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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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gone wrong with Wales? But now on BBC One, it's time


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Anne Davies. Good


evening. There's growing anger after potentially life changing operations


for children were cancelled. The surgery was designed to help


children with cerebral palsy walk again. The NHS has apologised for


the distress and uncertainty the decision has caused. Now families


face an agonising wait to see if their children can get the surgery


they need. Our Health Correspondent, Rob Sissons reports.


Forward, that's it. Keep those feet nice and far apart. This boy's


family thought he was well on the way to his surgery to help him walk.


But Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre say the spinal operation is


no longer routinely funded on the NHS. We're not expecting him to jump


off the bed but there is hope there that he could walk without the


surgery. In today's post, the News Mum was dreading. And 29 other


families who are in the same boat. His operation will not be going


ahead on the NHS. The procedure involves cutting nerves around the


spine to reduce spasticity. Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre


should've stopped doing the operations months ago. In a


statement, NHS England told us they were trying to achieve nationally


consistent approach. In Nottingham, Shannon's family feel


lucky. She got her operation four days ago, and the Queen's Medical


Centre is honouring other operations because they have firm dates booked


in. But to begin with they had said no. I thought it was really bad and


that other people could not get help, it was really bad for them as


well. I think it is awful and I want to do anything I can to help the


other children who are not getting the surgery. Days on, they are


already noticing improvements. She can now raise her hands. Can you


show us now? Can you open your hand for me please? That's brilliant. It


is not fantastic for this boy's family who say they feel forced to


raise thousands of pounds to go private. It is a big mountain to


climb, who knows how long that will take? Families across the East


Midlands have had their hopes raised and dashed. We asked for interviews


from Queen's Medical Centre and NHS England and were told no one was


available. Tonight there is talk of NHS England funding some cases,


possibly around 100 to be evaluated, but there is no word yet on who


might qualify. Police have arrested 26 men in


connection with suspected violent disorder that broke out after a


football match last year. It happened on the day Nottingham


Forest played Derby County in September. This morning, raids took


place across three counties. Tom Brown reports.


It was barely donned this morning, at huge police operation was already


underway. Around 100 officers arrived at homes in Nottingham,


Derbyshire and Boston in Lincolnshire. They were aiming to


arrest 26 men in a series of co`ordinated raids. It was all in


relation to suspected football related violence. The operation is


the culmination of investigation that place with regards to a violent


disorder incident after the Nottingham Forest and Derby County


game in September last year. Since that date, a number of people have


already been arrested and are currently on bail. A lengthy enquiry


and investigation piecing together lots of different strands of


intelligence has taken place, identifying 26 further people we


need to speak to in relation to that disorder. It happened near this in


right on the Nottinghamshire Derbyshire border. The men arrested


today were aged between 16 and 50. The majority were detained at


Nottingham, where evidence and statements were taken. This five


months police operation was so big, it was partly funded by the Home


Office. It's unprecedented. I have been a police officer for 22 years,


I have not seen on many occasions the amount of intelligence gathering


and preparation which took place in relation to preparing for today's


arrests. Police say anyone convicted of football related violence gives


the real fans a bad name. More arrests could follow, this operation


is not over. Almost 600 affordable homes are to


be built in Leicester over the next two years ` as figures confirm today


the average price of a house in the region is ?176,000. The average cost


has been unchanged for three months up to December last year ` but


there's been a near two per cent annual increase. The UK average is


?50,000. `` ?250,000. In Leicester ?60 million is to be spent by the


council and others on providing affordable homes. But one estate


agent in the city is suggesting a boom could be on the way in the


private market. We have seen in markets before that at the beginning


of the market you get that gradual, steady growth, and as that bubble


builds the increase becomes more rapid.


This year the Rainbows Hospice will have been caring for thousands of


children and their families for two decades. It was officially opened by


the Prince of Wales and since then, has gone on to provide respite,


palliative and end of life care for children from across the East


Midlands. Sport now and one important result


in the Championship tonight. Derby County have gone up to third in the


table after winning away at Sheffield Wednesday. They won 1`0.


Time for the weather forecast. Thank you. It has been a quiet day


today and we got to see lovely scenes like this today. It is


looking decent for tomorrow as well. It may start off gloomy but we will


get brightness and sunshine towards the end of the day. We have had


showers around, they are fading away now so it is a dry night. Clear


spells tonight as well, turning cooler with light winds tonight.


Tomorrow morning, we will see cloud rolling in, a bit of hill fog and a


spot of rain here and there as well. Later on, the cloud should break


up, we should get some brightness and sunshine. Temperatures up at


around nine or 10 degrees. Feeling quite springlike, dare I say. Taking


a look at the outlook, it looks as though is all turn more unsettled on


Thursday, but that's all from us. heavy. More international weather




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