26/01/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. This


weekend's storm has left a temple in Leicester almost in ruins. The gable


end collapsed and a third of the roof was destroyed by the lightning


and strong winds. Just an hour beforehand, the temple had been


packed with worshippers. Today, this was the damage caused.


The entire area was illuminated by the flash of lightning, and at that


time, it must have hit the building and the wall and roof of blown off.


The total cost of the damage would be about ?250,000, but if the


lightning have struck an hour earlier, the human cost would have


been a lot greater. Since yesterday, I have been very emotional. You care


about the community. As the Temple tries to cope with the destruction,


not far away, the residents are coming to terms with what they


described as a mini tornado. It was a disaster scene. All over the road,


it was like a horror movie. I was gutted. The people on the street say


this storm lasted no longer than 20 minutes in total but it would take


months to clean up its mess. An area of woodland has been


cordoned off by police after the discovery of a bone that's believed


to be human. The discovery in woodland near Papplewick in


Nottinghamshire was made by a dog`walker. Forensic tests are being


carried out. Police will then decide if it's a a criminal matter or an


archaeological concern. Police investigating a death in


Hinckley have charged a man with murder. Police officers were called


to Factory Road in the town on Friday after reports of an assault


and a woman falling from a first floor window with a baby. A


31`year`old man will appear before magistrates in Loughborough


tomorrow. Drugs experts in the East Midlands


testing legal highs are warning they're coming across mind`changing


chemicals never seen before. In some cases, illegal and dangerous


substances are being found in legal`high products.


They are known as legal highs, but experts call them new psychoactive


substances. We take more in the UK than anywhere else in Europe. Karin


is 20 and from Derbyshire. Since first legal high experience she has


had plenty more. I had one bad experience where I thought I would


die. He was zoning out. You're not thinking anything. When it goes


wrong, hospital toxicologists have to find out what patients have


taken. If we don't know what these compounds are, it's very difficult


for clinicians to give the correct treatment. Unfortunately, we are


seeing these cases too late. Legal highs are available on the Internet


and in other places. The government will announce in the spring how it


plans to deal with the trade. See more of Sarah's investigation on


tomorrow night's Inside Out for the East Midlands. That's here on BBC


One at 7.30pm. Onto football, the draw that's just


been made means Nottingham Forest will meet either Sheffield United or


Fulham in the fifth round of the FA Cup if they win their replay at


Preston. Meanwhile, in the Championship, Leicester City


stretched their lead at the top. With that and yesterday's action


here's Mark Shardlow. A storm hit the stadium just before


kick`off. Thunder, lightning, hail, rain and wind but the ground just


about held it together. A storm that is Leicester City. This was the club


record's seventh successive win. The second was a thunderous header. A


comfortable win for the league leaders. Derby County seem to be


doing well at Blackburn. The home side, though, went ahead at the 47th


minute. Another lovely goal from Patrick Bamford made it 1`1. There


was a day huge at Knott County. Mansfield town came back from 2`1 to


get a point at home to Wycombe. We have had a bit of everything so


far today. An awful lot of rain. It could be even more interesting. Some


of these showers have the potential to turn wintry. A little bit of a


dusting of snow first thing on Monday morning, particularly on high


ground. It's very unlikely to be disruptive but you might know it is


there. A very icy start on Monday. Further showers on the way but lots


of dry weather in there, too. You will notice how cold it has got as


well. We have got more wet weather and cold weather to come and more


wintry stuff as we go through the week.


Until then, plenty more news on our website. Bye-bye.


Good evening. will keep going through the nights


tonight and as the air turns colder,


tonight and as the air turns wintry. A mixture of sleet and snow


leaving us with the risk advice The band of rain has cleared his


leaving us with the risk advice The cloud on the satellite picture, the


centre of the low. Around that, strong winds


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