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Sunday. Make the most of Saturday because Sunday


This is East Midlands Today with Quentin Rayner and me, Anne Davies.


This is East Midlands Today with Quentin Rayner and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight: The family of a teenager hit by a tram say more should have


been done to save her life. Good evening and welcome to


Wednesday's programme. First tonight, the family of a


teenager hit by a tram say a new footbridge should have been built


there years ago. That should have been 0


there years ago. That should have been there 0


there years ago. That should have been there years ago after people


had been killed. Investigations are underway after a man was killed at


this planned in Derbyshire. It is reasonable to ban fizzy drinks and


sweets. I really do think it is reasonable. And the blue plaque that


has gone up on one of the East Midlands's for most industrialists


and how the house itself is coming back to life.


The family of a teenager hit by a tram says a new footbridge should


have been built years ago. Today a coroner ruled Lindsey's death was an


accident. The 13`year`old was killed as she


crossed the tramline at Hucknall in Nottinghamshire just over a year


ago. Lindsey's was the third death at the same crossing in four years.


After the verdict, Lindsey's mother and sister spoke to Jo Healey. She


was my girl, she was my friend, my daughter. She was my soul mate. Just


over a 0 daughter. She was my soul mate. Just


over a year ago, she lost her. Lindsey was hit by a tram. It was


the first time she had used the crossing. The driver was said to be


blameless. This is what her sister said to him after the inquest. Don't


set and blame yourself. The family do not blame you. He was there at


the accident. Probably the only one who saw most of the accident. So


that is the love for him to live with. I could see a big relief, a


weight come off his shoulders. That man must have a vision of Lindsey in


his head all of the time. On the windscreen of the tram. He has got


to have that vision and I could not live with 0


to have that vision and I could not live with that. My heart goes out to


him. There is now a ?1.5 million footbridge over the crossing, opened


last autumn about a year after Lindsey was killed. It is too late,


that bridge should have been there years ago after other people had got


injured and killed. I think the reason the bridge is there now is


because we would not let it rest. The coroner said she hoped it would


prevent any other family suffering as Lindsey's had. I would hate


anybody else to have to go through this, I really would. It is


horrible. I am glad to see the bridge put up, but it was too late.


Next tonight, the factory accident that's claimed a life. 56`year`old


man was killed after becoming trapped between two lorries at


Toyota in Derbyshire. Police were called to Burnaston just after


midnight. Our reporter Amy Harris is outside the factory for us now. Amy


what more can you tell us about what happened?


Police officers were called to the Toyota factory here in Burnaston,


just south of Derby, at 12.40am this morning, to a report of a man


trapped between two lorries. The 56`year`old was declared dead at the


scene. And tonight a joint investigation is underway.


Flags were flying at half`mast today at the Toyota car plant in earnest


and, where last night and man was crushed to death between two


lorries. The 56`year`old lorry driver from Suffolk was not a Toyota


employee but worked for a logistics company. He has not been formally


identified, but his family has been informed. As yet, it is not clear


what happened, but police and members of the Health and Safety


Executive are investigating his death. Officers say there don't


appear to be any suspicious circumstances. No one from Toyota


would speak on camera but the company issued a statement. They say


it is with great regret we had a severe incident on site last night


which resulted in a lorry driver receiving serious injuries, sadly


resulting in his death. They go on to say, we extend our condolences to


the driver's family and friends. For the 3000 workers here, it has been a


difficult day as they come to terms with the death of a man who was


killed on site doing his job. The news has shocked the workforce here.


Many of the staff will be asking how this could happen and why. Those


questions will no doubt be answered in the investigation, which is


underway and I am told it will take many months. Later in the programme:


A packed and varied sports bulletin, including the top Olympic stars


who're pulling in the crowds in their determination to get more


girls more active. A Leicester MP is calling on an


education authority to ban sugar completely from schools. Keith Vaz


says hidden calories are contributing to an epidemic of


childhood obesity. Now he wants Leicester City Council to become the


first in the country to encourage sugar`free canteens and vending


machines. Eleanor Garnier has been looking at the issue. So Eleanor,


just how hidden is sugar? You might be surprised at just how


hidden it can be. In fact Keith Vaz says manufacturers are actually


misleading us about the amount of sugar in food and drinks. Did you


know this? One can of tomato soup can contain as much as four


teaspoons of sugar. Even a low fat yoghurt can have up to five


teaspoons in it. And the one we all know about, a can of fizzy drink `


well that can have up to nine teaspoons of sugar. And it's all


part of the problem of childhood obesity.


