25/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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all from us. On BBC Two, Newsnight last the full version of that


interview with And now the news for the East


Midlands, I'm Anne Davies. First tonight, it started with two hours


of botched surgery, it ended with months of poor health that cost a


grandmother her life. A locum consultant carried out gall bladder


surgery in the wrong area. Lalitaben Patel suffered rain damage because


of mistakes during gall bladder surgery. The 71`year`old died seven


months after the operation, which was performed at the Leicester Royal


Infirmary. It was two hours before operating threatre staff noticed


things were going wrong and called in someone senior to take over.


Managers have apologised to the family. Our reporter has been


following the case, this should not have happened, should it? That is


right. There were three holes made any major artery that blessed to the


haemorrhage and it was a result of that that this woman did. The


hospital trust say they have brought in checks to make sure local doctors


are up to the same standards as full`time staff. Tonight the


Department of Health have told us they want to have much offer checks


carried out on locums. The GMC are still investigating this surgeon. He


cannot operate in the private sector and if he does laparoscopic


operations, they have to be done under supervision. The investigation


into his case is ongoing. Customers have reacted angrily to the news


their local building society branches are to close. The


Nationwide says shutting its Derbyshire Building Society branches


is a "logical" decision. It means the brand will disappear from the


High Street. Simon Hare reports. This woman has been using her local


branch of the Derbyshire Building Society since childhood but she has


just been told it is going to close. We have always had this building


society, it has always been there. In the current economic climate you


cannot buy brand loyalty and they are throwing it away. Nationwide


merged with the Derbyshire in 2008. The brand was in doubt following the


financial crisis. The number of branches did close but now it has


been announced the further ten across the county will shut with 17


others being merged or rebranded as nationwide. When other branches shut


in recent years nationwide said customers did not have far to travel


to places like this one which is also no closing. In a statement it


said that the closures and rebranding was the next logical step


in integrating its businesses. The Derbyshire brand is expected to


disappear from the high street over the course of one weekend later this


year. Derby City Council has saved more than a ?100,000 a year in


pothole work after taking over the job from a private company. The


council's own team have been repairing 90 potholes a week on


average compared to the 55 a week fixed by the private company,


Carillion. The move has saved the authority ?110,000 a year. Carillion


says its roads maintenance service was "robust and efficient". The


University of Nottingham will celebrate the tenth anniversary of


its Ningbo operation in China this year. The idea for a Chinese campus


came from the business relationship between the University's former vice


Chancellor and one of China's top nuclear scientists. The Ningbo


campus was formally opened in 2006 and is now home to almost 6,000


students. A supermarket has promised to try to move a Nottingham cash


machine ` after it proved rather more challenging for customers than


usual. The unique ATM's been built on the side of a road in Basford.


Carolyn Moses went to see it. The cash machine, the way we check our


bank balance and get hold of notes. But this one is proving a little


harder than most to use. This cash machine Bierley comes up to my knee


and I am not all, it is 15 inches off of the ground. That means you


have to go that little bit further to get your cash. You have to really


bend down to have a look at it. It is a bit of the pain. It is all


right for small or disabled people because they find it easier to get


to. The folder is quite dirty and you have to bend down, it is not the


easiest one to use. It causes strain on the knees and ankles, it would be


better if it was higher. It does suit this pint sized punter and


Sainsbury's says it has not had any customer complaints. They now have


plans to relocate what is written's blows machine and then cashpoint


customers can walk tall. On to tonight's football, and there's a


full set of results. In the Championship Ipswich beat Derby


County 2`1. League leaders Leicester City had a 1`1 draw with Yeovil. And


Nottingham Forest, under caretaker manager Gary Brazil lost to Charlton


1`0. In league One, it finished Crewe one, Notts County three. And


in League Two, Mansfield beat Hartlepool 4`2. In Ice Hockey, it's


the been the second leg of the semi final of the Challenge Cup. It


finished Nottingham Panthers four, Belfast one. Panthers were three


goals down from the first leg, so that's 6`6 on aggregate. Panthers


won any penalty shoot out. Now the weather. We are in between weather


fronts at the moment but we have another one pushing in for tomorrow


morning. We will start dry and bright with some sunshine for the


morning. We are starting dry tonight and we will remain dry for the rest


of the night. Some holes in the cloud so temperatures will fall


away. Some of us close to freezing by morning. The dry and bright start


for many of us with some sunshine during the morning hours but the


cloud will thicken and we will have scattered showers by the afternoon.


Some of these could be wintry by the afternoon. Wherever you are it is


going to feel cold in those winds. The outlook is for conditions to


stay cool and showery for the rest of the week.


might be wintry. Feeling chilly at 10 degrees. The outlook, it stays


chilly and temperatures look like they will pick up towards the eight


-- weekend. In early spring, a bit of sunshine


makes the difference. Today we had some sunshine in the far east of the


UK and in the far west. In Northern Ireland and East Anglia,


temperatures climbed into the teens. But for most of us, it was gloomy


and temperatures were at sixes and sevens. Single figure temperatures


will feature heavily over the next few days. We are already seeing the


weather coming in from the east pushing the weather to the West so


we will see showers continuing in the night. Isolated showers. Most


towns and cities just about avoiding a frost but in rural areas we will


seek pockets of frost and fog patches for the morning. Some


showers across the West but it will brighten up in the West, however in


the East the cloud thickens, the winds pick up and out rakes of rain


coming from the North Sea. It will be a different day across East


Anglia. Feeling much colder. Five or six Celsius with outbreaks of rain


and some of the rain could be on the heavy side at times across the


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