10/04/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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solicitor and to one of the complainants in the trial. But


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. First, the Government will not try


to save Thoresby Colliery, the last remaining deep coal mine in the East


Midlands. Instead, it's loaning it ?10 million to help manage hts


closure. The National Union of Mineworkers is tonight warnhng that


lay`offs could begin next month Here's John Hess. Thoresby Colliery.


Today, confirmation it will shut in autumn next year, with the loss of


several hundred jobs. The btsiness minister told MPs that maintaining


coal production here and its sister picked in Yorkshire was not value


for money. We are prepared hn principle to contribute a ?00


million loan alongside contributions from other private`sector investors


to help support a managed closure of the cholera is which would `void the


significant losses and liabhlities `` closure of the colliery. UK coal


says there are enough reserves here to last another four years, so there


is an element of disappointlent and resignation at the announcelent The


debate focuses on the impact on the local community. When a big employer


like this closes, it has a knock`on effects to businesses that supply.


The 600 jobs could become any more. The team will be sent to Shdrwood MP


Mark Spencer is here now. The colliery to advise. Verx bad


news for many of your consthtuents. First redundancies could be as early


as next month. As the Minster hinted, we wdre very


close to the receiver coming in Is flown from the Treasury, ?10


million. It won't safeguard any jobs long term. It is worth noting, it is


a commercial loan. It is not a freebie. I keep hoping therd will be


a commercial businessman who can come in and make a profit again Is


there still talk of a prospdctive buyer? They seem to have ev`porated,


which is why we are in this dark place. It is worth rememberhng


hundred ?16 worth of coal still underground. There has to bd a


commercial way of getting it out of the ground. Many of your


constituents will be grateftl for your interest, but may still blame


your government for starting the demise of this industry.


I think that is unfair. If the previous government were minded to


support, they could have reopened Harwood. We are a fairly dark


place. Thank you. Nottinghamshire Police have been


ordered to reinstate an offhcer they sacked after he was wrongly


convicted of rape. Detectivd Sergeant Trevor Gray was dismissed


after being sentenced to eight years for attacking a woman at her home.


But that conviction was quashed and he was cleared at a retrial. Now the


Police Appeals Tribunal has ruled that Mr Gray can return to his job.


Next ` a virtual vision of Derby's new ?28 million velodrome. @ new


city council video shows how the arena will stage top`level cycling


and transform into a concert hall for 5,000 people. James Robdrson


reports. The building is now clearly taking place with a track area and


central in field below clearly defined. The Council video has been


produced to give the public idea what the building will look like


inside when it is finished. Councillors say it will be tnlike


the other velodromes in England Scotland and Wales. This is a


multi`user SportsCenter as well We have the gym, a conference centre,


and exhibition centre and some were for concerts. We will provide a


really good facility. The track once just before professionals. The


public will be at hire bikes. With the exterior eventually finhshed,


apparently the interior shotld be finished by November, and the


business `` and the building should open for business next Febrtary


A man's died after being discovered in the back of a rubbish lorry.


Police were called to Lyndhtrst Road in the Sneinton area of Nottingham


just after five o'clock this morning. The man was taken to the


Queen's Medical Centre wherd he later died. An investigation is


under way into how he came to be in the back of the truck.


A Leicestershire town has hosted a military parade with a diffdrence.


As well as soldiers, the st`rs of the show were ` animals. It was the


first parade through Melton Mowbray for the military dogs and their


handlers since they returned from Afghanistan last year. They


exercised their freedom of the borough by marching through the town


centre. That's your news. So, it's goodbye


from me ` but with your weather now, here's Anna Church.


It is a quiet weather story at the moment. Looks like it will be


staying dry and settled for the rest of the week. Tomorrow is looking


like a fine day. We have sole clear skies but we will start to see some


cloud feeding in from the North This is a weak weather fronts that


will track south through thd early hours of Friday, producing ` few


spots of a light rain. On the whole, a dry night. Low temperaturds about


five Celsius. Tomorrow mornhng, we continue to see that cloud pushing


away and behind it, some lovely sunshine. There will be mord in the


way of cloud in the afternoon, but it will break at times to ghve


bright sunny intervals. Highs of 13 Celsius. Frost first thing on


Saturday. I will leave you with the outlook


weather stays with us into the weekend and for the London Marathon


as well. Parts of Australia are about to be


hit by a powerful cyclone bringing whether that is just about as bad as


it gets with winds gusting over 100 miles an hour and potentially


flooding rain. First of all, back home our weather could not be more


different. Settled weather generally for the next few days including the


weekend. Tonight temperatures are falling sharply and it is a cold


night in northern areas. In the countryside it will be down to just


two or three Celsius. Some pockets of fog are likely. Showers in


western Scotland, but generally there will be some dry and fine


weather around. It will be a sparkling start to the day in


northern England. Some fog and mist patches in south Wales and


south-west England. We


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