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shaking your head. That is horrible. That is all from the


This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: Good news on jobs. Bosses say our big fall in unemployment is


unprecedented. New figures show we are leading the


way. Is the economic recovery in the bad? Everyone seems more confident


than last year. More smiles. Also, an inquest is told of the final


moments of a woman who died on a crossed channel swim.


Plus, a major coup for Donington Park. It is to become the


headquarters for the world's first electric car racing Championships.


And I will be getting used to life in the slow lane on England's


shortest motorway. Welcome to Thursday's programme.


First tonight, solid signs of strong economic recovery in the East


Midlands. We've seen the biggest drop in unemployment of any region


in the UK, according to official figures. One business leader says


the fall in unemployment is unprecedented. Certainly, local


firms are taking on more staff. But are they offering high`quality jobs?


Here's our political editor John Hess.


If you want to find out why the economy seems so bright in this


region, you need to come to a place like this. This place likes


mouldings `` makes mouldings for industry. It has taken on extra


staff over the last six months and aims to take on an additional ten


people over the next year. We service a number of different


industries and we are seeing investments over the years of


recession, they are starting to buy across all industries, from


electrical to building. In the 0


electrical to building. In the East Midlands, 149,000


registered out of work. That is down 16% on the last quarter and 21.6%


over the last year. We have never seen it on this scale before. We are


seeing a combination of factors. There is real job growth and many


companies are taking on additional people. We are also seeing the


effects of Bennett reform so people are looking more vigorously for


work. And the degree of people still remaining in training and education.


Are these new jobs secure or just temporary? Most people are saying we


will take someone on for one year, two years or on a temporary vacancy


in order to work out how it goes. At Westminster today, one of our senior


MPs questioned whether the economic upturn was at the real deal. We need


to have a debate on real action given that under this employment no


longer seems to be a root out of poverty `` under this government


employment no longer seems to be a root out of poverty. Is the economic


upturn reflected on the street? I feel better than I did a year or so


ago. I feel my job specs have improved. Feeling quite confident. A


little bit more secure. Financially, my wages have gone up. Overall, I


think, yes, things are looking up. The changes to benefit payments may


also have been a factor. But looking at the figures, there is no doubt


our region economically is leading the way.


Lucy Haynes is the regional head of the bosses' organisation the CBI and


she's in our Leicester studio. Obviously, this is encouraging. Why


are the latest 0 Obviously, this is encouraging. Why


are the latest job numbers so good here in the East Midlands? I think


one of the reasons for that is because of the diverse range of


sectors that we have in the East Midlands. There has been talk about


the rebalancing of the economy and I think perhaps we are starting to see


that in the East Midlands. It really is good news. It is good news that


we are seeing labour market recovery, we are seeing businesses


take people on. There has been a huge dent in the levels of youth


unemployment which is obviously really important. We have seen


increasing levels of part`time employment and full`time employment.


Really good signs. Is this a jobs recovery based on short`term


contracts and low pay or are these good, sustainable jobs? There is


nothing to suggest that. We are seeing increases in levels of


part`time employment, but we are also seeing part time employed


people going into full`time as well. I think one of the issues in the


East Midlands is very much around productivity. That is the measure of


output and time needed 0 productivity. That is the measure of


output and time needed to do that. What we really need to see in the


East Midlands is increased productivity. We need businesses


selling more. We need to see them becoming more efficient. Then we


will be able to see them pay their staff more and hopefully take on


more people as well. Thank you very much.


A court's been hearing about the final moments of a swimmer from


Leicestershire who died while attempting to cross the English


Channel. Susan Taylor died from swimming in the sea for long enough


to make her heart stop. Helen Astle reports.


Today her brother and parents came to the coroner 's court to hear


answers. Why did she die? The 34`year`old had given up her job to


start training to swim the channel in the hope of raising money for a


charity. The challenge got under way in the early hours of the 14th of


July last year. Then with just a mile to go update stopped. In


distressing evidence, the court heard that she suddenly collapsed.


Her brother a paramedic who was on the support boat following her


described what happened. Susan was showing signs of fatigue, she kept


going, but soon she was sick and she had to stop again. I told her to get


out. Susan then lay on her back and seemingly became unconscious. She


then rolled over onto her front and lay facedown in the seat motionless.


`` in the C. David then helped to pull the one to the support boat.


