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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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of those living with HIV. Don't forget, there is a


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. First tonight, a woman accused of causing the deaths of two


toddlers by careless driving has spoken of the moments immedhately


after the fatal collision. Sharmila Mistry told Leicester Crown Court


her car filled with smoke and she thought it was going to explode Her


BMW had been hit by another vehicle which forced it towards the


pushchairs the children werd sitting in. Eleanor Garnier reports. This is


the scene tonight during rush`hour. The crash was just before 10am on a


Monday morning in the summer of 2012, it left the scene of


devastation. She had been driving down this road, talking on `


hands`free device, something she had done for the past 12 years because


her job involved hundreds of miles of driving. She accepts she was


doing 36 miles an hour in a 30 zone. When she got to this junction she


drove through an amber light and was hit by another vehicle on the right,


that driver had gone through a red light. When empowered, the whole car


jolted. She said she jolted comic she was not going straight `ny


more, it she froze, her hands were on the steaming peel but shd could


not control anything. She ddscribed how smoke from the bags was filling


her BMW. She thought the car was going to explode. Her car mounted


this pedestrian island knocking the pushchairs of two children, both


died of head injuries. The prosecution alleges the driver was


distracted by her phone call and because she was over the spded


limit, it minimised her chances of avoiding a collision. She ddnies two


counts of death by dangerous driving. The trial continues. Next,


the research which may help stroke victims lead a better life. Experts


at the University of Nottingham say disabilities caused by the lost


common type of stroke could be cut by a third if the body's telperature


is reduced after a seizure. So we have had a cardiac arrest and they


are worried her rain has suffered it appealable damage so they are


killing it. The sooner the rain is cooled, the slow or rain cells will


die and the less rain damagd she will suffer. It is all a race


against time and it will be when the same principle is tried out on


stroke patients in the UK as well. If we start with rolling thhs


patient towards me. Nurses `nd doctors from five UK hospit`ls are


being taught how to cool stroke patients. You can take them


completely off. Water fills these cooling pads to bring the body


temperature down from 37 to 34 with drugs used to stop shivering. When


you have a stroke caused by blood clot rain cells start to did because


they are not getting enough oxygen. If you cool the body down the body


needs less energy and so less bright cells will die. It has been a long


journey for these patients, most have had a stroke and adapthng can


take months or even years. Ht affected my left hand side. The more


we can learn the better it will be for anybody else. 20 yards `s the


maximum I can go. It looks like it can reduce the amount of disability


after a stroke by one third which can be really dramatic. Acthng fast


is important and the results of the clinical trial are not expected for


three years. A school has apologised for making some of its pupils wear a


sign when they wanted to go to the toilet. The policy was withdrawn


after a parent complained that it was degrading. From Derby, Simon


Hare reports. Today's edition of the Sun newspaper cold it a scandal and


carried a picture of a child where the sign. This school had m`de its


eldest boys were the sign s`ying I am going to the toilet, when they


needed to do just that. The school said it was to ensure only one child


was in there at any one timd but it has now been withdrawn after a


parent complained. The headteacher said the sign had been introduced


because damage had recently been caused to doors and sinks in the


school toilets. Toilets had also been blocked causing a flood.


Causing complaints from a p`vement be immediately stop using them. The


statement concludes we are sorry if this has caused any distress or


upset. Some took it as OK btt we were horrified. It looked lhke he


had been branded. They do that in America to criminals. I had no idea


anything like this was happdning or going on. I was worried abott it


because it is very degrading. I am very surprised schools would do


this, usually schools issue toilet passes, they do not have signs that


go around the neck to embarrass or humiliate. The head of the campaign


that spoke to the Sun newsp`per declined to be interviewed by us and


said they did not want to t`ke the issue further. That's your news So


it's goodbye from me, but whth your weather now, here's Anna Chtrch It


has been a cloudy day with some outbreaks of rain. That is what we


can expect throughout tonight. Cloud will continue to increase and it is


thick enough to produce somd light rain and drizzle at times. Ht is


mild. As we head towards dawn some persistent rain pushing end. That


will be with us first thing tomorrow morning before it clears fahrly


quickly to the south`east. We will see an improvement and most of us


will have some sunshine by the afternoon. It is still quitd


pleasant in the sunshine. On Saturday after a cloudy and frosty


start it will improve and wd should see some decent sunshine by the


afternoon. I will leave you know with an outlook.


outlook for London. Temperatures stay like this.


Hello, after the teenage tantrums of the last couple of months, the


weather is going to move into more sedate middle age will stop maybe


tonight is the midlife crisis because it is still likely -- middle


age. Breezy and cloudy for most will stop but it will not be cold, but


wet, particularly across Cumbria. The railway -- the rain is reluctant


to move from Northern Ireland, Scotland, increasingly wet across




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