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This is East Midlands Today. Tonight, the Government loses


patience with Derby's troubled Al`Madinah free school. The school


is to close, the Government says it has failed pupils but some parents


are angry. I am disgusted. They haven't taken


our children into consideration in this this. Also tonight, two


brothers are jailed after police in Derby smashed a human trafficking


racket. And turbulent time, the University


of Nottingham research is using virtual reality headsets and this


cyber motion simulator to try to make air travel more comfortable.


And as if we haven't had enough rain, find out why this Hollywood


musical is making such a splash. Woo!


Hello. Good evening. Welcome to Friday's programme. First tonight,


the controversial Al`Madinah free school in Derby has been ordered by


the Government to shut its secondary school. The move comes after Ofsted


placed Al`Madinah in special measures last October, stating it


was chaos, dysfunctional and inadequate.


Pupils must now find new places by September.


The primary school will however remain open. Serra is with us now.


It is quite a shock development? It is to some degree but this school


has been widely condemned for some time for offering a poor quality of


teaching. The school's minister Lord snatch has written to the new trust


`` truce tees confirming it must close at the end of the summer term.


He says he is concerned at the poor quality of teaching and the lack of


breadth in the curriculum. He said: Today's news comes after a pretty


turbulent year for this school. The Al`Madinah faith school opens in


September 2012. Almost a year later, the education funding agency


confirms it is investigating alleged financial irregularity, then come


concerns that strict Islamic practises are being imposed,


including forcing teachers to wear Muslim dress. Ofsted make an


emergency visit, and ordered the school to shut immediately. A week


later it re`open, the school is described by Ofsted inspectors as


dysfunctional and in chaos and places it in special measures. The


Prime Minister gets involved. If they don't take immediate corrective


action to deal with these things, yes, it should close. After pressure


to resign, the chair of the Governors steps down.


We believe the positions of the trustees has become untenable due to


mismanagement. It has become a national embarrassment. Lord Nash


announces a new education trust a month later. The current group of


governor, people who got it badly wrong are standing down. A week ago


a new board of trustees took over. Today, parents of children at the


school gave their reaction to the news I was going to move my son any


way, because he wasn't happy, he wasn't making 0


way, because he wasn't happy, he wasn't making any progress, he


wasn't engaging into any of the learning. I have to say I adisgusted


at Lord Nash for making this desex, they haven't taken our children into


consideration. The man in charge of turning things round at the primary


school is Barry Day, he is the current Chief Executive of the


Greenwood Foundation Trust `` Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust. He


comes with experience of turning round failing school, he told me


earlier it wassing the right decision to shut the school.


`` was Setting up a primary and secondary, despite the community


giving them advice that is not what they should do, was destined to


failure. If you add to that, a lack of basic system, a lack of basic


understanding about what a professional school should be, you


have a recipe for disaster. It is damaging to the reputation of free


schools. Of course it S there is no doubt about that, because people


will judge all free schools based on Al`Madinah and one or two others.


It's a job I have got to do now, to show that given a chance, this


school can turn itself round and not just be satisfactory but become good


or outstanding. Sarah, has 0


or outstanding. Sarah, has this 0


or outstanding. Sarah, has this ever happened


before, that a government orders a free school to close? It has


happened once but it is rare. The Government puts schools in special


measures and the hope is they on and improve. 0 0


measures and the hope is they on and improve. The Government doesn't want


this. It bangs the drums for the policy so it is damaging for them.


