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chilly old week, George. Rais thank you. That's all from the


This is East Midlands Today, with Anne Davies, and me, Dominic Heale.


Tonight, after spending 20 years on the run, a paedophile priest looks


set to die in prison. 85`year`old Francis Paul Cullen gets


15 years for a series of sex attacks on children.


Also tonight, Forest manager Billy Davies is sacked following


Saturday's drubbing by Derby. Did a good job. Don't know how he will


turn it around, to be honest. Plus, should pregnant women be paid


hundreds of pounds to stop smoking? And from this... To this. A council


gives way to complaints over faded road markings.


Good evening and welcome to Monday's programme. First tonight, a Catholic


priest who abused children across the East Midlands over a four`decade


period has been jailed for 15 years. Today a court heard claims that the


church covered up Francis Paul Cullen's wicked crimes and


effectively helped him to avoid capture. One victim wrote a personal


letter to Cullen saying he hoped he would rot in jail. From Derby Crown


Court, Simon Hare reports. To some, you was an enthusiastic,


charismatic and friendly priest. `` he was. But to others, a predatory


paedophile. Last month, Francis Paul Cullen admitted 21 counts of sexual


abuse against seven boys and girls over a 34 year period from 1957 to


1991. It began here at a church he had helped to set up. Christ the


King on this estate in Derby. Altar boys and schoolchildren in his care


were abused. A complaint about his conduct was launched as early as


1964 but he stayed in his job and later to Buxton, and then


Nottingham. The abuse continued. Many of the victims say Cullen stole


their childhood and deeply affected their adult relationships. In a


personal letter to Cullen read out in court today, one told him, you


had a calling from the Devil and I am sure your maker cannot wait to


meet up with you. I don't know if you will what in hell. I hope you


rot in jail. Today's sentence, the 15 years imprisonment, go some way


to providing a degree of pleasure for the victims of this case. Any


sentence passed will never truly reflect the damage that has been


caused by Francis Paul Cullen towards his young and vulnerable


victims. Cullen had been on the run from the authorities for more than


20 years. Living here in Tenerife. While here


comic he told that he had been a priest back in the UK. `` while


here, you told. And he even wore a priest's. Collar. He was arrested


last summer. Jailing Cullen for 15 years, the judge told him, you took


full advantage of your position and the trust in which you were held to


satisfy your perverted lust. To say that you were a disgrace to your


cloth understates your activity. This was gross hypocrisy. Your


entire life was alive. It is expected Cullen will be aged almost


96 before he can be considered for parole. Meaning his sentence could


prove to be for the rest of his life.


Earlier this evening I spoke to Father Andrew Cole from the Catholic


Church, and asked him for his reaction to today's sentence.


I am pleased Cullen has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. It


is a long sentence which reflects the gap `` gravity of his offences


and the scandal it has caused among the wider community and the hurt he


has caused to his victims. One victim did say they felt the church


turned a blind eye to this and Cullen was moved from parish to


parish as part of a cover`up. I can understand why they feel that. I


have not seen anything in his personal file to indicate that was


the reason why he was moved on. If there was, if people knew and did


nothing, then I am truly sorry about that. But will something be done? It


is wonderful you are sorry but will something be done about it? We now


work transparently with the police and other statutory authorities when


such patients arise. If a priest is suspected of having abused a minor,


he is immediately taken out of the ministry and the alleged offences


are investigated by the police and services. All of those who are


selected for ordination to the priesthood have to undergo. A


logical assessment and we are confident that the measures we have


taken as a response to what has happened before have led to the


Catholic Church being a much better safeguard of children and vulnerable


adults. `` undergo a psychological assessment. It needs stamping out


and we will do whatever we can to do that. Thank you.


Police have made a number of arrests after two men died in a road


accident in Nottinghamshire. It happened around 10pm last night in


Ravenshead. Three men were inside a silver Rover when it went off the


road and hit a telegraph pole. The driver and front`seat passenger died


at the scene. A third man sustained injuries described as


non`life`threatening. Police have arrested three other men in their


20s suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.


ASDA has announced that 200 managerial jobs are to go at its


George clothing headquarters in Lutterworth and its main offices in


Leeds. The supermarket chain won't specify how many posts will go from


its Leicestershire operation. The move is part of a new five`year plan


by the firm to tackle increasing competition from rival supermarkets.


The police watchdog is to investigate Nottinghamshire Police


over a former officer who was wrongly convicted of rape. Trevor


Gray faced a re`trial last month where a jury unanimously found him


not guilty. His wife Alison helped to clear his name by finding new


evidence. The IPCC will examine whether steps were taken to identify


and locate significant witnesses. Still to come, goodbye Billy. As


Nottingham Forest sack their manager, we'll be looking at the


possible replacements being lined up at the City Ground.


