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This is East Midlands Today. First serious


This is East Midlands Today. First tonight: Fears youngsters here are


being drawn into Syria's civil war. While some are volunteering to


fight, community leaders warned disreputable charities are loving


people in. People are being brainwashed. Lots of people are


being killed. Juries are shown CCTV of the fire


that killed four members of the same family.


We on the road to the European elections.


The town where time stood still for three months get its famous clock up


and running. Good evening and welcome to


Thursday's programme. First tonight, worried mothers are


backing a campaign to stop young men travelling to Syria to fight in the


civil war. Today, police and Muslim charities


in Nottingham warned that, while some of these men are volunteering


to fight, others who go to support victims end up being radicalised.


But a Leicester MP who deals with terrorist policing says he doesn't


believe this campaign. Young men from going to war. Our Social


Affairs Correspondent, Jeremy Ball, reports.


An appeal to mothers and sisters in Nottingham, an appeal to use their


powers of persuasion to stop British Muslim men from joining a civil war


that is happening thousands of miles away. I am worried. People have been


brainwashed. Lots of Britons have been killed. Going there to fight is


not an option. It will just add to the problems. Getting involved in a


conflict that is brutal and has already cost thousands of lives.


Maybe feel they are under an obligation. I am dealing with a boy


in Nottinghamshire who has ideas about travelling to Syria and I am


going through a process of talking to them. I am worried about him


getting himself killed. Going out there is not what we are


recommending. Police have appealed to women for help. They warned that


people make it back alive could be arrested for terrorism. One


Leicester MP says the strategy won't work. All the evidence suggests


that... The people you need to go to our peer groups. Today's campaign is


being supported by two leading charities. They are sending aid


supplies to Syria. They say that is the most effective way to help


victims. You need to make sure which area you are going to and which


groups are working there. Sometimes people can get misused. It is about


spreading a message. They are hoping it can save lives.


A murder trial jury's been shown CCTV footage of the moment a fire


was started at the house in which a mum and her three children died.


Nottingham Crown Court heard the blaze was deliberately started by a


gang of men who'd wanted to avenge the death of their friend just hours


earlier. But they'd targeted the wrong house. Sarah Teale reports


from Nottingham Crown Court. The house was set alight in the


early hours of September 13 last year. The mother and her three


children. They all died. Their father and husband who was in Dublin


at the time sat in court watching the CCTV being played to the jury.


The footage first shows two cars driving past the house on Woodhill


with their lights switched off. The vehicles parked around the corner


and eight figures are seen walking back towards the house. Then CCTV is


shown on monitors around the court, frames can clearly been seen


flickering at the family home at the fire takes hold. Three figures are


then spotted walking away from `` running away from the scene. The QC


described how a neighbour heard panicking noises coming from the


house, crying noises, and calls for help. It is alleged seven men were


responsible. The jury heard it was revenge for the murder of a


20`year`old man who had been stabbed near by. The gang had targeting the


wrong house, the court was told. The jury was shown CCTV that the man the


prosecution say was the defendants. They say he got out of the car and


dispose of it in a hedge. The court heard how DNA from another defendant


was found on a red cigarette lighter which police officers discovered in


rubble. All the men deny four separate counts of murder.


Seven o'clock is fast approaching, but plenty


two Labour MPs have waded into the debate over a specific type of


mango. As we were telling you last night, Alphonso mangos from India


will no longer be available in the UK from next month. It's after a


fruit fly was found in some imports. East Midlands businesses say they'll


lose thousands of pounds. The Leicester East MP Keith Vaz wants


the European Commission to defer the ban, while Leicester South MP Jon


Ashworth has raised concerns with the Environment Secretary.


A court's been hearing how dead animals were recovered from an


animal sanctuary in Derbyshire. The centre kept dozens of rescued


animals including goats and pigs. It was run by 27`year`old Lindsay


Newell. She's on trial at Stafford Magistrates Court accused of 31


charges of animal neglect. Today, RSPCA inspectors said they found a


dead sheep and pig at the centre in November 2012.


