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A reminder of our main story. Thousands of protest to remain in


This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and, me, Anne Davies.


Tonight, the drunken football fans who brought terror to a railway


station. First, tonight: why we should let rippers itself


drench and not do it ourselves. Why one of Nottingham's oldest churches


is taking inspiration from a modern`day artists.


This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and, me, Anne Davies.


Tonight, the drunken football fans who brought terror to a railway


station. First, tonight: a judge has condemned a group of Nottingham


Forest football fans for starting a mass brawl with rival Doncaster


supporters. Today, four men were sent to prison. One of the


supporters, described as a respected grandfather and former town


councillor, was jailed for a year. He admitted throwing a bottle at a


20`year`old man's face scarring him for life. The fight broke out on a


train as fans travelled back from London, last year. The court heard


the violence was fuelled by alcohol. Sarah Teale reports from Nottingham


Crown Court. 0 Sarah Teale reports from Nottingham


Crown Court. It started as a scuffle and ended as a violent mass brawl.


At Newark Northgate train station last April, three Nottingham Forest


fans returning from the Millwall game clashed with seven Doncaster


Rovers supporters. Rowdy behaviour began on the journey, then one of


the Forest group rang friends for back`up. Five other men turned up at


the station intent, the court heard, on violence and disorder. Mayhem


ensued. Fans were spitting at each other, shouting threats and abuse,


exchanging punches and kicks, and throwing cans and bottles. As the


violence erupted, a female passenger was seen cowering in fear. A


customer service employee tried to intervene and was threatened with


being thrown under the train. The witnesses described a scene of


violence between two rival groups who couldn't care who else got


involved. One 20`year`old Doncaster fan


received serious facial injuries and will be scarred for life, after a


shattered bottle hit him in the face. It was thrown by 54`year`old


Steve Marsden from Newark. This was him arriving at Nottingham Crown


Court, today, where the judge was told he was of good character, a


father, grandfather and former town councillor. He was jailed for one


year after admitting causing grievous bodily harm. Also jailed


for a year, was 48`year`old Christopher Cox from Coddington `


the principal ringleader, along with 25`year`old Danny Smalley and


31`year`old Jamie Johnston, both from Newark. The judge said was


clear that Nottingham Forest fans bore the brunt of the responsibility


for what he called disgraceful violence. When sentencing, he told


them, I've read reference after reference telling me about your good


characters, yet ` get drink inside you and 0 0


characters, yet ` get drink inside you and mention football and you're


like hooligans. The 11 other bands received either suspended prison


sentences or community orders. ``other fans. They were all banned


from football matches for three years. Next, tonight, a care worker


who assaulted an 85`year`old woman, leaving her with horrific bruises,


has been jailed. Sarah Frith admitted losing her


temper after the pensioner rang her buzzer to summon help. The case has


been described as 0 buzzer to summon help. The case has


been described as a grotesque breach of trust. When it came to light, the


care home, at Codnor in Derbyshire, immediately suspended Frith and


called in the police. Battered and bruised ` these are


just some of the injuries suffered by 85`year`old Edna 0


just some of the injuries suffered by 85`year`old Edna Wright. She was


grabbed and punched by so`called care worker Sarah Frith.


My mum thought she'd been forgotten, and 0


My mum thought she'd been forgotten, and it was breakfast time, so she


rang her buzzer. The care worker came storming back into the room,


screaming into my mother's face that she comes when she's ready. She


grabbed her arm, and round the back of the neck, and said, stay there,


and you'll wait until I'm ready. She punched her in the chest and pushed


her back into her wheelchair. Managers here say that Frith had


worked here for five years, and had never had any problems in the past.


When questioned about what had happened, she said that she had


simply lost it. Frith, who's 29, was immediately suspended last October.


Today, Edna's daughters visited the home to tell her that Frith was


jailed for 15 weeks. They say their mum is happy at the care home, and


she doesn't want to move elsewhere. It was one person 0


she doesn't want to move elsewhere. It was one person that did this


attack. All she wanted to do was make sure that this girl never, ever


worked with vulnerable people again. The bruising has now healed, but


Edna's family 0 The bruising has now healed, but


Edna's family say 0 The bruising has now healed, but


Edna's family say the psychological effect will remain for some time.


Coming up later: A look at the weekend weather with Anna.


If you have outdoor plans this weekend, there will be plenty of dry


weather. But if you're after a sunshine, 0


weather. But if you're after a sunshine, you are in luck. Saturday


is looking promising. More details shortly.


The daughter and son`in`law of an elderly couple found buried in their


back garden in Mansfield, have pleaded not guilty to murder. The


remains of William and Patricia Wycherley were discovered in


October. They hadn't been seen for fifteen years. Tests revealed they'd


been shot. At Nottingham Crown Court, Susan and Christopher Edwards


denied two charges of murder. Their trial is due to start in June.


