12/02/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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heavy rain is causing more misery as flood waters are on the rise.


Now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


First tonight, the ongoing fears over the future of Leicester's world


famous intensive care unit, ECMO. Today experts from Japan toured the


centre to learn lessons on improving survival rates. But the unit remains


under threat because of a long`running review into children's


heart surgery across the country. Rob Sissons reports.


Kirsty owes her life to the hospital and the artificial lung machine,


ECMO. Her father was told what no parent ever want to hear. My family


was told I had two days to live. I was on the ECMO for 13 weeks.


Without that, I would not be here today. Not many people know what it


is all about, but it saves lives. These experts know what ECMO is, and


have flown from Japan to discover the secrets behind White Leicester


has survival rates twice as good for ECMO as in their own country. It is


why we came here, to find out what makes the English system so good.


Leicester is a good place, and we have learnt a lot. It is tomorrow


they worry about here, a seemingly never`ending NHS review could still


see children's heart surgery stopped in Leicester and ECMO and here too.


You could set up a new ECMO unit in any hospital, and Birmingham has a


new cardiac unit which does very good work, at this unit would take


many years to replicate in a new hospital. I am just so grateful to


be here. The ECMO saved my life. I really think they should keep it


open because it will save a lot of lives. The future of ECMO is still


up in the air, but for now, it is business as usual for the


life`saving team. The man accused of the attempted


murder of a Sikh spiritual leader in Leicester has told a court he bought


an axe intending to frighten his victim. Harjit Singh`Toor from Oadby


denies harbouring any intention to kill the man, described by his


followers as a "living guru". But he does admit wounding him. Eleanor


Garnier reports. It was last August and his Holiness


was visiting Leicester from the Punjab. This Sikh Temple in the city


was packed, and it is here the defendant, 27`year`old Harjit


Singh`Toor, from Oadby, and orthodox M2 macro brought a three foot axe,


intending to frighten his victim. He admits grievous bodily harm, but


denies attempted murder. The prosecution alleges that Harjit


Singh`Toor was motivated by religious hatred, and that he


claimed he was abused as a child by the religious leader back in the


1990s in India. Earlier, his Holiness said allegations that he


had sexually abused Harjit Singh`Toor were absurd. Giving


evidence on the third day of his trial at Birmingham Crown Court,


Harjit Singh`Toor told the jury, "my emotions just erupted. I just


remember 0 emotions just erupted. I just


remember wanting to hurt his hands. That is when I charged up onto the


stage and swung the axe will stop I intended to hurt him. I wanted to


harm him. It is probably the biggest mistake I have ever made in my


life". The trial continues. In other news tonight, two men have


been arrested as part of a Serious Fraud Office investigation into the


Derby aero`engine maker, Rolls Royce. A formal investigation into


the firm was launched last year, over concerns of possible bribery


and corruption in Asia. Some of the allegations date back more than 20


years. Officers have searched several properties in London today.


The company's declined to comment. A Derbyshire man arrested after


offensive tweets were posted online about a missing boy has been charged


with sending malicious communications. Darren Shepstone was


arrested on suspicion of posting the messages on Twitter, after


three`year`old Mikaeel Kular disappeared in Scotland last month.


His body was found days later. The 26`year`old from Langley Mill, will


appear before Derbyshire Magistrates later this month.


Next, one of the oldest railway lines in the world is to have its


architectural heritage protected. 30 railway bridges, viaducts and


tunnels along the Midland Mainline, almost all of them in Derbyshire,


have now been listed by the Government. It comes as the route


from London through the East Midlands prepares for


electrification. James Roberson reports.


In motorised in bronze in Derbyshire, George Stephenson's


heritage is largely remembered for the ground`breaking locomotives he


and his son Robert Bildt, like the Rocket. Unlikely Rocket,


Stephenson's other great heritage does live on today. 175 years after


they were built, the bridges, viaducts and tunnels in Derbyshire


are still in constant use. With so many original station is gone,


English Heritage is keen that remaining structures are preserved.


