28/01/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies. A Lincolnshire man,


who murdered 10`year`old Rosie`May Storrie, has lost his appeal against


his conviction and sentence. Paul Smith was found guilty of


suffocating Rosie May at a Christmas party 0


suffocating Rosie May at a Christmas party in Leicestershire in 2003. Amy


Harris reports. Rosie`May Storrie, aged nine, filmed at home in 2002


with her pet rabbit. A year later, she would be dead. Rosie`May was


killed at a Christmas party at this house by another guest. 17`year`old


Paul Smith. He was convicted of suffocating her and sentenced to 14


years in jail. He's always denied murder and his previous `` has


previously attempted to change the verdict. Today, it was announced the


Court of Appeal refused an appeal againsts his conviction and


sentence. It's welcome news for Rosie`May's family. It means we can


get on with our lives and go forward in a positive way. It's a decision


that can't be reversed, but Paul Smith's father, Nigel, says the


fight to clear his son's name will go on. My son is innocent. This is a


huge miscarriage of justice. I will continue to fight it. Rosie`May was


a born performer. This year, she would have been 21. Her family are


coping with their loss by putting their energy and efforts into a


dance academy and a children's home in Sri Lanka, set up in her name.


Their way of giving other young people the future that Rosie`May was


denied. Amy Harris, BBC East Midlands Today. Next tonight, the


twins who, their parents say, have missed out on months of schooling.


The girls both have disabilities and need to be assessed, but the family


have been waiting since last June for some kind of decision. There is


the chance of places at a school a mile away, but the council won't


fund special transport. Jo Healey reports. It was the girls birthday


yesterday, 10 years marked by surgery. Zara had an operation on


her spine, last June they moved back from Birmingham to Derby. Since then


their concern hasn't been just their health, but their education. My


favourite subjects are maths and English. I miss my friends. I miss


not going back to school. They are highly dependant. We have been


struggling throughout. We have not been able to get any schooling, any


home education. It's been uphill. We want them to go to school. City


Council has a school in mind. The family say it's a mile from home.


The council won't give them special transport. Their chairs won't fit in


a car. This would be their only option. They are prone to infection,


they have a low immune system. We're worried they will end up in hospital


again. If we have to do this every day in the cold, rain and wet it's


not a solution. We are very worried that we won't be able to keep this


up. In a statement, Derby City Council said the family had been


encouraged to apply for help with transport and the council always


puts the needs of children first. A 71`year`old woman was helicoptered


to hospital after a smash between a bus and tractor in a Leicesteshire


village. Witnesses saw a single decker bus collide with a tractor,


before hitting a wall in North Street in Rothley today. Three


others were taken to hospital as a precaution. The road was closed


while emergency services rescued the woman, who suffered serious leg


injuries. The bus was well lodged in the wall. The driver side was lodged


worse, the tractor hit the door as you would step onto the bus. The


front of the bus was in a good mess. The Government has turned down a


plan to improve one of our key rail links. A minister says there's no


business case for work on the Castle Railway line from Nottingham to


Lincoln, via Newark. To no avail. The East Coast Main Line gets


passengers into King's Cross in 1 hour 22 minutes. The Government is


talking about spending a lot of money on North/ Rail. It's cross


country that we need a lot more help. The service would be improved


because there is always too many people on it. If the train was more


frequent, it would be better. From Nottingham toll Newark in the


evening you have two coaches. You have a lot more people commuting


from work or university, like myself, who want to get home, yet


you can't get a seat. That's bad service. The Castle line opened? 18


46 and is regarded as an an important railway. That's why local


politicians want new investment to cut journey times. We all want this


to succeed right outside our constituency. It's emerged that the


message has yet to reach a Transport Minister. The department has


received no comment from Nottinghamshire County Council or


Lincoln conshire County Council Council. We haven't seen a business


case. Council is the organisation that lobbies for our region say it


is's disappointed. A business case has been made. Maybe on the Castle


Line these things take much longer to arrive. Football now, and both


Leicester and Derby were in action tonight. The Foxes beat Birmingham


2`1 to set a new club record of eight League wins in a row. Derby


were 2`0 down to Yeovil at half time, but they fought back to win


3`2. Now a look at the weather: were 2`0 down to Yeovil at half


time, but We are in nor a short, sharp cold snap over the next few


days. The showers will diminish tomorrow. Some could turn wintry.


For the time being it's wetness we have in store for tonight. There


could be a wintry element to the showers later on in the night across


the Peak District. For most it will be rain showers. It is relatively


mild, four or five Celsius our lowest temperature. Grim start to


tomorrow morning, cloud and showers. The showers will merge for a time


during the morning time. They may turn wintry as the cold air feeds in


with highs of five Celsius. Colder still on Thursday, 0


with highs of five Celsius. Colder still on Thursday, wet, windy and


mild again by Friday. That's about it from the late team. From all of


us, goodbye.


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