She wasn't breathing. She was airlifted to hospital but she died


before she could be treated. Following her death, thousands of


people donated money to the hospice, over ?100,000 has been raised. A


representative from the charity spoke on behalf of the family. Susan


was a wonderful person dedicated to helping those less fortunate than


herself. It was a great comfort that Susan died trying to accomplish her


childhood ambition in aid of such worthy causes. We have received


support from many people. The coroner recorded a verdict of


misadventure. He said that she was not undertaking the swim for glory,


she was doing it because of her love for other people. She has probably


achieved far more in her life than many of us can hope to.


Still to come: Plugging a hole ` built during the industrial


revolution, this canal's sprung a leak. Lots of them. Now it's been


emptied so repair work can get under way.


It has been an interesting day weather`wise. Heavy showers at


times. The main concern over night is ice.


Next tonight, some big news from Donington Park today. It's to become


the multi`million pound headquarters for the world's first


electric motor racing Championships. It's being hailed as a critical leap


forward for the company which took over the running of the race track


some three years ago. It secures the future of the track and promotes


Britain as a leading innovator in energy`efficient cars. Sarah Teale


has the full story. It has had a somewhat chequered past


over the last few years but this is the exciting future for Donington


Park. The circuit is to become the global headquarters for formula


capital E. It is a game changer for the new company that took over in


2010 and have been slowly rebuilding. A great programme of


racing. It needed something like this to really kick ass into the


bigger league and put Donington Park on the international map. With big


money and big names like Richard Branson and Leonardo DiCaprio


involved, Donington Park was up against ferocious worldwide


competition. The fact is that Britain is the home of the worldwide


motorsports industry. This is a great location. Next door to an


international airport. The logistics partner is DHL. They are here. The


motorway and railway is here. There is a good and well trained workforce


in the area. This is an exciting new development in the world of


motorsport. The cars will look very similar to the traditional ones we


are used to seeing. They will be powered exclusively by electricity


and capable of reaching speeds of up to 150 miles an hour. The races will


start in September and take place around the streets of ten cities


worldwide including London. The racing teams will also use the


Donington Park circuit testing and development work on the racing cars


which means the famous faces involved will be flying in to watch.


It will be the case that Leonardo DiCaprio is bound to come and see


how it is doing. I am sure that may well be quite a popular day in the


district. There is no doubt this is a major coup for the Donington


Park, placing it at the heart of a new vision for the future of the


motor industry. The police in Derbyshire have asked


a man to stop fundraising in the name of six children who died in a


house fire started by their father Mick Philpott. The Catch Me When I


Fall appeal was set up in the wake of the fire in 2012 to help other


local children. But relatives of the Philpott children wanted it stopped


from raising money in their name. In a statement, the police said they


had investigated the way the appeal was being run and had found no


wrongdoing. Even so, they've advised that no further money be collected.


Mick Philpott, the children's mother, Mairead, and a family friend


Paul Mosley are all serving prison sentences for manslaughter.


New figures suggest crime in Nottinghamshire isn't falling as


much as in other parts of the country. There's been a 1% drop in


the number of reported offences last year, compared to a 10% fall across


England and Wales. There was a large rise in shoplifting and sexual


offences and 1,300 extra violent crimes in the county. Officers have


blamed changes in the way crimes are collated and say people are also


more confident about reporting them. An alcohol`free bar is opening up in


the East Midlands. It's run by a charity that helps people


with drink problems and has been given a grant of ?340,000 from the


National Lottery. A Government survey suggests around one in eight


people in our region never drink alcohol. The venue is also aimed at


people who do, but fancy a change from a boozy night out.


A stones throw from the Old Market Square, it looks like a club. If you


arrive so that here, you will leave that way. There is not a drop of


alcohol here. People are looking to be more healthy and everyone is more


aware of addiction issues as well. Should more of us switch to alcohol


free alternatives more often? In the East Midlands, one in five people


were drinking at a level that increases the risk of damaging their


health. 83,000 alcohol related hospital admissions were reported in


2011 and 149 people died from alcohol`related causes. Jason told


me drink was killing him until he quit nine years ago. He is one of


the first to sample the alcohol free bar. It is ideal for Nottingham.


People in recovery, it is ideal. People are getting more


health`conscious and not going on mad benders like in the 80s and


90s. Cheers. Plenty of media attention today, but will be public


give it a second glance when it opens next week to estimate the


people who hand out National Lottery money are convinced it is a good


cause. They have granted over ?300,000 to the venture set up by a


Nottingham drugs and alcohol charity. We have funded a project


similar to this recently in Liverpool. That has shown success.


With around 100 drink choices and alcohol free cocktails, they are


hoping to shake up Nottingham's nightlife great idea.


