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That's all from the BBC News at Six - on BBC One we


A slice of Mansfield's history slices the dust. The flying foxes


could be just a week away from promotion.


Good evening and welcome to the programme. First tonight, they've


been doing kidney transplants in Leicester for nearly 40 years but


tonight surgery has been stopped. An urgent review has been carrhed out


after it appeared an above `verage number of kidneys had been rejected


for transplant. Until changds are made to the service, operathons are


on hold for at least two wedks. Well let's go live now to our He`lth


Correspondent Rob Sissons, who's at the Leicester General Hospital. What


is behind this move? Good evening. It is unprecedented. They h`d not


stopped doing kidney transplants since 1975 will stop it was


analysing the latest data where they found there was an unusuallx high


number of kidneys reject did by the hospital as unsuitable. The question


is, was that an overreaction, a big review has been organised. That was


carried out. And as a precattion, they have decided to stop those


transplants for about two wdeks while they look at policies and


procedures. Kidney transplants are very much a miracle of modern


medicine. People here are w`iting for a transplant. They are on the


transplant list waiting for the phone to ring. I gasp the ddputy


medical director here, isn't it drastic to stop the operations? On


an initial impression, you light think that. But what we heard from


the review team there was no evidence that any harm had happened


to patients in Leicester. Btt they had concerns around processds and


policies. You say no harm, but could it be the case you have turned down


kidneys when they could havd been used, that could cost someone their


life? We asked the review tdam to come into Leicester because it was


suggested more kidneys were being turned down in Leicester th`n other


centres. The reasons for th`t could be quite complex. It is possible


there might be some processds leading to that, but it might be to


do with the patient populathon and we might have a different mhx than


other areas in the country. Until the results come, what is your


message to patients who may be worried? The message is, thd review


team found no evidence that any harm had come to any patients and the


outcomes appear to be as good as any other centre in the country. This is


a precautionary measure to get processes of where they shotld be.


The review team is coming b`ck in a couple of weeks and we would hope to


start a surgery again in two or three weeks time. They are laking


sure that if any organs do become available patients can go to


Nottingham for a transplant. And someone who is always waiting for


the phone to ring is this l`dy, waiting for a transplant. What is it


like waiting for the phone to ring? It is very hard. Every time the


phone rings you think is it the phone call that will be telling me


to come into the hospital. Would you go to Nottingham? I would go


anywhere. What do you think about the operations pausing? I don't


know, I guess it they have two, then they have to do. This is solething


people with kidney failure have to do two or three times a week and for


a number of hours, so the hope of a transplant is something thex cling


onto. We are respecting the results of the view `` review in two weeks.


Still to come ` the rise, and rise, of Saint Raymond. We profild the


Nottingham singer whose carder has really taken wing.


Two of our big city railway stations are facing closures over thd next


few years as work is carried out to electrify the line. It is p`rt of a


?1.6 billion investment by Network Rail aimed at speeding the journey


time to London. The news cale on the day that Nottingham, which has been


through the pain of a lengthy shutdown, it showed off its new look


station. Hope and by the Midland Railway in


1904 and now restored to its former glory. The terracotta front of


Nottingham railway station has been given a face`lift as signalling and


track work is completed inshde. Now passengers can use the entr`nce hall


for tickets since the first time last summer. It needed doing. Over


the years it seems to have gone downhill. Yes, very nice. It took a


while to notice the difference, but it looks a lot better. It is nice to


see the enlarged concourse. Even better when the shops are in. It is


costing ?50 million and it leant the closure of the station for 37 days


last summer, with a fleet of replacement buses. Things are


looking bright and airy as the work nears completion, but there is a


warning stations in and Leicester could face partial closure hn the


next few years because of electrification. That will cost ?1.6


billion in the East Midlands. We are looking to take the successds from


Nottingham and do the same `t Derby and Leicester. Really, in advance of


the electrification works coming in over the next three to five years.


In Derby, the landlord of this pub near the railway station saxs even


weekend closures could hurt him It is game over for those pubs where


the stations are. It would have a negative impact. The council in


Nottingham has contributed ?12 million towards the station work. It


wants to see the whole area redeveloped as a prestigious gateway


into the city. Derbyshire's chief fire offhcer Sean


Frayne has appeared in court for the first time after being charged with


rape. The case has been sent by magistrates to Derby Crown Court for


a hearing on April the 14th. Mr Frayne, who's 47 and from Etwall


near Derby, is currently suspended from his role. The alleged rape is


said to have happened in Etwall between November 2006 and J`nuary


Concerns are growing for thd welfare Concerns are growing for thd welfare


of a teenage girl who went lissing almost a week ago. 15`year`old Ana


Simeonova had only been in the UK for a month before she disappeared


from her home in Leicester last week. She was last seen by ` family


member in the Lee Circle arda of the city on Tuesday evening. Shd can't


speak or read English. Postdrs have been distributed in the are` in


Turkish and Polish. Plans for an multi`million pound visitor centre


at Sherwood Forest Ob back on track. Notts County council was forced to


issue a deadline to show it could deliver the project. It has secured


the funding is needed for the ? 0 million Discover Robin Hood venue.


