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the windscreen first thing in the morning. That is


This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight: a spectacular welcome home parade.


On the streets of Nottingham for soldiers newly returned from


Afghanistan. Also tonight, shot in Westminster as


Erewash MP Jessica Lee announces she is quitting.


And the ancient law which could force homeowners to pay thousands


towards church repairs. And Formula One for the Balkans. ``


toboggans. The world 's fastest sledge, made in Derbyshire.


Good evening. First, a spectacular military parade to welcome home


troops from Afghanistan. Thousands of people lined the streets of


Nottingham as horses and gun carriages led a march to the Council


House. The city's 0 0


House. The city's one of 0


House. The city's one of the historical


recruiting areas for the 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery. And


today a number of local soldiers were presented with campaign medals.


Our social affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball reports.


The 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery does pomp and ceremony in


style. 22 chestnut horses led more than 200 soldiers, exercising their


freedom of Nottingham, the city where 0


freedom of Nottingham, the city where this regiment has recruited


troops for more than 200 years. This parade is steeped in tradition and


history. The troops have been invited year because of a very


modern conflict. It is their formal welcome home. 0


modern conflict. It is their formal welcome home. Welcome home from


their second tour of duty in Afghanistan. It means so much for


the local members of this regiment. This man comes from an. It was


amazing. I was standing there and my mum was standing there, welling up.


33 soldiers were presented with campaign medals for their


contribution to a mission which is coming to an end. We were really


mentoring Afghan army and police this time. Making sure they're in


the right place and ready to do the job on their own when we leave


Afghanistan. For this family, durable and `` pure relief years


back home. How proud to you feel? Ridiculously proud. Today's ceremony


started with a 0 Ridiculously proud. Today's ceremony


started with a gun salute fired from Nottingham Castle. The battery from


Nottingham was sent to fight in World War I. They fired the first


artillery round in World War I. Curiously, it was the modern`day


equivalent of that detachment that fired the first artillery round of


the operation last year in Afghanistan. Hundreds of soldiers


from the East Midlands are still deployed to Helmand province and


they can expect a warm welcome home to.


In a surprise announcement this afternoon, one of our MPs says


she'll stand down at the next election. Jessica Lee, the


Conservative MP for Erewash in Derbyshire says she's considered her


personal circumstances and responsibilities before making the


decision. She refused to take part in any interviews today. With us now


is 0 0 in any interviews today. With us now


is our political editor John Hess. John, what more can you tell us? She


is highly thought of in Downing Street. She was a Nottingham `based


barrister before being elected as the Erewash 0


barrister before being elected as the Erewash MPE. 0


barrister before being elected as the Erewash MPE. `` MP. She was an


aide to the Attorney General Dominic grieve. So, why did she choose to


stand down? Well, a political blog is claiming that she was getting


expenses on a flat. She 0 is claiming that she was getting


expenses on a flat. She hasn't broken any political rules but there


is a political point. While the Chancellor is saying that housing


benefit should be restricted to ?26,000 per year, she, in effect,


was getting up to ?34,000 per year from the taxpayer to pay for the


rent on her London flat. My understanding is she will stay on as


the Erewash MPE and give her full support to the Prime Minister and


whoever the candidate that is appointed in her place.


Coming up in sport, we look back at a great weekend of football with


Leicester, Forest and Derby all undefeated.


And we have had some super sunshine today but it is a piece of her ``


pea souper tonight. An inquest has started into the


death of a teenager who was killed on a tram crossing.


13`year`old Lindsey Inger from Bulwell was hit as she was crossing


the line with friends. Quentin Rayner is in Hucknall for us


tonight. Well, this crossing is completely


different to what it was in November 2012, when Lindsey Inger was killed.


This one and a half million pound foot bridge has been built after


three deaths in four years. As you can see, there is a small shrine


here in memory of Lindsey Inger. The 13`year`old was crossing the track


with three friends at around 7pm. A report last year by the rail


accident investigation Branch says she didn't react to a warning or


from the tram and was unfamiliar with the crossing but her vision


might have been inhibited by a bright light installed after the


last fatal accident. It found she had not been using a phone or


headphones. At today's inquest, the pathologist said she suffered huge


trauma in a split second but her family told him that they drew great


comfort from hearing that she had not suffered. When there is `` when


the inquest resumes tomorrow, the witnesses are expected to


involve... Include the driver and some passengers.