A Nottingham man who went missing more than three years ago has been


found safe and well. 27`year`old Stuart Higham was last seen in


Mapperley Park in January 2011, after spending time with friends. It


was thought that he may have travelled to Europe. Officers have


now confirmed he's been discovered in Germany. His family's been told.


The East Midlands is becoming nationally known for its efforts to


use stem cells to treat people with blood cancers. The region now has


four Anthony Nolan centres which gather blood from the umbilical


cords of new`born babies. That's more than the rest of the country


put together. The first units opened in Leicester in 2010. Today, two


more were unveiled ` this time in Nottingham. James 0


more were unveiled ` this time in Nottingham. James Roberson has more.


Taking her daily tablets is a task that 67`year`old Gladys Smith


doesn't mind. 18 months ago, she needed a bone marrow transplant for


her leukaemia, but no relative was a match. Instead, she had two


cordblood transplants to combat the illness.


After the transplant, it took a little while ` I'm still quite


tired, but quite quickly you start to pick up. I'm fine.


Gladys wouldn't be here without staff like Penny Cole from the


Anthony Nolan charity. At the QMC's maternity unit in Nottingham, Penny


brings another donated the centre to a brand`new centre for technicians


called cordblood collectors. ``donated placenta. The blood from


the umbilical chord contains stem cells, as valuable as bone marrow in


battling leukaemia. The stem cells are highly adaptable,


so they can be used to treat a number of conditions. They can be of


vital use for people who don't have a related stem cell donor.


There are already Anthony Nolan collection centres at the Leicester


Royal Infirmary and the last general. Now, another new one is


also opening as the Nottingham city. This nurse specialises in blood


disorders. Also pregnant, she is planning to donate her baby's


umbilical cord blood when she gives birth.


I look after patients who will be having transplants, so I'm aware of


how important it is to get stem cells from umbilical cord is or from


the bone marrow register. When I heard that the hospital would be


starting this programme, I was excited by the opportunity to donate


my baby's umbilical cord. There is another child constantly


Gladys's minds. Somewhere, there is a little man


running around he was trying to talk, who I am totally ` I can't


tell anybody how much that Littlechild has done for me.


That's so nice! Professor Nigel Russell from the


City Hospital in Nottingham. How significant is the opening of the


two collection centres in Nottingham today?


I think it's of great significance. Nottingham is the home of the core


cord blood bank itself. We will be able to feed into that with the


donations. You do have to get permission from


the mothers, don't you? Yes, of course. They gave full


consent for the process. There is no harm for the mother or baby.


Why is there such a concentration of these centres in the East Midlands?


I think because of the core Lloyds Bank location, that's one thing. ``


core blood bank location. They can be sent to any 0


core blood bank location. They can be sent to any transplant centre in


the United Kingdom, or abroad. We saw what a difference it has made


from that lovely lady. Do we know everything about the benefits of


stem cells, or is there more to learn?


We are on an early learning curve with the use of cord blood


transplants. Our patients have done fantastically well, so we're really


pleased. If it's mainly leukaemia?


Some rare congenital diseases can also be treated with cord blood


transplants. Could it ever be an automatic thing


when a baby is born that cord blood is donated?


Some of the cord blood is used had been stored for several years


already. It can be frozen, and they can pull it off the shelf and take


it straight to the transplant centre. The process becomes much


more rapid. Thank you very much. Police in


Lincolnshire say they'll maintain a business as normal approach in


Grantham tomorrow during a planned march by a right`wing group and a


counter`demonstration. Members of the English Defence


League will be escorted by a large number of police. This report from


our Political Editor John Hess. The English Defence League has


protested at what it sees as a growing Islamic influence in the UK.


This was Nottingham in 2009. There were 11 arrest, and the police


operation cost ?1 million. In Grantham, diversions are already in


place for the image defence league March. The marchers will be escorted


by up to 200 police. `` English Defence League.


We have been asked why we haven't banned these marchers from going


ahead. We live in a free society, and we have to allow people to


peaceably protest. Having allowed them to do that, it is still `` it


is still safe for people to go about their business.


Will that persuade local residents? Not far from here, plans for Islamic


centre are being made. I don't see why they are marching.


Everyone is entitled to their own religious views. If they open a new


Catholic Church, will they march for that?


I won't be in town ` no way. Grantham's MP says the EDL marches


aren't welcome. The 0 Grantham's MP says the EDL marches


aren't welcome. The tests for the police operation tomorrow is whether


the traffic can flow. As parts of the country recover from


the recent devastating floods, a group of leading environmentalists


has told the government that better water management could have


prevented some of the recent damage. Their advice comes as a river


conservation project gets underway in Leicestershire. Experts say


dredging is not always the answer and 0 0


dredging is not always the answer and that 0 0


dredging is not always the answer and that a natural solution is far


more effective. Quentin Rayner reports.