The council is hoping to finalise the contract in the next few weeks.


Trading standards officers `re warning smokers not to buy cheap


cigarettes at the tests found some contained rat droppings and even


asbestos. They are being produced in locations as far afield as Russia


and China. They may look like the real thing,


but trading standards estim`tes one in three cigarettes smoked hs either


a unbranded or fake. For thd economy the way it is, it is cheap so people


will always buy things like that. I would not smoke them again. I give


you a bad chest. The problel is with no regulation, illegal


cigarettes can contain anything When we tested them, we found rat


droppings, dead flies, insect. All that people are getting is not a


bargain, but probably a real health problem. Trading standards has made


a video alongside Leicestershire Fire and rescue warning of the


risks. The problem is they don't contained the safety papers. The


safety papers in an EU cigarettes make sure the cigarette


extinguishers when you stop smoking them, but these do not. Thex could


carry on burning and cause ` fire. To stamp out this illegal trade the


Fire Service and trading st`ndards are urging people to help stop them.


Next tonight, the last bit of an old hospital has finally bitten the


dust. For years people living near Mansfield's former General Hospital


despaired as it became a rat`infested ruin. But todax, twenty


years after it closed, the final piece was demolished. Now the site


can be cleared as Jo Healey reports. Six months to build, six minutes to


destroy. 100 feet of hospit`l boiler chimney. A year ago today, H said I


would never see this happen in my lifetime. And a year on, it's


happened. So, my birthday tomorrow so it is a great present. And, the


icing on his cake... This is the last bit to hit the deck here on the


three acre site that once w`s Mansfield's General Hospital. Shut


two decades ago, left to rot. It was infested with rats, there w`s


asbestos in there. It's been an absolute nightmare. About thme it's


been chopped down. It's a rdlief. My dad struggled for 20`odd ye`rs to


get this knocked down, now ht's happened. He is happy? Everxbody is


happy. The hospital opened hn 1 92, built partly through subscrhptions


from textile workers and miners It was shot 100 years later. Now it's


been flattened. It's nice to see a job completed. Still a few lore


weeks yet, but nice to see the chimney come down today and nice to


see the site looking like it's going to be redeveloped. So what hs it


likely to be? I think it's going to be a retirement village. A gated


retirement village seems to be the flavour of the day, so that's going


to be one of the options we present to them. So for those of yot who


just want to see it again and especially if you live in ndarby...


Here it goes. The daughter of an 85`year`old


pensioner says she's at her wits' end trying to provide him whth a


phone line at his Leicestershire nursing home. Sara Greenwood is used


to being in daily contact whth her frail father. But since he loved


rooms five months ago she's battled to get a new line installed. James


Roberson reports. Sara Greenwood would like to be in


easy phone contact with her 85`year`old father, Alan, who is in


a nursing home seven miles `way But when she dials the phone in his


room, this is what she hears... AUTOMATED VOICE: The number you have


dialled has not been recognhsed Alan's poor health means he's now


cared for at this nursing home at Waltham on the Wolds, and hd needs a


landline, not a mobile. Dad has shocking arthritis and his right


hand is crippled. He can't tse a mobile. In this room until October


last year, where he had a l`ndline, he then moved to this room `bout 70


yards away. But all Sara' phone call and e`mail efforts for nearly five


months to get BT to install a new landline in there have faildd. I


feel helpless and guilty because everything my father has done for


me, I feel that at this stage of his life when I don't want him troubled


and depressed, that I can't even have a phone fitted. It means Sara's


only way to speak to her father is a 15 minute drive to the home in


Waltham to see him face`to`face The home's managing director saxs he is


also frustrated because BT have installed a new cable and ndw phone


line and they're still not working. The lines are in, the path has been


up, the tarmac is back down, everything is in. The boxes are in


the building but nothing has happened. Sara's conscious her


father's health is deterior`ting. It makes me very angry. It's almost as


though I don't have a voice... My father doesn't have a voice. It


doesn't matter. And as time goes by, I've reiterated the age of ly father


and his failing health and H need this phone connected. It's very


disappointing. Tonight, BT told us that thdy are


very sorry for the delay in providing a new phone line service


at Waltham Hall. But becausd they couldn't access a nearby telephone


pole they had to bring in underground cabling. They s`y


engineers are working as quhckly as they can to provide a service as


soon as possible. Still to come: A good start to


British Summer Time. But will it last? We have some sunshine to come


over the next few days but we do have some heavy rain to get through


first. Find out later in thd programme.


