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London. If you want more details, you can head to our website. Now on


BBC One All This is East Midlands Today with


Anne Davies and me, Dominic Heale. Of the. Also tonight, the


self`assembly treadmill that comes with hidden dangers. What is the


future of our county councils? And after seven years in the dark, this


Nottinghamshire Theatre is about to reopen with help of some famous


friends. Good evening and welcome to tonight's programme. First, the


family of a man who died after serious mistakes were made while he


was in hospital say he'd still be alive if lessons had been learnt


from other deaths on the same ward. An inquest into the death of Stewart


Maltby heard evidence that the lives of two other patients on ward D57 at


the Queens Medical Centre were lost in the same way. The catalogue of


errors in Mr Maltby's care began when an ambulance took six hours to


ferry him from his home to hospital. Jo Healey reports. He was a


character who made us laugh with his mischievous sense of humour. He


spent a lot of time caring for others, often to his own detriment.


After 18 months he is still very much missed by us all. It has been


hard for Katie hearing how badly her dad was let down in the hours before


his death. At mix`up in the ambulance cultural room `` control


room meant it took six hours to get into hospital and he did not get the


fluidity needed until 14 hours after the call. He died two days later


from kidney failure and other problems. The coroner outlined a


series of mistakes, errors and missed opportunities. She said there


were serious, repeated and systemic failures as he deteriorated and


those caring for him were oblivious to that. We have learnt that Stewart


Maltby was not the first patient to die on this board as a result of


exasperating way similar to a management and lack of action at the


time. The inquest heard many measures and improvements are in


place on the water to stop it happening again and from the


Ambulance Service that came an apology to the family and


reassurances that they have made crucial changes. All the family of


Stewart Maltby hope for now is that no one else will have to suffer


this. What will the family do know in response to these findings? It


used to be a simple verdict from the coroner but now they have much


lengthier conclusion and the family will take that away with them and


digestive and look at the findings with their solicitor and he told me


that it is highly likely that they will take some form of legal action


against the medical centre. No amount of compensation will bring


Stewart Maltby back but they want to make absolutely sure as they can


that this does not happen to anyone else. Still to come: A chance for


Leicester City fans to cheer the squad that's won them promotion.


Next season, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester


City will be here. Tonight we will be at the promotion party as the


fans get their first chance to celebrate. Also how Triumph is on


the road to success here in Brazil. Before that, a teenager who is


accused of murdering the football coach Antoin Akpom has told a court


that he ran for his life after being confronted by him on a Leicester


street. 19`year`old Abdul Hakim described how Mr Akpom had


challenged him about being in his area and later came back with a


group of men and swung a dumb`bell at his head. The teenager said he


feared he'd be seriously injured. From Stafford Crown Court, here's


our chief news reporter Quentin Rayner. The jury was told that Abdul


Hakim and another man shared a cell at a young offenders institution.


Abdul Hakim has three convictions for carrying knives and sharp


implements. He said that he had never had any trouble with Antoin


Akpom before. He said that the football coach pulled up in a car


and very aggressively challenged them by shouting at him a question


as to why he was in his area. Abdul Hakim said some men had covered


their faces and Antoin Akpom had swung a dumbbell at his head. He was


scared for his life. He later noticed that the other man had blood


on his jacket and he told him that he had stabbed Antoin Akpom because


he feared he was being attacked. Abdul Hakim denied them at `` that


the knife says and that he got rid of it. When he had that four members


of one family had been killed in an attack he said that he thought at


first it was his house and they had picked the wrong post for a revenge


attack. That is when he decided to go to the police. He denied that he


was part of a team who were involved in murdering Antoin Akpom. The


Energy Secretary says that the future of Thoresby Colliery may be


decided within the next two days. 600 jobs could be lost if the last


deep mine in Nottinghamshire closes. Michael Fallon says that the


government is considering whether it can help to fund a managed closure.


Mining unions have been meeting bosses at UK Coal today. Tree


experts are considering what action to take over huge conifers which are


damaging homes in a Leicester street. Pine Tree Avenue, in


Humberstone, is home to about two dozen giant redwoods. But in the 150


years since they were planted, many have grown so large that their roots


are now damaging the foundations of nearby houses and distorting


driveways and pavements. Leave them alone. They are absolutely gorgeous.


When the snow comes, it is like a picture postcard. It is more likely


that more houses will suffer further damage. 36 smaller libraries which


cannot be supported by the community in Leicestershire may be closed.


That is the warning from the County Council which is looking to save


money from the Budget for the libraries and is looking to continue


funding 16 libraries that are asking volunteers to fund the rest. A blue


plaque has been unveiled in honour of a Victorian who coined the phrase


"survival of the fittest" and invented something still used in


offices today. Herbert Spencer, was born on Exeter Street in Derby in


1820 and became a respected philosopher and political theorist.


He also found time to design what he called a binding pin, which over


time was modified into what we now use as a paper clip. Next tonight,


the treadmill that sliced off the top of a man's finger as he tried to


assemble it. The company that supplied the machine was today fined


?30,000. Worryingly, Nottinghamshire Trading Standards fear hundreds of


machines of the same design have been sold to unsuspecting customers.