Labour's waded into this today, saying it has come to symbolise


everything that is wrong with the free 0


everything that is wrong with the free school 0


everything that is wrong with the free school programme. Finally, this


may not be the end of things. Lord Nash says the the primary school


manages to turn things round and offer high quality education moving


on from here the secondary school may re`open, the focus remains on


getting 140 secondary school pupils new places at other schools in the


city. That is some job. We will leave it


there. Next tonight, two brothers have been


jailed 0 Next tonight, two brothers have been


jailed for trafficking vulnerable men into the East Midlands to


exploit them for tens of thousands of pounds. The modern day slavery


racket was only discovered after one of the victims sought help from


church workers. From Derby Crown Court we 0


church workers. From Derby Crown Court we have this


report. The cramped conditions where some of


the men were discovered living. Mattresses infested with bed bugs. A


judge said the victims had been dehumanised. It came to light when


police raided a number of houses in Derby last July. They found evidence


that a dozen cheque and Slovak men were being exploited for benefit,


and wages. Victims had been lured to the UK 0


and wages. Victims had been lured to the UK with promises of work and


money. There was plenty of work, but they saw very little of the money.


TRANSLATION: when I was back in Prague I met with these people and


they promised they would give me ?50 a week or something.


When they started talking about England I thought I have never been


there, let's go. It ended up the way I ended up. I ended up with 10 or ?5


instead. Brothers Igor Marcin and Marek Marcin admitted human


trafficking and were today jailed for 52 months and 40 months


respectively. On the face of it everything appears legitimate to the


employer they are sending their victims to work at. Some evidence


this gang were looking at trafficking more people Absolutely,


you heard there was mention of Skype chat 0 0 0


you heard there was mention of Skype chat where they were talking round


other victims, o potentially female victims. Their wives Dagmar and


Gabriella admitted fraud and were given ten and eight month sentences


respectively but walked free having already received more than half


their sentence on remand. It is estimated the family made more than


150,00 pounds from the scam. A hearing to determine what happens to


their 0 hearing to determine what happens to


their assets, 0 hearing to determine what happens to


their assets, including prestige cars is due to be heard later.


Still to come. How a Nottinghaming club is helping Denmark tackle


gang`related crime. Plus how using one of these could


reveal the incredible details of Nottingham's underground world.


`` Nottingham. Now, could virtual reality technology help to overcome


some of the stresses of air travel? Such as lack of leg room, and


turbulence. That is the focus of a multimillion pound research project


led by the University of Nottingham. The new technology means that


passengers wearing headsets could feel as if they have been


transported to somewhere like a tropical island. Mike has been to


Germany to fine out more. I am being strapped into a motion similar for.


A pod that can be shaken to mimic the effect of turbulence. I will be


wearing a 0 the effect of turbulence. I will be


wearing a virtual 0 the effect of turbulence. I will be


wearing a virtual reality headset, showing a magic carpet ride over a


tropical island during my flight. To try to help me overcome the stress


of being buffeted. Are you OK? This research into


comfort is being carried out in Germany.


Research being led by the University of Nottingham. We have to deal with


noise, we have to deal with smell, crying baby, and what this research


is about is looking at whether technologies can support passenger


comfort. It is juddery when the turbulence comes but you have so


much to look at you are not thinking about it. The project is looking at


air travel in 2050. Virtual reality could take us outside the plane we


are on At one point you will have a mobile phone. You enter the plane


and you might get a tool from the air plan where you plug in your


smartphone, with all the things you are interested in, and then you can


put this thing on your head and then you can enter the different world.


In nearby Stuttgart more research. Aircraft of the future may have no


window, allowing 0 Aircraft of the future may have no


window, allowing the cabin to be used for image, the back of the seat


could be turned into a screen with the horizon controlled by space age


glasses. Even budget airlines may want do this. There is another


aspect in terms of a better flight experience, in terms of more


comfort, which is also a selling point, probably particularly for


budget air lines. The research is costing EU taxpayers


round ?2.8 million. It is being done across six countries. If we can


understand the issues for the airline, for the airport, for the


passenger, it is money well spent. It is claims the `` claimed the


research could help people overcome their fear of flying.


Extraordinary stuff. A Leicester primary school which was left


devastated following a fire in 2012 is to re`open. Catherine June


orschool was so bad didamaged they had to use temporary classroom, the


school will rope in May. Controversial plans for an outdoor


cycle track on part of a Derby wildlife reserve have been approved.


