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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. First


tonight: understaffed, under pressure and now under orders to do


things better. That's the outcome of the first in a series of major


hospital inspections in the East Midlands. Inspectors from the Care


Quality Commission decided the University Hospitals of Leicester


requires improvement. Our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons has more.


Things need to be better. This report very much emphasise as we


have very good staff who want to improve. The trust has had to go


overseas to get more nurses. Alfonso has moved from Spain to work in the


accident and emergency. It is is staffed by a lot of foreign nurses.


In this people are very welcoming. A new group that represents patients


said it will now keep a close eye on things. If I put it this way, it


could be a lot worse. There are quite a lot of positives. We went to


see change and we want to see improvement. We think it is


happening. The trust knows it has to improve. The challenge will be


sustaining it. There are financial pressures on the NHS.


Stephen Dorrell is not only one of Leicestershire's MPs, but also chair


of the parliamentary Health Committee. He told me constituents


are generally supportive of their local hospitals. As always with


acute hospitals in the health service, the vast majority of people


who go into the Leicester general or others have a positive experience


when they get there. But that doesn't excuse failure is of in


particular accident and emergency service that were reported in


December. I'm pleased the CQC has been honest with the public about


what goes on in the Leicester Royal and other hospitals in Leicester.


Also particularly pleased that we are able to see an improving trend.


Is it a good thing that we are hearing bad things? Does it mean the


watchdogs are doing their job? The CQC has been up in front of the


health committee that I'd share on an annual basis since the beginning


of this Parliament. We were very concerned and extremely critical of


the performance of the CQC a few years ago. It is now under new


management and is a much more reliable measure of the quality of


care that has been made statutorily independent by the government, in


order that it can speak truth under power. I think it is a key part of


the system. What about your other constituents, those who might work


in his hospitals? How demoralising must it be? I think what they will


here is what they see in their day`to`day lives, that this... These


are hospitals under pressure. They are hospitals which are addressing


this pressures. Of course, no one likes to work in an organisation


that has been criticised but it is even worse to work in an


organisation that you know is not doing what it should do and just


getting a whitewash treatment in public. That simply undermined that


undermines people 's confidence. New figures reveal parts of the East


Midlands are facing a 25% cut in the number of mental health workers who


treat some of the most vulnerable people. One expert warns it's


putting lives at risk. Both those of the patients and the wider public.


Chris Doidge reports. In Ripley, Jonathan tells me about


his experience of getting help for mental illness. You seem to go in


and they have one key worker. Sorry, that key worker is off. He is on


holiday. So you've got to go through your life story again and again.


It's happening... It has happened this year about three times. Many


other charities have found their funding squeeze. There have been


operational difficulties. You're going to have to reduce the amount


of work that we've been able to do. There have been cuts across the


sector. Local councils have reduced the grant funding and in the NHS,


mental health trusts have had to reduce the number of beds available.


Among those units in trouble in recent years, this one in Leicester.


After several bad reports on the Care Quality Commission, there are


signs of improvement. We've got to focus on the important pieces of


information. What are our patients are saying and what are our staff


saying? Were they recommend these services to their friends and


family? Demographic changes and better awareness mean mental health


is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. In the East Midlands, as in


the UK more widely, the funding for mental health is not keeping pace.


This issue will be debated on the Sunday Politics for the East


Midlands. Join John Hess and Andrew Neil, here


on BBC One from 11.15. Officials have described a case of


fly`tipping near Castle Donington, as the worst they've ever seen. It's


a mountain of waste, seemingly dumped in one. They say it's going


to take a week just to clear it, let alone trace those responsible.


That's your news. I'll leave you now with Anna Church


and your weekend weather. Something dry and warm this weekend,


you are in luck. Our wind is changing direction, ringing in


warmer air. There will be plenty of hazy sunshine. Overnight tight, it


looks like we may get one or two showers into the East but for most


of us, it is a dry night. A fair amount of cloud and maybe a little


bit of missed in places. Staying frost free. We wake up with the


cloud. We start to see that southeasterly wind pushing it away.


It's a breezy day and they will be plenty of hazy sunshine. There will


be a little bit of high cloud around but feeling lovely and warm in that


son with a high of 17 Celsius. It is a similar story on Mothering


Sunday. More in the way of cloud on Sunday but still plenty of


sunshine. Decent temperatures for this time


forward on Saturday night. Now here is Nick Miller with the national


forecast. is Nick Miller with the national


Hello. The clocks go forward this weekend, marking the beginning of


British summertime, BST. It has nothing to do with the weather. As


the clocks changed last year we were coming out of the March freeze.


This year, though, as the clucks change, the weather is warming up.


Not clear blue sky, the sun will be hazy but the thunder storms will be


gone. It will be mainly dry. And the weather is lively out there


this evening. There are bands of rain with hail over western parts of


the UK. A bit of rain for parts of the north


of England and south-west of Scotland. And lots of hill fog into


the Pennines. Mist and fog in the central and eastern areas of


England. It is a slow start in the morning. A lot of cloud around first


thing. Misty in places. Damp on the ground after the overnight rain in


south-west England. Clearing, it may threaten the Isles of Scilly


throughout the weekend,


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