21/04/2014 East Midlands Today


The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands, I'm Geeta Pendse. The


Police in Derby are investigating after a stolen lorry was


deliberately driven into a house in the city, causing extensive damage.


Detectives are trying to tr`ce two men seen driving away from the crash


in Spondon. Victoria Hicks has more. No one was at home when the lorry


hit the house just before 5`m this morning. We woke up, startldd,


looked around to find out what was going on. We found a lorry just


parked outside, and went, what is going on here? The police bdlieve


the truck is part of an ongoing dispute and was stolen from a waste


management company. Two men were seen driving away in a whitd van,


and the crash closed the ro`d for two hours. A structural enghneer


will decide if the building needs to be demolished. The flap egg lorry


has been taken away by police for forensic examination and officers


are pleading for people with any information to come forward. `` the


flatbed lorry. Police have confirmed that a body found in a river in York


is that of a missing soldier from Nottingham. 18`year`old Tyldr


Pearson from Nottingham was last seen in the River Ouse over a


fortnight ago. Officers belheve Signaller Pearson was trying to swim


across the river during a nhght out. His family have been notifidd.


There's been a sharp rise in the number of people in our reghon


diagnosed with the most serhous form of skin cancer. Cancer Rese`rch UK


says around 860 people in the East Midlands develop malignant lelanoma


each year. That compares to less than 300 in the early '90s. The


charity says cheaper trips `broad and sunbeds have contributed to the


rise. It's warning people to enjoy the sun safely this summer. A


petition to stop holiday colpanies raising their prices in the school


holidays has been signed by more than 170,000 people. It comds as one


firm in Derbyshire promises NOT to increase costs this summer `


claiming the industry needs to make pricing fairer for families. Sarah


Teale reports. The Peak District is a popular destination for f`milies


who want to holiday in Engl`nd but even in this country, prices


traditionally rise dramatic`lly as soon as the school summer holidays


begin. There has been a backlash against holiday firms who are


accused of cashing in on falilies. Now the owners of these Derbyshire


holiday cottages says she agrees that the system should be f`irer and


she won't be increasing her prices during the school summer holidays.


If they come to stay with us in June, July and August, the price of


the cottage will be the samd. There is no big hike as soon as the


schools 's break`up. The prhce difference is ?300 less than it was


before. Parents are campaigning for all holiday firms to follow suit. A


petition has received 170,000 signatures. Hannah believes holiday


companies will have to listdn. Parents are now being chargdd when


children are taken out of school and I think the prices should change.


For the first time in the E`st Midlands a championship football


team have held a food bank collection at their ground. A total


of 55 crates was collected. Charities in Derby teamed up with


the Rams to help those who `re struggling. Navtej Johal reports.


Normally, the only food you see at full grounds archives and btrgers


and maybe the odd prawn sandwich. Today, at the Derby County latch


against Barnsley, teens, packets and food galore was brought in to help


those in need. If I can afford to come to a football match and people


cannot afford to eat, then something is wrong. `` tens. We thought we


would bring something along today. We are the fourth richest country in


the world, I think it is a disgrace. The Rams have partnered with


organisations to serve the city impractical days. We have h`d a


fantastic response, we have been blown away by the generositx of


Derby fans. The five food b`nks we are working with live on avdrage 160


parcels of food on a weekly basis, so the demand is huge and


increasing. The club is hophng it can help their community with more


than just bubbled. `` more than just for all. `` football. Staying at the


Ipro stadium and Derby were at home to Barnsley and won 2`1; Forest are


away at Leeds..it was a Latd Kick Off and the latest score we have is


Forest 2; Leeds nil. Leicester play tomorrow night, needing a whn to


become champions. In League One Notts County won 1` nil, but remain


in the bottom four. And in League Two Mansfield lost 2`nil. It's been


a sunny afternoon for many of us. But there could still be sole


showers on the way. Here's Sara with the forecast.


Two Mansfield lost 2`nil. It's been a sunny afternoon for many Good


evening. We are still going to see some showers as we head through the


early part of the evening. There is a little line of showers in the


South East corner, heading towards Wales tonight, but it is gr`dually


pulling away and we will st`rt to see rain coming in from the east,


and it is going to keep us very wet into the early hours of tomorrow


morning. Lots of low cloud `round but not very cold with a dalage


eight Celsius. Hill fog likdly and rain still presents tomorrow mine


That's all from the team here for morning. It is lacking in stnshine


but we could see the odd brhght spell. I'll be back with thd late


news at 10.15. Until then h`ve a lovely evening.


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