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away. That's all from the BBC News at Six. On BBC One, we now join the


This is East Midlands Today with Dominic Heale and me, Anne Davies.


Tonight ` an apology from Ndtwork Rail for the deaths at its level


crossings. The families of those who h`ve died


say it is too little, too l`te. It is like somebody sending yot a


Christmas card for years later. They have started to apologise bdcause


they have too. We investigate a harmful chdmical


used in some East Midlands nail salons, which can cause lasting


damage. As we head towards lambing season,


the appeal for dog owners to keep their pets on a lead to keep sheep


say. And why this local council candidate


has got politicians all Shook up. Welcome to Friday's programle. First


tonight, a damning report into a series of deaths at level crossings.


MPs have condemned Network Rail for showing a callous disregard for the


feelings of families whose loved ones were killed or seriously


injured. It's prompted an unreserved apology


from the company, but two f`milies whose relatives died at the same


crossing in Nottinghamshire say it's come too late. Our chief news


reporter Quentin Rayner is `t the crossing near Hucknall now.


This crossing near Hucknall has been transformed since the buildhng of


this one 5p footbridge opendd at the end of last year. But it has come at


a price. `` one 5p. Three deaths in this `` in the


course of four years. Laurence was one of those who gave


evidence to the transport sdlect committee accusing Network Rail of


negligence. In the `` in November 2008 his wife was walking across the


crossing with his grandson when they were hit by a train.


Mr Hoggart received a settldment from Network Rail but no apology. I


never received any letter of apology from them. I was not even invited to


the bridge opening in 2013. He says safety warnings werd not


heeded from 14 years ago. They knew all about the crossing in 2004, but


still did nothing about it. Tragically, people have been killed.


My wife would still be here, migrant children.


For years after their deaths, 30`year`old Lindsay was killed by a


tram as she used the crossing. `` four years after. She paintdd all


this herself. Her family also feel badly treated.


We are glad the bridge was there, but I would sooner have had my


daughter. I have had no apologies, no letters, to say we are so sorry.


And that is it, never had anything else.


As for the unreserved apology, apology to all the affected


families. But he has also promised to change the culture of thd


company. He has admitted in the past they were too willing to bl`me the


people who used these crosshngs rather than looking at themselves


and thinking how they could reduce the risk of accidents. He h`s


pointed out that in recent xears Network Rail has removed ovdr 7 0


crossings across the UK. He has pledged a further ?100 millhon over


the next five years to improve safety, and MPs have said they want


zero facilities `` fertilitx is by 2020. They have also said `` zero


from `` zero foot `` zero fatalities.


Next tonight, a grieving datghter says she will fight on for better


regulation of care homes after a catalogue of problems leading up to


her mother's death. Kathleen Reid was in a mouldy, damp


bedroom ` and her weight wasn't properly monitored at a card home


where staff struggled to medt residents' needs. Our health


correspondent Rob Sissons w`s at today's inquest into the


92`year`old's death. In her younger days, she was in the


land Army. Then, a loving grandmother. In her final ydar she


was in a damp, smelly, moulded room in a Leicestershire care hole


without Simon 's disease. It was evident there were not enough hands


on deck. `` Alzheimer's. Tr`ining and staffing levels need to be


looked at. To the family, it seemed endemic.


But here they did not keep ` close enough I and Kathleen's weight. It


was not properly monitored hn 2 11 and I was poor record`keeping.


Social Services concluded K`thleen Reid suffered neglect. The owner


told the inquest she would have done more had she been told. She left the


inquest without comment. What have you got to say about Mrs


Reed's with? Why wasn't the moulded room sorted out? Have you got a


thing to say? `` the mouldy room. The most disturbing aspect hs I


think what little we know that goes on behind closed doors. We need more


robust monitoring. Families and friends going into the home have a


responsibility as well. If they think `` if they see things they are


not comfortable with, they should not be slow at telling others. Or


going along to the Care Quality Commission or another agencx and


expressing their concerns. The whole now has a new man`ger and


the Care Quality Commission's latest report has shown improvements, with


going beyond all legislativd requirements.


Kathleen Reid died 14 days `fter leaving this home to go into


laughter hospital. Her family had from the coroner that he accepted


many of the criticisms of the home. `` Loughborough hospital.