The Sanctuary nature reserve was set up 0


The Sanctuary nature reserve was set up on Pride Park a decade ago. The


cycle track will cover a fifth of it, next to the new velodrome. More


than 1,000 people objected to the partial loss of the reserve but


councillors gave the project the go`ahead by just six votes to five.


If UK Independence Party kicked off its regional campaign today in


Nottingham for May's European Parliament elections. UKIP is


pinning hopes on some of these candidates getting elected. The


party currently has two out of the five MEPs that represent our region.


Leading its list for the East Midlands is Roger Helmer, a former


Tory MEP who defected to UKIP We say Europe is damaging brings it is


costing us money, it is undermining democracy and we want a referendum


now. 0 democracy and we want a referendum


now. Now, boxing school has been so successful at helping to reduce gang


problems in Nottingham, that the concept is being exported to


Denmark. Members of the Nottingham School 0


Denmark. Members of the Nottingham School of Boxing are travelling to


scanned they've away to take part in a conference and tournament. We went


to see them training. `` it is a tough sport that is


helping tough young people. The Nottingham School of Boxing is


offering an alternative to hanging round on the streets. The chance to


work out and compete. For us to get international reck in addition for


other people outside Nottingham and England to recognise what we are


doing is fantastic. And I think it just motivates us to carry on in


what we are doing you know. Today that are off to Denmark to meet one


a team that visited Nottingham last summer. They will attend a


conference to show how this club has steered people away from problems.


The club helped me a lot. I went through a bad time when I was


younger, getting into trouble with the 0


younger, getting into trouble with the police, associating with gangs.


Didn't have a release for the action I had. Brought me into the boxing.


Spoke to me and install installed belief. Without things like this,


there has to be an abundance of kids just like me who would end up on the


streets doing gang violence or pushing drugs or all those different


things we don't need to be doing. It is a vibrant and successful club


that shares the community centre, but they want to expand further and


are searching for they own gym. `` their own gym.


We will see how they get on. You are watching East Midlands Today. Coming


up the sport. The Foxes are flying. It has been absolutely remarkable,


here at 0 0 It has been absolutely remarkable,


here at the 0 It has been absolutely remarkable,


here at the stadium they are going for a tenth win in a row are


Leicester City, we will be looking ahead.


Time for us to clamber down into the biggest network of man`made caves in


Britain. The caves lie beneath Nottingham and experts are hoping to


make the underground world a much more accessible. It is all to do


with technology. The Nottingham caves is working on a smartphone


application that allows us to navigate what is beneath our feet.


One cave in particular is attracting a great deal of attention.


Now many of us associate Nottingham's caves with tourist


attractions like the castle. But if you walk through the city seven


threr is a cavernous world beneath our feet. Most are shut off to the


public but experts are working on a new way to make them accessible to


all of us. Welcome to the Peel Street caves.


This 3`D images has backbench produced as part of the cave survey.


They use laser scanners to document round 70 of the 500 or so man`made


caves. So we have panoramic imagery. If you move the phone or the tablet.


Now 0 If you move the phone or the tablet.


Now the team are working on a smartphone application, which will


enable us to see what lies beneath. When you are walking past an


interesting building with a cave underneath it you might have no idea


it has a cave. That QR code or following the map will hopefully


show you what is there and show you some magical gems under the city.


From wine cellars to dungeons each cave has a unique history. These


ones were the muse of a painter who etched and sketches into the cave


wall, and in fact the Kayes seem to be inspiring artists of the present.


`` caves. Turner Prize nominated artist Marvin chet win got


permission to film in the Cas caves. The entrances to the caves are very


almost like the Harry Potter trick of, you don't expect that platform


to exist, there is a gap and you go through a domestic door and you are


in a tunnel, then in a completely out of this world strange


environment. David and his 0


environment. David and his team hope to have the


phone application ready for use by the end of the month.


