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Wollaston, the MP who first brought to the attention of parliamentary


First tonight, a nine`year`old boy is in a critical condition after he


fell from a moving coach. It was travelling back to Stamford in


Lincolnshire from a rugby tournament when the accident happened.


The nine`year`old fell from the entrance door halfway along the


coach, suffering severe head and leg injuries. Police confirmed they were


20 children and ten adults on`board. Nobody else was injured.


The boy 's parents where in the party, on their way home from


playing in a rugby tournament. A police investigation is now underway


into the door came open. There were some queueing inside the coach from


children waiting to use the toilet. Somehow the door has come open. Any


idea how this has happened? At this time, no. The boy was taken to


hospital in King's Lynn and he has since been transferred to Cambridge.


Their parents in the coach, they were devastated last night. They


really looked visibly shocked and disturbed and it was a novel


experience for them. The coach company have not commented but the


Confederation of passenger transport, the body that represents


coach operators says they have a fund safety record. We're not sure


what has happened on this journey yesterday. Before a driver takes any


vehicle out of the depot into service, a number of checks are


undertaken. A look at the tyres, the safety features, the seat belt and


the seats, and also the emergency doors. Police have appealed for any


witnesses to contact their investigation team without delay.


Millions of pounds are to be spent offering a more user`friendly


service at GP's surgeries. It could mean some of them are open seven


days a week and for longer hours. It is part of a government programme


designed to make doctors more accessible to patients but the money


is only available for a year. Just how easy do you find it to get


to see your doctor? Very difficult. You can ring up for an appointment


and you then have to wait three weeks. You have to wait weeks for an


appointment. That may change for up to 1 million patients across


Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire for one pilot year. The doctors will


have access to a new ?5.2 million fund so their patients will have


better access to them. For many years we just expected to people to


come along in the morning and that is not always convenient for


patients to do that, so I'm looking forward to seeing what successes or


failures they have so we can plan accordingly. What sort of thing


might you see if your GP surgery is taking part? Longer opening hours


possibly from 8am until 8pm, and opening at weekend. Consultations by


e`mail and even video. That is a very good idea, especially if you


are working, you need to be able to access it at all sorts of times.


When GP says there are not enough doctors to make seven`day working


feasible long`term. Our concern is that man is being stalked and we


have not got a hope in hell of being able to meet and then patients get


frustrated. It is a relationship that will change with those taking


part of the next year. It is impossible to know what the outcome


will be. He wanted a happy ever after and now


he has got it. Ady is a young boy, one of hundreds of children in care,


looking for a loving family. Three years after we first featured him on


East Midlands Today, he has got his wish and has started a new life with


new parents. Like most ten`year`olds, Ady love


playing on his computer at home but for him, having parents and a place


to call home is new. I last met him three years ago, living in a


children's home. Social services took the unusual step of allowing


him to be on television in the hope of finding him in the family. It


worked. Step forward Leanne and Barney who are now a very proud mum


and dad. I know people look at him and see lots of notes but we did not


ever really see that. He is so affectionate that you cannot help


fall in love with him. It has taken the couple long time to be able to


foster Ady. In the future, they hope to adopt him. It has taken us a year


for him to move in. It has been a long journey. He has been getting to


know as a gradual basis. Since moving in with them, Ady has


thrived. Before we came here, on a daily basis he was walking maybe 30


steps. Two weeks ago, he walked a mile for Sport Relief. He has had


his feeding tube removed and he's doing it himself. It is great.


Everyone speaks of what we are doing for him at for us, it is what he


does for us. He has been brilliant. Sadly, there are more children like


Ady who need permanent homes, homes that meet such a difference. I would


not change him for the world at all. It does not matter what needs he


has, I would not change him for the world. You are staying forever,


Anju? That's all for now. The weather is


next. High`pressure is in charge so it


will be staying dry. Plenty of sunshine until Thursday. We have


very indie conditions at the moment. The winds were used to night in the


cloud will continue to not a way as well and that means it is quite cold


tonight with temperatures down to for degrees. A cold start tomorrow


but a beautiful sunny start to the day. Most of us holding onto that


sunshine with highs of around 14 degrees. That's it from us, I will


leave you with a look at the outlook.


will be fresher than today. 12 degrees along the vestry and 16 in


London. More sunshine for Wednesday and clouding over towards the end of


the week. Your regional forecast will have offered you another fine


day tomorrow. That is the story nationwide. High


pressure is plonked on top of us. This evening it has been turning


quite chilly quite quickly and it will be cold for


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