Still to come: It won't be wall to wall sunshine. We won't be hotter


than Malaga. But Anna IS promising a fine weekend. If you have enjoyed


this afternoon's sunshine, the weekend forecast is sure to put a


smile on your face. Find out more later.


There are calls tonight for nail bars to be regulated, and for a ban


on a potentially harmful chdmical glue used in some outlets across the


East Midlands. Methyl methacrylate ` or [email protected] ` is


often used because it's che`p and strong, but it can cause long`term


nail damage. Amy Harris reports The mail industry is booming, but


how safe is your manicure? Tntil recently, for Tracy, the answer was


not safe at all. She had acrylic nails are applied regularly in


budget salons. And she paid the price. While I was having them done,


they looked fine, but underneath they were in a pretty poor state. It


looked like they were bitten down, they were hurting, it was


sensitive. This is what her nails lookdd like.


This damage was caused by a cheap and strong chemical called lethyl


methacrylate, used in some outlets to apply fake nails. It is so


potentially harmful it is b`nned in America. The problem is the electric


filing they have to do. But in turn makes the natural nail vulndrable


and it is likely to pop the natural nail plate of of the nail bdd.


It is believed poor regulathon of the industry is high then the


problem. While the majority of salons like this one are offering


their clients safe treatments, there is no legal requirement to be


licensed. I think manicurists need to be much more regulated. There are


some bodies that regulate them, but I am certainly not convinced that


all the small manicure salons will belong to them.


Across the region there havd been no public complaints about MMA, but


Trading Standards are urging people to come forward if they havd been


affected. They are not ruling out prosecution.


We look at each problem on ` risk`based, so if people ard


suffering we need to know about it as soon as they can let us know


about it. Thanks to months of careful


attention, Tracy's nails ard much healthier, but with many nahl salons


popping up across the region, without thorough regulation of the


industry, many women could suffer the same plight.


Next tonight ` the awards that have upset a teaching union. Among the


nominees for the title of Derbyshire's "most inspirathonal


woman" is the founder of a controversial free school.


Shazia Parveen recently quit as chair of governors and a trtstee at


the Al`Madinah Muslim faith school in Derby. Organisers of the award


say the list of nominees represent the views of the wider commtnity.


Simon Hare reports. Final preparations for events in


Derby to mark International women's's day tomorrow. There had ``


there is to be a fair, and then in the evening the first ever


inspirational women of the xear awards for Derby and Derbyshire


There are separate categorids, plus an award for overall woman of the


year. Among those nominated for that is Shazia Parveen, former chair of


governors and a trustee at the controversial Al`Madinah frde school


in Derby. It beggars belief as to how she can be put forward `s


somebody who is inspiring young people. In my opinion she h`s done


untold damage to the educathon of a set of young people whose p`rents in


all good faith sent them to that school expecting them to get a


decent education. I have sacrificed my own time... Last October she


issued a statement saying she was stepping down in the best interests


of the school's pupils. Somd of what people had to say was about personal


things she had done, from hdlping women who had to grasp of English,


to starting the school. She was one of the founders. Last year of Stead


described the school is dysfunctional, and in chaos. ``


Ofsted. The governing body was criticised `` named ineffective


It's secondary school is now in the process of being closed. Saturday's


awards ceremony will take both at this Derby H. These are the people


that have been put forward `s inspiring people in the comlunity.


And that is asked doing our job Shazia Parveen declined to be


interviewed, but in responsd to the NU to's comments, said... `` NU T.


There was a bit of surprise result in a Nottingham by`election last


night. Whilst Labour secured the Clifton North council seat, all eyes


today were on the candidate who pushed the Liberal Democrats into


last place. David Bishop, who represents the Bus


Pass Elvis Party, clinched 01 more votes than the Lib Dems, le`ving


some politicians all shook tp. Geeta Pendse reports.


When it comes to entrances, David Bishop makes an impression. It seems


that is also translate into voters. Last night he beat the Lib Dems into


last place in the Clifton North by`election. They read my n`me out


and said you had 67 votes. @ thousand or so for labourers and the


Tories and 504 UKIP, and I, same again, and then he said Lib Dems 56.


And he is no stranger to politics. So far he has stood in eight


elections, with opponents including Neil Hamilton. So why Elvis? Here's


always been a hero of mine, because you can have a bit of fun whth the


image. It is not a snobby ilage The working class relate to him.


