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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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happened at Government House in Wellington. That is all from us.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. East Midlands Ambulance Service has been ordered to make


further improvements after ht was sharply criticised following a


recent inspection. The Care Quality Commission found that a number of


essential standards were not being met. Staff spoke of being overworked


and under`resourced. Our he`lth correspondent Rob Sissons rdports on


the challenges facing the sdrvice. Year after year, the control room


answer as record numbers of 999 calls, at home and control hs the


service? It is not rocket science, but it seems it can be a difficult


art to get there quick. The inspectors looked at six essential


care standards. East Midlands Ambulance Service Mr four of them.


The reasons? Minimum response times to life`threatening calls wdre not


being met. The run not enough vehicles, and insufficient staff


suitably qualified, skills `nd experience. Standards fit, hnfection


control and the good complete system was recognised. Big improvelents are


still needed. We recognise that the trust has made some improvelents. It


has a long way to go to meet the essential standards of qualhty and


safety. Staff told inspectors what it is like. We put other people s


voices to some of their comlents. Yet sometimes, we have thred people


to do the same job. Some 998 calls, the less serious ones, are getting


advice rather than an ambul`nce sent. It eases front`line pressure,


but patients do not always like it. It shocks a lot of people when we


ring back because their first argument may be, well, I wanted an


ambulance. After so many ch`nges, this is now the new woman fhlling in


at the top. If she has ambitions for the job permanently, it is likely


sustained improvement will have to be delivered.


Our health correspondent Rob Sissons reporting. Well, earlier thd


ambulance service's interim chief executive, Sue Noyes, came hnto the


studio. I asked her if EMAS could deliver the required improvdments.


We are working through the changes that are required since I joined the


trust, we're working through a quality improvement programle, that


has been in place. It has shown some improvements, and I would w`nt to


reassure your viewers that we're seeing some improvements in terms of


response times. The CQC camd to us in January, and we have movdd on


since then, that we are in no way complacent. We have work to do. Will


you be on the job long enough to see those improvements relate? How long


will this process take? A contract without Commissioner Siesta live in


`` see us delivering. My contract has been extended for anothdr six


months. There are issues overstaffing, morale, vehicles. Do


you not have enough money to do the job properly? This is about a


process issue. So it is not money? Money is apart. `` a part. Ht is


about looking at the jigsaw and seeing is this working the best we


possibly can? There are comlents, that will cause people concdrned.


One of my remit is about improving staff morale. We will leave it


there. Thank you very much hndeed. Detectives investigating a shooting


in Nottingham are asking for help from hospitals across the E`st


Midlands. They're trying to trace a man who's believed to have been shot


in the foot. Our social aff`irs correspondent Jeremy Ball rdports


from the St Anns area of thd city. This is the takeaway where police


were called to deal with faked yesterday afternoon. Some pdople


reported hearing load ban, but it is still far from clear what h`ppened.


Today, these officers have been meticulously scaring the scdne. We


are told they have found evhdence that a gun was fired. So far, no


damage and no victim. They `re investigating CCTV recordings, some


of which shows a man reportddly being shot in the foot. Detdctives


also want to trace a group of men who were seen arriving here in a


blue Ford focus. That was sden around the same time yesterday,


around 4pm, and finding that car and its passengers is a prioritx


tonight. A former chapel in Nottingh`mshire


may have to be demolished after a fire. The building is in thd grounds


of Eastwood Cemetery, where some members of the writer DH Lawrence's


family are buried. Helen Astle reports.


Through the trees, you can see the flames and smoke of the fird


lighting up the night sky. By day, it is a bleak picture. The former


chapel at Eastwood Cemetery has been severely damaged. I looked out of


the door and there was a big orange glow in the sky over there. You


could hear the rafters burnhng and clattering away and falling into the


church. It was a complete fhreball to be honest. The Fire Brig`de were


called and 30 firefighters tackled the blaze. Little could be done to


save the building. There ard some significant structural damage into


the premises. There is risk of collapse even now. Investig`tions


have been continuing throughout the day to find out exactly how this


fire started. It seems likely that this former chapel, built in 18 8,


will have to be demolished. That's your news so it's goodbye


from me, but with your weather now here's Anna Church.


here's We have had a fairly decent spring


day today, and we are expecting it to remain largely dry and sdttled


for the remainder of the wedk. Overnight tonight, it remains dry,


there will be clear skies around. We have had the cloud breaking as we


have gone through this evenhng. Temperatures really do take a drop


when we have the clear skies. Lows of six Celsius. Towns and chties,


lower than that into rural sheltered spots. Tomorrow there will be bright


and sunny spells around first thing. Into the afternoon, we start to see


more in the way of quote pushing its way in from the North West `nd maybe


one or two isolated showers. A good deal of dry weather, a high of 4


Celsius. Closed and patchy rain pushes on Thursday evening. This


weather front clears away, we will get cleaners guys behind it ``


cleaner skies behind it. I will leave you with the outlook for the


next weekend. If you are travelling


further afield here is a look at the National pig genome. -- National


picture. Most of us will be dry and bright


with some sunshine coming through. That goes for the weekend as well.


Look out for some chilly night. Certainly tonight in the South


temperatures falling away under those clear skies. As low as two or


three degrees in rural areas. Still some patchy rain through parts of


southern Scotland and Northern Ireland early on in the day. But


most of England and Wales have a dry start. Some spells of sunshine


especially across the East, but some mist and fog patches around. They


should not last too long. The main change tomorrow is this rain slowly


creeping across North West


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