16/02/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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two weeks' time. That is all from us


Hello and good evening. With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm


Maurice Flynn. Council leaders across the region are building up


cash reserves, while still complaining about having to make


budget cuts. That's the criticism levelled at East Midland councils by


a Government minister. It comes as our authorities finalise budget


plans for the next year. Our political editor, John Hess, has


more. I'm heading to the very top of the East Midlands. It's from this


spot at Beaconhill that you get a fantastic view of the whole of the


East Midlands. When it comes to County Council budget pressures, if


you want the big picture, it's not a bad place either. Take, for example,


Derbyshire, it's facing budget cuts of ?157 million over the next few


years. That's the equivalent of 1,600 job losses. In


Nottinghamshire, the cuts total is ?154 million and 750 jobs since the


age of austerity, it's lost almost a quarter of its workforce. In


Leicestershire, the County Council is talking of cuts of ?110 million.


That's the equivalent of 700 posts it has had to lose 750 jobs. Local


governments will spend ?117 billion this year, ?3 billion more than last


year. That won't be welcome in council chambers like this, as our


local politicians struggle to find more savings. Catch today's special


edition of the Sunday Politics for the East Midlands. It's all about


the cuts and it's on the BBC's iPlayer now. Flowers and cards have


been left at the scene of a car crash in Leicester which killed a


young mother`to`be. It happened on Saffron Lane this weekend. Police


say 22`year`old Paige Jackson was on`foot at the time, she died later


in hospital. Friends say she was pregnant. A statement from her work


colleagues in Wigston described her as "a popular and valued friend"


who'd be "dearly missed." Troops from the East Midlands have made a


huge contribution to the military campaign in Afghanistan, that's


according to the Army's Commander in Helmand Province. Hundreds of


soldiers from Leicestershire and Derbyshire are deployed on


operations there this winter. Some are helping the Afghan Police


protect the city of Lashkar Gah. Others are targeting insurgents who


use deadly improvised bombs. One can look back over the history of our


time here in Afghanistan and see the role that's been played by regiments


such as the Royal Anglican Regiment, their contribution has been really


valued and you can see the changes and you can see the progress that


has been made on the ground here in Helmand. At the Winter Olympics,


Nottingham figure skaters Penny Coomes and Nick Buckland suffered a


point deduction today for the same reason they lost one in last


weekend's team event. They were penalised for holding their lift,


just milliseconds beyond the six seconds they're allowed. The same


lift, and same problem, they thought they'd ironed out in practices


since. They're in 11th place tonight, aiming for a top`10 finish


in tomorrow's event. We've got a strong free dance. We love doing it.


Our goal has to be to go out and do it to the best of our ability and


show the world what we can do. I'm sure the judges will see that and we


will be rewarded. I'm looking forward to it now. Today's football


saw Nottingham Forest out of the FA Cup. It's after Sheffield United


came from behind, to beat them 3`1. It was a win for Leicester Tigers in


the rugby. They beat Gloucester 11`8, thanks to a late Toby Flood


penalty. In the Championship, meanwhile, Nottingham lost 24`25 to


Bristol. In the ice hockey, a double defeat for the Nottingham Panthers


contributed to a double title win for the Belfast Giants. They take


the League and the Conference. Panthers lost 3`1 last night. Last


night, it was the same result, 3`1 to Belfast. Let's check the weather


now, Sara has your forecast. It was nice to see the sunshine today. We


have had a cold evening because of the clearer skies. Temperatures drop


to a minimum of two Celsius tonight. We will see the cloud increasing. It


has been misty with fog around as well. There is rain on the way now.


We will see the winds starting to strengthen too. Becoming blustery


through tomorrow. The rain will work it is way towards the north`east, it


will be showery, there could be heavy bursts as well as we head


through the day time with a maximum temperature of nine Celsius. The


windfalls lighter on Tuesday. There is a chance of a few showers. We


have a ridge of high pressure starting to build in, enough on


Wednesday to give us another dry day. Thanks for sticking with us


tonight, there's more in BBC Breakfast in just a few hours' time.


Goodbye for now. Good evening. In the midst of any


normal winter weather for the week ahead would be fairly unremarkable.


Some rain in places, some strong winds at times, but of course we are


in the midst of no normal winter. It is worth emphasising that with -


the weather this week will be less angry and volatile overall, a fair


bit calmer. Calmer but by no means dry. Outbreaks of rain will spread


across much of the UK through the night. There will be some snow mixed


in across the hills of central Scotland. Temperatures slowly


starting to rise through the night but they could be at or below


freezing across northern Scotland first thing, maybe a bit icy as the


weather pushes northwards. A dull, damp, dismal Monday morning with


outbreaks of rain covering much of the UK. The rain may not yet have


reached the


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