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rain from the east. That's all from the BBC


This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: A tram driver says there was nothing he could have done to


avoid hitting a teenager on a crossing.


Lindsey Inger was killed in November 20 12th half a metre from safety.


Also, love and loss, and online dating scam leaves a Leicester woman


penniless. I have no food. My cupboards are empty and I have no


one to eternity. Plus, shall remember them. Could sponsorship


help pay for the memorials. These three premature but they were the


first to get donated breast milk. Good evening and welcome to the


programme. First tonight, the family of a teenager who was killed on a


tram crossing has told an inquest it was the first time she'd used it.


13`year`old Lindsey Inger was hit as she walked across with friends at


Moor Bridge near Hucknall. The tram driver told the hearing


that there was absolutely nothing he could have done to avoid hitting


her. Lindsey's family said they didn't blame him. Here's our Chief


News reporter Quentin Rayner. Lindsey was killed when she and


three other girls crossed the tram crossing to get to one of the


friend's houses. Adrian described as very experienced, was driving the


tram. He blew his horn and slow down when he saw three of the girls in


the middle of the lane. He kept thinking to himself, move, move. He


said she count `` casually carried on walking by until the commission.


`` collision. He applied the breaks and there was a deadly silence. A


family member told him that they didn't blame him and didn't want him


living with guilds. One passenger said she had seen Lindsey but she


had to turn away when she knew the tram was going to hit her. Gary on


the right said he heard screams and stroked Lindsey's arm but she wasn't


conscious. The tram horn was sounded five seconds before the collision.


From analysing CCTV, it wasn't possible to tell whether she had


looked to her right at the oncoming tram. There was nothing to suggest


she had been distracted by a phone or if phones. She had almost catch a


bus crossed the tram line when she was hit and was centimetres from


safety. One qui `` A verdict is expected tomorrow but one key


question won't be answered will it? No and it's the question everyone


wants answered. Why did Lindsey decide to cross the tramline and end


up getting hit by the 40 tonne tram? The Nottinghamshire coroner Maureen


Casey has been at pains to explain to Lindsay's family that she


understands why 0 to Lindsay's family that she


understands why they 0 to Lindsay's family that she


understands why they need to know. But she told them today that that


question is unanswerable and despite all the investigations, we just


won't know why Lindsey crossed when she did.


There is now a fail`safe option now. A footbridge has been built which


will eliminate the risk of this ever happening again. One of our county


councils has announced further cuts to the services it provides and


admits vulnerable people may be hit the hardest.


Derbyshire's planning to increase council tax by 2%, but still has to


make tens of millions of pounds of savings. Here's our political


reporter Chris Doidge. Last week, it was addled scare, today a further


swathe of council services in Derbyshire will put on the chopping


block. It is not a happy day for us. The county council has two save ?157


million from its budget by 2018 and announced that even the most


important services cannot be entirely protected. Among those


taking a hit of potholes. Maintenance will lose ?2 million a


year. Up to seven children Centres will go. Library opening hours will


be reduced and the council will review its spending. We do have few


options now. All the easy options have gone. It is the worst at the


moment. What is so frustrating is we `` is if we have been in power over


the previous four years we could have anticipated the scale of these


cuts and would have started to shape services differently. We spent four


years making the cuts we needed to make and every single one of those


cuts was objected to by a neighbour who had banners and protests and now


they seem to 0 who had banners and protests and now


they seem to be 0 who had banners and protests and now


they seem to be saying we should have done more vote for them. There


are more than 80 cuts set out in these documents but with some of the


details still unclear, it is not certain who will be affected by them


the most. The county council does know that with vulnerable people


most reliant upon them, it is likely that they will be severely affected


by some of the proposals in here. One of our police forces generated


about ?2.5 million from running speed awareness courses for drivers


caught going over the limit. The courses began in 2009. Figures


obtained by BBC Radio Nottingham show that more than 80,000 motorists


have taken part. The attendance cost for drivers has risen by more than


40% since the courses started and now stands at over ?90 each. The


police claim the courses have help reduce casualty figures and in turn


cut the costs associated with serious accidents.