Over the past few weeks, Britain has taken a battering. The devastating


floods confirm this winter has the wettest record for almost 250 years.


Those affected question why the swollen rivers haven't been


regularly dredged. But not everyone thinks man`made dredging is the


answer ` the 0 thinks man`made dredging is the


answer ` the Welland 0 thinks man`made dredging is the


answer ` the Welland Rivers Trust believes that will naturally and


more effectively self`dredge if they are allowed to follow their natural


course. Essentially, what the trust is


saying, is that we have to un`straighten the rivers and restore


them to 0 0 0 un`straighten the rivers and restore


them to their natural route. That means removing man`made obstacles,


like this weir, building up natural banks, restoring meanders. As a


result, the river's natural storage capacity will 0


result, the river's natural storage capacity will be increased.


They will themselves dredge, they will self clean. They will remove


the silt themselves, we won't need to interfere. By re`naturalising the


river here, we have reintroduced a self`cleaning channel which won't


need to be dredged. So, a government funded 0


need to be dredged. So, a government funded ?500,000


conservation project is underway to restore the river to its natural


shape, as it flows through Market Harborough, and to encourage more


wildlife to return. The trust says the surrounding land also draining


into rivers have to be managed differently.


We need to work on ways to encourage farmers, be it paying them, through


any kind of stewardship schemes ` things that we can do to get them to


hold that water back. They can dig drainage ditches that stop the water


running straight off the land, and running straight into the rivers.


Restoration will take 0 running straight into the rivers.


Restoration will take one 0 running straight into the rivers.


Restoration will take one year. One thing that everyone will notice is


that, in future, the Welland will slow all year instead of stagnating


in the summer. People in a Derbyshire town could be the ones to


decide how it looks in the future. The local council in Ripley wants to


hold a public referendum ` so people can have a say about where


developers can and can't build. It's thought that could alter the plans


which the borough council has for the area. The referendum idea will


be considered next month by Amber Valley Council.


The story of Richard the Third's rise and fall is to be told at a


Conference at the University of Leicester this weekend. The event


will include talks from the team of experts who located, unearthed and


identified the King's remains. They were found under a council car park


in the city over a year ago. Meanwhile, the hunt is on now to


find a new manager to run Leicester's Richard the Third


Visitor Centre. Still to come ` taking art off the


wall and walking all over it. We've been to one of the oldest Churches


in the East Midlands which now has a rather special floor.


First, could this be the year that our sleeping football giants return


to the Premier League? Leicester, Derby and Forest all in the top five


in the Championship. But what are the odds? One bookmaker tonight says


7`1. A good price! Could it really happen? Angela Rafferty reports.


All three teams are pushing for promotion. All three teams sitting


pretty in the top five. If it's the Premier League you're aiming for,


the East Midlands is the place to be.


You need one of these Midland teams in the Premier League. Leicester are


the favourites at the moment, Nottingham Forest are fighting


behind. It's going to be a very interesting end to the season, I


think. 0 think.


It's been years since one of our teams have been in the top flight,


but could this be the season that all that will finally change?


You're talking about three huge clubs. You're talking about clubs


that are great rivals. It's always nice for the area, and for the clubs


and the supporters to have that rivalry.


We understand what it means to our fans, and I'm sure all three clubs


would like to finish higher than each other.


It's good for the local area, but I'd like to see off on top. Whether


we can catch Leicester, I don't know.


All three East 0 know.


All three East Midlands clubs going up ` it will be amazing, won't it?


As long as Leicester go up, I'd like to see Forest and Derby go up with


us. Still, 15 games to go and everything


to play for. Could Premier League football finally be back in these


Midland? And might Leicester, Forest and Derby all be playing there?


Well, in League One, Notts County have their own big challenge, to


stay in the division. Tomorrow, they've dropped ticket 0


stay in the division. Tomorrow, they've dropped ticket prices to get


fans behind the team as they take on fellow relegation rivals Shrewsbury.


Manager Shaun Derry says it's a six`pointer. A win could lift them


out of the bottom four and put them five points above the Shrews.


Tonight, the club are hosting a special 80th 0


Tonight, the club are hosting a special 80th birthday party for the


legendary BBC Radio Nottingham commentator Colin Slater.


He's been reporting on Notts for more than 50 years and Derry says


hopefully many more years to come. You talk about Notts County and


Colin Slater in the same breath. He is very much part of this family,


and congratulations to Colin. I'm sure he will have many more years to


be working for Notts County as a reporter. A big thank you to him,


because he is a fantastic guy, and a fantastic supporter, as well.