Security's being stepped up at a Derby cemetery after a number of


thefts from gravesides. Derbyshire Police say several items have been


taken in the last month from Nottingham Road Cemetery, including


a statue worth ?1000. Officers say there will now be more patrols


through the cemetery. Nottingham City Council has


apologised after commuters faced long delays on their journey to work


this morning. The problems were focused on this junction near


Nottingham University. It used to be a roundabout, but temporary traffic


lights have been installed while tram works take place. Miles of


queues on surrounding routes developed after the failure of an


electronic link controlling the lights from the city's traffic


control room. It has now been fixed. Next tonight, a woman who suffers


chronic back pain after being involved in a road accident is


fighting to get osteopathy widely available on the NHS. Josephine


Duffy is furious the treatment isn't funded where she lives ` Rutland.


Some patients do get it in other parts of the country but many are


forced to go private as NHS provision is patchy. Our health


correspondent Rob Sissons reports. Back pain has turned Josephine's


life upside down. She hasn't worked for years but says this therapy


table helps and thousands of pounds of compensation has gone on


osteopathy. Now she relies on the NHS. It is like being a drug addict


but these are all Scripture drugs. It is not what I want. When I have


osteopathy my pain is less so I can reduce down to a couple of core


called Amal. `` couple of painkillers. Five years ago, the NHS


advisory body said that osteopathy should be offered to some patients


with chronic back pain but most osteopathy is private. I begged for


five years. The advice I got from one clinician was to move house. It


should be paid for in the same way as a patient visiting physiotherapy


centres has physiotherapy. At home, Josephine has written to the Health


Secretary to complain. It would be better if people were treated and


helped back to work and supported in staying at work. In a warrant of


competing NHS priorities, the local NHS groups say they can't offer


everything. They say they offer acupuncture but the service just


wants is not commissioned. Thousands of people could be forced


to pay crippling bills to repair local churches. It's all down to


some ancient rules dating back to the reign of Henry VIII, rules which


homeowners say are outdated and should be scrapped.


It's called chancel repair liability and has already cost one owner at


Thrumpton in Nottinghamshire nearly ?7000. Jo Healey reports.


When the mirror and I was told she was liable and had to pay up to


repair her local church, she thought she was covered but... The insurance


did not pay out and I would be interested to hear of any case where


the chancel repair liability insurance had paid out. It cost her


thousands of pounds. Many thousands of homeowners have told that they


too could be liable. The more I hear about it, the more I am horrified


about how chancel repair liability is meant to work. People of all


status, disabled people, people with no money, and it is therefore ever


on the land where the liability is put. Many owners are unaware of


their homes are liable. It is not necessarily on their needs. ``


deeds. So, what is the local dioceses saying ? Well, the church


council can take hardship into account or the damage that enforcing


it could do to the mission of the church. But, as charities, they


can't choose not to register the liability. Miranda says supporters


growing in her fight to abolish the 500`year`old law.


A charity set up in Derby to help victims of domestic or honour`based


violence is 21 years old. Karma Nirvana was set up by Jasvinder


Sanghera from Derby who, at 14, was told by her family she was to marry.


At 16 she managed to escape. Her sister had earlier committed suicide


after a forced marriage. Now, 21 years on, Karma Nirvana's helpline


deals with more than 300 calls a month ` some from girls as young as


11. In 2013 alone, it helped 3150 women flee abuse, and 182 men. Later


this year, following years of campaigning, it will see forced


marriage finally become a criminal offence. Well, a special reception's


being held at the House of Commons this evening to mark the charity's


21 years of work. Among those attending are police and


politicians, volunteers and also some of the many people they've


helped over the years. Right from the start, he was


abusive, mentally and physically. Emotionally. He would rape me and I


felt like I was just property and not a human being. It took me nine


years to pick up the phone to Karma Nirvana and being able to relate to


someone who has been through a similar experience changed my life.