That is stunning. I I love that. Time for sport. Today, 0


That is stunning. I I love that. Time for sport. Today, focus on


Leicester City, top of the championship. Just can't seem to


stop break records. Colin has been to find out how they are doing it.


Remarkable things are happening here at the stadium. Lesster city are


going for their tenth win in a row. If they beat Watford they will have


more points now than they did in the whole of last season. No wonder the


Gaffer Nigel Pearson has been made manager of the month for January,


when his team picked up 15 points out of 15. Even so, he is not


letting himself get carried away There is a sense of enjoyment, you


know, the players are really good to work with. They are self motivated.


They have a desire to go out this season, and achieve. I suppose all


those things together make for a chemistry and interaction which


allows you to go out and do well. So congratulations to Nigel Pearson,


but of course, the manager is only a part of 0 0


but of course, the manager is only a part of the story. 0


but of course, the manager is only a part of the story. It is the players


who have to go and do out tn pitch. There are so many keys to Leicester


City's success from back to front. Including Matty James, the


midfielder has had a great time since arriving from Manchester


United. He has been sitting down and talking


to our own Natalie Jackson. Matty James is the Lancashire lad. I


am from Rossendale. Matty James scores. Who is all abouts he's They


made me feel welcome, I am happy to be here.


He is 22. Plays in midfield and is loving life ten points clear at the


top of championship. I have never experienced it in my


playing career, it has been magnificent, all the lads are


talking between ourselves and talking, can we keep go, can get


ten, 11? We want the try and win as many games as possible. His best


buddy is Danny drink water. We have grown up since we were really young,


we were at Manchester United together. We spent time away from


the club together, we don't live far away from each other. It is one of


these things, 0 0 away from each other. It is one of


these things, you know, sometimes you have a bond with a player, it


makes it easier, especially if he is the person next to you. James


started his career at Manchester United. When it comes to, you know,


a 0 0 United. When it comes to, you know,


a new contract you 0 United. When it comes to, you know,


a new contract you had to deal with himself yourself, you didn't have an


agents, it was you as a individual. I had to go and speak to him


personally. When the bid came in from thrers he let me speak and I


have nerve looked back since. So Alex and Nigel Pearson have been


huge influences. The set up here, the club, it is made to be in the


Premier League. Fingers crossed we get 0


Premier League. Fingers crossed we get there. If we were to line up at


Old Trafford that would be magnificent.


Matt there just one of a number of key figures here at Leicester City.


Let us talk to someone with a 40 year association with this club.


Alan birch natural. Remarkable times here. Yes, not seen them the my


time. 0 here. Yes, not seen them the my


time. It is really exciting times for the club. What is behind it?


Matt talked about the spirit and egg, is that what you Sport Relief


it to be? What is behind it is quality. Nigel has 0


it to be? What is behind it is quality. Nigel has put a quality


side. It's a squad. A strong squad, a lot of ability, hence the nine


game winning streak. It is so exciting. Wouldn't it be fantastic


if all three of us went up. It is a great possibility. I mean it would


set the place alight. I would do you guys the world of good. We would


love it. We will be watching this weekend, to see if Derby and Forest


can take another step. Forest have a Blackpool Derby. They have Queen's


Park Rangers at home. We have to take the game to QPR. We


know they are a good team. They have made good additions in Jan. Charlie


Austin has gone out. Matt Phillips has gone out, but they have replaced


them with thrive three striker, they have the experience. Them, along


with thre, it is for them to really lose `` Leicester, and not go up.