A healthy school lunch but just how many pupils are getting one?


Students at their school in Leicester have special needs and


many have individual dietary requirements. This school prides


itself on healthy eating but fears have been raised about childhood


obesity with a Leicester MP declaring a war on sugar. Keith Vaz


has written to the City Council urging all schools in Leicester to


go sugar free. I think it is very important that people understand


sugar is not good for their health will stop at the moment we have


sugar available quite freely in drinks and food in our schools. And


with obesity rates we have got, it is important we act immediately. The


local authority will not commit to a total ban but is welcoming the idea.


I think it is reasonable to ban fizzy drinks and sweets. I do think


it is reasonable, because it is not just about obesity and diabetes. It


is about behaviour in the classroom and also about dental decay. Most


parents and grandparents we spoke to would like to see a ban on sugar. I


hate sugar so I would ban it completely. I don't think it's any


good for anybody. It is a good idea because I don't know, I would never


give my kids fizzy drinks and would not want them to have access to it


if I wasn't in control of that access. It is about diet in general.


Banning in sugar in schools might be a big gas, but the warning dash if


ignored we will have generations of overweight children destined to grow


up into overweight adults. Now another surprise, more than half of


all adults are expected to be obese by 2050 so it's hoped reducing sugar


at a young age will have considerable health benefits.


Police are warning drug users they face extra dangers from fake pills


after a 19`year`old died in Derbyshire. Officers were called to


Leabrooks near Alfreton by ambulance crews treating the teenager for


suspected ecstasy use. He died later in hospital. Tests have shown the


tablets he took didn't contain genuine ecstasy or MDMA, but other


substances. A 16`year`old boy and an 18`year`old woman have been


arrested. Police say it's a growing problem. MDMA on its own can kill


you. Not many people die from it but some every year. They are putting a


cocktail of drugs together to mimic the effects of ecstasy. It is the


cock tale causing the problems in many cases.


All three Chambers of Commerce have welcomed what they call "good news"


for jobs and employment in the East Midlands. There are now 149,000


people unemployed according to the latest quarterly figures from the


Office for National Statistics. That's down 28,000 from the previous


three months and gives an unemployment rate of 6.4%, which is


just below the national average. A man has been airlifted to hospital


after being struck by a train near Newark Northgate Station. He was


taken to the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham with serious head


injuries. Network Rail has confirmed that he was a member of their


on`track team. There's been major disruption to train services.


Travellers are being warned that journeys through the station may


still be delayed for up to two hours.


You're watching East Midlands Today from the BBC. Still to come: Derby


honours one of its greatest industrialists as his former home is


restored to its former glory. What a difference a year makes. This


time last year we were showing new snowy scenes like this one, but the


best we can do tonight is a few wintry showers over the peak


district. You may recall the homeowners who


were left in the lurch after paying out thousands of pounds for


insulation. British Gas pulled its funding after the government changed


the rules on how energy`saving schemes are operated. This has had a


big effect on the Clifton estate. They had hoped to be warmer this


winter, instead many homeowners on the Clifton estate in Nottingham


suffered the chill of disappointment.


British Gas withdrew ?5 million worth of installation ten days ago,


giving 90 days notice. The company blamed government changes to what is


called the energy companies obligation. Their green levies added


to everybody's gas and electric bills, but they will be cut. It will


result in cheaper bills but there won't you money to insulates the


concrete homes in Clifton. It had seemed so different back in


September. That is when the council, and con tractors and the local MP,


Lillian Greenwood encouraged people to come 0


Lillian Greenwood encouraged people to come forward to get subsidised


installation. Tonight, British Gas said it was still talking to the


council about setting up a replacement. But how much money


would be available is unclear. Lillian Greenwood is the local MP


for those residents and met the energy minister a few hours ago.