Jasvinder Sanghera joined me a little while ago, just before she


went off 0 little while ago, just before she


went off to the reception, and I asked her just how far Karma Nirvana


has come in those 21 years. Karma Nirvana was founded in my front room


in Derby in 1993 and in the beginning it was a huge struggle to


make people even believe that the issue of forced marriage was a


problem. We have come a long way increasing awareness and we have had


30,000 calls over four years, there has been a change in the law, more


survivors are coming forward and police and other organisations are


changing their practices to tackle this. It is extraordinary what you


have achieved. What you think is your greatest success? For me


personally, the impact of increased reporting. We have gone from no


calls to the helpline from 93 to 96 to well over 60,000 calls. For me,


people seeking help would be the biggest sense of achievement. How


important is Derby to all this? It is my hometown and where I was taken


out of education for forced marriage. My sister was forced to


marry as well. She took her life because of it at 24. We have a lot


of historical links at 0 because of it at 24. We have a lot


of historical links at Derby and it is Derby that put the issue on the


map. What is the future for Karma Nirvana? Are goals are written in


our struggles. We must make sure that every school in the country


engages in this issue. We want every police force to have the right


response because they are failing victims. We want to make sure that


the criminalisation of forced marriage makes a difference and


victims are supported. Here's to the next 21 years. What amazing work


they have done. Still to come: do you remember using


a tin tray to go sledging? Well, this one's made of carbon


fibre, it's considerably faster than a kitchen tray and it's made in


Derbyshire. That looked fast.


Now, sport. First, what a weekend of football.


All our teams undefeated, with wins for Leicester, Derby and Forest in


the Championship. All three cementing their status in the top


six now. But there is only one place to start ` with Leicester, who are


five points clear at the top of the table!


David Nugent! Oh, that is incredible from Kevin Phillips. It is David


Nugent. It is a goal of the timing of champions.


Look out, championship, Leicester City are top of the league.


Commentary from BBC Radio's Leicester's Ian Stringer there.


On to Derby County, where new boy Patrick Bamford has made quite an


impact. The Rams won at home to Brighton. As victories go, it wasn't


always convincing, but Bamford, a Nottingham lad on loan from Chelsea,


lit the game up. This was how he made his mark and


began justifying the bill that he's had. Utterly unfazed, the ball went


beautifully into the net. It was nice to grab the winner. I thought I


was going to score and I did so I'm delighted. It was needed. You could


make a good argument that Brighton had the better of it. Even for


Bamford, not everything went perfectly. We did our best today but


we will take the three points. The fans are still loving the McLaren


effect. We are playing a lot better now. Were going in right direction.


I'm really impressed. His gesture to the sky, a little nod to his


godfather. I wonder what he would have made of his godson 's first


goal for Derby. Next, Nottingham Forest are closing


in on the signing of striker Danny Graham. Graham, who is 28, is due


back at Sunderland from a loan spell with Hull before the end of the


transfer window. Forest owners says negotiations are ongoing.


January is a key time. He has big ambitions and said their closing in


on signings. They are not all one position. Maybe in the middle.


Anywhere in the back. Maybe a striker. On Saturday, he saw Forrest


scored two first`half penalties. Henry Lansbury spot`on on both


occasions. Ben Marshall scored a colour for Blackburn so they were


back in it. There were some excellent saves. The owner wants to


keep the goalkeeper at the club this January. I hope he can play for the


national team. And for the striker. One day you will play in very big


club, like Nottingham Forest! Patterson cost about ?1 million from


Walsall in summer and he looks like a great buy, scoring five goals in


three games. His level is like a Premier League player. Andy Reid


added 0 Premier League player. Andy Reid


added our fourth goal. Forrester still on the hunt for a striker. All


the clubs want to add power for their team. This is normal. We are


doing the same also for Nottingham. They are working, we are working,


everybody is working hard. Working hard to bring in what seems like a


loan signings this January. Forest have ten games unbeaten now.


At Notts County, manager Shaun Derry says he has a Plan B, should Celtic


decide not to allow Callum McGregor to stay at Meadow Lane on loan.


