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first look at the papers over on the BBC News Channel, but now on BBC


One, it's And now the news for the East


Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good evening.


First tonight, a terrorism trial has been shown home`made videos which


were discovered in the bedroom of a Leicestershire teenager. Thdy show


Michael Piggin making threats to kill Muslims. The eighteen`xear`old


from Loughborough has denied preparing weapons and plans for a


Columbine High School`style attack. Our social affairs correspondent,


Jeremy Ball, reports. The jury has been showing sdveral


videos that were found when the police searched Michael Piggin's


home here on Beaumont Road hn Loughborough. They were found along


with weapons and notes about planning an attack. Now in some of


the clips he talks about thd URA, and the jury has been told that that


stands for the Urban Revolutionary Army. In this clip, Michael Piggin


talks about what they want to achieve. Hello great people of the


United Kingdom, we are the TRA. We support the EDL and the Knights


Templar. We are against the Muslim invasion of our country. Today the


Old Bailey has also seen several clips of Michael Piggin testing


Molotov cocktails. You hear him talking about a weapons test,


talking about making bombs. The jury has also been shown clips of him


using this air pistol for t`rget practice and using a cross bow too.


The prosecution say, taken together with other evidence, it all shows


that Michael Piggin was serhous about preparing an act of tdrrorism.


The jury is going to have to decide if he really was serious about


carrying out an attack. Jerdmy Ball, BBC Midlands Today, Loughborough.


An exact cause still hasn't been established for an explosion at


flats on the edge of Derby city centre. It happened in the laundry


room of Kenneth House on Ag`rd Street yesterday morning. No`one was


injured. The Fire Service h`s ruled out a gas leak and is now blaming a


build`up of pressure in a hot water storage tank.


Hundreds of comments about ` NHS trust have been removed frol the NHS


Choices website because it hs not clear who wrote them ` staff or


patients. The concern follows a BBC Newsnight investigation. Tonight


though, Nottinghamshire health care insisted the comments were genuine.


Our health correspondent, Rob Sissons, explains.


Opinions, they are everywhere. The NHS tells us to have our sax. You


can post on review sites, ghve gold stars. But what is reliable on the


Internet? Authors have got hnto trouble reviewing their own books.


Are review sites for health open to the same abuse? Staff in thd NHS are


reporting data, I mean that is wrong. The day`to`day reporting is


skewing the results. That h`s to be wrong. The Nottinghamshire health


care NHS Trust encourages comment on the website Patient Opinion.


However, an investigation bx the BBC's Newsnight programme found that


half the reviews, more than 100 were posted by NHS staff on behalf


of patients. More troubling, the same comments were put on an NHS


website without making clear which were posted by staff. NHS Choices


has now removed more than 600 reviews of Nottinghamshire health


care, but the Trust says just because the staff typed the comments


does not mean it is not what patients thought. I think it is


justified for staff to sometimes post on behalf of patients, when


those patients are elderly `nd cannot use the technology to leave


their comments. We believe that our staff are honest and open about what


is happening and the culturd of the organisation is to listen to people


and to listen authentically and honestly. The word on the street in


Loughborough ` not everyone takes the word of Internet reviews at face


value. If it is too extreme one way, I think the person has a grtdge If


it is too far the other way, I think why is that person doing th`t? I


always look at them but I don't know if I trust them are not. I would say


they're fairly reliable. It is ultimately about transparency.


Patient Opinion is looking `t how to spell out more clearly the source of


comments. Rob Sissons, BBC West Midlands Today.


People in a part of Leicestdr that was divided by protests and racial


tension now say it is a thrhving community. A year and a half ago


there was a heavy police prdsence in Thurnby Lodge as people argted over


the use of local community centres. As Simon Ward has been findhng out,


much of that division has now been healed.


This food bank is run by a Luslim group and other volunteers. The vast


majority of users are non`Mtslim, including Julie who is pickhng up


supplies. At the end of the day we are all living on the same dstate so


we have to get on with each other. It sets a route for your kids so


they get on and there is no racism. So I think it is a good ide`. It was


when the As`Salaam Trust wanted to continue using this former scout hut


in Thurnby Lodge that the trouble began. There were regular protests


towards the end of 2012. Sole opposed the group using the


building. The bitter disputd took months to resolve. Now the @s`Salaam


Trust use the Peace Centre building and the former protesters m`nage the


old scout hut. They have made many improvements and say it is `


thriving community facility. But they did not want to be intdrviewed


on camera. Back at the Peacd Centre, they are very busy every Wednesday.


If a person has a need, it could be anyone ` why not assist? Our


religion exhorts us and teaches us about the rights of our neighbours


and the people we see here `re our neighbours. The tension was


sustained for a long period of time here on the Thurnby Lodge estate,


and now, well things may not be perfect, but many say the community


is now much more tolerant. H think people have recognised that


everybody has their own views on things and things have really


settled down. People here are very friendly and I find it very nice


around this area. Theresa is a volunteer at another council


community centre. She says that the former protesters wanted thd best


for everyone. Having Thurnbx Lodge, because it is such a close


community, I think they just did not want to lose things for the children


in the area because so many things are being taken away. All those


working for the community are planning even more improvemdnts and


hoping the peace continues. Simon Ward, BBC East Midlands Tod`y,


Thurnby Lodge. So it is goodbye from me, btt with


your weather now here is Ch`rlie. Good evening. Things are set to turn


much colder into tomorrow evening, but up until that point we hang on


to a settled team. Things whll gradually cloud over, you would


think the temperatures would still fall but actually the wind will keep


that temperature at around six or seven Celsius. A cloudy start on


Thursday. By the late morning things will start to clear up, brighter


skies, and some sunshine. Some cloud will be brought towards us with some


rain. We will see the temperatures fall. Temperatures around 12 degrees


tomorrow, night it will be heavy in places.


This is the outlook: Bright enough for Friday and the weekend but much


colder and some of the showers could have a wintry nature.


Cloud coming in from the Atlantic. When it moves through we will get


cooler conditions with lively showers. But mild overnight with the


south-westerly breeze dragging cloud across England and Wales. As you can


see the heaviest rain and strongest winds overnight are confined to


Scotland and northern Ireland. Wet and windy here but it is an mild


night with the cloud cover and breeze. But, a miserable start to


the day in Scotland. Wet and windy, gusty wind through the central


lowlands in the morning. Up to 0 miles an hour and maybe more than


that over some of the hills. Not pleasant in the morning rush-hour


and not pleasant in Northern Ireland either. In England and Wales, a lot


of cloud around but maybe a few breaks to the east of the Pennines.


Cloudy skies elsewhere and drips and drops of


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