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The latest news, sport and weather for the East Midlands.

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And now the news for the East Midlands. I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. First tonight, social services bosses are to give a


failing care home more time to improve after meeting residents'


families. They haven't paid for new people to go there since December


after serious concerns were raised. And problems were still evident at


the Eton Park Care Centre at Cotgrave in Nottinghamshire during


the latest inspection by the Care Quality Commission. Our health


correspondent Rob Sissons reports. This is her in the war. To either so


she has always been close to her aunt. She says she was doing much


better before going into care. She picked the home Eton Park Care


Centre in a rush and soon regretted it. Not happy about the room, the


cleanliness. She got so depressed she would not get out of bed and


they had to bring her ray commode. It did not get emptied regularly


enough. It's not. `` they brought her a commode. A lot of failures


were found by the CQC. Residents did not get enough nutrition and were


not always protected from the risk of abuse. The home said it was


continuing to make improvements and has invested half ?1 million


recently. Many of the problems have been caused by management and staff


issues and they have now been fully addressed. We are continuing to work


hand`in`hand with the Care Quality Commission and the council to


improve the facility. Irene is now in hospital. Her niece does not want


her back in a care home. This is her room. She lived with us for six


months. This is her ensuite. You want her to come back as you might I


do. Where she is going to be loved and cared for. `` you definitely


want her to come back? The council is giving the home more time to sort


things out. A meeting was called to night to try to reassure residents


that the council and the CQC is on the home's case. They have been


given more time to put things right. The authority says they have


seen improvements already but the challenge will be sustaining them.


The family of a Nottingham soldier killed on a training exercise have


described him as an amazing son, brother, boyfriend and expectant


father. 20`year`old Cameron Laing was hit by


a trailer which was part of a convoy heading towards Dartmoor. He


suffered head and chest injuries. He was serving with a Royal Logistic


Corps regiment based in Rutland. Police are still investigating what


happened. The mother of Madeleine McCann is


supporting a new campaign to help find missing children. Kate McCann


from Rothley has been publicising the child rescue alert system which


is already used in parts of America and Europe. It comes as the McCanns


approach the seventh anniversary of the disappearance of their


three`year`old daughter from a holiday resort in Portugal.


The UKIP leader Nigel Farage called off a planned walkabout in


Nottingham this lunchtime after a protestor hit him with an egg. His


visit came a day after he refused to stand in the forthcoming by`


election at Newark which it's been announced will take place on fifth


June. Our political editor John Hess can tell us more. It is the moment


every politician drags. `` dreamt. They are redundant. A lot of people


have been hoodwinked into thinking they agree with their policies when


they do not. Inside this pub, Nigel Farage brushed up. The worry is it


is preventing normal democracy. On the day the Newark by`election was


confirmed, no regrets about not standing. In the Commons, the


government's Chief Whip officially tells MPs Patrick Mercer is no


longer the MP for Newark. The speaker formally kick`starts the


by`election campaign. The county constituency of Newark... Polling


day, Thursday, the 5th of June. The disgrace of the former MP was


revealed today in the committee report that investigated his


conduct. He had said he deliberately evaded Commons rules on registering


money received for consultancy services. The investigation also


condemned him for repeatedly denigrating fellow MPs and using


racially offensive language. He had also brought the house into


disrepute by involving other MPs. That was because he set up an


all`party parliamentary group on behalf of a paying client being


represented unknown to him by undercover reporters. Back in


Nottingham, this was the closest Nigel Farage came to the Newark


constituency. One of the reasons he gave for not standing was that he


did not know the East Midlands particular well. He will certainly


remember his visit to Nottingham now. That is certainly true! I have


only been to Newark once. It was supposed to be a campaign visit for


the European elections, but Newark and an egg derailed all of that.


Finally, if you're on the road early tomorrow for the morning commute,


good luck. It turns out the East Midlands is one of the worst places


in Britain for roadworks. According to a new survey, Leicestershire's


got the second highest number in the country with more than 1,200 road


improvement schemes on the go. Derby was third with 930 and Nottingham


fifth with almost 600. 91 UK councils provided information, with


unfinished projects now totalling around 10,000.


That seems a lot. Now your weather. You may have been caught out in one


of the showers today. You will be pleased to hear it looks like


tomorrow will be largely dry, as will the bank holiday weekend.


Tomorrow feeling colder. Showers dying out tonight. Largely dry


throughout the night. A lot of cloud staying with us. The cloud could be


thick enough for like terrain. A little bit cooler tonight. `` light


rain. We are hopeful in the morning that the rain will sink to the south


and behind it it is drier and brighter in the afternoon with long


spells of sunshine. However, with the north`easterly breeze, it is


feeling colder. Much fresher with a high of just 11 degrees. High


pressure is in charge Saturday and for the rest of the bank holiday


weekend. Not looking too bad. Here is your outlook for the next


on that at the moment, that there will be some sunshine around. More


on that in the national forecast. Our weather is taking a turn for the


colder. You would be forgiven for thinking that does not bode well for


the Bank Holiday Weekend. But as we go through the weekend, temperatures


will be performing a U-turn, and recovering, as we will see. England


and Wales has borne the brunt of some heavy


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