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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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they've still got a long way to go. That's all from us.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale, Good


evening. A council leader has defended the use of covert lie


detector tests on people claiming a council tax discount. Voice analysis


software has been used to monitor telephone calls as part of a


campaign by a private firm. It managed to recover almost ?3 million


for 11 councils. Mike O'Sullivan reports. The firm managed to recover


almost ?3 million for 11 councils. On the phone and under investigation


the lie detector software was used on telephone phone calls with people


claiming a 25% reduction in their council tax bills because they lived


alone. The calls were analysed by a private company working on behalf of


11 councils in Derby and Derbyshire. One council defended the


tactics. The people being monitored did not know about the lie detector


tests. It is perfectly legitimate. They were in told that enquiries


were being made about their benefit. They were we are the tests were


serious ones and they would need to have truthful answers. It helped to


claw back around ?3 million in fraudulent claims. There were mixed


views in Derby. I think that is right, I really do. There are a lot


of people that fraud in the system. It is really an infringement of your


pregnancy. If you are not a weed of it you should at least be given a


choice as to whether you want to be getting a lie detector test or not.


I do battle people were told they were having their ranters recorded


for the detection of fraud. The counsellor is no longer funding


Council to carry out similar investigations into fraud. Earlier I


spoke to Chaminda Jayanetti who carried out the research for the


Trade Union`funded campaign group, False Economy. I began by asking him


how widespread is the use of lie detectors by councils. I think it is


spreading. At the moment it is limited. In 2010 the government


piloted the use of these so`called lie detectors in a number of


councils and then decided there was no evidence they worked so the whole


thing went dead. What is happening is that different councils


periodically decide to review one of the companies that bed for those


contracts. When the wind that contract very often they will bring


in this lie detector software to use on one of the claimants. What is


wrong with the council using voice analysing technology? Because it


does not work, there is no evidence it is working, when it has been


tried and studied in the past it has been found to not work. Ike macro


the say it is a useful tool and not one would be prosecuted on the basis


of this evidence alone. The way this works is that it is supposedly and


allies in micro tremors and intonations in people's voices and


decides where there is a high`risk they are lying or a low risk that


they are lying. The trouble is that drawing a brazen conclusion on the


substance of so little is very confusing. Thank you very much.


Police say it's lucky that no one was injured when a gun was fired


several times in a city street. Bullets are known to have hit at


least two properties in Derby. Armed police were cold to the Normanton


area of the city after the incident which is believed to be a revenge


attack. They say over the last few days tensions have grown between two


groups from within the same community. A firearm has been used


and it has actually hit two buildings. It is extremely dangerous


what has happened in the early hours of the morning and we are very lucky


no`one has been injured. At the moment we have forensic officers


recovering the bullets so we can look at where the bullet has come


from and what type of weapon was used. The Catholic Church in the


East Midlands has stepped into the bitter row over where the remains


King Richard III should be placed. The Diocese says he should be


reburied in Leicester as soon as possible and says it's crazy the


dispute's gone on so long. Protesters in York say the King


should be taken there. Tomorrow the arguments will be considered at the


High Court in London. Simon Ward reports. Today, protesters in York,


including distant relatives of Richard cold for the bones of the


king to be taken off. Richard III was buried in Leicester after the


Battle was worth where he remained until he was discovered in September


2012. That is when the dispute began. The catholic dieses of


Nottingham, which also covers Leicester, says Richard was a


catholic and he should stay in Leicester. I think it is crazy that


the war of the Roses seems to be being fought again over an the


whereabouts of his body. I hope the result will be quick and speedy and


something which all the interested parties can abide by. Work is well


underway to the develop the area in front of Leicester Cathedral in


preparation for the planned return of the King. High Court judges will


start the two`day hearing to consider the arguments. Will it be


here, your, or even further? That's your news. So, it's goodbye from me,


but with your weather now, here's Kaye. Thank you. It has been a view


to full day today, some lovely sunshine this afternoon. We had to


wait a while to get that sunshine but we did get it. It is misty and


murky with quite a lot of fog around first thing but that should burn


away with brighter skies into the afternoon. Temperatures will be


close to freezing for a few spots right now. We will see cloud


increasing with some mist and fog forming towards the end of the


night. Some of the mist and fog will be quite dense with mist and fog


patches expected for rush`hour, a weather warning in force for that.


The cloud will break up during the morning with lots of lovely sunshine


coming through for the afternoon again. Eyes of 14 Celsius. That is


it from us, I will Friday but fog less of a problem


over the weekend. Good evening. Step outside in the


morning and it feels a bit fresh. Reassure yourself, it could be a lot


worse. Exactly a year ago it was extraordinarily cold and snowy.


These were some of the scenes. This march is very different. A very


pleasant in the sunshine, once the fog has cleared. The fog is


re-forming again right now. Nasty patches developing through the


night, becoming widespread across England and Wales. In the


north-west, rain across Scotland. Temperatures well below these


values. We have a yellow warning in force from the Met Office for fog.


Could be very difficult patches around and disruption is certainly


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