Simon Hare reports. Something as simple as a handshake is still too


painful for this man from Nottinghamshire. He lost the top of


his right`hand ring finger 12 months ago while assembling a treadmill


with his wife. The arm of the treadmill sprung open. It was very


unexpected as we were unpackaging it. As the running arm came up it


severed the tip of my finger which was at the base. When County Trading


Standards office tested similar machines from the same company they


found similar breaches of safety. Treadmills are imported for China ``


from China and have been sold for several years. Five product safety


breaches have been admitted by the company which sells and no says that


their products now meet the standards required. Meanwhile James


still suffers from pain. He has had five operations. Every time you


touch it it impacts on life in every feasible way. As camps `` we want


consumers to know that everything has been tested and that they will


be as safe as possible. James is waiting to hear how much


compensation he will receive through the company 's insurers. Still to


come: The tiny theatre with a big following. Nottinghamshire's Robin


Hood theatre was closed down seven years ago. But now, thanks to the


tireless support of volunteers, it's curtains`up once more. Time now for


the second of our special series on trade links with Brazil. And


tonight, how the Leicestershire motorcycle manufacturer Triumph is


winning new orders over there. The company only started up in South


America 15 months ago, but it already has its eyes on capturing


10% of the Brazilian big bike market. Mike O'Sullivan reports. A


Triumph motorcycle at a dealership in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It's one of


ten dealerships that have been opened in the country. The head of


the Triumph in Brazil tells me the company hopes to win ten or 12% of


the market for big bikes in another year or so. So, who is buying them?


We have some commuters, but the majority are people who work harder


in the week, and on the weekends they prefer to go out ` to go to the


mountains, to go to the beaches, and they enjoy the ride. Triumph started


in Brazil in November 2012, and an assembly plant has been set up in


the World Cup city of Manaus ` employing around 50 people. The


factory and sales staff have been trained at the parent factory site


in Hinckley. And in Leicestershire technicians have been out to Brazil


as well. The city is huge and you cannot compare that to hear. With


the Cup manager, Craig Bunton to Juergen Klinsmann. It turns out that


it is not too hot to play football. Triumph, which employs 450 people in


Hinckley, says its plan to Brazil and other factory in Thailand are


helping to create jobs in the UK. Absolutely, it creates jobs here,


and the one thing that is important to us is that all of our RNDs are


retained in the UK. Back in Sao Paulo, there is an upmarket feel to


the dealership, and the brand name is getting better known. Now that we


see that our bikes are on the streets, people are talking more


about Triumph. Brazil has helped Triumph extend its global reach `


India, Indonesia and China are now the next markets on their road trip.


Now let's celebrate a birthday. And this one is pretty special. 125


years`old, and not even a card from the Queen. The candles on the cake


on this occasion are to mark the 125th anniversary of our county


councils. But in this age of austerity and Budget cuts, is there


much to celebrate? Here's our Political Editor John Hess. Here's a


date for you. April one, 1889. Queen Victoria was on the throne. That's


when the Local Government Act of 1888 came into force, creating our


county councils. In Nottinghamshire, its annual Budget then was ?43,000.


This year ` even after recent Budget cuts` it'll spend half a billion


pounds. Then, the council was responsible for 372 miles of roads.


