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there's a first look at the papers over on the BBC News


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. Two of this region's police forces have failed victims of


domestic abuse ` according to a a scathing report by Her Majesty's


Inspectorate of Constabulary. Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire have


been criticised for a lack of knowledge among staff, a backlog of


cases and for providing an inconsistent service to victims.


Here's our Chief News reporter Quentin Rayner.


The Inspectorate says this should be a wake`up call to the police. On


average they receive an emergency related call every 30 seconds and 77


women were killed last year by their partners or ex`partners. Across the


East Midlands it accounts for 10% of all recorded crime and almost 6500


incidents of domestic abuse resulting in injuries were recorded


until August last year. Derbyshire is undersized for gaps in their


knowledge. Officers need to fully understand domestic abuse in crews


including psychological abuse. Yes, we need to improve. If the reported


and said everything was rosy within the Derbyshire Constabulary I would


have been surprised but ultimately we do need to improve. Part of the


Inspectorate's role is to say to us, you need to improve in these areas


and we will act on those recommendations and we will improve.


Nottinghamshire force is undersized for inconsistency. It found that


high`risk victims receive a better standard of service and protection


than those assessed as lower risk. Then there is no system in place to


review their level of risk once an offender is released from custody


the inspectors also found a lack of awareness about victims in the local


area and the force doesn't have an understanding of serial offenders in


Nottinghamshire. There isn't a difference in the level of


protection, there is a difference in the risk assessment and therefore


there is a difference in the way we have to deal with that. With the


serial perpetrators, that workers in its infancy. We will work with the


national lead in developing our process to understand better how


perpetrators behave and how we can manage them. Leicestershire is


praised for its information sharing and for being one of the few forces


which asks victims for feedback about its service. The Inspectorate


recognises considerable improvements but still found the service offered


to victims is too often unacceptable. It is insisting


domestic abuse must no longer be the poorer nation to other policing


activity. Cathy Saunders, you and your organisation have been working


with victims and survivors of domestic abuse for some years. How


surprised really by the findings of the report? Not surprised at all, we


fed directly into the HM RC review. What is the experience of the woman


you deal with? Most of them have had bad episodes with the police,


reporting crimes to them are many will never report to the police


again. That is pouring. It is also to do with the police's attitude to


women in this ocean? Generally, police now they seem to have a


better attitude towards victims and survivors of domestic abuse but


still, we get complaints about bad treatment and bad attitudes. There


has been improvement over the decades but nowhere near enough? To


say we're now in the 21st century, having dealt with domestic abuse for


40 years, working in partnership with many agencies, the answer is


no. There is vast room for improvement. Thank you.


Many of our councils have been accused of "siphoning off" public


health funding to prop up other town hall services. Doctors have warned


that campaigns on smoking, obesity and sexual health are threatened.


This report from our Political Editor John Hess.


The public health, but how healthy is the public? Do you do any


exercise in? Not really, I working all day, that should keep me fit. I


have a natural predisposition to put on weight so I'm careful with my


diet. Daily walks with her, that's about it. It's just over 12 months


since responsibility for public health transferred from the NHS to a


local authority, and for a City Council like Tottenham, those public


health contracts with ?27 million. It is now down to the local


authorities and politicians to decide on what the public health


priorities are locally. But Nottinghamshire GP says that some


councils are siphoning off the money. His fears about the Bible a


survey that reveals a third of the councils have done that. There isn't


enough money in the system to sustain the entire public health


budget for health services and the entire council budget for adequate


social services, and I think the system is balanced on a knife edge.


The politician now in charge of public health in Nottingham defends


the shift in spending priorities, and gives this example. Taking ?1


million out of sexual health because we have negotiated well with the


University Hospital so there shouldn't be any service changes but


we should have better value for money and contracting, we can now


put that into an early intervention so that young people are making


better choices so that we might not have the same call on sexual health


services in a decade. New proteins other public health. How local


politicians and the health service went are struggling to agree.


That is your news, goodbye from me, but with your weather, here is Anna.


It has been a chilly evening with the cold easterly breeze we are


having, and we are expecting more rain in the next few hours. It may


feel a bit wintry over the Derbyshire Peak District before


clearing away. I'm dry into the night, it keeps hold of a lot of


cloud, maybe a bit of mist forming. A cloudy start to your Friday, we


keep the easterly winds throughout the day and some rain will start


pushing as we go through the morning. Temperatures, a little bit


of an improvement on today. But it's all change for the weekend. By the


time we get to Saturday, we take on a southeasterly wind, that brings in


warmer air so highs of 16 and hazy sunshine.


weather. Now the national forecast with Nick Miller.


Hello, as winter becomes spring, the atmosphere contains more energy. The


shower clouds grow taller. If conditions are right, you get


thunder storms. There have been some today. Bob took this picture near


London this afternoon. The spring flowers will appreciate the


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