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of the Leicester author Sue Townsend ` the woman who gave us Adrian Mole.


Her family chose to hold a public funeral service at De Montfort Hall


` in the heart of the city she loved. Sue was described as generous


and kind with a wicked sense of humour, as Geeta Pendse reports.


An iconic cultural venue befitting a woman who put Leicester on the


literary map. Sue Townsend's family, friends and the public attended the


funeral service. It was a nonreligious service. While cameras


were not present, audio was relayed to mourners outside. Extracts of her


work and tributes were read out. ?? YELLOW She was not scared of death,


but she was not ready to die. She loved life too much. She loved


Leicester and the overflowing home that she had made in a corner of it.


She loved trees, garden centres, flowers. She loved red lipstick,


handbags and shoes. The actor Stephen Mangan read an excerpt from


her book and talked about playing Adrian Mole. To find myself playing


him on telly. It was terrifying, and would have been a lot more


terrifying had it not been for Sue. She could see what a terrifying


prospect it was for me to play one of the most famous literary


characters. She looked after me. She was on set every day. She guided me


through the whole thing. What could have been frightening turned out to


be one of the best experiences of my life. Two of her former classmates


came to pay tribute. They spoke about the friendship of over 56 and


three`quarter years. A woman who was not a follower, who had a wicked


sense of humour. I will remember her because of her laughing. She felt


passionately about things like injustice and politics, but you


could not hold a conversation with her without that guffaw of laughter


coming out of her. Her coffin was played out to the music of Etta


James and taken to a private funeral. `` a private family


cremation. It captured her passion for life and her love for Leicester.


And for the written word. Goodbye. With your weekend on bank


holiday weather, here is an. Not looking too bad. Mostly dry,


some sunshine but a little frost. As we go through the night tonight, we


continue to see the cloud clearing giving us clear skies. Temperatures


drop away quite quickly. In rural sheltered spots, you are likely to


get frost. A chilly start tomorrow but bright and sunny. Sunshine


throughout the day. More cloud coming in the afternoon. On Sunday,


we are in for a cloudy start with patchy outbreaks of rain. But


high`pressure clings on so we sit `` we should see some sunshine in the


afternoon. Here is the outlook. the rest of the weekend. Now look at


the Outlook with Nick Miller. Neuer-macro don't worry, this is not


the repeat. It is live. This is the forecast you are more likely to see


in January than May, but this is a cold night for the time of year. We


have got some cloud coming into the West, stopping the temperature going


down too far. It may produce light rain later in the night, maybe a


rogue shower from patchy cloud in East Anglia. For most, dry, clear,


temperatures are on the way down and will end up lower than this in the


coldest rural spots by morning. -4 in rural Scotland in the coldest


moral spots in southern England, so gardeners take note, frost for some


of us are begins. What about the rest of the weekend? High pressure


is here as it begins. You may think, great, settled weather, it does


protect the south and east of the UK but Atlantique weather fronts coming


to the north and west, giving some rain at times. First, for tomorrow,


it is a fine start. Chilly, a lot of dry weather around from the word go.


Quite a bit of sunshine. The first Atlantique weather system is


bringing cloud and rain


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