David's manifesto includes pleasures such as saving public lavatories,


banning airguns to protect pets and wildlife, and legalising brothels


with a 30% reduction for pensioners. The vote has led to politic`l


jibes, with Labour's Ed Balls: The Lib Dems credibility into qtestion.


Do you think this is down to the wonder of you? I think it w`s


probably the leaflet. And whilst he may have left the


building, David says he has his eyes on the next General Election.


Our Elvis expert is John Hess. You could write it, could you? H guess


it is embarrassing for the Lib Dems. I certainly think so. The Ddputy


Prime Minister was arriving for his party's spring Conference in York


this afternoon and what was the first question? Was it about the


economy? No, it was about this man here. Nick Clegg tried to l`ugh if


of `` laugh it off, saying we do not normally stand in this part of


Nottingham. The Liberal Democrats only old 2%, and with Europdan


elections coming up, little wonder that Ed Balls said, Nick Cldgg, are


you worried? Does this by`election worry `` well


this one with the other parties I suspect not. But on the othdr hand,


UKIP were also standing for the first time and they polled just


under 20%. That could be an indication of where people `re


voting. What is going to happen to this guy, he has become a rdgular on


the Parliamentary by`election seen. Last night he did not lose his


deposit. Or his glasses? Still to come ` a great step forward


at Swanwick Junction. The station, run by the Midland


Railways Trust, invited me to see a rather special structure th`t


they've rescued and restored. Find out what it is later.


As lambing time approaches, five organisations working in thd Peak


District have joined forces to urge dog walkers to keep their pdts on


leads if they're anywhere ndar sheep.


It follows a spate of inciddnts where pet dogs have chased sheep


onto busy main roads ` and dven attacked and killed them. A warning:


Some viewers may find some of the images in James Roberson's report


distressing. At Derwent, Kath sets off from her


farm to check flocks of shedp in nearby fields. It is vital work


because lambing is imminent and improving weather brings out


visitors to this beautiful place and walkers can bring dogs without


leads, but free running dogs and sheep do not mix often. As soon as


the sheep sees the dog it starts to run away. The first instinct of the


dog is to chase the thing that is running away. I have seen sheep with


horrific injuries. Kath shows me and Andrew from the


National Farmers Union picttres of sheep that have been attackdd the


dogs. Two dogs did this and the killed over 40 sheep.


No five local organisations are using this poster to urge dog owners


to keep their pets on leads. Even though you think your dog whll stay


with you, they get carried `way and they are gone before you know it.


They can chase the sheep into the water or disturb grant nesthng


birds. `` birds. Last autumn some sheep were grazing


here on this rank of the reservoir, they got chased by some dogs, so


terrified were they that thdy jumped this cattle grid and about 80 of


them ended up down there on the busy motorway.


Dog walkers we spoke to agrde dogs should not run free. If thex chase


sheep about, they will abort the lambs. I do not take my dog on land


where there is sheep. Forecast, only a sheep dog should be


near sheep. `` for Kath. Time for sport now.


First tonight, Nottingham Forest Manager Billy Davies HAS imposed a


media ban until the end of the month. Earlier this week he was hit


with a five`match touchline ban by the Football Association for this


behaviour towards the referde at the Leicester City match last month He


gave his last interview for the next five games to Natalie Jackson.


The headline news from the Nottingham Forest training ground


today is that Billy Davies has decided not to give any medha


interviews for the next fivd games, not even to the club websitd. Under


the advice given to me by mx legal team, I will be making no comment at


all in relation to any medi` matters until 26 March. Why? I am not


prepared to discuss what it is about, or I am saying to yot here


clearly is that due to legal advice I will be making no comment at all


until that day. And I will be doing no interviews with any medi` until


that day. And that is the position of where we are at the moment.


The news comes after he was hit by a smack with a five match touchline


ban after his behaviour at half`time in the match with Leicester City. He


admitted a Football Association charge of using abusive language


towards the referee but denhes deliberate in making contact with


the official. I am now having to sit in the stand and communicatd with


the bench either by a runner or by telephone or whatever. We whll now


let the very experienced st`ff get on with the job on the touchline.


Isn't this will just playing up to your public image as this


antagonistic troublemaking lanager? I will keep `` we will keep working


as hard as we can and keep trying to win football matches, but whth


regard to anybody's portray`l of what anybody thinks, Natalid, I


could not care less. On the pitch, if Nottingham Forest


win at Barnsley tomorrow thdy could go up to fourth in the Championship


table. And there's lots more from Billy


Davies on Monday night's Late Kick Off. Not to be missed.


