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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands. I'm Dominic Heale.


Controversial plans to close fire stations and lay`off firefighters


have been scrapped. It follows an oucry from members of the public,


who were worried lives would be put at risk. But campaigners fear the


reprieve could prove to be only temporary. Simon Hare can tell us


more. You hope you will never need them, but if you do, you also hope


they will come quickly. And that's what had led to widespread concerns


about what was being proposed. Cutting the number of fire stations


in Derbyshire by over a third, from 31 to 20. And a quarter of full`time


firefighter posters were to go. Up to 40,000 people had signed the Fire


Brigades Union petition against the plans. The man who received it today


urged fellow members of the county's fire authority to ditch their


original proposals. We have said that for a two year period we will


not be closing any fire stations and there will be no firefighter


redundancies. But should the Government impose more cuts on us,


the closure of fire stations and redundancies would be unavoidable.


Yet there is a promise that closures will only happen as a last resort.


The news was given a cautious welcome by members of the Save


Melbourne Fire Station group. We still have concerns and we want the


station to remain open. The county's Chief Fire Officer warned the


meeting he won't be able to deliver the same level of service and he


urged politicians not to allow elections to get in the way of


delivering an effective Fire Service. Derbyshire Fire and Rescue


needs to save ?4.4 million over the next four years. Communities like


here in Melbourne now know that their fire stations are safe for at


least two of those four years. The jury has retired to consider its


verdict in the trial of a man accused of attempting to murder a


Sikh spiritual leader with an axe. Harjit Singh Toor from Oadby in


Leicestershire denies the charge, but admits grievous bodily harm. He


attacked His Holiness Sirisat Guru Uday as he attended a religious


ceremony at a Leicester temple last August. The judge told the jury the


key question they had to answer is whether they were sure Mr Toor


intended to kill the guru. An animal charity is urging dog owners to


consider vaccination against parvovirus. Vets say a small number


of cases have been confirmed in the Derby area, but despite concern from


some owners, the level of infection is not higher than normal.


Parvovirus can be fatal, but dogs can be protected. If you get your


animal vaccinated and keep up`to`date with the booster


injections through adulthood, it would be an exceptional case that


would go on to be infected with parvovirus. It is important to keep


up the booster vaccinations for dogs. Next, robotic technology is


being used in the fight against cancer. Nottingham City Hospital is


the first in the East Midlands to use the device to remove prostate


tumours. The first operation using the robot was carried out this week,


as our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons reports. Your life in the


robot's hands. A ?2 million addition to Nottingham City Hospital. They


call it da Vinci. The surgical robot combines high`definition vision with


artculated wristed instruments that allows the surgeon a level of


precision and dexterity. What that really means is surgeons can cut


better and see better than ever before. Recovering at home, Alan was


the first patient to have his prostate cancer removed with the new


technology three days ago. He was diagnosed after sensing something


was wrong. Something just wasn't right, with my wee pattern mainly


through the nights, getting up, wanting to wee. The machine is


fantastic. I Googled a little bit of it on YouTube and looked at what it


did. Didn't look too much because of the fear factor, but it has done its


job. We have got the prostate out in one. Let's be clear, what are the


benefits for the patient? So for men that had prostate cancer surgery


using the robot, length of stay is reduced, complications is reduced,


bleeding is less. The outcomes for the patient are better and they tend


to get back to work quicker. The surgeons train on a simulator.


Accuracy within millimetres here is everything. One might liken it to an


expensive PlayStation. It allows surgeons to train before going live.


Alan dreams of going on his mountain bike this summer. I'll always been a


strong believer in that what you don't know, don't hurt you, but in


this case, what you don't know will kill you. And it will. It will have


you if you are not careful. It's been a very special night tonight


for two of our region's sporting superstars. In Sarajevo, the city


where they won Olympic gold 30 years ago, Jayne Torvill and Christopher


Dean took to the ice to recreate their winning performance. They had


spent hours training in the Bosnian capital, perfecting their 1984


Bolero We'll have a full report from


Sarajevo on tomorrow's programme. Now, more high winds and heavy rain


are on the way. Mel will be here with the forecast in a moment. But


today those affected by yesterday's storm were clearing up. Eleanor


Garnier reports. Blue skies today, mask yesterday's bad weather, but


damage done by the high winds is clear. Lead ripped off the roof here


at St Peter's Church. I have never seen anything quite this dramatic


from storm damage. It is like a sardine can. The wind has got


underneath it. It ripped the lead off one side exposing the timber and


the main concern, of course, is water damage that might occur to the


timber. We need to arrange to get that covered with temporary sheeting


today. Overnight, firefighters in Leicestershire say they had to deal


with double the number of emergency calls they normally get. This road


was closed for much of the day after an 80`foot tree was blown down in


the wind. In Derby, this block of flats had to be evacuated. None of


the residents were hurt, but debris had to be cleared before people were


allowed back in their homes. There is relief back in Foston, as the


church does have insurance. It could be a very different situation. We


are incredibly fortunate that nobody was in or around the church


yesterday afternoon. Yes, I dread to imagine what would have happened if


anybody had been around. With more bad weather forecast, they are


focussed on making the church safe. That's your news. So, it's goodbye


from me, but with the latest on the weather now, here's Mel. Today has


been the calm between two storms. This was yesterday, clearing away to


the North East, but this is what we have got heading our way. Tonight,


largely dry with temperatures dropping to freezing, are just a


load in the countryside. Some fog in places and possibly some icy patches


around. And the winds, easing all the time. Tomorrow starts off on a


decent night but it will be a deteriorating picture once again.


That brain spilling into the south`west, and we will see that


clouds thicken and by mid`morning, that rain will push its way in. The


Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for the Derbyshire


Peak District, where we expect to see some snow. Some clusters of


blustery showers packing in behind. The wind will peak overnight, with


the potential for costs of around 45 miles an hour. `` gusts. Nick Miller


will have the National forecast in a moment,


few days and now we go to the weather centre for the national


forecast from Nick Miller. Hello, in this winter of perpetual


autumn, it seems we're never more than a day away from a storm so we


must be due another one and as you've just heard, here it comes,


deepening in the Atlantic Trio heading for us. Overall for the UK,


we're not expecting this to be as severe as the storm yesterday that


there will be some significant impact, particularly where the Met


Office has weather warnings in force and that means more rain will serve


to heighten the floods. All the while, the wind is picking up,


reaching its peak tomorrow night in southern England. This is the rest


of tonight and where we've had showers, south-west England and


Northern Ireland and Scotland, as icy patches developing. Quite a cold


start but, for Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England, a dry


start for most of us. Look at this - the rain from that area of low


pressure I showed you is already across much of southern England and


South Wales. These triangles are Met


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