The number of women who are missing vital tests for cervical cancer is


growing faster in the East Midlands than anywhere else in the country.


There's been a 17% rise in missed appointments, according to figures


released today by the Labour Party. Four years ago, there were almost


232,000 women who failed to turn up for the test.


That's now grown to 270,000, an increase of just over 38,500. So


what are the reasons why more women are missing the test?


Here to explain more is our Health Correspondent Rob Sissons. There


could be many reasons for this couldn't there?


That's right. You get a letter inviting you for a test and it goes


to the side and it stays there and you forget about it. Easy to do. We


also know that people are sometimes put off by the test itself. Not the


most pleasant thing in the world. It takes a few minutes and is a test


for abnormal cells. It can reveal whether or not there are changes


that can lead to cancer and has been credited with saving thousands of


lives every year since the screening was introduced. Here are the slides


that they analyse that can pick up abnormalities and leads to more


surveillance, surgery that could go on to save your life. Today,


Labour's Shadow Health Minister was clear about what she thought was the


reason behind it, she says problems accessing primary care.


One in three women who missed or delayed their smear test say it is


because they could not get a convenient appointment. We have to


increase public awareness and make those appointments convenient for


women so they don't have to choose between their work and their health.


That is what I would like to see the Government do.


What's been the reaction to Labour's claims? Something of a war of words


today between the political parties. The Department of Health told us and


the work they use is that it is disingenuous to suggest that more


women are unable to access GP appointments for these tests. The


Government stresses they are improving access to primary care,


something labour dispute. Something that everyone agrees with is the


need for more awareness. It is sometime since the high`profile case


of Jade Goody led to a surge in the take`up of these tests.


We should remember how lucky we are to have them.


A trial has been told that a bull is being wrongly accused of killing a


man who walked across a field near Loughborough. The farmer who owns


the animal claims it's a case of mistaken identity. Paul Waterfall is


in court accused of manslaughter by gross negligence for allegedly


allowing the bull to attack 63`year`old Roger Freeman three


years ago. James Roberson reports. Today, Paul waterfall and his wife


arrived at Crown Court. Also there... In 2010, she and her


husband started walking a public footpath across a field. Halfway


across, they were attacked by the prosecution claim able called Zak.


Mr Freeman was killed, Mrs Freeman was seriously injured. Today, Paul


Waterfall told the jury he considered Zak docile. Mr Waterfall


was axed by his barrister whether he saw Zack being nastier. No. Did you


ever have a problem with him? No. Did you ever see any aggression in


him? No. The jury has already heard that not only did Zack attacked the


Freemans, but also three electricity engineers. Mrs Freeman and two of


the engineers said the poll had longhorns, but Zak had no horns. The


defence believes Zak is not the attacker. The jury was told this


defendant could only have been negligent if he knew that Zak was


not safe. It is my contention that Mr Waterfall had no such knowledge.


The trial continues. Traders in a Nottinghamshire town


say they're fighting back after months of chaos caused by the


building of a new tram line. Businesses in Beeston near


Nottingham have been struggling to keep going during the construction


work. But today a new shop opened bringing 20 jobs. Simon Ward is


there now. After months of despair, are the traders more optimistic


tonight? They are. The Government and others


tell us the economy is moving in the right direction, so perhaps this is


a good example of that. Behind me, the work to extreme # extend the


tram network is... It has affected trade. Now people say business is


doing well here. If you go down any High Street, you are likely to see


vacant shops, including here. But with today's opening of a new shop,


business leaders say it is assigned the town is improving. This unit has


been vacant for a while. To have a national retailer wanting to invest


into the town in a time where it is getting a bit of a bad reputation, I


think it is fantastic. It is the opportunities here. It helps people


not have to go to the city centre. It gives people more understanding


of where we are going and we are trying to expand. We are opening all


the time. The ongoing work to extend the


network has caused problems for traders.


This shop has relied on customers who enjoy using an independent


business that started here in 1908. It is now run by a fourth`generation


of same family. On a fine day like today, but when it is raining people


don't want to come because of the roadworks and traffic problems. But


on a sunny day, people make efforts. It is very whether orientated.


