark waste, 18% is not being


processed. It is higher than what I would like it to be at this present


time. Meanwhile, it is bin day in Leicester. The crews and lorries are


identified picking up household rubbish, both recyclable and


general. All the waste that people put in the black beans goes to our


Ballmer facility that measures up the material, takes out any metals,


con possible material and can also take out some plastics. We recover


as much as possible from the material that people actively


recycle but also that they put in the black bin. Unlike Nottingham,


Leicester's recycling contamination rate is only 2%. Even in Derby, it


is only 4%. Paradoxically, Leicester does want recycling in bags, special


transparent ones. We get very few problems with trans`` contamination


because the crews can see into the bag and if there are any problems,


they leave it and put them the door a note saying why it was not OK. The


scheme is being promoted by Leicester's one`man recycler, Adrian


Ablett. Several projects have been run to help people understand what


can and cannot be recycled. Nottingham also once a education


campaign in March. We will probably target it around the four worst


postcodes for contamination. There is nothing rubbish about the


sport tonight. Quite the opposite. First that exclusive interview with


Nottingham Forest chairman Fawaz Al Hasawi. His message is not to worry.


He says he knows it is mid January but fans should not worry because he


is trying to bring in players this month, up to three and the situation


in terms of signings will becoming clearer in the next few weeks. In


the last few hours he's been talking to Natalie Jackson.


You say you want the third star for Forest. What are your ambitions in


this January transfer window? I just had a meeting with the manager


regarding what he needed. For example, players. He told me about


some players we are discussing together. Hopefully, they be within


the week or less, things would be clear for everybody. How many


players would you like in this window and how negotiations going?


Well, maybe two or three. Maybe one. I don't know. Are you in the middle


of negotiations now for a striker? We are negotiating with many


players, not only strikers. Midfielders, right backs, strikers.


To be honest, the manager has told me about which players he needs.


Afterwards, we can do something about it. If it is one player, will


it be a striker? My opinion, if I am one of the fans, I sign a striker.


But to be honest, I keep this until the end because this is not about my


opinion, it's the manager's opinion. Maybe we share things but


in the end, it is going to be his call, not mine. This is his team and


he knows what is needed for the team. This is the most important


thing. He said in a week that you agreed a deal for Jack Hobbs. What


is the length of his contract and what are the details of that deal?


Actually, we have a deal until the end of the season. We are working on


it right now. We are going to work hard to keep Jack Hobbs with us. We


working on his agent. At the moment, we have him until the end of the


season. Have you paid a fee to keep him until the end of the season.


Yes. We've discussed it, me and the owner. Blackburn tomorrow. Will you


be here? I don't think so... Of course I'm going to be here. Silly


question. We will have more from that chat on


Monday. Leicester City meanwhile have


confirmed that Fulham have made a bid for talented youngster Liam


Moore but say the player is simply not for sale. The championship high


flyers face Leeds tomorrow and hoping to make his debut veteran


striker Kevin Phillips. Here's Angela with our guide to his career


in numbers. Clipped into Phillips! E has done it


again! Kevin Phillips... The headlines are written again. He has


been there and done it. He is as keen now as when he first started. I


look forward to coming into training and I still have the buzz and


excitement. His plan to retire at the end of the season... This would


be my fifth out of the championship into the Premier league and it would


be another fantastic chapter in my career. There's a long way to go. A


wealth of experience, always able to score goals when they count... Many


clubs came calling but it was Leicester who landed him. This was


the place I wanted to be. I know the manager and assistant very well for


my time at West Bromwich. And obviously the club are flying in the


championship. For me, it was a no`brainer. First, he has to make


his debut and be warned, don't get between this man and the game he


loves. I cannot wait to stop talking to you and get on the training


pitch. Hint! I'm only joking. Yeah, I still got the appetite. It's all I


know and Wednesday was great for me, my first training session for two


weeks. It was like being a kid again. That told Angela!


Derby, who we featured yesterday, have a tough home game with Brighton


as they try and pull out of a mini slump. Midfielder Craig Forsyth says


everyone needs to remember how far the Rams have come lately. I don't


think many people would have said we would be where we are now. We've got


to look at it as a positive and make sure we continue to be the and stay


there until the end of the season. And there's a long interview with


Rams Head Coach Steve McClaren on the BBC East Midlands Today Facebook


Page. Have a watch and give us a like.


Some really good news for Notts County fans. Young midfielder Jack


Grealish, who's made a real impact at Meadow Lane, will be staying till


the end of the season. His loan from Aston Villa has been extended. The


Magpies are off to Stevenage in League One, while Mansfield head to


Portsmouth in League Two. Follow those games, and everything


happening in the Championship, on your BBC Local Radio Station. I'm


going to leave you with the rest of the sport. Starting with rugby and a


key weekend for the Leicester Tigers. They play Ulster in the


European Cup at Welford Road tomorrow night in front of a sell


out crowd. The reason this game is crucial for


the Tigers is because the winner will earn a home quarterfinal. A


home tie is significant because the big teams in Europe are really


difficult to beat. Clermont have not lost at home for 72 games. It shows


how strong the French are on home soil. If we have to go away, we will


give it our best shot but it always makes it a little bit more


difficult. Nick Buckland and Penny Coombs have won their first ever


major championship medal. They were third after Wednesday's short dance


at the European figure state `` Skating Championships in Budapest


and took bronze. Their score was a new personal best. This is a huge


boost as they approach next month's Winter Olympics. This, to keep


himself in this his masters. One stunning piece of play saw Mark


Selby Q2 this year's semifinals. An amazing shot who beat John Higgins


by six frames to five. He will now face Shaun Murphy. There have been


times when I've been negative. Towards the end, at one stage, I


looked like getting beaten so I thought if ever I get a chance, I


was good to. He certainly did that. Just one game this weekend for


Nottingham has `` Panthers. Well done to Nick and Penny for that


bronze. Fantastic. The weather is not looking great,


for tomorrow anyway. But things will improve on Sunday. There will even


be a little bit of sunshine. Let's look at what we can expect over the


weekend. There is going to rain first thing tomorrow morning. Once


that clears, behind it we stay cloudy and it will be thick enough


to produce some rain. Rain pushes through Saturday night and we are in


for quite a promising day on Sunday. Feeling more like winter should do


on Sunday. Great for getting out and about with a camera. This is a view


towards Underwood. Thanks for e`mailing in to us. The pressure is


in charge and we have fairly light winds through the night. That may


allow some fog to form first thing. This rain will push up tomorrow.


Here we are at a moment `` the moment, one or two showers around.


They will die out through the next hour or so. Then we have some clear


spells around first thing. That will allow temperatures to drop quickly


early on. Maybe some mist and fog forming over the Peak District. As


we go towards the early hours, cloud will feeding and rain will arrive


from the south. That will help temperatures to recover. They will


be around four degrees by first thing tomorrow morning. On Saturday,


that rain pushes away to the north. Behind it, that cloud will stay with


us. There will be some drier weather and high temperatures of eight


degrees. Saturday night, we start to see the rain from the West push


through so quite a wet spell of weather. It clears away behind it.


Colder air comes into play. There will be a lot of sunshine around on


Sunday itself. Highs of six but freezing fog is something to watch


out for on Monday morning. That is the day for a barbecue!


That's about it from us. Have a great weekend. Goodbye.


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