18/04/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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on the BBC News Channel. I'll be back with the late news at 10pm.


And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Maurice Flynn. A


second earthquake has shaken parts of Rutland and Leicestershire today


` just 24 hours after the l`st one. The latest quake struck the Oakham


area at around ten to eight this morning. It had a magnitude of .5 `


which experts say is three times more powerful than the first. Paul


Bradshaw reports. The countryside around Oakham does not look like an


earthquake zone but now, after two tremors emanating from the `rea have


shaken scores of houses across Leicestershire, that is what it


feels like. The earthquake was felt 40 kilometres away from the


epicentre in the field behind me. Some local residents say thdy were


woken by the earthquake. Thd roof was shaking, there were little bits


falling down into the attic, and it was totally frightening. It felt


like an underground explosion. There was one hell of a rumble, it was


bigger than yesterday. It fdlt like a train right next to me. I put my


hand on the washing line to steady myself. Experts say that thd double


event is not that rare. It hs not that unusual or unprecedentdd to see


a series of earthquakes where there is no distinct main shock. @fter two


days of the largest seismic activity in the area since 2001, people are


looking forward to a much qtieter Easter. Thanks for all your contact


about this. Jason Blakey em`iled us to say he felt it ` followed by a


rattle and vibration which seemed to come from under the house and right


through it! He was having breakfast at the time ad called it a


'hair`raising experience' . Jay Jenner contacted us on our Facebook


page to say: Two mornings in a row my alarm clock wasn't needed, it


seems Oakham is becoming a hot zone for the earth moving. And on Twitter


Rhian Ivory got in touch to say she thought it was far bigger longer


than yesterday's quake. A bht of a shock to get another one around the


same time of day. There's bden no Good Friday good will betwedn


Nottingham City Council's L`bour leadership and the Communithes


Secretary Eric Pickles. The City Council today started legal


proceedings against the govdrnment department over rubbish outside


Lancaster House. That's a v`cant office block in the city whhch the


council says is owned by Mr Pickle's department. They tell us it isn t


theirs, but that it is registered to them. I hope he is here this Easter


weekend and clears black bags himself. I cannot see that


happening. They have not responded to us, they were given seven days's


noticed so that local residdnts were not inconvenienced. They fahled to


communicate with us and failed to act. The M1 motorway was partially


closed for much of this morning and early afternoon, following `n early


morning accident in Derbyshhre. The southbound carriageway was shut


between junctions 29 and 28 after a crash involving two lorries south of


the services. One of the drhvers has been seriously injured and hs being


treated in hospital. The ro`d has now reopened. To mark Good Friday,


there've been plenty of events happening across the region today.


Among them, in Nottingham, different faiths worshipped together.


Christians made their way to the Mosque in Bobbers Mill from the


United Reformed Church nearby. Muslims and Christians praydd


together outside ` to show tnity across the faiths. We have the same


aspirations and prayers, and the same feelings, and I think ht is


important to show those and communicate those to the wider


world. Sadly, we often see the divisions between Muslims and


Christians throughout the world and that is what gets the media's


attention, but from the grass roots, we want to show a different


way of being together. Sport now, and Derby County's game this evening


with Doncaster could see thd Rams secure a play`off place. Th`t kicks


off at 7.30. Catch live covdrage on BBC Radio Derby. Earlier thhs


afternoon, Notts County lost by a goal at Bristol City in the League


one. And in League Two, Mansfield Town were at Accrington, whdre it


ended in a one`all draw. Cr`cking weather so far for most of ts, let's


see what's in store for the rest of the Bank Holiday now with K`ye.


Town were at Accrington, whdre it ended in a Good evening, it has been


a lovely start to the bank holiday weekend, but we have seen the


brightest day of the festivhties as things turned cloudy. We will pick


up a easterly wind as well. The clouds will melt away this dvening,


and we have a dry night ahe`d. The temperatures will take a tulble once


again, and we will be close to freezing in rural spots by the


morning, maybe even a littld bit lower than that. A cold start, but


right as well. If you are up early, there will be sunshine, but we will


start to see changes through the day as well. It is going to be cloudier


for us but we will stay dry tomorrow. A little bit cooldr in the


wind with highs of 12 or 13 degrees. It looks like we will see an area of


low pressure from the south or east. There is some doubt as to how far


north that will go that there will be rain on Sunday. That is ht from


us, I will be back at 10:15pm. Goodbye.


Today we have seen temperatures rising if Scotland but again


tonight, with the clear skies and light wind temperatures will fall


sharply, and for many of us, we are looking at a touch of frost. The


satellite picture tells a story nicely. This belt of cloud is


sitting in the far north-west of Scotland, we have had this cloud


bubbling up across eastern areas and with the northerly wind it has felt


cold in East Anglia. That cloud is going to melt away, we will get an


easterly breeze picking the cloud back in again later in the night in


eastern areas and we still have this cloud and rain in the far north west


of Scotland, but for most we will have clear sky, light wind, Ness are


the temperatures in towns and city, spin it round into the countryside,


you can see it is colder, close to freezing, it could be down to


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