Next tonight, a controversial experiment paying pregnant women


hundreds of pounds to quit smoking during pregnancy. It's been tried in


one part of Derbyshire and may soon be extended. The women can pocket


more than ?700 each in shopping vouchers. That's if they stay off


smoking both during and after their pregnancy. But is it a proper way to


spend taxpayers' money? Here's our health correspondent, Rob Sissons.


It's thought to be an East Midlands first, Offering financial rewards to


help pregnant women who smoke kick the habit.


Just over 200 women in Derbyshire signed up to it. Their challenge, to


be smoke`free from around 12 weeks into pregancy right the way through


to six months after the birth. Their reward, up to ?752 in shopping


vouchers. But it proved too difficult for most of them. Just 56,


only a quarter, managed to stay off the cigarettes all the way through


till birth. And only 26 resisted smoking all the way through to the


finish line. That is six months after the baby arrives. On the face


of it a poor success rate, but those behind the experiment insist it's


money well spent. ?700 is very consider the cost and


the cost to the NHS of smoking is very high. ?6,000 per pregnancy.


So does how it work? To avoid cheating, the women were given


regular breath tests. Every time they passed, the vouchers stacked


up. Starting at ?8, incentives for each clear test rise to a maximum of


?32. So, the less you smoke, the more you can shop. And now there's


talk expanding from one part of Derbyshire to the rest of it. But


with the risks of smoking in pregnancy well`known, should it


really take vouchers for women to put down their cigarettes while the


taxpayer picks up the bill? It sends out the wrong signal. It is


morally wrong and wasting taxpayers' money. It doesn't work


and is taking valuable resources from other schemes which might work.


In what way is this a good idea and in what way can this rolling out and


expansion be justified? Well, it can, say those at


Derbyshire County Council behind the scheme. ?37,000 has already been


spent. And they say you can't put a price on the health of a baby and


its mum. Thank you. The Chancellor of the Exchequer,


George Osborne, has been talking up the revival of the East Midlands


economy. His post`Budget visit to the region today coincided with a


multi`million pound jobs boost for Leicester and Leicestershire. Here's


our political editor, John Hess. On the factory floor today, the


Chancellor was praising the makers and manufacturers of the East


Midlands. Boal Aluminium makes components for the construction in


the car industry. We export about 30% of what we make but at the


moment the main growth is coming through from the UK and that is


where it is really being led from. The company employs 130 people but


because of the revival in the East Midlands Manufacturing, it is orally


considering taking on extra staff to meet demand. `` already. That will


be music to the ears of George Osborne, especially after a


multi`million pound programme to boost jobs and apprentices in the


Midlands was unveiled today. It is so important is Midlands is making


things and that is Mrs growing. `` it is important the East Midlands.


The local MP and Treasury Minister Nicky Morgan needs a revived economy


if she is to retain her seat next year. A TUC report suggests the


value of average workers' pay is unlikely to recover for another ten


years, though. People can afford to buy more now even compared with six


months ago. We are really pleased with the new Budget report. Things


seem to be getting better. It means we have an area of the country that


is growing as the economy grows and that is the way to grow the living


standards of people here. The Chancellor also stopped over at


Derby, weather can be `` where the Cathedral could be doing with some


more cash. Some more tea and a little bit of sympathy for this


Chancellor. The servicemen who inspired the


Hollywood film The Great Escape were remembered in Leicester today. A


service was held at the War Memorial on Victoria Park to mark the 70th


anniversary of the murder of 50 RAF officers, shot by the Gestapo. A


wreath was laid by the Leicester RAF Association. I think those men


represented what Allied servicemen represented, that they made the


ultimate sacrifice to allow you and I to live the lives we are leading


today. What aid from well this would have been if they hadn't paid that


ultimate sacrifice. `` what a different world.


And now for news of a victory for people power for residents who'd


been complaining about a lack of visible road markings. Just a week


after we ran the story on East Midlands Today, fading white lines


were refreshed and repaired. Locals say they're delighted their voices


have been heard, as Sarah Teale reports.


The lines at the bottom of the road have been newly painted. This


driving instructor takes us on another journey around


Nottinghamshire. The transformation along the route is obvious. Well,


you filmed on the Thursday and on the Monday, the white lines were


there! The problem was highlighted by the road safety markings


Association about two weeks ago. They released a survey which showed


38% of all the white lines in these Midlands needed replacing


immediately or within six months. `` in the East Midlands. All the ones


we pointed out have been done! Absolutely! It is extremely


pleasing. Nottinghamshire County Council were responsible for


repainting the markings in Key West. They have around 2500 miles to


maintain across the county of road. Has it been affected by cutbacks?