With extra shoppers coming year, let's hope the cash will stay on the


High Street. A local MP is leading a campaign for


compensation for local traders who have been disrupted by all this work


that is going on, but interestingly the independent grocer you just saw


said will not be applying for it. The


traders will be happier once the work is finished later in the year.


There's just a month to go until we get the chance to vote for the five


MEPs that will represent the East Midlands in the European Parliament.


But with the Euro constituency so huge, will we even notice there's an


election on? Yes, 400 million people across


Europe will have the chance to vote for the politicians who are having a


greater say over decisions taken in Brussels.


With more, here's our Political Editor John Hess.


A date for your diary ` Thursday May 22nd. Polling day for the elections


to the Europe Parliament. But what powers do our MEPs actually have?


They can vote down the EU's annual ?720billion budget, scrutinise and


propose EU laws. You may have heard of Jose Manuel Barroso. Well, for


the first time, MEPs will elect the next president of EU's government,


the Commission. With a Tintin lookalike and a range


of continental beers, it is hard to believe that this cafe is actually


in the heart of Leicester. Its owner came to Leicester from Turkey. While


he loves Brussels, mention the European Union and he gets all the


Eurosceptic. The way it's going, I don't think the majority are happy


with it. Especially people in England. In contrast, his assistant


wants us to embrace the EU. I think if it could just get friendlier,


more together again... So what will these elections be about? The


economy, jobs, immigration, the environment, even our very


membership of the EU itself. Yet with only a third of us actually


bothering to vote last time, how many will take any notice? I feel


that Brussels rules us almost. But I don't feel that we can make a


difference by voting. We ought to come out of the EU. No, we don't


want to come out, then we'll lose business. Listen... And, Imean, the


shop that I work in, hardly anyone there knows what it's about. Will


you be voting in these elections? Yes. I'm not telling you I'm voting


for. `` who I'm voting for. We have five MEPs:


The system of voting is different. Believe it or not, this is me from


15 years ago in the potting shed attempting to explain proportional


representation. And the Liberal Democrats attracting


14% of the electorate would make the breakthrough.


These elections have not exactly fired the voters' enthusiasm in the


past. If more than a third of us vote, it will be regarded as a


success. And here's the list of all the


parties standing for the European elections in the East Midlands.


Nominations closed at four o'clock this afternoon. UKIP will be unhappy


that a breakaway faction called An Alternative From Europe, UK


Independence Now is fielding a full slate of candidates, and gets to be


at the top of the ballot form. There's another new one ` The


Harmony Party. It's also anti`EU. And with nine parties in total on


the ballot form, we're certainly not spoilt for choice.


Colin is just around the corner, both time`wise and literally with


tonight's sport. And we visit the town where time is


finally moving on after being stuck at tea`time for months!


First, Nottingham Forest. Before Easter, they were 12 league games


without a win, out of the playoff places and looked like going


nowhere. But what a difference two games can make. After successive


wins, they're back in the chase for the Premier League. Angela Rafferty


reports. It has been a remarkable recovery.


Just when it looked like they had run out of time, Forest finally


found some form. Could they still make it to the play`offs?


There isn't really pressure on us. The pressure is on clubs above us to


make sure they stay in the play`off places. Our job is to get there. We


have to concentrate on our own performance. Their fate may lie in


this man's hands. He has played just six games this campaign. He could be


in goal for the games that incorporates the season. We gave


ourselves a chance. We picked up two great results, it may become an


exciting end to the season. That is something you want as a player, you


want to stay involved. Don't give up, no matter what happens. One man


who never gave up hope, believes they can still do it. We're looking


at players and we will give it... We want to put 11 players out there


that fans are proud of and give a performance that a football club of


this size should do. Two points off the play`offs with just two games to


go. If they dare to dream, the time is now.


