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colder. It could be short lived. That is all from the BBC's


This is East Midlands Today with Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight: five people plead not guilty to the murders of four


members of the same family. The four victims died at a fire at


their home in Leicester last year. Also tonight: a direct hit `


lightning brings down the roof at a temple.


And a bovine sound barrier ` plans for a 16`foot high wall to mute the


mooing. And the dangers of sleepwalking coming up.


Welcome to Monday's programme. First tonight, four men and a teenager


have all pleaded not guilty to four murder charges after four members of


the same family were killed in a house fire in Leicester.


In a separate case, two men pleaded not 0


In a separate case, two men pleaded not guilty to the murder of the


football coach Antoin Akpom in the same city a few hours earlier. Both


trials will be heard in April. From Birmingham Crown Court, here's


Quentin Rayner. In the early evening of the 12th of September on Kent


Street in Leicester Antoin Akpom was killed by a single stab and. Today,


219`year`old men from Leicester both pleaded not guilty to a murder


charge. The remaining custody. They were killed in a fire in the Wood


Hill area 0 were killed in a fire in the Wood


Hill area of 0 were killed in a fire in the Wood


Hill area of Leicester. Five of those accused on four counts of


murder entered pleas. They were all aged between 17 and 24. They all


pleaded not guilty to all charges. They were remanded into custody. A


mistake meant that three other men were not brought to court today.


They will now enter pleas in March. The High Court judge ruled that


there was not 0 The High Court judge ruled that


there was not enough evidence for both cases to be heard. The stabbing


case has been set for the beginning of April and the house fire trial


will start several weeks later. The first is expected to last up to


three weeks and the second could take eight. 0


take eight. Next tonight: the aftermath of that


dramatic storm which swept through the East Midlands on Saturday


leaving a trail of devastation. Structural engineers were called in


to a temple in Leicester which was severely damaged after being struck


by lightning. The ceiling collapsed with worshippers inside. And


elsewhere many homes were damaged. Sarah Teale joins us. Quite a


dramatic afternoon. That's a very good word to describe


it. Our cameraman 0 That's a very good word to describe


it. Our cameraman stopped at the height of the storm to film and you


can hear the hailstones crashing onto his windscreen. The storm was


fairly swift as it passed through the East Midlands but extremely


ferocious with even reports of tornadoes. 0


ferocious with even reports of tornadoes. The worst damage was at


that temple in Leicester where a lightning strike caused the roof and


walls to collapse. Cameras captured the dramatic moment that the


lightning struck. As the ceiling crashes down, a group of worshippers


have a very narrow escape. The roof was literally blown off.


From outside, CCTV captures the baby flying across the road. The force is


so great that it knocks the camera side works.


There was a car parked there and one of the beans went in like a javelin


through the windscreen. The people were in the car. Only one was


injured with cuts. We 0 0


injured with cuts. We can clearly see the damage from


these pictures. Despite the rubble, it is relieved that only the


building bore the brunt of the storm.


We were very fortunate to not be injured. If that had happened while


the congregation hall was built it could have been very serious. A


lucky escape for many there. At the same time the storm hit other


parts of the East Midlands. It reached its peak just as the teams


came out at Leicester City. The strong winds even blowing the


advertising hoardings across the pitch. Leicester Tigers cancelled


their rugby match. In north Notts many houses in the Shirebrook area


had tiles blown off their roofs. Residents reported it was caused by


a tornado. And people living in Melton say the same thing after


fences 0 0 Melton say the same thing after


fences came 0 Melton say the same thing after


fences came down and cars were damaged by falling debris.


Local residents said it was a tornado that came through, obviously


creating a lot of damage. One chimney was completely ripped off


the 0 0 chimney was completely ripped off


the roof. All of a sudden I heard a cracking


noise, which was the chimney, then I saw the tornado carrying debris down


the front of my house. The weather map from Saturday


clearly charts the storm passing through incredibly quickly. The


yellow and the green show the heaviest most intense rainfall. So


were there really tornados? Our weather presenter says quite


possibly. But apparently a tornado is only official if the Met Office


can confirm it with actual photographic evidence.


It started to show up on the radar is what he call a squall line. It


can contain lightning and hail and very heavy rain and strong winds as


well. It was the perfect setup for it are legal.


Apparently much less stormy conditions to come this week. The


full forecast later. Thank you.


Also coming up: cutting down noise from a cattle market. But is a


16`feet wall the answer? And I'm at the Children's Hospital


where they are gearing up to build a new cancer ward just for teenagers.


