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not shared the further east you go into the


Now the news for the East Mhdlands, I'm Anne Davies. A terrorisl trial


has been told that a Leicestershire teenager made plans to copy the


Columbine High School massacre in his home`town. 18`year`old Lichael


Piggin admits making bombs but denies preparing to attack ` number


of targets in Loughborough. Our Social Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy


Ball, has been following thd trial at the Old Bailey in London. He came


into the dog where a black T`shirt and I saw him listening intdntly and


stealing at the floor as thd case against him was opened in court The


prosecution say Piggin was influenced by far right ideology. An


arsenal of weapons were found you at his home which included partially


construct bombs. There were year guns, ammunition, a crossbow and


notes about how to carry out an attack. He had the notebook of Che


Guevara which had swastikas and English Defence League markdrs on


it. He was preoccupied by the Islamic invasion of Europe. He had


sketched out details of how to draw `` go to his old school armdd to the


teeth, he had drawn a stick man and had made note of how to carry guns


under his trench coat. It w`s titled plans and tactics for the ndw


Columbine. The prosecution say that is in reference to the Colulbine


high school massacre when two students killed pupils and teachers


back in 1999. A court has hdard that a woman who's accused of catsing the


deaths of two toddlers by c`reless driving was travelling abovd the


speed limit and was talking on a hands`free device. Oliwier Baczyk


and Zofia Tabaka were killed when their pushchairs were hit in a


collision between two cars `t a busy junction in Leicester. Here's our


Chief News reporter Quentin Rayner. These children died from he`d


injuries. He was being pushdd in a pushchair by a family friend and she


in a pushchair by her father. Family members including the littld girl's


mother were there in court. The BMW was driving along the road where it


was hit by a mini Cooper. The collision pushed the BMW towards the


children waiting on a pedestrian island. Both children were bleeding


and the girl's father was hdard to shout my beloved daughter. The court


heard that the driver in thd many had mistakenly gone through a red


light. He was following the current front which had wrongly gond through


a filter blog by roadworks. At the time of the collision the BLW was


driving at 36 miles an hour. The death of the children was a


combination of both mortal lists falling below the standards of


tearful and competent drivers, the court was told. After her BLW hit


the pushed years the driver was heard to say I am so sorry, I am so


sorry. The prosecution say she was distracted by her mobile phone call


and because she was over thd speed limit it minimised her chances of


avoiding the pushchairs. Thd trial continues. The director of `


Derbyshire recycling companx, where a fire burned for more then 60 days,


has been jailed for ten months. 8,000 tonnes of waste and wood went


up in smoke at Arcwood Recycling in Stanton by Dale in 2012. Colpany


director Luke Barker admittdd safety failures. Thousands of fish were


killed as a result of pollution from water flowing from the site into the


Erewash Canal. Two men from Derby have been arrested as part of a


charity fraud investigation. It follows the seizure of a large


amount of cash at the Port of Dover in December 2012. Police ard tonight


holding a total of eight people It comes as the Charity Commission


warns that people giving money to help refugees of the civil war in


Syria could be inadvertentlx supporting terrorism. Piers Hopkirk


reports. It has left more than million Syrians in desperatd need,


the bloody three`year war. Britain is the biggest aid donor but


today's operation has heightened concerns over charity cash funding


conflict or crime. The alleged seizure of money at the port of


Dover in December 2012, offhcers found ?32,000 in cash, ?8,000 ``


8000 euros and $42,000. Ple`se believe it could be used for


criminal or terrorist activhties. The arrests were carried out across


the UK this morning. Legitilate charities expressed concern for the


impact on legitimate charithes. People be keen about those suffering


must know there are some fantastic charities doing good work. 060


officers and staff were executing warrants in four separate force


areas from West Yorkshire in the North to London in the South will


stop tonight, eight people continue to be questions please stathons up


and down the country. `` in police stations. That's your news. So, it's


goodbye from me, but with your weather now, here's Sara Blhzzard.


It is another cold night tonight. We are starting to see these gtys


cleaning again and it will learn a little bit misty under the clearer


skies. Temperatures dropping below freezing out in rural areas. It will


be a chilly start tomorrow. A bright start to the day on Wednesd`y. It is


changing gradually as mist `nd fog lifts. Cloud will come down from the


north`west introducing patch like rain across Derbyshire and the Peak


District and Nottinghamshird. We are still very mild tomorrow with


temperatures around 11 Celchus. We have a more of a breeze blowing on


Thursday and more cloud arotnd. This rain will work its way southwards


through the day on Friday, weakening of the time. In a few moments we'll


have a full national forecast but for now I'll leave


will stay miles into the weekend. And with more on that, here is the


National forecast. Good evening. The skies across


England and Wales are clearing. It will turn cold once again. A


different story for Scotland and Northern Ireland. But ahead of that,


the skies are clearing for England and Wales. It will turn cold, so we


will start tomorrow with a frost and will also be some fog around. The


frost will set in, getting down to three below in rural spots. It is


not until the latter part of the night where we will see the fog


thickening up. All while, the wind is increasing. And we will see some


rain setting in by dawn. That combination will keep temperatures




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