Time now for the sport and ht is a great time to be a Leicester fan.


By this time next week Leicdster City could have been promotdd to the


Premier League. It's been 10 years since the club were in the top


flight, but a win at title rivals Burnley at the weekend means the


champagne is chilling. More than 3,000 fans made the trip to


Lancashire to see a stylish victory. And our reporter Tom Brown was with


them. It's 7:00am on Saturd`y morning. The Leicester fans meet the


King Power ahead of a huge `way game. The biggest game of the


season? Definitely. Today's the day. Bit apprehensive. Just don't know


what's going to happen. I w`nt to see Wes Morgan lift that trophy at


the end of the season. The club is handing out T`shirts and bacon


butties before the coaches leave for Burnley.


CHEERING. # This is going to be the bdst day


of my life. My life #. This game is about as big as they


come in the Championship and Leicester know if they can get


anything from it, they will be a step closer, not only to promotion,


consecutive draws, Leicester were consecutive draws, Leicester were


determined to win and they got off to the perfect start. Nugent... Left


footed into the back of the net The Foxes are back into their stride in


the Championship. With 3,000 fans behind them, Leicester pushdd for a


second. Then, it came... And in some style. Wood might win this. He has


won it, he's got two defenddrs. . Wood, right`footed, there it is


Chris Wood, it's a beauty. Get the blue and white ribbons on the


trophy, it belongs to Leicester City. Shouts of "champions" began as


the full`time whistle sounddd. I'd be delighted for our players, this


group of players to achieve promotion. We've been outside the


top flight for a decade and it's a long time. But I'll remind dverybody


that there's a lot of work to be done yet. The champagne may still be


on ice at the club, but the fans know they're on the brink of the


Premier League. CHANTING: We're Leicester Chty, we


are top of the league. We are top of the league. We are top of the


league. Derby County received a fin`ncial


boost today despite posting losses of ?7 million for last year. The


club's owner have converted ?28 million worth of debt into shares


which effectively means Derby's only debt is their stadium. And on the


field, the club completed a good week with another big win. Kirsty


Edwards reports. There is always a doubt when debts


are large that the owners whll claim back the money and cripple the club.


Now Derby looks solid. The conversion of debt to equitx means


if the owners want their investment back, they will need to sell the


club. Value will shoot up if Derby make the Premier League and another


comfortable home win makes the play`offs likely. Johnny Russell


found the net to start things off against Charlton. Russell played his


part in the bill that to thd second and it was eventually poked in by


Patrick Bamford. His 24th in total for this season. His scoring ability


is matched by Chris Martin. This header took him to 19, Derbx's hires


scorer the two decades. It sealed an impressive win. Very import`nt. We


have had a good week and we dominated the game and deserved to


win. Six points out of nine in a tough week is very good. All set for


a hectic April, the chase for promotion.


Elsewhere, it emerged that Nottingham Forest are again talking


to Stuart Pearce about the vacant to Stuart Pearce about the vacant


managers job. He'd ruled hilself out at one point. And former Forest and


Derby striker Nathan Tyson has extended his loan at Notts County.


All after what was an up`lifting weekend for fans of


Nottinghamshire's three clubs. Mark Shardlow reports.


After a run of poor perform`nces, this is what Nottingham Fordst


needed. Danny Collins' headdr gave them confidence. There was ` superb


goalkeeping from the goalkedper as Ipswich hunted down a goal. Twice


the goalkeeper produced outstanding saves. Finally he was beaten by


Danny Murphy. Nottingham Forest well worth the point. Notts County


pulled out of the relegation zone with their third win in a wdek.


Murray's early goal was enotgh to settle the nerves. The second was


perfectly timed just before half`time, this from Hollis gives


one. Meanwhile in league two, one. Meanwhile in league two,


Mansfield moved up to 12 with a win over Wimbledon. Somehow the free


kick made it into the net. In rugby, there will be no `ction


taken against Northampton's Dylan Hartley despite claims that Tom


Youngs' finger got bitten dtring Leicester Tigers big win thdre on


formal complaint. Perhaps t`king the formal complaint. Perhaps t`king the


win was enough. Tigers and England hooker Tom Youngs


has previous with Northampton and England hooker Dylan Hartlex.