It is justified and necessary. That money is used to support the


partnership. We employ 44 people who do all the work to process people


that get caught speeding. That money pays their salaries. The money we


have spare is being put back into digital cameras. Nine out of ten


drivers learned by it. They don't get caught again and learn by the


educational courses that they do. Today, though, the way money is


raised through speed awareness courses has been criticised. A


little earlier we spoke to the founder of the Drivers' Union, Keith


Peat, who is also a former traffic police officer. His group aims to


promote the rights of drivers as well as safe motoring. The issue is


the fact that we have a speeding industry including companies that


are running courses with all their staff, their tutors, their whole


basis of which means we have `` we need speeders. It is not in their


interest to stop speeding. What is happening is speeding is actually


being encouraged by ignoring the zones where it automatically entices


people to inadvertently speed. I think the police will take you up on


your use of the word, entice. They always say the main problems on our


roads are cars that go too fast. Too fast is a different issue and that


is the fault. It is deliberate mingling and the profiteers stepping


in. Mostly it is below the speed limit and that is where most


accidents 0 limit and that is where most


accidents are caused. Let us take our attention to the causes. The


police say they help stop people reoffending and the money is used


for safety measures within the locality that the courses take


place. My concept of road safety isn't about threatening drivers,


coercing them into paying money to private companies or else they get


prosecuted. That is not my concept of safety. As far as the courses are


concerned, they run private companies for profit. This is wrong.


Somebody has got to run the courses. Thank you very much for speaking to


us. 0 us.


The NHS is to investigate Jimmy Savile's connections with a


children's home in Leicestershire. Savile is believed to have abused


hundreds of victims around the country, many of them youngsters.


Woodhouse Eaves Children's Convalescent Home in Leicester is


the 33rd NHS organisation to come under review. It's now closed.


Leicester NHS Trust says an incident may have occurred more than 40 years


ago. Two men have been charged after


three people were attacked on a busy street in Leicester. The incident


closed part of East Park Road. A 25`year`old man has been charged


with two counts of attempted murder and one of wounding and conspiracy


to murder. A 43`year`old man has been charged with conspiracy to


commit murder. Derby's velodrome will feature


cutting`edge technology to help everything run as smoothly as


possible. The city council's released a customer experience guide


to the venue which should open in a year's time. The publication has


revealed that the velodrome will remember your shoe size. And staff


will carry tablet computers at busy times to take bookings.


A woman from Leicester says she's lost everything after falling for a


stranger on 0 lost everything after falling for a


stranger on a dating website. 53`year`old Ann Bowen ended up


paying out ?2,000 to help the man she met online.


Now she wants to warn others about the very real dangers of online


fraud. Eleanor Garnier reports. It was loneliness that drove and to


look for love online. It wasn't long before she found someone. Same`macro


he has been in the Army for many years and wanted to retire. He said


he wanted to come home to me. It is nice and flattering to start with


and then you start thinking, does he really? Is this a con? Aye her fears


intensified when she started getting e`mails asking for money. She hadn't


spoken on the phone to this man but he asked her to pay a ?2000 admin


fee so he could secure his US Army pension. If you've transferred by


way of a bank account, there are steps that law enforcement could


take but it is time dependent. The reality is by the time you are aware


of this, the money has gone. She isn't the only one. Figures show


that around one in four people across Great Britain will have used


a dating website at some point. They say out of all the people they serve


eight, around 40% had come across fake profiles and 20% had been asked


for money by someone they have been contacting online. She now wants to


warn others about the dangers of `` online fraud. I have nothing. I have


no gas, I have no money to pay bills, I am totally reliant on money


coming into my account next week to be able to have some heat. I have no


food, Mike freezer and covers all empty and I have no one to turn to.


`` my freezer. Still to come ` war memorial maintenance. Remembering


the fallen comes at a cost ` now one council's looking for sponsors to


help out. It is all change with the weather.


We are on the move once again. Join me for the details later.


There are more signs tonight that the Government's welfare reforms are


starting to bite. The number of applications for help with paying


the rent has risen sharply. That's been put down to


deficit`cutting measures like the spare room subsidy, bedroom tax and


the benefit cap. Our social affairs correspondent Jeremy Ball has been


asking local housing authorities just what's happening. Jeremy.