Meanwhile at Mansfield, they are trying to bring in a signing or two


this week. Both teams had good moments over the weekend, as David


Jackson reports. They're Shaun Derry effect


continues. He has guided his team to three wins in a row. Meanwhile, how


about this for a special goal by Mansell's Lee Stevenson? A bit of


magic gave them the lead but they let a goal in later so it was just a


point at Portsmouth but this one is for the scrapbook, says Stevenson.


On to rugby, and if Leicester Tigers are to make a splash in the Heineken


Cup this season, they'll have to do it a very hard way indeed. This


Niall Morris try wasn't enough to avoid defeat to Ulster on Saturday.


And that means Leicester must travel to Clermont Auverge in the


quarterfinals. Clermont have now gone 71 games unbeaten at the Stade


Marcel Michelin and are favourites to lift the Cup. One other bit of


Tigers 0 to lift the Cup. One other bit of


Tigers news ` prop Thomas Waldrom is leaving. He'll join Exeter from the


start of next season. In snooker, there was to be no


repeat of last year's Masters triumph for Leicester's Mark Selby.


The Jester was blown away early in the final by a resurgent Ronnie


O'Sullivan, who raced to a 7`1 lead. Selby did produce a mini`revival


early in the second session, but then could only watch as O'Sullivan


took every chance he got to seal victory.


And another defeat to finish with I'm 0 0


And another defeat to finish with I'm afraid, but an injury`wracked


Nottingham Panthers were rightly proud of out`shooting Coventry Blaze


and forcing the game into overtime. Twice they were behind and twice


levelled the game up, but Blaze had more fit men and that made the


difference in the end. A valuable point gained 0


difference in the end. A valuable point gained for Panthers.


But the football is what we really enjoyed this weekend.


A Derbyshire company that's made the world's fastest sledge is hoping it


could speed up the recruitment of new staff.


The sledge is built from the same carbon fibre material used in


Formula One cars. Now EPM Technology is hoping the publicity could help


attract more workers as it prepares to move into 0


attract more workers as it prepares to move into a new factory. Mike


O'Sullivan reports. Downhill all the way and into the


record books in Andorra. Guy Martin piloted this sledge. He beat the


record held by Germany, achieving a top speed of 83.49 mph. This is


where the sledge was built. EPM Technology near Derby. A carbon


fibre specialist with a string of Formula One customers. We had Guy


Martin and the crew on site for three days. We took them through the


whole process. We made it the same way as we make Formula One parts.


This is the sort of thing the company makes here, a steering wheel


for 0 0 company makes here, a steering wheel


for a 0 company makes here, a steering wheel


for a Formula One car. What isn't a secret here is that the company is


having trouble recruiting the right skilled workers is at moves into new


factory. Company is expanding, with a ?4.75 million loan from a Derby


fund. That is just days away from moving into a new factory. Next time


we move into a graduate 0 moving into a new factory. Next time


we move into a graduate show, people will know about us. EPM Technology


decided to make two sledges for the record attempt. Just as well. One


didn't survive an extra test on. New technology but old`fashioned thrills


and spills. That looked painful. Mind you, it


was very white this morning but a frosty wife. `` white.


We have a picture taken around this time last year. This year has been


relatively mild and no sign of any snow in the forecast just yet for


the next few days. But we have got some white stuff of a different


kind. 0 some white stuff of a different


kind. We have some fog. We expect it to be much more dense than last


night. There is a weather warning in force for it. It will be tricky on


the roads tonight and tomorrow morning. There was some fog around


western parts this morning but most of us have spectacular day with


beautiful sunshine. But we are already starting to see the fault


form `` fog. Once it forms, it. The temperature falling too far so we


are close to if not a little below freezing by the morning. Frosty and


foggy tomorrow morning. Some brighter parts during the afternoon


but much more in the way of cloud. We are staying dry at least.


Temperatures will be cooler without the sunshine. No fog tomorrow night


but the rain will come back tomorrow night and into Wednesday.


Well, it was beautiful this morning. It doesn't seem as cold when it


isn't windy.


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