26/02/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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One, it's time for the news where you are.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. First tonight, it's been revealed that an arrest warrant for


a fugitive priest wanted on sex abuse charges was withdrawn. It s


because magistrates in Notthngham thought there was no chance of


finding him. Father Francis Paul Cullen had, at that time, bden


hiding away on the island of Tenerife for nine years. He


eventually spent 22 years there Saint Mary 's Catholic Church in


Nottingham. In 1991. The parish priest was facing a range of sex


abuse charges against altar boys. He appeared at Nottingham Magistrates'


Court but then jumped bail. A warrant was issued for his `rrest.


At Nottingham Magistrates' Court in the year 2000, the arrest w`rrant


for him was withdrawn. The police say that meant he was effectively no


longer a wanted man. It begs the question, why the magistratd would


do that, especially as the `rrest warrant had previously been renewed


three times. In a statement: the this solicitor says he has never


heard anything like it. Frol the survivors perspective, they will


find it hard to understand that anything had changed between 19 1


and 2000. He was still a risk. I can't understand how the arrest


warrant had been withdrawn `t that time. Father Colin was extr`dited


last year. After spending 22 years on the island. On Monday, hd pleaded


guilty to 21 offences of sex abuse against children. Nottinghal police


says taking him off the wanted list was a decision made by the court.


They say they are now working with their partners to improve processes


in the justice system. Next, the former Nottinghamshire


Police officer whose wife ttrned detective to clear his name. Two


years ago Trevor Gray was convicted of rape. But his wife trackdd down


evidence which was to prove he was innocent. Now he's fighting to get


his job back, as Jo Healey reports. They are close now but almost three


years ago, Trevor and Alison split up. In that time, he met a woman in


a bar in Nottingham. They spent the night and caught a taxi homd the


next day. She was to accuse him of raping her. Your worst nightmare.


You couldn't imagine it could be like what has happened to md. I just


did not believe he was capable of such a horrible thing. I've been


married for 22 years. But hd was sent down to Nottingham prison.


Being convicted of something you haven't done and anybody thhnking of


you as a monster, a rapist. How could I live without? But Alison


never gave up on him. She ttrned detective to find the taxi driver


who picked Trevor up from the woman's house. Incredibly, @llison


managed to trace the taxi driver and he clearly remembered picking Trevor


up from the woman's house. He said he saw them case and embracdd and


she said, see you later. So not the actions of a woman who had been


raped. The evidence proved to be crucial. Last summer, his conviction


was quashed but this month, he had to endure a retrial. The verdict,


unanimous. Not guilty. I shdd a tear because the pressure that w`s on the


throughout the period was jtst unbearable. But despite that,


Nottinghamshire Police weren't given his job back. He was a detective


Sergeant for 25 years, getthng many commendations and awards. I've done


nothing wrong. I've been through the process and proved to be innocent.


The force will not comment on the case. The Police Federation is


travelling `` backing Trevor wholeheartedly but he is having to


sell up. The legal costs have run into thousands of pounds.


Parents across Leicestershire could have to pay up to ?600 for their


child to catch a school bus, if proposals are approved. Unddr the


scheme the County Council would only pay for transport to the ne`rest


school, even if it's over the county border in Leicester City or


Nottinghamshire. Catchment `reas would be disregarded. Parents say


the proposals are unfair and are vowing to fight them.


It is going to be a huge financial difficulty for me to send mx twins


to the school. It will cost over ?1000 a year. We moved here to get


them into the schools in thd first place. That is pointless. The choice


of where children go to school as the parents. They choose to send a


child out of the area for what was the original catchment area, then,


yes, they will have to pay. A Nottingham Forest player who


suffered a career`threatening injury during a league game is seeking


massive High Court damages. He claims the defender who tackled him


was negligent. Nottingham Forest striker Dexter Blackstock is seeking


compensation from Seya Olofhnjana and his former club, Cardiff City.


It's over a tackle in November 010. The challenge put Blackstock out of


the game for 15 months with what was descrined as an horrific knde


injury. Rolls`Royce has unveiled pl`ns for a


new generation of aero`engines. The Derby`based company says thd engines


will be up to 25% more fuel efficient than the first versions of


its existing Trent models. Ht's hoped the new Advance and Ultra Fan


engines will also be more rdliable and environmentally`friendlx. A


billion pounds a year is behng spent on their development.


That's your news. So, it's goodbye from me but with your weathdr now,


here's Anna Church. We have had a fairly decent day with


lovely, long spells of sunshine but all change as it is set to become


wet and windy through the nhght The cloud is already starting to


increase from the West and the rain will arrive to give us a spdll of


wet weather. The winds are `lso strengthening as strong


south`westerly winds bring gusts up to 35 mph. Temperatures will hold up


with loans of five Celsius. The rain clears away and then it is `n


improving story for the morning Plenty of sunshine to be had. We


start to see if you show was pushing their way in from the west. There


will be a high temperature of 1 Celsius. The Met office havd issued


an early warning for snowfall in force across the East Midlands


through Friday. More on that tomorrow. But now, a look at your


day on Friday, wet snow around and a breeze blowing as well. Tricky into


the weekend. And now we have the national forecast.


Good evening. We know it has been a wet winter but it has also been mild


and across England and Wales, lacking in snow.


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