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shortly. They have an investigation into why some police forces in the


UK are And now the news for the East


Midlands, I'm Anne Davies. A woman's been cleared of causing


the death of two young children by careless driving. But Sharmila


Mistry was found guilty of the lesser charge, careless driving. Her


car smashed into the children's pushchairs at a busy junction in


Leicester. Here's our chief news reporter, Quentin Rayner.


The mother of one`year`old Oliwier Baczyk and the parents of


two`year`old Zofia Tabaka sobbed in court after the verdicts were


returned. The Polish children both died from head injuries after they


were struck by a car while in the pushchairs in August, 2012. Sharmila


Mistry was found not guilty of causing death by careless driving.


She was on her way to the dismiss meeting and was driving along


Narborough Road. She was talking on a hands`free phone and travelling


six miles over the 30 mph limit. She went through an amber light as she


drove through a junction. Her car was then hit by a red mini Cooper


which had gone through a red light. The driver of that car has since


died of unrelated circumstances. The collision pushed the BMW towards the


children on a pedestrian island. One of the mothers of the children


collapsed after the verdict and had to be treated by paramedics.


Speaking through her solicitor, Sharmila Mistry gave her reaction.


She has to say is that her thoughts are with the family and she is


relieved that the jury agree that she was not responsible for the


death of the children, but her faults remain, as they always have


done, with the family. Fining her ?3000 and is qualifying her from


driving for 18 months, the judge told her she had not been aware of


her speed, had not noticed the roadworks, and was making a social


call on hands`free device. All of which, he said, and mounted the


careless driving. The court heard the 42`year`old from Bushby drove up


to 200 miles a day and the disqualification will make it


difficult for her to maintain her job.


A woman who killed her three children has been found dead at


Rampton Hospital in Nottinghamshire. An investigation is now underway at


the top security hospital. It's understood the body of Theresa Riggi


was discovered last night in her room. She killed her three children


in Scotland in 2010. East Midlands Airport says it wants


to double jobs, passengers and cargo as part of a growth plan for 2030.


The airport is now consulting with the local community about its


expansion plans. Mike O'Sullivan reports.


They are bringing in a new look to the terminal. But they have got even


more ambitious plans. The double the number of jobs, passengers and cargo


volume here. It is already a big employment site. We expect the


airport to grow substantially, possibly doubling, then a similar


numbers of jobs created. The airport once to double the number of jobs


here to 14,000 by 2030. Bush passenger numbers up from 4.2


million to 10 million. And sea cargo volume climbed from 300,000 tonnes a


year, to 750,000 tonnes. The airport has bought around 50 hectares of


land. The airport says there are no plans to develop the site.


Campaigners want to see limits on growth. We have no particular


objection, provided you keep the development and the pollution within


the existing boundary of the airport. If they try to export it


onto land that they have bought recently, it threatens our


tranquillity, we will object in the stronger is possible fashion. The


airport has been buffeted by the recession and the demise of BMI


baby. With passenger numbers down where around 1.2 million on 2009.


But profits are back up again from ?40 million in 2009, to nearly ?19


million last year. `` ?14 million. It is now looking ahead.


A man who underwent a double lung transplant to treat his cystic


fibrosis is backing a campaign to help more patients. The Cystic


Fibrosis Trust says the way the transplant system operates for those


needing new lungs is a scandal. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons


reports. Andy was born with cystic fibrosis.


It is genetic. Lungs become clogged with mucus. He knows he is lucky to


have got a lung transplant. It has changed his life. People have died


on the waiting list, when there are measures and develop it that can be


put in place, to cut this down. One in five lungs donated are currently


used for transplant. The Cystic Fibrosis Trust once the regional


system where donated lungs are given to the nearest transplant centre


replaced with a national one. We are calling for a national system to


make sure the lungs that are donated are got to the people who need them


as quickly as possible. A specialist in Nottingham says there is now a


lot of determination to improve things. Not all of the lungs are in


good enough condition to be used and there is a lot of work looking at


reconditioning of lungs, for example, lungs that do not fit


patients, many of them are too small. The wait for a transplant can


be frustrating. Soon, patients will be using new state facilities. The


said there is no nearly finished. `` the centre. Nationally, one in eight


patients die while on the waiting list. We want people to talk to each


other and find out what their wishes are. The NHS is already reviewed the


organs are allocated and is working with the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


Now news of our football show Late Kick Off. Tonight, an exclusive with


the Nottingham Forest manager Billy Davies on his five`match touchline


ban and his media image. There'll be goals and analysis too at 11:20pm


tonight here on BBC One. That's your news. So, it's goodbye


from me, but with your weather now, here's


we have had some lovely sunshine over the past couple of days. This


area of high pressure is going nowhere fast. Staying dry all week.


The only hiccup will be the amount of cloud. But there will be some


decent spells of sunshine. The cloud is starting to begin at the moment.


There will be some holes in it across Northern and Western Isles.


Derbyshire will get fairly chilly. Most of us staying around four or


five Celsius. Tomorrow morning, starting off with a lot of cloud. It


will be a dry start. The cloud will break up into the afternoon. Some of


us will see some sunshine. Some areas may cling on to the cloud into


the afternoon. Temperatures of 11 Celsius in the sunshine. Here is the


outlook. 11 or 12 degrees. This is the


outlook. If you are heading somewhere else in the UK, you need


the forecast. Hello. The local weather detail you have just heard


fit into an overall pattern which is now equivocal in different from the


one that gave us our wettest winter on record.


We have spent the day watching high pressure pushing across the UK. It


is settling our weather down like any area of high pressure. It is


here for a while. It is here for this week. The Jetstream has moved


north and the wet and whether -- whinny systems have moved towards


Iceland. Our weather is now much quieter. Sundays are sunnier than


others. In the sunshine from it feels warm. At night it will be


chilly. This


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