In League Two, Paul Cox's Mansfield are at home tomorrow too. The Stags


play Graham Alexander's Fleetwood Town.


Heartbreak once more at the Winter Olympics for Nottingham's speed


skater Elise Christie ` her medal hopes are over after she failed to


make it through to the finals of the 1,000metres after being


disqualifiued again by the judges. Kirsty has more.


The cruellest of sports with the finest of margins. Team`mates and


friends have gathered for all of Belize Christie's events. This was


the incident that saw her missing out on this evening's final.


I blocked her early, and she still kept going. Fair enough ` everyone


is trying to qualify! Honest to God, I was pretty sure she hit me from


behind. She was subjected to awful abuse on


social media. She was hoping to put that behind her today, which dreams


of Olympic glory have ended a nightmare.


I really wanted to bounce back. This was my last chance. To have it taken


away, it's just devastating. I will come back in four years, and I will


try again. I'll be working hard! In rugby, the Leicester Tigers will


hope that their form can improve when they 0


hope that their form can improve when they take on London Irish on


Sunday in the Premiership. And ice hockey: The dates for the


Challenge Cup final have been confirmed. Nottingham Panthers


travel to Belfast for the first leg on Friday 21st March. The return leg


at the National Ice Centre will take place four days later.


And one of Britain's best known sportsmen will be on the starting


line at the National Cross Country Championships in Nottingham


tomorrow. Former World Triathlon Champion and Olympic bronze medal


winner Jonny Brownlee will be part of the field at Wollaton Park.


Jonny's using it as preparation for the triathlon season which begins


next month. At the start line of the race, it's


going to be absolutely incredible. I haven't done a lot of cross country


over the last two years, because of my injury. We'll wait and see how it


goes. I'm looking forward to it. There will be 8000 runners alongside


him from across the country. Finally, tonight, one of the oldest


churches in the East Midlands has just had a bit of a spruce`up. St


Mary's in Nottingham's Lace Market has a new floor, courtesy of a


leading contemporary artist. The unveiling of the design coincides


with an exhibition of her work, also on display in the city as Geeta


Pendse reports. Welcome to Saint Mary 's. It's thought to be the


oldest religious establishment in Nottingham, with versions of this


building dating back to the 10th century. 0


building dating back to the 10th century. Now, the ground beneath our


feet as adding modern revamp. This artist was tasked to redesign the


church floor. She has redesigned public spaces, ranging from


Wakefield Cathedral to Birmingham Square.


This is a tradition that started in the Middle 0 0


This is a tradition that started in the Middle Ages. Usually, you would


have an architect or a mason, with a pattern. But this is something


different. Is a subtle design that took 18


months to 0 Is a subtle design that took 18


months to complete. The stones were cut on site. It's part of a ?250,000


revamp of the church. You try to get some kind of


understanding of the space, how it's used. The 0


understanding of the space, how it's used. The kind of colours. How


strong you want something to be when you walk in. We are very affected by


the scale of what we are walking on. Her work is also on exhibition at


the Lakeside arts Centre for eight weeks. It's hoped that the new floor


will be here for centuries. It looks fabulous, doesn't it? We


are very lucky to have such great galleries in our area. If you


haven't been to Saint Mary 's, it really is worth a visit!


Let's talk about the weather. It's probably been the quietest weeks


since the start of the year. We've had some dry weather, some sunshine,


and also a good scattering of showers. This has allowed for some


beautiful rainbows to form across the 0


beautiful rainbows to form across the East Midlands. Many of you have


been rather taken by them. Here is just a small selection of your


pictures. Thank you to all of you for sending


them in. It has been spectacular. We will have more on our Facebook page


tomorrow. Let's talk about the weekend weather. A lot of dry


weather around. Saturday looks the best, with lots of sunshine. It's


breezy throughout, with strong, strengthening winds on Sunday. A few


showers through the afternoon, and that's how we continued through the


evening. They slowly started to fizzle out, so I dry end to the


Knights. Temperatures will drop down to a low of four degrees tonight.


There are maybe a little bit of grass frost in rural areas. There


will be some lovely sunshine throughout the morning tomorrow. We


do start to see more in the way of cloud in the afternoon. It may


produce one or two showers. But I suspect we will remain generally


dry. A high`temperature of nine, but it is a breezy day with


south`westerly winds. On Sunday, the cloud is producing some patchy,


light rain and drizzle. Keep an eye on this area of rain, which starts


moving during the evening. The winds will strengthen, so strong, gusty


winds. That's how we start the new week ` a very wet and windy start on


Monday. And improvements later in the day. Your best bet is to get out


is tomorrow! I've never seen a whole rainbow!


Keep those pictures coming in! Enjoy your weekend! 0


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