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forget a first look at the papers over on the BBC News


explosions. And struggling with pollution, the latest. And now the


news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good evening. Part of


Leicester City centre was closed for a time tonight after two explosions


in the rush`hour. This photograph captured the moment of the second


blast near the railway stathon on London Road. Several streets were


sealed off after a fault in an underground electrical power cable


blew off two manhole covers. One of them went through the window of a


restaurant. Police said it was very lucky that no`one was injurdd.


Two manhole covers were blown up but really fortunate considering how


busy it is no one was injurdd. One of the covers, it has caused the


damage in the window causing one of the windows to shatter but luckily


nobody was injured inside the restaurant.


As the countdown begins to the closure of the last deep mine in


Nottinghamshire, the Prime Linister is promising the government will do


everything possible to help preserve jobs. Six hundred are under threat


at Thoresby after UK Coal announced it'll shut the colliery by next


Autumn. But a mining union says there's a way of keeping it open for


another four years. Here's our Chief News reporter Quentin Rayner. No


prizes for guessing what thd main use is in a nearby village. The


closure of Thoresby after 90 years. The fight to save the 600 jobs and


the fears and the affected will have on the village.


It has been the lifeblood of the village. I don't know whethdr people


will find work. It is such ` shame because the mining communitx is a


special place. You can see the pub has shut and


2500 men work there. Regarding business, we are not sure


what will happen because we are not sure what the knock`on effects


because many men travel in from the area. UK Coal says the government


must provide half of a ?20 lillion loan to keep the company solvent to


finance a structured closurd over 18 months. This morning the Prhme


Minister made this pledge. We will work as closely as we can, I


am trying to save jobs to m`ke sure we have diverse supplies of energy


so if we can help, we will help But the unions say there's a wax for the


pit to stay open for another four years. They want the governlent to


bid for European state aid to pay for a longer closure period.


We were in Brussels yesterd`y and the commissioner told us we can


apply, the British public c`n apply for state aid for closing of the


mines which would run out until 2018. But the local MP who's been in


talks with ministers and UK Coal for six weeks is sceptical. I al not


confident we can do that. Wd need to keep the dialogue open, I whll keep


the pressure on the minister but at the global price of coal picks up,


it is an economic to remain open. The 45 day consultation beg`n today


and with it the countdown to closure. Within 18 months the


headstock wheels are expectdd to stop spinning after ninety xears.


Police have arrested a seventh man in connection with the disappearance


of a 15`year`old girl in Lehcester. Ana Simeonova was last seen by a


family member in the Lee Circle area of Leicester last Tuesday evening.


Five of the men arrested in the past week have been bailed. A 53`year`old


was arrested this evening and remains in custody. Tonight officers


have been carrying out door`to`door enquiries in the area.


Pollution levels here have risen up the scale tonight ` to an index of


eight ` officially categorised as 'high'. Ambulance bosses sax there's


been a ten per cent rise in the number of emergency calls from


people with breathing probldms. One Leicestershire man with cystic


fibrosis says it's left him a virtual prisoner.


Marius Gregory from Stoney Stanton is now on oxygen twenty`four hours a


day. Helen Astle reports. Another day, and more pollution In


the countryside as well as the cities, the picture is the same For


most of us, it is a talking point but for one man it is life changing.


He has cystic fibrosis, his lung capacity is that sent and the


pollution is having a big ilpact. Since yesterday I have had oxygen 24


seven, I remain indoors. It is humid. The door is slightly open but


it has been affecting me. Hd is in the only one affected. East Midlands


Ambulance Service has seen ` 10 cents increase in 999 calls. Experts


say the current levels of ahr pollution are pretty rare.


It is unusual to have quite similar factors all occurring at thd same


time, it is unusual and worth a special measures this week to


minimise the risk. My chest has been tight, I will not go out unless it's


an emergency. Other than th`t, if I need something from the shop, I will


bring my parents or get my fiance. Unless it is essential to move the


house `` leave the house, I went. It's the first time I've noticed


with the weather itself and that whether symptoms have needed the


oxygen more. My chest is tighter and I am breathless. Even sitting down


watching TV. As he rests at home, the pollution is slowly movhng.


Tomorrow, levels are expectdd to fall. Finally, Stuart Pearcd is the


new manager of Nottingham Forest. Pearce, who played more than four


hundred times for the Reds, will take over in July ` well after the


end of the current season. He insisted today that he'll h`ve


complete control over team selection and which players bought and sold.


That's your news. So, it's goodbye from me but with your weathdr now,


here's Anna Church. If you have been feeling the effects of the


pollution, you will be pleased to hear a change in wind direction


tonight to a south`westerly will help to clear away the pollttion.


Tonight, a cloudy story, thdre are outbreaks of rain around. Spells of


rain over the next few hours gradually clearing away to the north


as we go through the night. It remains cloudy with mist in places.


Tomorrow morning, a cloudy start across the East Midlands but with a


change in wind direction, I am hopeful the cloud will start to and


break to give bright and sunny spells as we go into the afternoon.


Feeling pleasant in the sunshine with highs of 15 Celsius. S`turday,


a bright and sunny start, more cloud into the afternoon, some rahn later


on in the day. I leave you with the outlook for the


had today. That is the way the weather looks. Now the latest on the


pesky pollution. Good evening. They say a change of


air is good for you and that is what we have on the way. The brush that


will sweep away all of the air pollution is a


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