Yes. All of our highway maintenance budgets have been affected and so we


have less money now to spend on the white lines that we had two or three


years ago. But, nevertheless, we are trying to do the ones which are a


priority, so the junctions, the zebra crossings and stop lines at


signals. All the ones which have a real safety implication if we don't


do them are the ones we are trying to do first. It is a problem which


stretches across the area. We filmed this roundabout which motorists


complain is virtually invisible because it is so worn out. The


council says they will be fixing it in the next few weeks.


Fantastic! Getting things done! Still to come, after the weekend's


hailstorms and this morning's frost and ice, what does the weather hold?


And meet my new friend Candy. She has turned down the chance to


perform for Simon Cowell and I'm not telling porkies!


An interesting name for a pig! Candy! Doesn't go with bacon! Oops!


I did say that! Now for the sport. `` I did not say that!


First tonight, Nottingham Forest chairman and owner Fawaz Al Hasawi


has stressed the need for patience as he looks to appoint a new


manager. Billy Davies was sacked last night after just over a year as


boss of City Ground. To light, Fawaz al Hasawi is looking


to appoint his fifth manager in 20 months. Things need to change. We


have nine games to go and we have to concentrate on it, we have to do it


and that is that. There is nobody in mind at the moment. The manager for


the reserve team and academy, he is in charge at the moment. It might be


temporary or he might continue to the end of the season. Billy Davies


returned for his second spell in charge 13 months ago. Forest have


been in the top six all season but on Saturday, they suffered an


embarrassing 5`0 defeat in Derby, they haven't won in eight games and


they slipped out of the play`off places. Stunned, really. Why no we


haven't been doing well but stunned. Quite surprisingly really,


given the team's performance on Saturday and the results previously.


I think he caused in self, not talking to the media. It was all


conspiring against him. Just one bad performance. I do not think you


should be sacked. This afternoon, he met with the owner. In a surprise


move, one former captain arrived and the club confirmed he had joined on


loan. Something the chairman later denied. No, we don't have any loan


signings. So he hasn't signed? No. The former captain was today at the


training ground, too. He has been given an ambassadorial role and Al


Hasawi says all immediate bands have been lifted with immediate effect.


`` immediate bans. Our sports editor joins us now. This morning, we were


all convinced he was coming. Tell us where we are? It seems there has


been a massive U`turn and Fawaz al Hasawi told us himself he had spoken


to representatives earlier today and I spoke to a person who is usually


part of Neil Warnock's coaching staff. They expected to be at the


City Ground this afternoon. Then the former captain arrives at the


training ground but later the chairman says he has not signed on


loan, despite confirmation on the club's own website! He says now he


is talking to a number of managers and Gary is in temporary charge, who


is the academy coach at Forest. This all sounds like utter chaos! That is


football, Colin! Predictably unpredictable. For many years there


have been ups and downs that Forest. Only Fawaz al Hasawi now knows what


will happen next. And we are in danger of forgetting the play`off


race isn't over for them? No. Nine games left, they are seventh and not


out of touch. They have a game tomorrow evening against Charlton.


We presume Gary will be in charge for that, but who knows?! We will


wait and see. So, the match between Derby and


Forest is followed by a sacking for the second time this season. For


Rams fans, the stunning result just highlights their transformation


since Nigel Clough got the axe. Angela Rafferty now reports on a


great day for Derby. It has been 20 years since a derby


match has meant quite so much and it could mean for either side `` glory


for either side and disaster for the other. The dream starts for Derby


County... Billy Davies in the dugout could barely watch as the rounds ran


rampant. `` the rounds display `` the rounds. Then they made it 3`0.


And back for the Reds. The misery mounted for Forest as Johnny Russell


made it four. And then hat`trick history was rewritten. Derby's


biggest ever win over Forest in more than 100 years. Absolutely


fantastic! Best day of my life! What you live for! Main rivals!


Brilliant! I think it was just outstanding. They hat`trick. A day


I'll will never forget. So remarkable, that, on so many levels.


Drama, too, at Leicester City. Their manager, Nigel Pearson, is back home


this evening after a two`night stay in hospital. He was ill during


Saturday's game at Blackburn, as Mark Shardlow reports.


The club says Nigel Pearson was suffering sickness when the team


arrived at the burn. He was in the stands, watching, as this goal


extended Leicester's unbeaten run to 17 games. But this wasn't to be


another win. A Blackburn equaliser put an end to the scoring for the


day, and while the fans were pondering a second`half miss that


might have captured the points, Nigel Pearson was getting medical


attention. He was taken ill. He felt unwell in the game and was taken to


hospital as a precaution. To get tests on a Sunday is very difficult


so we're just waiting for the final tests, but fully expecting to be out


today and hopefully at the game tomorrow. Just feeling unwell. They


haven't had the test results so I think it would be wrong of me to


speculate. He just felt unwell. It is not the first time he has been


admitted to hospital. Four years ago he went tests when feeling ill while


at Hull city. His message today was that it is business as usual.