We will see if it catches on. Striking lecturers have accused


their university of bullying them, by docking them a full day's salary


for a two`hour strike. Staff at Nottingham Trent University took


part in a national stoppage this morning over pay. But their managers


have taken legal advice and say, along with 40 other universities,


they are entitled to dock strikers a whole day's money, even though the


walk`out only lasted two hours. We have members here today who I have


not seen take industrial action before. I think it has angered our


members sufficiently to force them to come out. They are being bullied,


essentially. It is a democratically voted for strike and to say they


will dock as the day's paper two hours is frankly disingenuous. ``


the day's pay. Plans to revamp the main entrance to


Nottingham's Victoria Centre have been approved. The design includes


an extended glass entrance with lighting panels which change colour.


The centre's owners say it's a key part of its ?40 million


refurbishment which starts next month. The city council's already


approved proposals for similar entrances at the Clock Tower and


Glasshouse Street. A leaky pipe's a pain at the best of


times. But a canal that's leaking is an entirely different kettle of


fish. On the Erewash Canal in Nottinghamshire, a loch's been


drained so repair work can get under way. While they're at it,


they'll fix a set of lock gates and repair the brickwork. All part of a


nationwide, ?45 million programme of canal repairs. Amy Harris reports.


Stepping into the past, these workmen are storing and repairing


this loch in Derbyshire. It dates back to the Industrial Revolution.


Not surprisingly, it is in need of a face`lift and there is a fair bit to


do. We have got a 250`year`old canal and we have got to keep it working.


Each loch takes a bit of tender loving care. 0


Each loch takes a bit of tender loving care. Pointing, brickwork


repairs. It is required to keep the canal in tiptop condition. This is


one of 100 lochs across the country undergoing repair work for the


benefit of the 33,000 bows that pass through them every year. `` boats.


It will cost ?50,000 and take up to four weeks. But while the loch is


closed, to boats, it is open to the public on Sunday. You would not


believe it, but their role people living here who did not know the


canal and the loch was here. It will be eye opening. I hope they come and


have a look. It is part of their heritage. The loch will be open from


10am until 4pm. Read chance to see the of engineering from the past and


the work to protect its the future `` a red chance.


Still to come: Is this the world's worst motorway?


It's just one mile long, doesn't go anywhere and the roadworks are


never`ending. Full story later. Talking about never`ending...


Colin, take no notice! It gets harsher and harsher.


I will get on with it. First, it's not until March, but the


build up to the Derby`Forest match has started already. Today Derby


confirmed they're changing where away fans will sit at the iPro


Stadium from next season. Rams supporters will be behind both goals


and the away fans moved to a corner. Interestingly, the club will trial


the plans at that Forest game. Natalie Jackson explains.


From next season, the 0 Natalie Jackson explains.


From next season, the South stand here at the iPro Stadium becomes a


home fans only area. It means Rams supporters can sit behind both


goals. 0 supporters can sit behind both


goals. The away fans will be tucked away over there in the south`east


corner. Chief Executive says it gives the head coach Steve McClaren


home advantage. Certainly, Steve is behind it. For him and the players


to come out to an arena where all of the fans behind the team is


fantastic. It will help spur them on. Chief operating officer John


Vickers has widely consulted fans. We sometimes have 4500 away fans


hide the South stand goal making noise. `` behind. We feel we are


giving away the home advantage. Since we left the baseball ground,


we have not had a central area of the home supporters. I think it will


be much better. We have always wanted to be behind the goal and


push them into the corner. We have spoken about it further number


years. The club will trial the plans at the coming East Midlands derby


giving Forest and allocation of 2700 tickets. I see no point in entering


into a tit`for`tat exercise and giving them 0


into a tit`for`tat exercise and giving them 2000 and leaving 700


unsold seats. The game with Forest is on the 22nd of March.


Other news form the Rams, Derby have signed Nuneaton goalkeeper Kelle


Roos on a two`and`a`half`year deal for an undisclosed fee.


Leicester City Manager Nigel Pearson has confirmed they've turned down a


second bid from Fulham for young defender Liam Moore. Moore has


impressed with his performances at the heart of the Leicester defence


this season. Pearson says as far as he's aware he's the only player the


club have received official bids for this January. And he's hoping


attention from the Premier League isn't a distraction. I think there


is always the danger when their respective Laois and surrounding


players' future is that it can have an adverse effect. `` when there is


speculation. Hopefully it will not have a negative effect.


