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And now the news for the East Midlands. I'm Dominic Heale. Good


evening. A farmer's been cleared of manslaughter following the death of


a walker who was attacked by cattle. Paul Waterfall had been accused of


manslaughter by gross negligence over the death of 63`year`old Roger


Freeman from Leicestershire. The Ramblers' Association says the case


highlights the dangers to walkers from cattle near footpaths.


Do you have anything to stay? No, thank you. You must be relieved.


Yes. In November 2010 in Nottinghamshire, Glenys and Roger


Freeman had been Waterfall's feels when he was


attacked by a bull. Mr Freeman was killed. The prosecution said the


farmer knew his bull was dangerous because of two other attacks. Trial


evidence revealed uncertainty if the bull was involved in any of the


attacks. The jury found Mr Waterfall not guilty. We love and miss Roger


so much. He has left a big hole in our lives that no one else can


fail. A kind, considerate and heart`warming man. Roger was a


perfect gentleman. If there was one person to be relied upon, it was


him. The prosecution case has been hit. We understand the complexity


and the unusual nature of the case and respect the jury's position.


From the Freeman 's point of view, they wanted investigated properly.


The length of time that it has taken has been upsetting for everybody.


The Ramblers Association says the case highlights dangers to walkers


from all cattle. The general message should be about vigilance. Before


you enter fields, watch out for what is going on and think what the


consequences might be if anything appears to be going wrong. 99


at ways to tackle the problem. The authority could decide to make it


illegal and impose fines. It is not a smooth journey home for


this child, as her mother struggles to get past cars and bins. On many


of Leicester's streets, it's a similar story, with too many cars


blocking the way. It's so difficult. Even wheelchairs,


pushchairs. Sometimes you have to go into the road to get across. My


mother is in a wheelchair so I have to take you right into the road and


you have to be very careful. The cars


government on obesity. They get regular consultations, it is calorie


controlled, fitness `based and then there is the cash. How does this


work? When you lose 5% of your


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