Elsewhere, there was a massive boost to Notts County, who can begin


dreaming of a great escape after hammering fellow strugglers


Carlisle. Haydn Hollis and Ronan Murray had the Magpies two ahead at


half time. But no`one in the ground will have felt properly secure until


Hollis got his second and Notts' third on 47 minutes. James Berrett


did pull one back for the visitors. But when Gary Liddle sealed it, he


did so in style. Just watch this ` brilliant! Notts remain bottom but


at least stay in touch. And in League Two, Mansfield played


out a derby draw with Chesterfield, Ollie Palmer very nearly winning it


for the Stags in stoppage time. In Rugby, Leicester Tigers have a


habit of hitting form at the right time, and they're doing it again


this season. Led by the power of the Pacific to six tries and a complete


mauling of Exeter. The best they've played with the ball in hand all


season, according to Director of Rugby Richard Cockerill. And set up


beautifully for the upcoming derby away at Northampton and European


quarterfinal in France. Brilliant stuff from them! And


also, a big, big week ahead for Nottingham Panthers. They will try


an overturn a three`goal gap in the second leg of the Challenge Cup


final tomorrow night, all before the first leg of their play`off against


Braehead Clan on Thursday. Do not forget, more on late kick`off on the


departure of Billy Davies' departure. Tomorrow night, a full


football programme, so, no doubt, all the drama will keep rolling and


rolling and rolling! And Natalie might be making an


appearance on the late news just in case anything happens between now


and then. Stay tuned! Next tonight, she's turned down


Simon Cowell and an offer to bypass the auditions to appear on Britain's


Got Talent. Not many people do that! That's because she's simply not up


to performing yet. She will, though, when she's ready, "darling"! So just


who is this diva? Well, she has graciously agreed to appear on East


Midlands Today, and Jo Healey went to meet her.


Yes, I have come to Manor farm at Eastleigh to meet Candy, the


performing pig. I'm a bit cautious about this. The last time did


anything like it, I met Darren, the waving goat. But he would not waive


for me. You are not going to, are you? You are not. Goodbye. I'm


going. Don't believe you! Candy is a two`year`old rescue pig.


She loves showing off. I think Apple Mac is an amazing animal! `` I think


Candy! She was fantastic. She is clever! She turned down the chance


to perform for Simon Cowell. We don't feel she is there yet. She


needs a bit more training this summer and then maybe next year we


will think about it. She knows her name and she knows she is the


special pig out of everybody. We have our Easter Parade coming up and


she dresses up as an Easter egg. She was a dark princess at Halloween.


She has ATR. But will she performed for me? Sit! Sit! Up! Candy? Up! You


won't do anything for me, will you? You won't, will you? Just no point!


You won't even sit! What is the point?! She went to do


it! I can think she of something Candy might have done and Jo


wouldn't have liked it! We could have had her sitting in here if she


were up to being in a studio. I'd think the director would want to


think about that! Or, indeed, our lovely weather presenter!


Good evening. We had some beautiful spring sunshine but, boy, was it


wintry today. Temperatures as low as `3. Our tender plants have had a bit


of a shock, that is for sure, and they are looking a bit sorry for


themselves, but do keep your pictures coming in. We had a ridge


of high pressure across us for the last 24 hours.


That gave us the clear skies overnight and the gorgeous sunshine


today but it is very transient. It has been shoved out of the way and


in its place comes a weather front, and this will be stubborn and stay


with us for much of the day tomorrow. So a completely different


feel and feeling autumnal, if anything. Feeling quite chilly and


cloudy and damp. You can see the cloud quite nicely on the satellite


picture. Ahead of that, we are dry at the moment but the cloud starts


to increase and we see the rain pushing in through the early hours


of the morning. Nothing particularly heavy about it at it is cloudy and a


damp night. The cloud, wind and rain will hold those temperatures up, so


nowhere near as cold tonight. Down to four or five degrees. A


completely different start to tomorrow. Wetter, cloudier and we


see these outbreaks of rain through the morning. They will slowly


fragment into the afternoon, breaking up a bit, but then heavy


showers following from that as the wind starts to turn into an easterly


direction. Chilly, and seven or eight is the top to budge. The rain


pushes out of the way tomorrow night and we are picking up an easterly


wind. That will make it feel cold over the next few days and bring in


few showers as well. No one day ever the same, is it?


That is the delight of living here! Good night.


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