29/01/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands. I'm Jo Healey. First


tonight, more signs the NHS is under huge pressure from the region's


ageing population. The number of over`70s going to casualty by


ambulance in the last three years went up by 28%, to more than


120,000. The number of over`90s rose by 56%. Here's our health


correspondent, Rob Sissons. More of us, like Walter, are living longer.


He is 92, a retired miner who suffers chronic breathing problems.


It has been an anxious week for his family. He was rushed to hospital


with a bad chest infection. When I came here, I was on a point of


hitting the buffers, you might say, collapsing in a bad way. I am better


now, but what I have got is what will be a


lasting problem. At Nottingham's medical centre, the number of


patients being brought in by ambulance aged over 70 has gone up


by a third in three years. The unit was not designed for this number.


The head of the department says more investment in social care is needed.


We have less community beds available, so we 0


We have less community beds available, so we have to discharge a


patient if we think we can discharge that person, but community bed


availability is less than it needs to be, so we find it harder to


discharge that patient and carry on the care package. In the control


room at East Midlands Ambulance Service, they handle more calls each


year involving the frail and elderly. Many can be time`consuming


and complex to sort out. They require patience and careful


handling by paramedic staff, sometimes using specialist


equipment, which many ambulances now carry with them. Preventing more


elderly people going into accident and emergency is one of the biggest


challenges as an ageing population is expected to get larger.


Next, there's hope for people looking for work in the building


industry, with predictions of up to 10,000 new jobs in the region's


construction sector in the next five years. Experts point to a rise in


the number of private homes now being built. Building a stronger


economy. That is the hope and the forecast from the construction


industry training board. Building work last year was worth around ?7


billion to the East Midlands economy and the board believes that will


grow. It says its research shows the construction of private homes here


will go up by 4% a year between now and 2018, and work on public sector


housing by 1.5%. That should mean more jobs. We are talking about just


under 10,000 jobs, sustainable opportunities over the next four to


five years. That is hugely encouraging for the sector and our


local employers. It will offer opportunities, employment, skills to


the local community and the region as a whole. Plans on paper from


developers are more often being turned into successful schemes on


the ground. The sites we are standing at today are not short`term


projects. They are going well onto 2017. This is sustained employment


for the operatives, staff and local people we engage with. But business


leaders say keeping hold of these long`term projects won't be enough


itself. `` by itself. In terms of construction itself, that is not


sustainable. It has to be a much broader based recovery in all


sectors, especially sectors like ourselves, high`value manufacturers


and exporters to generate the wealth that leads to house building.


A housing association has apologised to a 67`year`old pensioner from


Derbyshire who has been living with a flooded kitchen for a fortnight. A


pipe above John Fowkes' flat in Ripley leaked, putting his kitchen


out of action. He's had to empty buckets of water every two hours and


cook on his lounge floor. Today, work to mend it began, and


Metropolitan, the housing association responsible, said all


repairs will be completed in the next week. John is a vulnerable


adult and the last thing he needs is this level of anxiety. This is


supposed to be a safe environment for him. He has been left in this


state for 15 days. In sport, The Queen's Baton Relay is


to visit the East Midlands on its way to Glasgow for the Commonwealth


Games. It will visit Leicester on June 10th as part of a two`week tour


of England. Local people will be chosen to be baton bearers. And the


city centre will give locals and visitors a chance to try out some of


the sports that will be on show at the Games. Earlier, I got reaction


from councillor Piara Singh Clair, the assistant city mayor for


Leicester. I am really excited. Really delighted that Leicester has


been chosen to host the Queen's Batten relay for the Commonwealth


Games, which are due to be hosted in Glasgow this July. What will it mean


for the city? I think it means a lot. We have a lot of experience in


hand to deliver those big events, and it will offer us a chance to


lend our support behind the England team. Do you think it will be as big


a success as the torch relay, which was phenomenal? Of course it will


be, and we have lined up the programme that will be shortly


announced. It will be a great success in the city centre and in


different parts of the community. Thank you very much for joining us.


Let's see what the weather's up to now.


Let's see what the weather's up to We have had a mild winter so far but


tomorrow it will feel a little colder. It won't be blue skies and


sunshine, instead we keep hold off the cloud and we can expect a


scattering of showers. It's a cloudy story out there at the moment, we


will have showers tonight turning wintry across higher ground


especially into North Nottinghamshire and the Peak


District. We have a risk of rice on untreated services, where the


temperatures will be falling below freezing, but for the rest of us


looks like a frost free night. It's chilly start to Thursday, rain


pushing its way in, light and patchy throughout the day the little wintry


in higher ground, feeling cold with that easterly wind and looking at


highs of five degrees tomorrow and then wet and windy on Friday.


Newsnight's starting over on BBC Two now. We're back with more in the


morning, starting just before 6:30am, but from all of us here on


the late team, have a very good night.


Hello. The next dose of wet and windy weather is due to arrive on


Friday from the Atlantic. Today we have had an easterly wind bringing


the chill as the threat of icy patches comes to the north where the


cloud breaks. More cloud further south. Maybe some sleet and snow in


parts of East Wales as we engage the cold air. Temperatures in the


south-east are not changing much because the rain keeps going. It


will be colder further north, though. Icy patches are possible.


More wintry showers in the north-east. Quite a few flood


warnings in Tayside. Write to the west of the Pennines. -- brighter.


Figure clad -- thicker cloud further south. We see some dampness in parts


of the West Country, possibly into East Wales. In the north-west of


Wales is the cloud breaks, temperatures will be close to. Not


as cold as that in Northern


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