29/03/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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With your news now for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. The


owners of the region's last deep coal mine have appealed to the


government for a rescue package to keep the company going. 600 people


work at Thoresby Colliery, in Nottinghamshire, with others working


at surface mines near Smalley, in Derbyshire, and Measham, in


Leicestershire. UK Coal says, after a terrible year, it is in urgent


need of investment to protect jobs. Emily Anderson reports from


Thoresby. Thoresby, in the heart of Sherwood


Forest, there has been coal`mining here for over 90 years. It was once


part of a proud industrial tradition, but now it is the last


deep pit left in the East Midlands. If this colliery were to close, it


would have a major impact on the local economy. There are 600 jobs,


600 families who have to provide for their children, by school uniforms,


it is fundamental. If we lost that many jobs, it would be pretty


difficult to recover. UK Coal 's financial problems are blamed on


falling coal prices. The international exchange rate and a


fire that destroyed another pit in Warwickshire which cost the company


?300 million. UK Coal is now appealing to the government to step


in with a rescue package while it looks for long`term investments. But


it will not be drawn on how much money is needed. We do need that


investment, it is important for the future. We are working with


everybody, but difficult days ahead. But at a moment, things are looking


positive as far as the discussions are concerned. It is four months


since George Osborne visited this colliery and pledged to secure its


long`term future. For now, negotiations continue with the


government and private investors to keep this site open and to secure


the hundreds of jobs here. An area of the East Midlands has


become one of the first rural places in the country to offer free public


wi`fi. The wireless internet system will cover Newark's Market Square,


the Castle and Appletongate. It is the first rural district to pilot


the new technology, which it is hoped will boost business and


tourism. I see this particular system is


helping to bring new work into the 21st century, people will not feel


deprived of this necessary service when they come into the town centre.


It will be there for free. Not sure how much I will use it, but good


idea. It is all right in the market, I need it closer to home. We needed


everywhere, not having to just rely on cafes.


To football, and Championship Leaders Leicester now need just nine


more points to guarantee promotion, as they defeated Burnely 2`nil.


Goals from David Nugent and Chris wood saw the Foxes give Burnley


their first home defeat in over a year. `` Chris Wood. Meanwhile,


Derby beat Charlton 3`nil, and Forest drew one`all at Ipswich. In


League One, Notts County beat Colchester 2`nil. And a win too for


Mansfield in League Two, as the Stags beat AFC Wimbledon by a goal.


And Leicester Tigers made it eight Premiership games unbeaten, as they


beat local rivals Northampton Saints 22`16. The win also consolidates


their place in the title play`offs. The peregrines at Derby Cathedral


have laid their first egg of the season. It arrived this morning, a


little after midnight, and can be clearly seen on the cathedral's


webcam. The same pair has been nesting at the site for years. The


female is expected to lay more eggs, a couple of days apart, until she


gets to her usual clutch of four. Picked a good day for it. Let's see


what the weather is planning next now. Here is Mel.


It has been a beautiful day, with glorious sunshine and we keep hold


of the dry conditions tonight. More cloud as the night goes on and


patches of mist around first thing on Sunday, but it will be quite


mild, with overnight lows of around eight, nine Celsius. Tomorrow is


similar, it. Half cloudy but that cloud should wake up to reveal ``


break up to reveal sunshine. By the afternoon, most places should enjoy


hazy spells of sunshine and the winds will be later tomorrow. We


could see temperatures creep up to 18 Celsius tomorrow. The clocks do


go forward by one hour tonight. And a timely reminder. Remember,


too, the Beat is already under way on your local BBC Radio.


`` radio station. In session with the team tonight, meet up`and`coming


star Aja, from Nottingham. That is between now and ten.


I will be back with today's goals for you at the same time tomorrow.


Good evening. We achieved 20 degrees in the sunshine today but, in


contrast, under the cloud in Northern Ireland, just nine. With


the cloud, just seven in the North East. We take the contrast into


tomorrow. At least the cloud here, creeping back inland, will prevent


textures falling too low, down to six overnight. -- temperatures. Less


fog in the


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