Next tonight ` the dangers of sleepwalking. Morag Fisher needed


two emergency operations after she fell downstairs suffering multiple


fractures and was found by her partner in pool of blood. She's been


a sleepwalker since childhood but never injured herself before.


Experts at Nottingham's Queen's medical centre say they see two or


three cases a year of people being badly hurt because of sleepwalking.


In Morag's case the injuries were life threatening.


I am just looking at the right rest here.


Morag's injuries were life`threatening. She fell


downstairs. I was in a stranger's house. Not my


own home. Having heard she fell down a flight of stairs I am not


surprised she has this catalogue of injuries. Facial injuries, broken


cheekbone, broke some ribs. Damaged vertebra in the back and wrists


broken. I am very lucky to be here.


This is where she fell down. At five o'clock in the morning I heard a


massive crash were she had the door. I came out and find her here. She


had banged her head. It could've been a lot worse.


She spent ten days in the trauma unit at Nottingham 0


She spent ten days in the trauma unit at Nottingham Queen's Medical


Centre. 0 unit at Nottingham Queen's Medical


Centre. She landed on her face and had some nasty injuries.


It is thought that one in three children will sleepwalk at one


point. 0 0 children will sleepwalk at one


point. And Americans that he revealed that one in 30 adults


reported sleepwalking in the previous year. It usually occurs in


deep sleep and in the first few hours after falling asleep. They


cannot see. They sometimes forget where they are in the house. They


can go into a different room or fall down stairs so it can be dangerous.


The NHS gets 0 down stairs so it can be dangerous.


The NHS gets such bad press but I am grateful.


With her body healing, she has motivated stair gates at home.


A 31`year`old man has appeared at Loughborough 0 0


A 31`year`old man has appeared at Loughborough Magistrates' Court


charged with murder and four other offences. James Burton from Earl


Shilton was arrested after an incident on Factory Road in Hinckley


last Friday where police officers found 23`year`old Matthew Dunn


"seriously injured". He died a short time later. Burton will appear


before Leicester Crown Court next month.


A London law firm is investigating allegations that Jimmy Savile may


have abused children at a secondary school in West Bridgford. Lawyers


from Leigh Day say that his motor`home was often parked within


the school grounds. It's 0 motor`home was often parked within


the school grounds. It's understood that 0


the school grounds. It's understood that Savile hosted road shows there.


They'd like to hear from anyone who may remember his visits to


Nottingham during 1971 and 1972. The Chairman of Coalville Town


Football Club says an alleged assault by an opposing player


towards a Coalville fan during a match was 'absolutely disgraceful'.


Karl Colley from Goole FC ` had just been sent off in their home match


against Coalville in the Northern League First Division South on


Saturday afternoon when tempers flared. The Football Association has


said it will 0 flared. The Football Association has


said it will look into the incident. Goole FC have told Colley that he


will not play for them again. Councillors are planing to put up a


huge wall to try 0 Councillors are planing to put up a


huge wall to try and block the noise from Bakewell livestock market. It's


about five metres high and ninety seven metres long and the people who


live right beside it are not at all happy with the prospect.


They say it would cost over one hundred thousand pounds and only


three people in the town actually want it. A typical market day at


Bakewell agricultural centre. Hundreds of 0


Bakewell agricultural centre. Hundreds of cattle and sheep are


brought here every week. But the livestock market noise is not their


everyday. We have a busy market every week of


the year. Then we have a monthly cattle sale on a Friday.


Derbyshire Dales District Council say that people have objected to the


noise. The council wants to put up a sound barrier. It would run along


here. It is this group of residents who put up the bunting. They live


next to the market but are passionately against the barrier.


I think the proposal of a barrier is a solution to a problem that does


not exist. The noise is not a problem for us. The visual impact


will be devastating for us. Were against 0


will be devastating for us. Were against it because it does not fit


in with the aesthetic. And it would have major cost invitations. There


is no need for it. Derbyshire Dales say opinion is


split in Bakewell. They hosted a meeting to get people's views on a


revised plan. 0 Originally there were only three


complaints. I do not think that this has much to do with the town.


A decision May be made next month. Coming up: is is curtains for the


Regent? Campaigners fear that bulldozers could be about to flatten


this 1920s art deco cinema. Teenagers with cancer look set to


get their own hospital ward. At the moment, they're treated alongside


younger patients at Nottingham's Children's Hospital. But one father,


whose daughter suffered a brain tumour, says teenagers desperately


need their own space. And hopefully, that's now going to happen.