Leicester City's manager Nigel Pearson says he's confident his new


contract with the club will be sorted out soon. He's out of


contract in the summer, but says the team's success should mean it will


sort itself out. I'm not too concerned about the


situation. I've enjoyed doing my job here and I look forward to hopefully


keeping that going. A Nottingham fitness instructor


wants to see pole dancing became an Olympic sport. Kat Humphrey gave up


her steady job as a psychology lecturer at Nottingham Trent


University to compete in the sport she loves. She now runs a successful


business teaching pole dancing at gyms across the region. Jeremy


Nicholas reports. Nottingham's Albert Hall at the


weekend and a predominantly female audience watching competitive pole


dancing. Kat Humphrey is one of the best in the country and she wants to


see it in the Olympics. It is another gymnastic art. You've got


the parallel bars, and the uneven bars, it's just another bar, it's a


vertical bar. I would like to show you some of my moves, but, sadly,


Kat has a group coming in. Beautiful. This mother and daughter


have just taken it up. Basically, for my general fitness. I started in


August and I have never looked back. It's great fun. Beautiful. Eight


months ago, I could barely move and thanks to her, it's been amazing


ever since. Squeeze those thighs, straight in the legs. I get quite a


lot of mother`daughter couples. I get older people, young people,


little people and large people. It is fun, we do spend a lot of time


laughing, don't we? There is still a stereotype. It is


unfortunate. It has come a long way since I started. She is on a mission


to improve the image of her sport. She even takes the pole up


mountains. Yes, I was the first person to pole dance on Ben Nevis. I


carried a freestanding pole eight hours. I then danced at the top. I


performed some tricks, I got quite a crowd.


We have had St George's Day, but now it is all about the poles. Either


way, let's salute the flag. And now to the town where time no


longer stands still. For the past three months, Chesterfield's most


famous clock has been stuck at five past six. But the dials on the


crooked spire tower are working again after some lofty repairs to


the 85`year`old mechanism. At 1045, they decided it was high


time Chesterfield got its clock back. A team from the clockmakers


dangled from 90 feet up to attend the hands. Each of the copper hands


that are being reattached way about ?10 and each are covered in 23.5


carat gold leaf. Not having their clock working left the locals in a


spin. It always through us. It would be great to have it back. It looks


really odd without the fingers on. we have stopped looking for so


long. The clock packed up because 85`year`old brass bearings well worn


out. They will last another 85 years on the work we have just done. We


cannot guarantee that something else might go wrong within the next 85


years, but the work we have done, guaranteed for 85 years as a


minimum. The bill could lose ?10,000, but the council say it is


money well spent. People appreciate the clock. People want to see a


working clock on the crooked spire. I think it is worthwhile. Folklore


would have us believe that the crooked spire was formed by a virgin


marrying in the church. Unseasoned wood is a better explanation.


We are expecting April showers to end of the week. Today has not been


bad. We have had 17 Celsius. Thank you to David, this was taken at


Colombo Park. Tomorrow, it is all change. A cloudy story and we are


expecting outbreaks of rain and maybe even some thunder. This


evening, still clear skies around, but as we go through the evening we


starts to see low cloud feeding in from the North Sea. Also some


missed. A cloudy night. The cloud holds temperatures up, lows of eight


Celsius. Cloudy, misty, murky start to Friday, but a dry start. As we go


through the morning, we start to see rain arrived from the south.


Outbreaks potentially becoming heavily towards the end of the


afternoon with a risk of some thunder in rush hour. A real change


in the field to things tomorrow with only a high of 13 Celsius. Looking


at your weekend, here is the low pressure coming in from the West


giving us a spell of rain through Saturday morning. Once it clears


away, it is an improving story. Some sunshine around and they are


scattered shower. On Sunday, typical for the time of the year, sunshine


and April showers. Temperatures aren't too bad. Saturday improves in


the afternoon. Proper spring weather, really.


Afternoon dog walking, not in the morning.


We'll have the latest at 10:25pm. All across the country,


millions of families are waking up to a Britain in which they


find it harder to get on. Whilst the Government keeps


telling people everything is fixed, no longer stops the pound


in their pocket getting smaller or the bills getting


harder to afford. gas and electricity bills have


increased by more than ?300 whilst the energy companies


are making huge profits. not a luxury but an essential


for millions of working families -


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