Lillian, what has the Minister said this afternoon? We got warm words


but no certainty about warm homes. He said he will meet with Rajesh gas


and is meeting the chairman of Centrica and we'll talk to them


about trying to get them to agree to make sure all the people who signed


up have got their work completed. He said he wanted to work with those in


Nottingham and work with the department to come up with a


solution. But the truth is we don't know any more certainty from


residents than we did today. It is a shambles. You are the City Council


who promoted this scheme, shouldn't you have made certain before


encouraging residents to go work ahead with it? The scheme was


working, but the government changed the rules in concerns about energy


services. It has pulled the rug under the scheme. Have there been


any apologies to the people of Clifton? He did not apologise, but


he is concerned. I told him about some of the residents who felt they


had been let down by this government, particularly those who


are homeowners, the hard`working people the Prime Minister claims to


stand up for. Not great news for them at the moment, but thanks for


joining us. If you are a resident and are worried whether you are a


council tenant or a home owner, there is a helpline:


The man behind genetic fingerprinting and the vice`chairman


of Leicester City have both been given honorary degrees today.


Sir Alec Jeffreys, who developed genetic fingerprinting at the


University of Leicester in the 1980s received an honorary Doctor of


Science from De Montfort University. While the man who became Leicester


vice`chairman in 2011, is now an honorary Doctor of Business


Administration. Congrats generations for both of


them. `` congratulations. Shall we have some sport? One of the


big stories, abuse on Twitter. That is what we start with. The former


Leicester City and Nottingham Forest striker, Stan Collymore, has accused


the social media site Twitter of not doing enough to combat abusive


messages. Over the last 48 hours he's says he's been subjected to


racism and threats to kill from internet abusers known as trolls.


Former footballer, Stan Collymore is now a sports broadcaster and


expresses strong views on the game. He cheated and he dived to get a


penalty. His forthright but honest opinion resulted in him receiving a


flood of abuse on Twitter. Over the last 48 hours it has essentially


been explicit racial Bruce. On top of that, direct threat to kill. The


former Nottingham Forest and Leicester City player has made a


complaint to the police who are investigating. People see there is


nothing being done. Not only do they not rather deleting tweets of a


racist, sexist and homophobic nature, they open several accounts


and drag other people and other trolls who go on abusing people. Is


Twitter, perhaps some would argue a reflection of the state of society?


Maybe so. But I walk around media city here in Salford and somebody


racially abuse is me, it is still a reflection of one person in society.


But they dealt with and I am asking Twitter to do the same. Stan, who


celebrates his 42nd birthday today has widespread support from the East


Midlands foot wall family. I would not expect anything less from the


fans, to be fair. They go to the past and say Stan Collymore did


this, this and this. This could be your son, your daughter your uncle


who are being mocked for religious beliefs, being mocked the


disability. Birthday or not, out of banging the drum and hopefully


Twitter will respond sooner rather than later. Twitter says abuse is


against the rules but does not comment on individual cases.


Onto transfer news and Leicester City striker Martyn Waghorn is being


linked with a host of clubs, with Blackburn reported to be a potential


destination for the 23`year`old. In last night's football Notts


County lost for the first time this year at Peterborough. The game saw


seven goals, a red card and plenty of drama, as Tom Brown reports.


This was a match that had everything, a rejuvenated Notts


County going for four wins in a row started the strongest. Four minutes


in, there was some sloppy defending. County's pace and trickery were


causing problems. Three minutes later a cross from the right was


racked `` met by Roman Murray who just beat the keeper. After 15


minutes, the match took its first major twist. And off the ball


incident led to Ryan Murray getting a red card and Notts County were


down to ten men. That woke the home side up. First they pulled one back


through this neat turn in the box. Then came the equaliser after the


break. They had, County's early hopes shot down. Then came the goal


of the match. With 16 minutes to go. But Shaun Derry's Magpies are made


of tough stuff and two minutes later they were back on level terms.