Nottingham Forest have sent striker Ishmael Miller back to Yeovil on


loan until the end of the season. He's already spent a month there


scoring three goals. Finally from me, the Nottingham


woman who took up Brazilian jujitsu as a student and now she says she's


aiming for the moon. Vanessa English has already become a world champion


as a purple belt. This week she's going for an even bigger title in


Lisbon. Tom Brown has been to meet her.


One. Two. In a small hall in Nottingham, this Brazilian teachers


Brazilian jujitsu. In Vanessa English, he has got a real star. I


love my life 0 English, he has got a real star. I


love my life and I love jujitsu being a big part of my life. Vanessa


is a special girl. She is one of the most dedicated students I have over


here. Vanessa only picked up the sport four years ago. Already, she


is a world champion at purple belt, beating opponents who have more


experience and who are often much bigger. Nice. I have had people say


to me, you feel like a 100 kilo guy but you are 50 kilos. What is going


on? That is a nice feeling. But being the best requires a relentless


training schedule and Vanessa has to fit it all around her job as a home


carer. She has to do her overnight shifts and she goes all the way


through the night and the next morning she is here training. It is


a contrast. One day I 0 morning she is here training. It is


a contrast. One day I would like to do jujitsu completely full`time. If


that is what I have to do to reach my goal is, then that is what I will


do. Her goal this week is a brown belt title at the European


Championships in Lisbon. That would leave her just one below the top


division of lap belt and her ambition does not end there ``


blackbelt. I am going to the moon. The sky is not the limit for me. I


am going beyond that. I want to be the best.


All that in just four years. Remarkable performance from her and


she is really going along way. Just shows what is positive thought


does. You have to believe you will get to the top.


Don't mess with Vanessa! The shortest motorway in England has


opened in Leicestershire. It's just one`mile long and I suspect the


chances of getting stuck in a traffic jam are pretty low.


I think you are right there! So, what exactly is it used for and


where is it? Our reporter Eleanor Garnier's been finding out.


Motorways are of course the driving, not for walking. You might


think I am taking a bit of a risk. If this was a real motorway, you


would be right. Luckily for me, it isn't. Which works here. I am going


to find out what he does. `` Richard. This is a one mile stretch


of road, three lanes, white lines under high shoulder. I am team


manager for the Highways Agency. Here we do a lot of operational


training in a safe environment where we can replicate the motorway


without having to affect the public by closing motorways. Highways


officers from across the country come to the motorway to do their


training, whether it is towing vehicles, putting up screens around


accident or even organising the traffic, it can all be done here. It


allows us to develop our skills in a safe environment and also learn from


our mistakes. We are constantly changing and learning new skills.


Coming to a facility like this gives us the opportunity to learn more


skills. This stretch of motorway as part of the 1.9 mile 0


skills. This stretch of motorway as part of the 1.9 mile runway.


Officers still need to do some training on a real motorway, but 90%


of the courses the new staff can be done here. While they get on with


their training, I am going to relax in the slow lane. Or should I save


lane one. One thing is for certain, I am certainly not going to get


stuck in a traffic jam `` or should I 0


stuck in a traffic jam `` or should I say lane one? Let us hear it for


the highways workers, they do a vital job.


You don't think about them having to practice doing stuff like that but


it is quite obvious. Dangerous on the motorways,


especially when it is wet like today.


Despite the fact we had such a wet start to the day and we certainly


saw some pretty lively showers as well with the sky is really


darkening across the East Midlands, we are left with the remnants of the


water that has fallen. There is a weather warning in force tonight. It


is with regards eyes on untreated pavement Zandra Rhodes `` ice.


Wintry showers across the peak district. Gradually they will sink


towards the south. Clear skies across the eastern side. A little


bit more cloud. That will have an impact on how much frost we are


likely to see. It's coldest temperatures in the East, that is


the main area where we will see ice problems. Very wet on Friday. Rain


coming in in the early part of tomorrow morning. Why the time this


weather front reaches us, it will weaken slightly. It will still be a


very cold day. It will be damp and dismal. The temperatures by the


afternoon, a southerly breeze. Around five or six degrees. It will


increase further through the early part of the evening. Milder air is


starting to come in. Saturday morning starts fine and dry. It soon


changes as the day goes on. Further bands of rain coming in on Saturday.


Temperatures recover a bit. Sunday after a dry and cold start to the


day, it will certainly start to change once again. The deep area of


low pressure moves in. Gale force winds likely. A band of heavy rain


working East. The low pressure does not know where to go on Monday so


it. Off wet and cold `` it will start off wet and cold. How is your


thumb? Serious accident.


Thank you for helping me with all of the little personal tasks!


A star will be born on The Voice 2014!


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