The number of games we have played Blackpool, including the last game


where they beat us and games before that, they have dominated the game


so much. We have created so many things we have been unfortunate not


to take something from the game. Including the play`off matches, so


they are a bogey team. I don't think too much about the past, I don't


look too much into, you know, the speculations and, you know the


things that people talk about. I look forward to the next game. So


there is a buzz, excitement for all three team, these really are


thrilling times here in the East Midlands, elsewhere plenty of other


stuff going on, in the Football League one 0 0


stuff going on, in the Football League one Notts County have a


tricky game. They could use a win there. Mansfield have Southend in


League Two. Rugby, Leicester Tigers are back in action. They need to win


their next four games. They have us withster away, and as for the ice


hockey, it is the classic, Panthers against Steer, if you haven't got a


ticket you won't get one. Pretty much sold out there.


But here at Leicester it is about going for ten in a row, wouldn't


that be something? A full report, of course, on Monday East Midlands


Today. 0 course, on Monday East Midlands


Today. It might just happen. I thought he was going to kick that


ball. And we would catch it. A Derbyshire actor who shot the fame


in Hollywood, before being shot dead in a soap. Any clues? He is among


the cast leading a production that has just arrived in Nottingham and


it is not JR. I only know this because it is written down, you


might remember Maxwell Caulfield from Grease 2 or the Colbys. Sara


has been catching up with him and you will work out why it is we have


sent her. It has been one of the wettest


Januarys on record, but audiences here have been discovering that it


is no only been raining outside, but indoors as well. Did you feel that?


# What a glorious feeling # I'm happy again. #


The Hollywood musical Singin' In The Rain is full of charm, romance and


glamour, but how do they make it rain indoors? We have three storage


tanks on the stage, which has 12,000 litres of water, so one flick of a


button we can make it rain on stage, but we have the bonus of question


flood the stage, so we have filters in so we recycle the water and so


everything we flood with and it goes back in to the tank, goes through


filters and back on to stage so we can use that for however long we are


in for. Studio boss RF Simpson played by Maxwell Caulfield is


keeping his feet dry and the show on the road. My character is the head


of movie studio. It is our lot where this wonderful romantic story is


unfolding. Does he manage to keep his feet dry? I do until the curtain


where we do a big number that sends everyone home with a song in their


heart. If you are lucky 0 everyone home with a song in their


heart. If you are lucky enough to be coming to see the show and happen to


be sitting on the front two rows I would recommend your waterproofs.


Some of us never grow up. She can tap dance. I thought she will tap


dance. We thought we would import some of the rain into the studio. We


don't need to. Very appropriate. I hope you have your rain Mac. If you


fancy a bit of Singin' In The Rain you are in luck. Plenty of chances


as it is unsettled. Blustery showers on Saturday, but the main feature


will be the wind, it is expected to gust 40`50mph, but up to 60mph in


exposed area, Sunday it remains unsettled. So, as we go through this


evening it is this area of low pressure that is moving in, giving


us a spell of very wet weather through the night. But as we go into


tomorrow, the isobars continue to squeeze together, giving us really


strong gusty winds through the day. With the wind and rain we have a


warning for Leicestershire where the ground is saturated and we have


flood alerts in force. That is in place until Sunday morning.


So we have had a decent day with lovely winter sunshine, but the


cloud will start to push in, we will see one or two showers round and the


rain will arrive later this evening. Round about midnight and it pushes


through to the east as we go into the early hours of Saturday morning.


A lot of cloud round, keeping it mild, lows of just four degrees. So


a few showers round first thing, you might be lucky to see a bit of


sunshine if you are up early, because things change, the cloud


starts to increase and the showers push in as we go into the afternoon.


These are heavy, blustery showers moving through. Decent spells of dry


weather to the east, but into the west more in the way of shower,


highs of eight degree, here we have the gusty south to south`westerly


winds. Sunday is a slow improvement. Plenty of showers round and it


remains windy but the winds ease through the day and any showers on


Sunday will gradually become lighter, so an improving story


across the week. That is what we like. An improving


story. Much like ourselves. Yes, like a fine wine 0


story. Much like ourselves. Yes, like a fine wine that has been


corked. Cheers. Have a lovely weekend.


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