And now, it looks after 2610 miles, a seven`fold increase. How timeshave


changed. I 'm stepping back into time, to visit a grocer's shop in


the Nottinghamshire town of Kimberley. The grocer is not here


but the man from the council has already arrived. 125 years ago the


regulation of weights and measures was one of the first powers given to


the new county councils. Today we call it Trading Standards. There


were cases in Victorian times of flour being adulterated with chalk


dust, sugar being adulterated with sand. This Victorian`age grocers is


the hobby of the local enthusiasts. A visit from the weights and


measures inspector in Victorian Nottinghamshire was a big deal. And


did they have powers? They certainly did. And people who were found to


have adulterated food or giving short weight, short measure, were


summoned in front of the magistrates and I imagine they were dealt with


very severely. The scales are something of a museum piece but


tracking down rogue traders is still as important now for the County


Council as it was then. Libraries, social services, some schools, the


local economy...our county councils still have enormous influence. And


senior politicians are again talking of devolving more powers to our big


English councils. So what's the view of the current leader of


Nottinghamshire County Council, Labour's Alan Rhodes? I welcome


greater devolution but I think we need to be given greater tax`raising


powers and I think planning should be left entirely to local


government. There are other issues like education and social care where


we know what our local needs are. The way we shop has certainly


changed since 1889. And maybe greater consumer choice is how our


councils will adapt in future, in how they provide us with local


services. Now for sport. That is only one place for Natalie to be


tonight. She is in Leicester. Tonight this place will be a


cauldron of noise. For the first time, Leicester fans get the chance


to celebrate with a team that got them promoted. If the last few


weeks, we have been on the inside. We have had an exclusive look at the


team behind this team that won promotion. The East Midlands and now


has a Premier League team. Leicester have taken the championship by storm


at however they done it? LA one morning, we were given fly on the


wall access to the training ground of the club to show the science and


the secrets behind their success. Immediately after heartbreak at the


play`offs last season, manager Nigel Pearson held the debrief. The major


way we went to the pub. It was fabulous and that was when we went


to members of staff and debriefed the positives from this season and


discussed where we really needed to go in terms of philosophy. Leicester


already had first`class players with tweaks in recruitment and


innovations and sport science have been key. If everybody improves by a


couple of percent it very quickly adds up and I think that is really


what it is about. Each player has special drinks for before, during


and after training and they are pioneers for a special software for


iPad 's. Attention to detail has played a key part throughout the


season. Their style of power and pace is no coincidence. It helps me


in the physio room and helps Nigel and the team selection. We watch


every team at least three times before we play them and analysis is


done on that aspect as well. I think it is just key areas where we feel


we need cover or improvement. They do it for the manager who keeps his


focus by getting away for it all `` getting away from it all. It is a


bit of escapism that it is the kind of thing I enjoy. Before that, he


wants to win the title. They are back with the elite football for the


first time in a decade. Tonight, Leicester play Brighton the next


season the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool


and Arsenal will be walking into the visiting team dressing room. Here I


am in the home dugout. This is where they will be barking all the orders


to the players tonight. Here is the club ambassador. It is going to be a


great and huge atmosphere tonight isn't it? It has been a long hard


season with plenty of attractive football and the next step is overly


going up as champions. To actually get in the Premier League is a


massive achievement and it has been brilliant. Tonight it is all about


sharing that experience with the fans, the first times they have had


to celebrate with the players? I believe it is a sell`out, which is


what you would expect so it will be a special one that Brighton will


make it difficult to we have to be on our toes and we do not want to be


after the Lord Mayo's show. But the mentality that the players have had


this season that will carry them on and there will be a special


atmosphere but there has been a great atmosphere all season. But


tonight it will be fantastic. Tonight Derby County are away at


Blackpool and Nottingham Forest at home to Sheffield Wednesday. Natalie


is back outside the stadium were some very happy fans. It has been


outside the `` it has been about the players this season but also about


the fans. Tonight will be a special evening for them, of course. After


ten years it is about time to query belong in the Premier League and we


will hopefully stay up there. What will the atmosphere be like? It will


be fantastic. I cannot wait, it has been such a long time and happy


days. The T`shirt is cheesy but you do not get promotion every year.


After seven years in the dark, the curtains are about to go up once


more at the Robin Hood Theatre in Nottinghamshire. The venue was


closed suddenly after failing a health and safety inspection. But


volunteers have worked tirelessly to renovate the building with the help


of some famous friends. Our arts reporter Geeta Pendse joined the


company for their final dress rehearsal ahead of their opening


show tonight. He only cares. `` Here he is! It's seven years since these


factors have been able to tread the boards at the Robin Hood Theatre `


closed in 2007 by the County Council because of health and safety issues.


At the time, this was a huge blow for the amateur company, but now


they've raised enough money to reopen. It's appalling. What a waste


of a public facility. You got a beautiful building here. It just


needed a bit of TLC, and a little bit of money on it ` which is what


we've given. We've brought some experience and a lot of hard


learning, and here it is back in operation. It is not the first time


this theatre has been plunged into darkness. In the 1950s at Felling to


disappear and this lady who is now a company director remembers its


relaunch in 1961. I worked backstage as an assistant stained manager so


I'm really thrilled at the now when we reopen that I am directing the


opening play. As well as an army of volunteers, the theatre has also


attracted financial support from famous faces including Dame Judi


Dench and Sir Ian McKellen. Many of whom performed here as newly trained


actors. Everybody has put so many hours in raising money, painting the


set, painting the front of house, blocking the car park out. There is


so much work gone in, from so many people. The opening show tonight is


The Rise and Fall of Little Voice ` a fitting way for a small theatre


that has found its voice once again. Curtain up now on the weather.


This was the weather fronts yesterday which cleared away


yesterday evening with perfect timing. As always, keep your


pictures coming in. Behind the weather front we have seen pressure


starting to build and so it has been much better today with a lot more in


the way of sunshine. Still a brisk and chilly wind in that area of high


pressure will stay put over the next few days. A lot of dry weather to


come over the next few days. Some or cloud will come in tomorrow so we


will lose sunshine but we are staying dry and the winds will be


lighter and it will feel somewhat warmer. There has been plenty


sunshine this afternoon and the showers have been fading away. We


are staying dry with clear spells to start with tonight but the


temperatures will take a tumble this evening and can surely quite


quickly. The clouds will start to increase from the north and the West


which will make the tempter in towns and city centres about five degrees


of six degrees but in rural areas we could get to ground freezing. As we


go through the data model we will see cloud increasing. There will be


more in the way of cloud in the afternoon but it will be warmer and


those of winds are will be lighter. It will be a summer story on Sunday


where we have a fairly weak weather front heading our way. Other than


that it will stay dry for most of the week.


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