Squeezing in an equaliser and it was three goals apiece. It looked like


the ten men would hold on for an heroic point, even when Peter Boro


did have the ball in the net, the Mac dies was saved by the flag. ``


Magpies. But this goalmouth scramble, led to Peter Boro's


winner. That is the first defeat to 2014 for Nottingham County, but


Derry will not be too disheartened. Two of our ever most successful


female Olympians have been in the East Midlands today. Gail Adams and


Katherine Grainger were in Nottingham to try to get more girls


in sport. No shortage of enthusiasm from these


girls. Two Olympic medallists providing inspiration. Despite all


of the medals and success over recent years, it is the girls that


are showing less activity. They are doing less activity than boys by the


age of nine. I doubt of 14 only 12% of girls are active. At 15, half as


many boys `` girls are taking the recommended amount of exercise. It


is their teenage years, if they drop out then it is hard to get them


back. I think body image is key to this debate. If you can get the


message across you don't have to be thin and surgically enhance, but you


can be fit and build an attractive image and a great shape I doing


sport. Apart from the issue of body image holding girls back,


campaigners say women's sport needs more coverage to change attitudes.


My mum was a woman's footballer. When she was 19 she played in the


World Cup and had to pay her own way to get there. This is only a few


years after England won the World Cup. Every time she was training on


the football pitch, she got shouted abuse at. Only now we are seeing


women's football on TV. If girls need any more convincing, this is


what it feels like to win an Olympic gold. You dream about it your whole


athletic Elliott, career. But doing it in London, it was magic. Six


months to the Commonwealth games and the girls are catching the boys up.


Think of the mega`rich today and the names Bill Gates or Roman Abramovich


probably spring to mind. But go back 200 years, and their equivalents are


Richard Arkwright and Jedediah Strutt. The two men virtually


invented the industrial revolution, right here in the East Midlands.


Today, Strutt, who perfected the art of stocking`making, was honoured


with a blue plaque in his name. James Roberson reports.


Sitting on one of the finest Georgian streets, Friar gatehouse in


Derby, an 18th`century building which was the final home of Jedediah


Strutt. Struts, owned the technology to knit stockings, formed the former


ship with Richard Arkwright. They founded the world's first factories,


Cotton Mills on the River Derwent and Milford. Immensely wealthy,


Strutt, never forgot his roots. Jedediah Strutt was a giant of the


industrial revolution. An entrepreneur but he looked after his


workers. At one stage he had eight Mills and with over 2000 3000 ``


2000, 3000 employees. While Strutt built modest cottages for his


workers, his family built this mansion. The new owner is turning


its back into a family home but also a showcase for his design business


which is moving back from Nottingham to Derby. I grew up here. I used to


look up the architect jet and think it was wonderful. It is a mini Pall


mall. I always thought I would move back here. We just fell in love with


this building. Today, William was Bert is the plaque unveiled. Blue


plaques are springing up all over Derby, including this one to another


Strutt. It is the City Council and the civic society recognising the


notables who have lived here in the city. The blue plaque is a permanent


reminder of the people who have a special or a unique place in the


history of Derby. It not only helps us to remember their achievements,


but it also inspires current and future generations.


How fabulous. Good to see Jedediah Arnott. You don't get many people


called Jedediah. `` honoured. Now the weather.


A much colder day in prospect tomorrow. But it was nice to see


sunshine in the middle of the day. But this evening we will see a few


showers and it will turn misty as well as the opportunity for a few


fog patches. We have a few fog patches around at the moment. These


are light but working towards the south`east corner. Could turn wintry


over the Peak District. Where we have the occasional break in the


crowd, that is when we will see mist and fog developing. The cloud will


form again over the next few hours due to a band of showers coming


through. This one is more lively, working its way into the early part


of tomorrow morning. They could beat Dundry, it will be heavy and there


will be wintry showers over the peak district. `` thundery. It is going


to be a colder day with the brisk north`westerly wind. Temperatures


tomorrow will be in the region of six Celsius. But it will feel bitter


outside at times. Friday, we start to see this next band of rain coming


in. There is too warm fronts with us on Friday. The leading edge on


higher ground could turn wintry for a time. At lower levels it should


start to fall as rain. Heavy bursts of rain through Friday. We will pick


up a few showers. On Saturday, it looks like it will be a better day


because it is turning wet and windy again on Sunday. Just as long as it


is snowing for the Winter Olympics. We are back at


We all have hopes and fears for the future


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