Discretionary Housing Payments made by councils, the people you can't


pay the rent. They are available to tenants on housing benefit or


Universal Credit is. We have asked for 0


Universal Credit is. We have asked for a snapshot of what's happening.


They are reporting increases. In Derby, the number of claims has more


than trebled from 531 in the last financial year to more than 1600


since last April. The value of those claims rose fourfold to ?419,000 and


that is with two months still to go. The council says 83% of those


applied because of the bedroom tax or spare room subsidy. Smaller


councils are seeing the same trend. Charnwood says DHP has increased


325%. A similar story in Nottingham. Debs was threatened with eviction


before her DHP was approved. That is because the housing benefit changes


left her with a rent bill for two spare rooms that used to be used by


her son and Graham `` grandson. I have tried to find another place but


I haven't had any luck. It is either have gas or electric or have food.


Debs is one of 1800 tenants in Nottingham who have applied for the


Discretionary Housing Payments, claims adding up to half ?1 million.


The Labour council says many of those tenants have jobs but still


can't afford the rent because their pay is so low. People are applying


for its because of the bedroom tax. People are not moving. It is acting


as a punishment and not an incentive. For Debs, the prof ``


worry of losing her home has been dramatic and her Discretionary


Housing Payments have meant all the difference. But now she will have to


apply for it all over again. The government has been allocated six


point `` millions of pounds to pay for this. They say they have tripled


extra funding to ?190 million so they can help vulnerable residents


who might need extra help. Nottingham City Council says that is


a fraction of what is needed. The government says these reforms are


vital and that they are fixing the benefits system.


Nottinghamshire County Council is hoping sponsors can be found to help


with the upkeep of local war memorials. Officials reckon they've


spent around ?500,000 on maintenance and repairs over the past seven


years. It's a lot of money in these


straitened times. So would local people and businesses be willing to


look after some of our historic monuments? Carol Hinds reports.


A war 0 monuments? Carol Hinds reports.


A war memorial is more than a local landmark, it is an important part of


a village or a town's history. In summer 2012, Nottinghamshire County


Cricket Club undertook a survey of 95 and monuments within its


boundary. They need TLC and a bit of pointing. The Reddington War


Memorial is a listed war memorial and it did have more severe signs of


deterioration, in particular some of the 0


deterioration, in particular some of the steps were subsiding. The survey


found the theft of copier `` copper or bronze plaques was a problem.


This one was targeted in 2011 by `` and by Remembrance 0


This one was targeted in 2011 by `` and by Remembrance Sunday they were


able to show the replacement plaque made of granite. Nottinghamshire


county council has worked with local groups since 2000 to fund projects


and create 23 memorials at a cost of over ?500,000. Would people in West


bridge could be willing to help maintain their war memorial? It is


part of the community and it is important to remember these people.


It should be looked after. It is something every member of the


community should take on. It is something you should be proud of. I


live in colic and I would be more than happy to help. It is hoped


these war memorials will be preserved for many generations to


come. Next tonight breast is best, especially for babies born


prematurely. 0 prematurely.


But not all of their mums are able to produce the milk they need


straightaway. That's why Kings Mill Hospital has


become the first in the East Midlands to use breast milk donated


by other women. Jo Healey has been to meet the first babies to benefit.


Luke, Lily and Josh, born seven weeks premature. We decided to give


them the donor breastmilk because I didn't have enough breast milk to


give them to start with. The doctors advised on that because it is better


for them. The donor milk is being pioneered here. Premature babies


tolerate breastmilk better and it reduces the risk of them getting a


potentially fatal inflammatory bowel disorder. We really know we are


giving them the best at this important stage of their


development. It is like having a blood transfusion. It is help from


another human being. What about the mums? It has taken the pressure of a


mum. We have a baby early it often affects your milk supply for a


while. They get the donor breastmilk is from bank `` banks. There are 17


in the country. I was a bit unsure at first. They told me it was


screened and cleaned and it was the right thing for them to do. They


have done really well. The trial is running for six months. These three


were the first to benefit. They are now thriving.