This is one of the earliest railway structures in Britain, and indeed in


the world. It was built in the late 1830s. What is so innovative about


it is that it is built at an angle. English Heritage has hunted through


the archives and found original drawings. This was the tunnel them,


hear the plans and the bridge today. Stephenson simply carved through the


town of Belper. The bridges and nine are still in use. They had to keep


the track as level as possible, yet deal with these hills and valleys.


This is what they did fantastically well. While the Midland mainline is


electrified from London to Bedford, it's only now that allege vocation


north to the East Midlands is happening. `` electrification. Now


engineers know where the significant heritage is and now they can


preserve every bit of it. In Bush Heritage says later this year it


will start looking at other buildings associated with the


railway for possible listing, but it is satisfied historic structures on


the line itself are now reserved for the future.


`` preserved. Finally, do you remember the Winter Olympics of


three decades ago? Well, tomorrow we'll be catching up with


Nottinghamshire's own Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean in Sarajevo.


Here's a sneak preview from there tonight as the pair work to recreate


their famous 1984 Gold Medal winning performance of Bolero. We'll


It's goodbye from me, but here's Mel with the weather forecast. It is


amazing. The East Midlands have escaped the


worst of the wind so far. In the Derbyshire Peak district, the gusts


have up and up to 80 mph, which is where the amber warning is still in


place, issued by The Met office. That last until midnight. Across the


East Midlands we have a yellow warning, which lasts until first


thing tomorrow morning. It will remain windy this meet `` this


evening. It will be dry with clear spells for many places, and there


will be the risk of ice first thing in the morning with temperatures


dropping close to or just below freezing in some rural spots.


Tomorrow will be the better day. The wins will still be quite strong


first thing in the morning, with one or two showers around, which may


have a wintry flavour. Certainly, more in the way of dry and bright


spells. Top temperature tomorrow of six Celsius, so it will remain


fairly cool throughout. Into Friday, the respite is short lived. Another


area of low pressure sweeping in, bringing more wet weather and strong


winds. Your national forecast will be here in a moment. Here is the


outlook for the next few days. Good evening. What an incredible day


of weather it has been. We saw gusts of wind up to 108 mph in the West of


Wales. The wind is easing down a notch or two but we still have a


high-level amber warning from the Met Office for the strength of the


wind over the next few hours over quite a large swathe of the UK.


Northern Ireland, northern England and down across Wales, there is


still potential for damaging and disruptive gusts of wind. This huge


curl of cloud is bringing wet and windy weather across much of the


West of Europe. It curls back across the north of the UK and that's the


centre of the area of low pressure with the strongest winds just to the


south of that. Let's focus on the winds over the next few hours. The


ease down by a notch or two but still blustery conditions over most


of Wales. High seas around the coast and gusting up to 70 mph. Easily


around the 80 mph mark across much of northern England. Across the


Pennines this evening and overnight, travelling will be treacherous. Wind


and rain at lower levels will produce a lot of spray. You don t


have to go to high up the Pennines to see that turned to snow. One way


or another, further disruption to travel is more than likely. BBC


local radio will keep you up-to date on where you are and where you are


trying to get to. The centre of the low system moves northwards. Pretty


heavy snow developing across the hills of Scotland with several


centimetres by dawn. A bit of snow for Northern Ireland and wintry


showers drifting across the southern counties. A risk of ice with most


races are seeing the temperatures a degree or so either side of


freezing. A cold, windy start Thursday but I think it be a better


day. No persistent rain to be seen. There should be some spells of


sunshine for many of us, as well. Does it last until the end of the


week? I'm afraid not. It goes downhill on Friday. This low


pressure will head our way. Lots of isobars on the chart later in the


day. Gusts of 60, 70 or 80 mph, with rain spreading northwards.


Significant snow for parts of Northern Ireland and southern


Scotland. Windy into the start of the weekend. Saturday has outbreaks


of rain. On Sunday, something of a respite. The winds will ease down


and it should


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