Now on to Derby County, who will be hoping to get back to winning ways


at home to strugglers Millw`ll. Kirsty Edwards braved the r`in ` and


as you'll see it was a LOT of rain ` to watch them prepare.


A miserable day here at the training ground. I can at least get `way with


an umbrella, but not so Steve McClaren and his players. At the


mood here is anything but gloomy. `` but the mood.


There is no dampening spirits at the moment, even after that defdat at


Burnley last weekend. You look at the game and it is unbeliev`ble the


amount of possession we domhnated in with ten men. A long, long way to


go. As I say, a lot can happen over 13 games. Two months. Nothing is


certain. The shirts are being worn whth


pride, the Burnley defeat w`s actually their first in eight games.


Perform at home is even better. `` their form. They have won ehght


games out of mind. Tomorrow's opponents have only won one game


away all season. I think the `` it is much to do with


the atmosphere, with the fans. Everybody's stayed behind the team.


It is important that your home form is strong, that people come to you


and know this is a tough pl`ce to come.


It is that form that is putting the buzz back in the city. Expectations


has been made `` have been raised. " you'd better win Saturday!" . It is


hoped that the smiles are b`ck on the fans' faces tomorrow as well.


No Leicester game this weekdnd, but Notts County have a home match as


they try and recover from rdcent results ` they face Leyton Orient.


And in League Two Mansfield welcome Newport County.


BBC Radio Derby and BBC Radho Nottingham the place to be tomorrow


afternoon for commentaries, reports and the best analysis. Getthng to


the sharp end of the season now and they'll keep you in touch.


Away from football, Nottingham Panthers can consolidate thdir place


near the top of Ice Hockey's Elite League if they can get results away


at Braehead tomorrow and hole to Fife on Sunday.


Many of you will have heard of in badminton, Chris and Gabby have


been knocked out of the all England Championship at quarterfinal stage.


The Chinese pair took the fhrst game comfortably and never looked back.


Many of you will have heard of the Midland Railway, a trust whhch runs


steam trains on a privates stretch of line near Ripley in Derbxshire.


Today I was invited along to Swanwick Junction to witness a great


step forward for the station ` or, should I say, OVER it.


It's hard not to be impressdd by steam trains on a beautiful day like


today. This is me, checking that Tony, the driver, knows which end is


which. But the reason we were all there was to see this. An old


pedestrian footbridge, rescted from a railway station in Manchester


beautifully restored and now, officially, open in Swanwick. If you


want to see it for yourself you can. The Trust is currently runnhng a


special steam weekend featuring several wonderful old locomotives.


How big a weekend is this? Ht is a big start for us to open thd bridge


and make that missing link. Now it means anybody arriving here can jump


across the bridge onto the next train and away again.


Did you go on the train as well Yes, I was in a horse box at the


back of all the carriages. H will say nothing about that at all? `` I


will say nothing about that You are tantalising as with thoughts


of sunny climes. Yes, we started today on a cloudy,


damp note, so hard to believe we would end so beautiful. `` so


beautifully. It will be gendrally drier, with lots of sunshind, and


returned which is well abovd average. Today we got as high as 15


Celsius, the average is usu`lly ten. We have clear skies at the loment,


so now it is dark temperatures are taking a quick tumble. But we have


tried pushing its way in during the early hours of Saturday morning and


with all this cloud temperatures will start to recover, and we are


looking at those of three ddgrees. A cloudy and damp start then to


Saturday, with spots of light rain and drizzle. But as we had through


the day, the client will cldar away and the sun will come out. `` the


cloud will clear away. I will be a strengthening southerly wind, but we


are looking at highs of 14, but 15 or 16 not out of the question for


Saturday afternoon. Sunday, also starts off nice. Clear, bright sunny


start on Sunday, there will be more in the way of cloud as we hdad


towards the end of the day `nd maybe a little more rain through the night


on Sunday to take us into Monday, however, high pressure is whth us.


It is with us Monday, Tuesd`y and said to stay with us well into next


week. It is going to give us a spell of dry weather, not particularly


sunny, but try and unsettled. For only much, we cannot grumbld. `` dry


and unsettled. `` for early March, we cannot grumble.


Enjoy the weekend. Goodbye.


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