Is that a smile or is it something else? I was just thinking, what is


his `` what is he dreaming about? Now for the sport. There's never


been a more high profile and exciting time for women's football


and for the first time ever Nottingham's about to get a taste of


it at the very highest level. A revamped women's Superleague


begins in April and Notts County Ladies will be one of the teams in


the top tier. They've begun training this week and Kirsty Edwards has


been to meet them. Training hard for a big new season.


Notts County Ladies are among eight teams chosen to be in the top


league. They will be playing their home games on the same pitch as the


men are amongst the big clubs come to Meadow Lane will be the current


champions, Liverpool and big spending Manchester City. They are


not just looking to make up the numbers. They are aiming to make


Europe. We don't take second very gracefully so we will be competing.


We want to be successful. It won't be instant. We want to do ourselves


proud. Can 0 be instant. We want to do ourselves


proud. Can we win some silverware? Can we have a cup run? It will be


measured over two seasons and ensuring we are in the league. They


are training full`time in their bid for success and have made some


high`profile signings. A member of internationals are in the side


including four England players. I'm hoping with a link with Notts County


men, we will get a fewer people coming down and cheering us on. It


gives you that extra 10% of energy. Hopefully we can do Nottingham


proud. The amount of funding and coverage we are getting is amazing.


We are shocked and excited about it. Hopefully we will get a very good


crowd at nap `` at Notts County. This is a new dawn for women's


football and these players hope the next few 0


football and these players hope the next few months will see the game


become bigger than ever. I wonder if the arrival of the women


is what's inspired the Notts County men to up their game, recently? They


go to Peterborough this evening looking for their fourth win on the


trot. Full commentary is on BBC Radio Nottingham and coverage starts


just after our programme finishes. So that's good timing.


I'm going to leave you with the build up to the Winter Olympics in


Sochi. They're next month and we have genuine 0 0


Sochi. They're next month and we have genuine medal chances here in


the East Midlands. Our short track speed skaters go with great hopes.


My main job is getting out there and giving it my best shot. I hope


things pan out well. Obviously you want to. This week is about picking


up the clothing for Sochi. There is a photo booth also for a few laughs.


It is pulling on the clothes that make you part of Team GB. Even for


the most experienced member of this speed skating squad, it doesn't get


old. I really enjoyed going through and 0


old. I really enjoyed going through and having 0


old. I really enjoyed going through and having a personal shopper with


me. These Olympics aren't a first for Penny Combs and Nick Buckland,


this time they go with a European bronze medal to their names. We talk


a 0 0 bronze medal to their names. We talk


a lot 0 bronze medal to their names. We talk


a lot from it. We got a huge amount of experience and we haven't


experienced that kind of pressure before. We can take that to the


Olympic Games which is something that will be invaluable. There is


plenty to inspire them and they have impressed Robin Cousins. After


seeing the performance last weekend, it was much better than I was


expecting. It sets them up for Sochi, not this year, but four years


time. Penny has just said to me, we can do it better. It could be


Britain's best post`Winter games and here, we will have played a big


part. I am quite excited now. They are


probably used to the weather now. People have been saying it is mild,


but today, it was freezing. Fog has been an issue. This


photograph was taken over wood bred this morning. If you have any more


like that, keep them coming in. There is some fog forming over


eastern parts but it will be short lived tonight because we are


replacing with the rain. We have a line of weather fronts in the


Atlantic. We are saving the best till last. The weather is on the


move. There will be some spells of rape. There will be some `` there


will be some spells of rain. The wind will start to pick up. It will


reach all of us through the early hours of 0


reach all of us through the early hours of the morning. It is with us


throughout the night. At least we are frog and frost free. `` fog. It


is a damp start tomorrow. There is uncertainty when this rain will come


out of the way. It will clear out of the way and most of us will be dry


into the afternoon. There is some cloud for a time. It is feeling a


little warmer. We get a window of dry weather for Wednesday night


before the next weather system starts zooming in off the Atlantic


into Thursday. A repeat performance on Thursday. It will 0


into Thursday. A repeat performance on Thursday. It will be a dry stop


at the rain is pushing him quickly. That will clear out of the way so it


is drier and brighter for the afternoon.


I think it will `` I think I will stay in bed longer for the sun to


come up. See you on late news.


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