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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn.


A family whose home is to be flattened to make way for the high


speed rail network is calling for a better compensation package. The


government says it needs to finalise the route through our region before


details of compensation can be considered. Mike O'Sullivan reports.


The plan is to put HS2 right next to the motorway at Nottingham Road in


not all. Andrew Ingram and his family live in one of four


semidetached houses that will have to be not down. He says homeowners


deserve a minimum pay`out. To cover the cost of redecorating


property, getting kitchens and bathrooms after the standard you


require or have already got. The family have lived here 20 years,


extending and renovating the property. Under the current HS2


incision arrangement, they get an extra 10% on top of the value of the


house. For them that is properly around ?16,000.


10% how moving elements they call it, but I have said that 10% or


property like this is not enough to get a property to the standard you


wanted to be. The government have said they cannot


comment on compensation until final decision is made on the route that


this year. A new fashion brand has started in


Derbyshire, opening its first shop this weekend. The brand employs more


than a dozen staff and looks on track to make a million this year `


but that's not the exceptional thing. It's the fact it's been


set`up by a teenager, as Carol Hinds at 16, Dylan decided to customising


T`shirt in the garage of his family home. Nearly two years on and he is


running his business. I started off just around my


village, and people were showing interest, my friends and they were


posting it on Facebook, and from there people said, I would want one


of these. We rocked our logo together, we


looked at what he can do, and then he just saw everything in this one


T`shirt, he ran with it, and then once he had done this 1am a geek


into me and said, I could do another one.


The company now employs 15 people. Has thousands of online followers in


the UK and America. I've produced something people are


interested in. It's nice to invent something which people are so


hard`core about. This year should see an turnover ?1


million. My dream would be to move to London,


get my own shop in London. A sci`fi convention in Nottingham


has proven to be a victim of its own success. Thousands of people, many


in fancy dress, turned up to the EM`CON at the Albert Hall. Many who


had bought tickets in advance of the event say it's been massively


over`subscribed, leaving hundreds queuing for hours unable to get in.


Organisers have not returned our calls or emails.


I've come here to meet some of the actors from red wharf and game of


thrones, and we have find out that the people organising it has sold


more tickets than the room for inside, so there are a lot


disappointed people inside. A busy footbridge in Derby, built


just seven years ago, has been closed suddenly because of safety


fears. It follows reports of it "bouncing" more than usual, as


people walked across it. The footbridge crosses the city's inner


ring road. Engineers have now found some of its bolts have sheared.


To the weekend's football now. Colin Hazelden has our round`up.


Leicester City were most completely in control against Blackpool when


they somehow manage to go behind not long before half`time. But they


stayed together and kept attacking and levelled the game with this


special goal. The ball was put up beautifully for Wes Morgan before


Kevin Phillips made sure of three points. 17 points is the gap for


third. Reading were unable to see off Derby. Forest have just two


points from the last six games. In league one county went to dash one


behind at the half`hour mark. Rovers magpie harps with a late winner.


Mansfield conceded a penalty, so the home team took a point.


Let's check the weather now, with Sara.


We held onto those lovely blue skies for a large part of the day before


the clouds started to increase, and it will continue to do so


overnight. Small amounts of patchy light rain or drizzle at times, a


mild night, a minimum temperature of seven Celsius, and a cloudy start to


Monday. Still a little drizzly at times. There is a chance of a cloud


sinning and breaking to allow sunshine. And improving picture


although it looks quite cloudy at the moment. Daytime temperatures


increasing, but it duster and windy through the middle part of the


week. through


We will have more when we're back at 10:15pm.


Good evening. Apologies for sounding Southeast centric, but it is


difficult when London had a high of 20 this afternoon, 68 Fahrenheit.


Lovely sunshine across England, Wales and eastern Scotland. Some


cloud on west facing coasts, and they struggle to get into double


figures. More cloud


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