26/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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in a moment with analysis of that debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale.


Hundreds of teachers have been marching today in protest at changes


to their pay, pensions and working conditions. A one`day strike by the


National Union of Teachers affected around three hundred and thirty


schools across the region. Almost 90 schools in Derby and Derbyshire were


closed or partially closed. In Nottinghamshire, that figure was


125, and there was a similar number in Leicestershire. In response, the


Government has accused the NUT of holding back children's education.


Here's Geeta Pendse. Sending a clear message to the


education Secretary. Teachers gathered to mark through Nottingham


city centre this morning, a day of strike action over pay, pensions and


working conditions. The teaching table increase in time and length.


We already work in excess of 60 hours a week. They are not alone.


Unless the hundreds also met at Victoria Park to march through the


city centre. `` in Leicester. And in Derby union members gathered at the


marketplace. With teachers on the picket lines, many schools had


reduced lessons or were forced to close which left parents with the


task of making new arrangements. It's been inconvenienced because I


have an older daughter and my little ones in nursery. So we have


different timings and everything. They should stop acting like


children and get on with their work. I fully support the teachers commits


the right thing for them to do. It's just inconvenient it's only one day.


The government has condemned strike action, saying it disrupts


parents's lives, holds back children's education and damages the


reputation but many here believe it is necessary step to safeguarding


the future of teaching. Well, today's teachers' strike doesn't


appear to have caused a big stir at Westminster.


Earlier I spoke to our Political Editor John Hess. And I asked him to


describe the reaction among MPs. Interesting that there was no


reference during Prime Minister's Questions. The only formal


government response came from the schools minister who said his


officials at the Department for Education were fully engaged with


talks with the seven unions, although he was critical of the Nu


teeth are being the only union taking strike action. Is the


government offering anything in terms of concessions? They say the


talks are detailed and serious, covering teacher workloads,


in`school training, inset days as well as school funding. The key


complaint is that neither the schools minister or his boss, the


education secretary Michael Gove, are taking part in the talks. Is


Michael Gove part of the problem as far as teachers are concerned? He


didn't take part in trying to bring up the heat of this dispute during


questions in the Commons on Monday, and I think that's a sign that he


wants to call down the rhetoric and get the dispute settled.


A murder trial's been told that a gang leader organised the shooting


of a 15`year`old boy in Derby. Kadeem Blackwood was killed with a


sawn`off shotgun, after being challenged to a fight in a park. The


court heard he turned up with a knife, not expecting guns to be


used. Michael Hamblett`Sewell is accused of murder because he


allegedly ordered the shooting, although he didn't fire the gun. The


trial continues. The leader of Derby City Council has


called for the resignation of a councillor who posted a picture of


himself on Twitter holding an AK`47 assault rifle. Liberal Democrat Ajit


Atwal ` who represents Abbey Ward ` says the picture was taken seven


months ago on a personal trip to India. He says it has nothing to do


with his position as a councillor and magistrate. However he has


admitted to being naive. Passengers on board a Ryanair flight that


plunged twenty thousand feet due to cabin pressure problems, have


started legal proceedings against the airline.


A number of those on the flight heading to East Midlands Airport


suffered physical and psychological injuries. They're now seeking


compensation from the company. Carol Hinds reports.


On the masks came down, I just felt I was going to die, really. Two


years ago, this Brazilian national and Ph.D. Student at Loughborough,


boarded a Ryanair flight from Milan. The plane had reached 31,000 feet


but just north of Switzerland, it lost cabin pressure. The crew


started an emergency descent of about four miles in five minutes. It


levelled out at 10,000 feet and the passengers were flown home from


Germany on another flight. It was an ordeal that Patricia says has made


it difficult for her to get on a plane. The effect have been


devastating, and it's been almost two years since the accident, and it


changed my life completely. Solicitors have issued legal


proceedings against Ryanair on behalf of the affected passengers,


who are seeking compensation. Since we were instructed, Ryanair have


admitted liability, however the legal limitation period that applies


to this action is only two years and expires at the beginning of April so


to protect their legal rights we have had to issue proceedings


against Ryanair. We contacted Ryanair about today's developments


but they told us it's company policy not to comment on pending legal


proceedings. Time for the weather now.


We have had our fair share of showers earlier today. Even reported


a bit of snow in parts of the East Midlands. Unsettled through the


night with further showers, and rather cold out there. The showers


are being driven in from the east, they continue for the next few


hours. Mostly falling as rate or sleet. `` rain. There may be a bit


of frost around first thing tomorrow. Also the risk of some ice


on untreated surfaces. Actually start to Thursday, largely dry first


thing but then the showers. To arrive. They will be intense through


the afternoon. I will leave you with your Outlook.


blowing. On the outlook, it is warming up towards the weekend.


Here's Nick Miller with more. Some of the many faces of spring


weather showed themselves today. Sun in Scotland, snow in the showers


that moved in across England. Hail as well. Adrian took this picture


from Essex and the chilly feel stays with us for the rest


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