22/02/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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on the BBC News channel, with all the very latest on the dramatic


day's With your news now for the East


Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. Former classmates of a young man who's been


missing now in Derby for three weeks, have been handing out


leaflets in the city today. They've also been filming their own appeal


for information about the disappearance of 20`year`old Nadish


Kunwar. Carol Hinds has more. Family and friends have been


searching for Nadish Kunwar since the end of January. The 20`year`old


studied media production at Derby College, and this afternoon his


former classmates were handing out leaflets. We are just hoping he is


safe. We're just hoping someone might have some information that


might help him. He went missing after a night out in the city centre


three weeks ago today. CCTV records in setting out on his journey home.


It is totally out of character for him, he always let everyone know


where he is, it is really unusual that he has gone missing and we are


concerned for him. His friends are making a short video which will be


posted on social media website. They want to get as much public attention


as possible because they are desperate to find him.


Hospital staff working in some parts of the Leicester Royal Infirmary


have had to be vaccinated against swine flu after an outbreak of the


virus on a children's ward. It affected six children on Ward 12


earlier this week. The unit was closed temporarily, but has since


reopened. All the children infected are said to be recovering. At this


stage, it's believed the outbreak came from a visitor to the hospital.


Lincolnshire Police say two rallies in Grantham today have passed off


peacefully. 250 officers from five forces escorted protestors from the


English Defence League as they marched to voice their opposition to


plans for an Islamic Centre in the town. The other rally was a counter


protest. Police say both were peaceful, and no arrests were made.


It is a real challenge for us. We are able to organise some time in


advance, which helps the cost to us. But we have got a signature can


number of officers here, and that will have an impact on other places.


Campaigners have been in Nottingham today calling for a region`wide


payrise for workers. The TUC held a rally in the city centre, joined by


the MP Lilian Greenwood. They say that while the economy has started


to show signs of growth, worker's wages are still lagging far behind


inflation. It's that gap they blame for the 'cost of living' crisis, as


they call it. Getting a pay rise is the quickest way for people to see


more money in their pockets, and people go out and spend that, and


that helps create other businesses and provide other people with a


salary. The 0 and provide other people with a


salary. The last four years, we have seen a real incomes declining. The


rise of food banks says that for everybody. One in five people are


earning below the living wage. For most people the pound in the pocket


is not buying people what it used to. The people of the East Midlands


and the rest of the country actually need to be earning enough to be able


to go out and purchase and to be able to actually live a decent life.


To this afternoon's football now. Nottingham 0


To this afternoon's football now. Nottingham Forest lost 3`1 at


Burnley. 27,000 watched Derby beat Bournemouth 1`0 ` a combination of


results that sees the Rams move to third in the Championship tonight.


Leicester, still top of the table, beat Ipswich 3`0 at the King Power.


At 0 0 beat Ipswich 3`0 at the King Power.


At Meadow Lane, Notts County lost 2`3 to Shrewsbury. It means the


Magpies drop to just one place off the bottom of League One. And in


League Two, Mansfield Town beat promotion`chasing Fleetwood by a


goal. It has been a gloriously lovely day


for most of us, let's see what the weather will her letters next.


weather will Good evening, it is nice to see


sunshine today. There will not be much of that on offer tomorrow, we


will pick up more cloud and the winds are picking up as well. It is


quite cloudy and windy tomorrow. The cloud is already thickening up, and


the winds are picking up as well. It will become quite gusty overnight,


bringing rain here and there, but most of us will stay dry tonight.


Temperatures will be held up, not particularly cold, around seven or


eight Celsius. A much cloudy start tomorrow morning, there will be


spots of rain in the morning. That will become confined to northern and


western parts of the day. Winds will be quite strong and gusty. Am I the


day, `` a 0 be quite strong and gusty. Am I the


day, `` a mild day, showery and windy into next week, but we are


staying on the mild side. The Beat's getting underway now on


your local BBC Radio. Tonight's Beat Elite Quiz will get the little grey


cells working, while the team catch up with Nottingham singer`songwriter


Rebecca King. That's between now and 10pm. That's it for now. I will be


back with more for you Hello. For some places today I am


sure it felt that spring is just around the corner. However, looming


large, coming in from the Atlantic, this broad belt of cloud and this


will bring rain to western hills with rain overnight moving into


Scotland, Northern Ireland, trying to push into England and Wales but


many eastern


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