It is not easy to come back here. John 's daughter was 16 and spent


many months been 0 John 's daughter was 16 and spent


many months been treated here for a brain gym. Sadly, she died last


year. Her treatment was excellent but her dad says her surroundings


were not. She found herself in environment


where there was no privacy. She was 16, surrounded by small children.


She had lost her hair and her looks had changed because of the drugs she


was on. And the simplest thing just going to the bathroom became an


almighty event. She was the only teenager. She had no one to talk to,


no way to share. 0 But 0 0


no way to share. 0 But this might not be the case for


other teenagers if this special award is built. Also, upgrading


facilities for patients. We will be able to provide first`class


accommodation for children and teenagers who are diagnosed and


treated with cancer across the whole of the East Midlands. I feel


delighted that this is finally happening.


It has to happen. And when it does, there will be 15


beds in all. Building work is due to start in April and be finished by


the end of the year. A man from Nottinghamshire who


stabbed his partner to death has been jailed for life. Geoffrey


Hemming stabbed Denise Williamson ten times at their family home at


Hazelwood Drive in Hucknall in July. She died shortly afterwards in


hospital. He pleaded guilty to her murder last month.


Police in Thailand investigating the death of the Derby`born head of Tata


Motors believe he may have taken his own life. 51`year`old Karl Slym is


reported to have fallen from the 22nd floor of a hotel where he was


attending a board meeting. Detectives say there were no signs


of a struggle. 0 Detectives say there were no signs


of a struggle. They're also looking into a three page note that was


found in his room. A deal for a ?150 million revamp of


Nottingham's Broadmarsh Centre has been signed. Construction work to


extend and refurbish the centre could start before the end of next


year. The City Council says it's already working with local


architects, Benoy, on potential designs. The deal includes a ?40


million refurbishment of the Victoria Centre which is also run by


Intu. Now our political editor John Hess


is used to dealing with controversial subjects ` which is


just as well because he's just made a film for Inside Out about the


revival of burlesque. It turns out some of Britain's top performers in


this somewhat risque form of entertainment come from the East


Midlands. But one council has banned a burlesque show and some people are


asking whether this style of performance is demeaning women or


liberating them. Here's a sneak preview, or should we say


tantalising glimpse of tonight's film.


The finishing touches before a show, but for some this type of


entertainment crosses a line. Burlesque is sexual entertainment


and I do think it is regressive. I would say it is totally


empowering. There are lots of people who seem to


think that it is very raunchy, that it's like striptease or worse.


Rubbish! Burlesque is not just about stripping.


And you can see the full monty, so to speak, on Inside Out East


Midlands, tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.


Leicester City will be without one of their key players for at least


three weeks after he broke a rib crashing into a goalpost. Liam Moore


picked 0 0 crashing into a goalpost. Liam Moore


picked up the injury as Leicester took their lead at the top of the


Championship to eight points. It was an injury to make you wince.


Liam Moore bravely sliding in at the far post to try and score but went


at speed into the post. The players immediately knew it was painful. Now


we know he will be out for several weeks. No wonder the grass was


slippy. The deluge that greeted the kick`off continued into the first


half. At times you wondered if the match would carry on. Thankfully,


conditions improved and Leicester got a slice of luck. Many thought


this ball went out of play but the ref did not, David Nugent carried on


fighting and Jamie Vardy gave City the lead. Vardy is at the top of his


game at the moment and his burst down the right earned City their


14th penalty of the season. Nugent has scored nine of them, but failed


to make it a record`equalling ten in a season. One record was met:


Ritchie De Laet scored to make it 2`0 making seven wins in a row for


Leicester, never bettered in the club's history.


It was not the best day weather`wise and I think both sets of players


coped with 0 and I think both sets of players


coped with it pretty well. It was tricky, but we managed to come


through it and that's really what it's about.


Leicester now take their winning run to Birmingham tomorrow night.


Onto Derby, who have come up with an interesting way to encourage fans to


buy next year's season tickets good and early. If the Rams go up, early


buyers will not just have a Premier League seat, but they'll have half


their money back too. It's looking more 0


their money back too. It's looking more and 0


their money back too. It's looking more and more like a gamble worth


taking. Some might say that it sounds like a


gimmick but it certainly catches the eye. And Derby's consistent place in


the championship top six does make you wonder if the Rams might not


just be paying out to early buyers of Premier League seats.


If we were to get to the Premier League and enjoy the riches that


brings, we'd like to take that opportunity to share it with fans.


