13/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Frost. That's all from us. Now it's time


for And now the news for the East


Midlands. I'm Dominic Heale. First tonight, dramatic pictures of


how armed police brought two people out of a snooker hall at the centre


of an armed stand`off. The police have surrounded the building in


Hucknall in Nottinghamshire and are believed to be talking to a man


still inside. Our reporter Simon Hare is in Hucknall. Let's cross


straight over to him now. Simon, what's the latest?


As you can see, Hucknall High Street is still cordoned off this evening.


Elise have confirmed to me that they are the direct negotiations with a


man in a snooker club who is thought to be armed. My colleague captured


dramatic footage at around nine o'clock of two people being wrought


outside from that snooker hall. It is believed they may have been


hiding inside and the man may not have been aware that they were


there. They are said to be shaken but unharmed. Police believe that


nobody else is inside apart from the man they are negotiating directly


with. He has previously threatened officers.


How did this all start? It began at around 2:40pm today when


a man was reported to be acting suspiciously at the Spot On snooker


centre. Police set up a cordon and a school within the cordon was shut


down. Many homes within the cordon are also affected. People who can't


get into their homes will have to go to the town's leisure Centre


tonight. The main focus of police attention tonight is the continuing


negotiation with this man who is thought to be armed.


A heart surgeon has won his courtroom fight to stop future


patients learning about his links to the deaths of five people. John Lu


unwittingly passed on a deadly bug during cardiac surgery at Nottingham


City Hospital. Our health correspondent Rob Sissons has more.


John Lu, seen here in the middle, hasn't operated for over four years.


He feared the arrangements for him returning to heart surgery would


destroy his career. Hospital bosses talked of a moral duty to tell


patients about his past. They lost. This is what Dorothy Brown looked


like when she became infected. She says she nearly died. She is baffled


by today's High Court ruling. I'm not happy with it. If he can live


with that, that's fine. But if that bug breaks out again while he's been


operating, we'll beat on that judge's head. At the Trent Cardiac


Centre, exactly how the bug ` staphylococcus epidermidis ` got


from the surgeon's skin into the heart valves isn't clear. We have a


surgeon who is now completely clear of any bugs and has exactly the same


chance as any other surgeon to pass on bugs so I suppose the High Court


is probably right to say, why should you declare that? It's like saying


you had chickenpox. Tonight, in a statement, the trust said...


Mr Lu did lose a claim for damages. The judge ruled the trust hadn't


acted unreasonably. The legal battle has begun at


London's High Court over whether Leicester has the right to the bones


of Richard III. The city wants the king's bones buried in Leicester


Cathedral. But the Plantagenet Alliance claims it should have been


consulted and wants the king reinterred at York Minster. King


Richard was found buried in a car park in Leicester nearly 19 months


ago. A Nottingham man in his 70s has been


sent to prison for 28 days for refusing to pay his council tax.


Ross Longhurst, who's from New Basford, said he wouldn't pay


because City Council cuts had targeted the most vulnerable


sections of the community. A council spokesman sympathised but said not


paying the council tax was illegal and the magistrates had no option


but to send him to jail. Nearly half the road markings on our


highways are so worn`out they need replacing immediately, according to


a new survey. It suggests only 16% of markings on motorways and single


carriageways can now be clearly seen. Sarah Teale reports.


As a busy driving instructor, Carol Donaldson sees worn and nonexistent


road markings on a daily basis. And she doesn't even have to go far from


her own front door at Keyworth in Nottinghamshire for an example. When


you get to the end here, you can't really see the white lines at all.


They are virtually nonexistent, aren't they? New figures from the


Road Safety Markings Association show that half of the markings on


our roads aren't up to scratch. 52% of markings on motorways, 42% on


dual carriageways and 48% on single carriageways need replacing


immediately. Carol says the lack of proper markings has even caused


problems for one of her pupils. She was coming down to the junction and


you couldn't see the white lines at all. I was sitting in the back of


the car while she was on test and she started to creep forward and


went over what would have been the white lines and she failed her test.


There are now calls for immediate action to bring road markings up to


standard. That's your news. We will have all


the details on that situation in Hucknall in our breakfast bulletin.


So, it's goodbye from me. But with your weather now, here's Anna


Church. We have had a stunning day.


Overnight tonight it remains dry but we can expect widespread fog. There


is a yellow warning for fog as it will be quite dense. At the moment


it is fairly clear. We will start to see the cloud and fog increasing in


the early hours of the morning. Maybe a little bit of frost as well.


The fog becomes quite widespread and very tense that it will start to


clear as we go through the morning and then we expect plenty of


sunshine during the afternoon. It will be warm in the sunshine. I'll


leave you with a look at the than it did today across parts of


the Thames estuary, temperatures could be 17 or 18 degrees. Now we


will get the National forecast. It has been a funny day. Warm and


sunny for some, cool and mystique for others, cloudy and damp for a


few. Wet weather getting into northern Scotland tonight. Fog is


the issue. It already is across the heart of England with thick patches.


It could become widespread through the rest of the night. Touches of


frost where the skies remain clear for any length of time. Tomorrow


morning, difficult conditions across more central and southern parts of


England. Dense patches. If you are planning a journey early, allow


extra time because you could run into trouble. Check out your BBC


local radio station first thing in the morning. There could be some


disk -- significant disruption. There is a


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