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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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Dan, thank you. That's all from us.


Now the news for the East Midlands. I'm Geeta Pendse.


A murder trial was told that 'bad feeling' and long`running rivalry


led to a street confrontation and the fatal stabbing of a football


coach in Leicester. The victim, Antoin Akpom, was said to have led a


group of men from a nearby gym and was carrying a dumbbell when he was


attacked, as Quentin Rayner reports. 20`year`old Antoin Akpom was


described today by a close friend who tended to him after he was


stabbed as an all`round great guy. But for a year there had been a bad


feeling between him and Abdul Hakim. In the early evening of


September the 12th last year, the football coach spotted him and


another 19`year`old, Hussain Hussain, in Kent Street. After an


initial confrontation, Antoin Akpom ran to a nearby gym. Seconds later,


he ran back with a group of nine men he ran back with a group of nine men


to confront the teenagers again. Witnesses say they saw the football


coach carrying a dumbbell and one of his group shouted, you're a dead


man, and appeared to be the aggressors. The court heard Mr Akpom


was seen exchanging punches with the two teenagers before emerging with a


blood stain on his upper back and then collapsing in the street. After


fleeing to London, the 19`year`olds were arrested. Both deny murder. The


prosecution claim Hussain Hussain wielded the knife but he claims


Abdul Hakim told him he'd stabbed Antoin Akpom because he was scared


after he swung a dumbbell at him. Abdul Hakim says he never saw a


knife. Mr Hakim told the police he intended to return to Leicester


after hearing about a fire two doors down from his mother's home. Four


members of the Taufiq family were killed. The jury was told the


tragedy was that the occupants had nothing to do with the Kent Street


incident. Richard Latham QC said whoever did this, if it had anything


to do with the stabbing, got the wrong house. It was a ghastly,


ghastly event. The trial is expected to last just over two weeks.


Loneliness is as damaging to the long term health of the elderly as


smoking or obesity. That's the claim being made by Age UK. Today the


charity held a conference in Nottingham to give advice to anyone


struggling to cope on their own. 64`year`old Colin Harrison was


there. He lives alone in sheltered accommodation and says he found


giving up work very tough to deal with.


I had a lot of issues with depression. Serious issues with


depression. I do think that work provides structure to your life and


gives you the reason to get up and to go out and do things. And


unfortunately when you retire you've then got to go out and find those


things for yourself. With me now is Maria Cooke of Age UK


in Nottinghamshire. What's the scale of this problem? It is pretty big in


Nottinghamshire. 100,000 people use TV as their main form of company and


39,000 people in Nottinghamshire alone see people less than once a


week. How is the campaign hoping to reach people? We want to encourage


people to reconnect with their neighbours or family. It can be as


simple as smiling, saying hello or contacting your family more. It can


really make a difference. Is there are long`term impact of free don't


look at the situation? Yes, increased cost of the NHS. People


would use doctors more and are more likely to develop dementia. In


addition to the fact that being lonely is a very miserable state to


be in and people need help to do that. It will save us money in the


long run but it will make us all feel better in the meantime. What


would you like to see? People smiling at their neighbours more.


A schoolboy's been given a new lease of life thanks to pioneering surgery


on his spine. The parents of Thaine Marston, who's from Long Eaton,


fought for him to get the new procedure after discovering his


spine was curved. Jo Healey reports. Doing this was something Thaine


feared may never happen. He was diagnosed with early onset


scoliosis. It felt like a strain on my back, but I also felt upset and


hurt emotionally because I would not believe that it could happen to me.


But it did. You can see here the curves in his spine. Traditionally


he would have endured many operations, his spine fused and


unable to grow much. But this surgeon agreed to fit Thaine with


new magnetic rods. He basically has something like a scaffolding which


holds his spine upright, as well as allowing us to distract these rods


according to his growth. We can locate them on the x`ray and put a


strong magnet on the skin and that causes the motorised section of the


rods to lengthen. So no operations and Thaine it can move and crucially


grow. I feel really happy. I think I have been one of the luckiest boys


in the UK. He could have been in a wheelchair. I could have been


pushing a wheelchair around. But with this magnetic spine he has got,


it is fantastic. It is pioneering work and that is what we are trying


to push forward at the Queen's Medical Centre.


On to football and there's one result from tonight. It's in the


Championship ` league`leaders Leicester City drew with Wigan


Athletic 2`2. That's your news. So, it's goodbye


from me but with your weather now, here's Kaye.


It has been a cracking start and it is not over yet. It will be even


warmer tomorrow. It could get up to 19 Celsius. It has been a fine


evening. warmer tomorrow. It could get up to


19 Celsius. It has been a Staying in drive for the first part of the


night. We will see some showers in their early allies. They will be


isolated but a few could be heavy. Tomorrow morning, showers move


northwards. The cloud will break up to give us some sunshine. This will


vary through the day. Many of us will have a gorgeous afternoon. As


you can see, it will become a little more cloudy and


the afternoon. The outlook, rather cloudy with some rain on Thursday.


Good evening. Before we get to the weather details, little bit about


the pollution which we have been talking about in the weather reports


over the last couple of days. The pollution levels actually during the


course of Wednesday, tomorrow, will be very high across a large swathe


of the country. A couple of reasons why this is happening. During today,


high levels of pollution across parts of East Anglia but you can see


how extensive it becomes tomorrow. One of the reasons this is happening


is because of a light wind dragging pollution from here in our direction


and on top of that, our own pollution from industry, industrial


pollution, but by Thursday, the weather pattern will change so we


think the pollution levels will tend to go down a little bit. Certainly


by Thursday. On top of that, we also have the dust which has been driven


in from the Sahara Desert


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