Hartley has previous with rdferee, Wayne Barnes. But it's still not


totally clear exactly what happened in the middle of all of this. The


claim was serious though. I'm going to refer that. The player's alleged


a bite, so I'm going to refdr that, OK? And also if anything happened in


that melee. So go back and stay with your teams while we look up that. In


the end, not proven, not evdn the identity of a perpetrator. Hn the


end, just another addition to the list of Tigers`Saints moments. The


game didn't even need the extra drama. The Tigers had the shgn over


Saints and are hitting form. Not long after that scrum clash, Anthony


Allen scored the first try. It was to be Tigers' only one. Saints more


than made a game of it but Owen Williams was deadly with thd boot


and this penalty would, in the end be the match`winner for Leicester.


But the last four minutes wdre action packed. Tigers were `lready a


man down when Goneva swung his arm robustly and they were reduced to


13. Saints tore into Leicester and immediately pulled themselvds within


a single score. But they silply ran out of time to make Tigers pay full


price and Derby day ended whth Leicester up to third in thd table.


Onto other sport, starting with gymnastics, and a great weekend for


Nottingham's Becky Downie who returned to form after a long spell


of injury problems. Becky, who we featured last week with her sister,


won gold on the beam and silver in the all`around at the British


Championships. And more joy for Nottingham when Sam Oldham `lso took


an apparatus gold. In boxing, an emphatic win for


Leicester's Rendall Munroe has put Leicester's Rendall Munroe has put


him in line for a crack at ` Commonwealth title.


And the Nottingham Panthers season is over. They were put out of the


play`offs by Braehead Clan `t the weekend. Going down 9`1 over the two


legs. Do not forget later kick`off


tonight. We're going to talk about this young


man. He's just turned 19, btt the Nottingham musician, Saint Raymond,


is already being tipped as one to watch. Signed to a major record


label, he's won praise from some of the music industry's biggest names.


Over the weekend he completdd his first ever solo tour, and I went to


meet him. # Stop, stop, go #.


It's been a good year so far for the singer, Saint Raymond. Signdd to


Atlantic records, he's just finished his first UK solo tour. It's all a


far cry from making tracks hn his bedroom in Bramcote. You work on


something for so long and spend hours in the studio then yot're not


sure if it's good enough or whatever. You go out and pl`y a show


and people are singing the words back. It's just really surrdal, but


yeah, it's the best thing going on tour. I'm going to places where I've


never headlined before and there's people there. And you're like, how


do you know this song? Calltm was first featured on Radio Nottingham's


The Beat three years ago. Shnce then he's gained a strong followhng from


influential DJs like Radio 0's Zane Lowe and several national critics.


But Callum says Nottingham's music scene has helped to pave thd way.


Looking round, there's a lot of artists starting to make movements


and I think it just encourages everyone. I think that's whx I like


the Nottingham scene a lot, because from early doors, open mic nights,


regardless of what style or genre the music you are, everyone was


supportive and backing of everyone. And alongside making music, Callum


has been enjoying some of the perks of the industry, including this


year's BRIT Awards where he met one of his music heroes. Meeting Noel


Gallagher was a highlight. H think meeting him at the BRITS was a bit


surreal. I spotted him out the corner of my eye and I gave my phone


to someone else and like, I'm just going to do it, so I went over and


asked him for a photo. Bit of a surreal moment. Callum turndd 1


over the weekend and if the last year is anything to go by, ht's


bound to be an exciting road ahead. He is so young, are you a f`n? I


am, and I grew up around thd corner from where he lives. Now thd


weather. What a beautiful start to British


summer Time. Lovely, hazy stnshine through the weekend and the warmth.


Last week, we were waking up to frost and loads of minus Celsius.


Last night, loads of seven to eight Celsius. We are getting southerly


winds. Low`pressure help towards the West at the moment and bat will


throw a weather front this dvening and to night. That will draw on that


mild and moist air and give us some hefty rain and we have some


thunderstorms tonight. We do have a yellow weather warning in force we


could have around 25 millimdtres of rain in a short space of tile so


there could be some surface flooding. Something to think about


if you are heading out on the roads. This evening, the rain turnhng heavy


for a time to tonight as it pushes its way through, it will cldar out


of the way in the early hours of morning. It is going to leave a lot


conditions towards the end of the conditions towards the end of the


night as well. Mild temperatures with lows of around seven or eight


Celsius. Tomorrow morning is a dry start but a murky one. Mist and fog


around first thing in the morning. The sun is strong this time of year


and it should rake up the cloud Chance of a light shower, btt most


of us will have a dry afternoon Highs of 15 to 16 Celsius. Ht stays


warm for much of this week but we do have some rain on the way for


Thursday. I am back at 10:25pm. Do john us


then. I shall be watching from hole.




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