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That is all from us. Don't forget there's a first look


Good evening. An inquest's been told that a


control room mix`up meant an ambulance took five hours to reach a


man in need. Further delays in hospital meant it was sever`l hours


before Stewart Maltby received treatment for his dehydration. So


why did it take so long for the ambulance to arrive? When the GP


went round to his house in Nottinghamshire, he said he was very


vulnerable and he needed an ambulance within two hours, maximum.


There was a mix`up at the Albulance Service, somebody did not thck a box


at the centre and it bought it was four hours. In the end it took five


hours to reach the house, shx hours into the Queen's Medical Centre and


14 hours before the dehydrated patient got fluids. Have thdy made


any improvements in the Ambtlance Service? We heard at the inpuest,


that there had been improvelents. Arriving today was the family


solicitor who cross`examined a lot of the witnesses. He was told there


had been improvements and the Ambulance Service had a dedhcated


team were dealing with thesd calls, GP urgent referrals to hosphtal and


the computer system had been changed to stop this happening again. What


about the problems when he finally got to the hospital? The chronology


is difficult to follow becatse of gaps in the medical records. Not


everything was written down. But a picture emerged today of st`ff being


rushed off their feet. We hdard from a nurse who said with hindshght they


should have done more checks with fluids but thought the ward was


understaffed and this is back in November 2012 and we know the


patient died two days after being admitted into hospital. Thank you.


Bin the blade and keep out of prison is the message being sent to


teenagers at schools across Leicester. The warning is p`rt of a


hard`hitting police road show visiting secondary schools hn the


city which aims to show the dangers of being involved in knife crime.


Victoria Hicks reports. Knife crime isn't a game. The


message being taught to teenagers across the city. Leicestershire


Police recorded 441 night rdlated offences in the past year. Ht is a


crime some students at this community college have experienced


first hand. I looked out of my window and saw one guy take out a


long knife and stab somebodx. The guy was on the floor bleeding and


coughing up road. I know soleone who has carried a knife in school for a


friend. They were found with the knife so they were excluded. This


young offender was 16 when he was involved in knife crime. We cannot


identify him because of his age and his supervision order. He asked in


for his phone and then pulldd out a blade. I did not know anythhng was


going to happen. So I am associated in knife crime. Before I kndw it, he


took the phone off him and was walking away. That was it, H wasn't


the begin of person to walk away and say stop. We all know that hs an


offensive weapon? This colldge excluded two of its pupils last year


for carrying a knife. An attempt is being made to rescue


an ambitious project to cut domestic energy bills on one of the country's


biggest housing estates. A Nottingham MP is demanding the


government reconsiders its decision to scrap a multi`million potnd


scheme to make homes much w`rmer. And tonight there is a hint of a


change of heart. Here's our Political Editor, John Hess.


They have got a lot in common, related and living in simil`r homes


on the same state, but when it comes to the cost of heating their homes,


there is a big difference. Katrina's domestic fuel bills are


rising. She pays ?135 a month. It is really cold inside and the heating


bills are increasing. Her sister`in`law's bills this xear of


?400 cheaper because they h`ve a government backed scheme. It stays


warmer longer and the boiler doesn't run for as long. The Labour MP wants


the government to reinstate the project and is raising the hssue in


Parliament. It is good for `ll others, not just those living in


those homes, but if we can bring down energy for everybody. Hn a


Parliamentary debate, Lilli`n Greenwood won this concession from


the government. We are workhng closely with Nottingham on ` new bid


for our green deal communithes. They have put in a robust propos`l. Far


from being dead and over, the scheme has every reason to be optilistic.


The government says home insulation costs are coming down rapidly


without the need for a levy on domestic fuel bills to warm up those


cold homes. We have plenty of football news


There's been a full set of latches played this evening.


That's your news. So, it's goodbye from me but now the weather.


We have had some beautiful sunshine this sat noon. Some others had to


wait a little while before we saw the sunshine, but it was worth the


wait. Tomorrow we'll start off a misty and murky with fog to content


with. But eventually the sunshine will be coming back through for the


afternoon. Clear skies at the moment, and cloud will be rolling


back in in the early hours `nd we will see this mist and fog forming


by the end of the night. Quhte chilly for some, under clearer skies


it will be close to freezing. Tomorrow morning, a murky start low


cloud around with mist and fog. Eventually the mist will cldar but


the cloud will take longer through the day, so it might linger across


northern and western parts. The best of the sunshine is in the south and


east. But it Thursday. It will brighten up as the


day goes on. Here is the UK forecast.


Plenty of dry weather over the next few days, especially across southern


areas. That is courtesy of high-pressure, keeping the weather


fronts at bay to the north-west It was cold and grey across southern


areas today. Further north, lots of bustling sunshine after a cold


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