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life changing experience. The question is whether the Games will


deliver a lasting With the news for the East Midlands,


I'm Anne Davies. First tonight, the Catholic Church


says it has no evidence that a priest sexually abused children as


long ago as the late 1950s. Today, Father Francis Paul Cullen, who is


85, admitted a catalogue of offences in Derby, Buxton and Nottingham. He


also spent more than 20 years on the run in Tenerife. Mike O'Sullivan


reports from Derby Crown Court. At Patrick Reed priest, Father


Francis Paul Cullen abuse seven younger than is over 34 years.


Today, pleading guilty at court, to 21 offences in parishes in Derby,


Buxton and Nottingham. His actions were pure evil. Sexual abuse of any


person, particularly an innocent child is absolute evil and it cannot


be justified in any sense whatsoever. Father Cullen came to


Derby in the 1950s to prepare the way for this church, Christ the


King. From 1957 into the 1970s he abused for altar boys. He was a


charismatic young priest who had been sent in here to set up this


parish. And you had no idea about this other side of him? None at


all. Well you surprised? Surprise and horrified. The abuse continued


in St Anthony Buxton. It targeted a young girl and a teenage girl. He


was pictured with Bob Geldof in the 1980s. He retired on the grounds of


ill health in October of 1987, returning to Ireland. Just under a


year later he said he was well enough to come back. This time, as


parish priest at St Mary 's in Nottingham. He abused an 11`year`old


altar boy. In September 1991 he retired for the second time on the


grounds of ill health. A month later he faced sex abuse charges relating


to St Mary 's and jumped bail. The diocese of Nottingham says it do


nothing about abuse allegations before the St Mary 's case. All I


can say is I have seen absolutely no evidence of a cover`up. I have seen


no evidence that his abusive Theatre `` abusive behaviour was reported to


the bishop at the time. If victims felt comfortable in coming forward


to Derbyshire police, come forward, report it. It will be fully


investigated. Further charges could possibly be brought against Father


Cullen. Three of the victims are making civil compensation claims


against the diocese and the churches resuming its own enquiry into Father


Cullen'scareer, and enquiry that will report to the Vatican in a few


months. `` and enquiry. As we've heard, Cullen spent 20


years hiding out on Tenerife. The police say he was tracked down with


the help of information from the Diocese of Nottingham. Simon Hare


reports from the island. Holiday`makers and expats come here


to escape the richest winter. Father Cullen came here to escape British


justice, for more than two decades. In Las Christiaan lost stand these


apartments. It seems he spent most of those years living here in a


modest one`bedroom apartments. He ended up leaving over the death of


9000 euros for unpaid community fees. He had earned a living by


running errands for a local shop. He told some people he had been an


architect in Australia, but he had an altogether more truthful account


for a mild of the same fate. The parish priest said Father Cullen


used to visit his church regularly to pray, then, one day, came a


partial confession. Perhaps two years ago he said, I am a priest. I


was surprised because I had seen him before, just a normal person, for


many years and suddenly he was a priest. He appeared here and


suddenly disappeared. That is because last August he was arrested


while visiting Mass at this church in the neighbouring resorts of Playa


Taylor Americas. The priest in charge here had recognised him as a


wanted mild after an appeal for information that had originated from


the the church back in Britain. Before Mr Cullen was arrested and


charged in 1991 he was already known to be a regular visitor here to


Tenerife, which only raises the question, should he have been caught


much sooner? A heart surgeon who passed on a


deadly infection killing five patients wants to resume operations,


but without telling new patients about his past. John Lu works at


Nottingham City Hospital, but hasn't operated since 2009. He is seeking


damages from the NHS Trust, and is also claiming that telling patients


about his past would mislead them. The hearing at the High Court in


London could last two weeks. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons


was in court, and he explained the importance of the case.


This is a hugely significant case. At the centre, high much patient


should be told about the past? The legal team for John Lu say that it


is not right he should have to go through enhanced consent for


patients and say he poses no greater risk than any other surgeon. The


hospital trust says it has the bid the interests of nations first and


said they have a right to know what has happened so they can make up


their own mind. That's your news. So, it's goodbye


from me, but with your weather now, here's Kaye.


There is more sunshine to come over the next few days. There will be


some rain to come through tonight. The winds are picking up this


evening and the rain is not too far away. It will be pushing its way in


early in the morning, turning heavy at times. It moves through fairly


quickly, so by the end of the night we will be drying up once again.


Tomorrow morning, a little bit of cloud first thing but that will be


chopped up fairly quickly. It'll be a dry, bright morning with decent


bounds of sunshine. More cloud will push in from the west later on in


the day and is the chance of a couple of showers later on, but it


will be right. It will be mild, the pitches at 10 degrees. But the


outlook, more warm sunshine and weapons they handed


will be more rain overnight into Thursday.


Good evening. We have a spell of wet and windy weather working across the


British Isles. Today brought many of us some decent spells of sunshine


and it brought us some decent temperatures. In fact, our warmest


day of the year so far. At the moment, though, things have


changed. This is the gap in the satellite picture. Now, this curl of


cloud looks like a snail's shell, it is an area of low pressure that is


sweeping wind and rain across us. It's pushed into the west already


and is now making rapid progress eastwards, moving into eastern


England through the small hours Strong, gusty winds around the Irish


Sea coasts. The weather front will weaken as it gets into eastern


areas. Behind the weather front things are a good deal clearer and


that is the way we will start tomorrow. Our wet and windy weather,


the worst of it is out of the way as we look at Tuesday. There will be


some sunshine around, but there will be some hefty showers. First thing,


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