Saturday's match at Blackburn is an example of why fans might be


tempted. Yes, Derby went behind just after half`time, but they showed


real fight away from home and in on`loan striker Patrick Bamford,


they have someone who can do something special. It should have


been three points to the Rams ` they had the chances. Perhaps they will


be coughing up the cash back. I think the exciting thing is that


we're at that stage where can offer these deals. We can try to entice


the public. It is a club coming together.


Some good news for Derby today. The damage is not as bad as they thought


for the injured player. Nottingham Forest were in action on


Friday, their 0`0 draw with Preston enough to at least put them into the


draw for the FA Cup's fifth round. If they win the replay on the


February fifth they'll go to either Nigel Clough's Sheffield United or


to Premiership Fulham. Elsewhere, Notts County's manager


Shaun Derry described their 5`1 home defeat by Walsall as unacceptable.


Whilst Mansfield claimed a draw with Wycombe. Notts were just blown away


by Walsall at Meadow Lane. And the man who did the damage was Febian


Brandy. He scored a first`half hat`trick and gave a handy display


of his gymnastic abilities. Walsall's manager said it was one of


his best ever victories. And their sharpness in front of goal surely


means that Walsall are League One promotion candidates. Notts had


conceded all five before Callum McGregor got the consolation. In


League Two, Mansfield went two goals down at home to Wycombe before their


fightback. Lee Stevenson got their first and then, in a late scramble,


sub Ollie Palmer popped in the equaliser.


The Leicester Tigers have been told the result in their abandoned game


at the weekend must stand. Tigers were 20 points to six behind against


Harlequins when tornado like conditions hit the Twickenham Stoop


with ten minutes remaining. Advertising hoarding and parts of


the stand blew around the ground. The organisers met today and decided


against a replay. Nottingham Panthers' up and down


season stayed true to form over the weekend ` they were beaten in


Sheffield on Saturday but bounced back last night. Hull were the


victims at the Ice Arena ` but they put up a very good fight ` twice


going two goals ahead despite being outshot throughout the game.


Eventually, though, the Panthers' firepower told. But they were only


truly able to relax after scoring this one ` with just 0


truly able to relax after scoring this one ` with just 26 seconds


left. Finally, congratulations to


Nottingham's Brazilian jiu`jitsu star, Vanessa English. You may


remember we featured her on the programme last week. Well over the


weekend she won a gold and bronze medal at the European Championships


in 0 medal at the European Championships


in Lisbon. As we said last week, not bad for someone who only took up the


sport four years ago. That is brilliant. She is so


determined. Campaigners in Leicestershire are


desperately trying to save an art deco cinema building, dating back to


the late 1920s. It's still known by people in Hinckley as the Regent,


but it may be demolished to make way for a car park. Sadly, time seems to


be running out because the owner has permission for demolition and the


bulldozers could be moving in soon. The ceiling is one of the most


striking features of the building. These people plan to fund raise and


believe a big donation could 0 These people plan to fund raise and


believe a big donation could be the answer.


If somebody maybe would like to invest or come forward, please do so


because we would welcome you with open arms.


It has stopped operating as a bingo hall last 0


It has stopped operating as a bingo hall last year and is now released


as a storage area. I know that nothing has been done for a while


but with new social media, the old Regent cinema could be knocked down


and 0 Regent cinema could be knocked down


and this 0 Regent cinema could be knocked down


and this reality 0 0 Regent cinema could be knocked down


and this reality has hit the people of Hinckley and there are a lot of


people out there who want to see if it is possible to save this famous


landmark. The owner is yet to be convinced.


The dream is it could open as a multifunction venue.


The architectural merit is superb and it is the last surviving example


of such a cinema. The auditorium survives intact.


The front of the building may be kept but planning permission has


already been given for it to make way for a supermarket car park. That


could happen is on. Of course we need another


supermarket car park! Good evening. A very active cold


front caused much of the bad weather over the weekend. Low pressure is


anchored to the north and west of the UK but it is coming closer


tomorrow and will end up on top of us. Nowhere is immune to the


shutters tomorrow which will coming thick and fast. The winds are


picking up as well so quite a blustery day. The showers are


already coming in. Some dry patches but the wind will pick up by the end


of the night. Quite bright and breezy. But a little milder. No ice


and no frost tomorrow. But those showers will be there from the word


go. If you are lucky perhaps some brighter spells. But those winds


will make it feel quite chilly. The showers should start to diminish as


we go through Wednesday. A few showers around first thing in the


morning. It will feel quite cold. And even colder on Thursday. We


could have the odd wintry flurry on Thursday.


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