08/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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on the BBC News Channel. We are back with the latest news at 10.10. Now


on BBC One, time for the news where Hello. Now the news for the East


Midlands. I'm Simon Ward. An historic Nottingham army unit has


marched for the final time today. The 307 Battery South


Nottinghamshire Hussars Royal Artillery is being disbanded as part


of a reorganisation of the army. Amy Harris watched their final parade. A


day of private and poignancy for these part`time soldiers and their


families. This was the final public appearance of 307 Battery South


Nottinghamshire Hussars Royal Artillery Mac. Originally formed in


the 18th century. Today is a pretty sad stay. It is our last parade as


members of the Royal Tillery. An organisation we have been for 92


years. We have aimed through to world wars and as a result, it marks


a very significant time in our history. `` we have been through. It


is time for people to say a fond farewell to this unit. To see so


many people on what is a bit of a cold Saturday morning and relatively


early, it is such a compliment. Not just to us, but also to our history.


While today is the end of funny read, most of the reserve list will


move on to other regiments. `` era. Hospital managers deny increased


parking charges will make congestion worse. People living near Royal


Derby hospital complain their streets are already used by staff


and patients. They fear more motorists will try to avoid car park


charges. From April, the price for an hour at the hospital will go up


by 20 pence to ?2.00. The hospital wants more people to use public


transport instead. Campaigners welcome a decision which


means nine wind turbines will not be built near a Leicestershire town.


Peel Energy applied to build a wind farm on the old Asfordby mine site.


Melton borough Council refused and it was taken to appeal. The


Secretary of State supported objections due to the historic


buildings, the landscape and effects on residents.


An 18`foot`high church cross was taken on foot in a 10`hour journey


today. The blue cross from the Queens Hall Church in Derby was


taken to another church in Burton. It's because the church building in


Derby is being redeveloped for other uses. Today's event saw the cross


being taken around Derby before leaving the city for the last time.


Football now: And with games still underway, here's the latest.


In the Championship, it's Barnsley 1`0 Nottingham Forest. Derby County


0`1 Millwall. In League One, Notts County 0`0 Leyton Orient. And in


League Two, Mansfield Town 1`1 Newport County. There's coverage and


results on your BBC local radio station.


Now the weather with Sara. Good evening. At times it looked like the


cloud did not want to leave us to bring the afternoon, but it is


gradually starting to clear as we had throughout the evening. It will


not be a cold night. The wind will ease off a little bit just enough to


allow some missed to develop. Tomorrow starting dry and bright and


with the early start with the sunshine, that should help the


temperatures. The world will be slight `` slightly lighter. Maximum


temperature of 16 Celsius. Sunday's news for the East Midlands


is at 6:20pm. From the Saturday team, have a good evening.


Most of us have enjoyed a fine and dry start to the weekend. But all of


us had the sunshine and a range of cloud conditions across the UK.


There was a lot of cloud across Northern Ireland and Scotland to


start the day. Some of it has remained through parts of the


Midlands and northern England, so just hazy sunshine here.


Temperatures in Glasgow are normal for the time of year. The winds are


very just the for the Six Nations match. -- they are very dusty. Some


patchy drizzle to the west of Wales. For the rest of England and Wales,


mainly clear skies, but a patchy fog towards the south-west later


overnight. Temperatures hold up above frost level in


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